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part 1 &2 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)

part 1

The first day
Armaan n Ridz met in basketball court n had a match which obviously
was won by ridz.Armaan was surprised dat a girl had beaten him up n
he knew dat she was different 4m others.they became frnds on the spot
n finding her as his cointern in Sanjeevani was 2nd gud news 2 him

The interns interacted wid each other became frnds n wen they started
doin things 4 one another they didn't realise.
the interns luvd Sanjeevani n their work was also fine as a doctor.
They had a healthy competition for the IOTM award but at the same time
always felt happy for the winner.time passed n they started 2 develop new unknown feelings in their heart
Armaan n Riddhima became best frnds.Rahul n Muski stopped fighting,Atul
Anjy still didn't change.Atul kept irritating Anjy a lot.

Armaan n Riddhima's frnship was gr8.they talked abt everything n nothing .they cud keep their heart infront of each one.Rahul n muski realised that they the way they had stopped the fights is not a gud sign.they tried 2 reason it out .Atul n anjy never changed Atul waited for the day wen she'll say sumthing nice abt him.
In the amidst of all these developing relationships Sanjeevani was joined by 2 new interns- abhi n niki both were completely different 4m each other wid different family bakgrounds lifestyle everything.Abhi was an egoistic selfish person while niki was a luvly bubbly girl n best frnd of Armaan[colg days of MBBS]

Armaan knew it 4m the beginning dat it was luv at first sight for his feelings 2wards ridz but he realised his feelings wen they spend more n more time wid each other.He had the fear dat if Ridz doesn't feel the same their frnship will ruin n he didn't want this 2 happen.Abhi was a dashing guy very smart any girl wud luv 2 b his girlfreind.
Wen niki found Armaan there she was more dan happy n so was Armaan 2 see his old best frnd after so many days.Niki n Armi completed MBBS 2gether n they got calls 4m different universities so parted their ways.Riddhima for the first time felt as if her bet frnd was not hers completely.seeing Armaan n niki talking so freely she was gr8ly annoyed n left the caffetaria
she was thinking abt it n cursing Armaan n niki under her breath wen she lost her balance n 2 strong hands prevented her 4m falling

part 2

she uttered smiling Armaan but shoked 2 see abhi smiling checking her out totally amazed by her beauty.she hesitated n tried 2 get up wen he made her stand n their eyes met for the first time.Riddhima felt a bit awkward as he was gazing at her intensely.
RI: woh I'm sorry
AB: plz don b It was my pleasure 2 get a chance to prevent such a beautiful lady from touching the ground.
Ridz blushed a little n she felt weird abt this.
Armaan who came to luk for her as she silently left the canteen witnessed the whole scene n he was deeply wounded seeing Ridz in Abhi's arms.Yes he knew he luvd was luv at first sight but he realised it wen he felt extremely happy in her company n thru several introspections of his meetings wid Riddhima he realised it was LUV only.
HE wanted 2 kill abhi for touching his riddhima since abhi has gone to the extent which he himself had not gone.Though they were best frnds yet they always maintained a distance they never hugged each other they shaked hands or sumtimes ridz wud clutch 2 his arm in excitement but will soon get back . and now seeing Ridz smiling n blushing he felt very bad.

