Saturday, 17 August 2019

Part 1: Insperable

 As he looked at his beautiful wife sleeping peacefully, slightly sobbing, he felt as if he was the one to be blamed for her pain. The last 24 hours had been the worst time of their lives. He blamed himself for it. She lay there, her head in his lap, slightly shifting from her position. He could sense that she was awake now ' Awake already? She'd only been asleep for about half an hour. Yet, this half an hour had felt like forever as the clock moved at a snail's pace. He silently wished that he could just rewind the last 24 hours, and make sure everything was right. But, it was too late now.

The corridor of one of the most famous hospitals in India, Sanjeevani, was empty. The couple sat there with no movement, hardly blinking, just fighting their bad thoughts.

Why does it always happen to him? Every time there's some sort of happiness in his life, it doesn't take long for it to get ruined. And now, he's reached a stage in his life where he didn't have a clue on what to do. Only he knew how hard it'd been to control her in the last 24 hours. Her agony and pain broke him into pieces and made him feel like he had failed in being a good husband; as well as...a good father. He was on the verge of tears as the thoughts circled around in his head, when suddenly she jerked up at once.

Woman: Ar..Armaan..R...Rh..Rhea Armaan..Rhea..

Now she  had gotten up and was crying hysterically as she remembered her daughter and was rushing towards the room where her little two year old daughter lay.

Armaan: Ridhima..Listen (Trying his best to stop her)Ridhima..meri baat toh..(Ridhima is running towards the room so he grabs her hand and made her stop in her position).

Ridhima: I want..(sobs)..I want her back Armaan..I want my daughter back..Armaan do (hiccups) some..something..Please..

Ridhima fell on the floor tightly holding on to Armaan's legs as she begged for her daughter's life.

Armaan: Listen (Getting her up) Ridhima..You cannot break down like this..We need to fight for her. We NEED to get her back..Please don't break down like this..

Armaan felt helpless as he didn't understand what to do. Tears were forming in his eyes as he saw Ridhima in such a state, but he had to stop them from coming out. He had to be strong. For Ridhima.

Ridhima: I want (hiccup)..I want her back Armaan..I WANT RHEA BACKK!! (tears strolling down her face)

Armaan: Okayy Ridhima..Suno, Rhea ko KUCH nahi hoga..Main hoon yaha  pe. I'll make sure the operation goes fine. But..Ridhima..Promise me you'll be strong from now on. Promise?

Ridhima: Armaan..Lekin Rhea ko agar kuch hogaya toh.. (She looked up at him, crying again at her thought)

Armaan: I promise use KUCH nahi hoga..Don't you trust me?? (Holding her shoulders)Just stop crying..We're her parents..And we need to be strong. For her. (Wipes her tears away)

Ridhima:  Hmm (sniffs and whispers slightly)

Just then doctor Shubhankar comes.

Dr Shubhankar: Armaan, Can you please come to my cabin please?

Armaan nodded, and told Ridhima to wait for him outside even though she insisted to go with him.

*Dr Shubhankar's Cabin*

 Dr Shubhankar: Armaan,Rhea ke reports agaya hai.

Armaan wasn't ready for what was coming next. He just couldn't bare hearing it.

Armaan: Is she..Is she okay? (he said quietly, not looking at Shubhankar's face)

Dr Shubhankar: Actually, Armaan..Tum meri baat ghaur se sunna ..Please..Rhea ko...



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