AB: u r very beautiful
RI: thanx lekin kahin aap merey saath flirt karney ki koshish toh nahin kar rahey
AB: koshish??? Abhimanyu modi doesn't tries he does wat he wants aur abhi main chance mar raha hoon
Ridz was impressed by his attitude.abhi n Ridz then went as ridz decided to show him whole Sanjeevani.
Armaan's anger was at the top
he went to the fioreescape n the incident flashed thru his mind again n again.He always remained silent n didn't reveal his feelings 2 Ridz as he was afraid dat if ridz didn't feel the same their frnship will ruin n he wud die in absence of this frnship.atleast he wud have her in his life why not as a lifepartner but as a friend wid whom he is free 2 talk abt everything.It has been an hour n Ridz didn't came up to him.Normally she wud cum to him or msg him every half an hour past in extrem,e cases other wise they will meet after 15 min till the time they in Sanjeevani
He felt sumthing bothered her coz he now realised dat she silently crept out of cafe.
he went out 2 luk 4 her n found her wid abhi in cnteen
till now abhi had met all the interns except Armaan n all were impressed by him.
ANJY: ARmaan see our new intern abhi he is a nice guy
Armaan managed to smile sumhow whereas abhi came to him n put 4ward his hand
AB: hey dude now I knw why veryone talks abt u u r so hansum but a little less dan me
Armaan smiled this time truly feeling his stupidity
AR: chalo acha hai kuch log galatfehmi k shikar hotey hain ek case hamein bhi mil gaya
He lukd at riddhima who was not lukin at them but 2 the other side n he was sure that she was upset abt sumthing
Later he talked to her n she discussed her insecurities regarding niki but he managed 2 soothe her as Niki was his previous best frnd but his lifelong best frnd will b his basket only.
Time passed n Niki realised dat his best frnd was more attached 2 Ridz.It hurted her first but aftersumtime wen she lukd at their bond sahe realised that they deserved 2 b together as they were much frank n understud each other so well dat words were also not important in their frnship.
"unki KHAMOSHI bhi ek doosrey se baatein kar leti thi"
Abhi liked Ridz n he left noway 2 impress her.In the whole Sanjeevani he was disliked by just 2 persons Armaan n niki .While Armaan had a reason Niki didn't like him coz of his pride n ego since he wud try 2 appear more efficient than anyother person eventhough Armaan was the best. Abhi wud try 2 prove a himself more capable dan all other interns as a doctor n Armaan wud silently watch him n smile in his heart seeing 2 his childishness.Once ridz asked Armaan the reason for not goin out wid his girlfrnds as she felt that Armaan had become more serious 2wards work n she didn't find him talking abt anything other than his patients or abt her life.
Armaan becam dumb.He was lukin 4 an answer wen she said: kahin tumhain kisi se pyaar toh nahin ho gaya?
AR: kya??? aisi faltoo batein apney dimag main lakar mujhey daraya mat karo plz pyaar aur mujhey?
RI: kyun nain ho sakta?
AR: kyun tumhain hua hai kya?
RI: mujhey nahin toh
AR: acha isliye us abhimanyu k saath coffee lunch sab kuch karti ho
RI: ARmaan maina akeley toh nahin karti tum sab bhi toh hotey ho wahan
AR: hmm lekin sara attention us abhi ji ko milta hai
RI: jalan ho rahi hai
AR: hnh jalein mere dushman mujhey toh bas tumhari fikr hai
RI: he is a nice guy Armaan n I
RI: I don know but I feel gud wen he praises me or gifts me sumthing I don knw if its infatuation but i'm sure its not luv
Armaan felt his heartbeat racing erratically but as soon as he found dat it was not luv he relaxed
RI: ab kuch bolo bhi chup kyun ho
AR:u knw Riddhima main kya sochta hoon
RI: kya
AR: yahi ki jab bhi hum confused hon aur hamein kuch samajh na aaraha ho tab hamesha apni dil ki sunni chahiye dimag ki nahin kyunki dimag hamein behka sakta hai par dil dil se nikli pehli awaaz hamesha sahi hoti hai kyunki woh hamrey conscience ki awaaz hoti hai agar aapney usey ignore kar diya toh dobara dil se poochney par gadbad ho sakti hai kyunki aapak brain action main aachuka hota hai
RI: wow Armaan kya baat kahi hai mujhey nahin pata tha ki mera best frnd ek philosopher bhi hai aur future main ek acha psychiatrist bhi ban sakta hai
AR: tumharey liye toh main kuch bhi ban jaunga frnd,philosopher,psychiatrist or myself a psycho
he laughed n she was thankful 2 god 2 give her her life's angel
RI: pata nahin main tumharey baghair kya karti awe Armaan u r chooooooooo chweeeeet
she koochikood his cheeks standing up from her seat n for the first time they were so close knowingly[basket ball match was unknown one].she was leaning upon him gazing at his face n he closed his eyes as her closeness was intoxicating him,her hands send shivers down his spine.He felt as if she touched his soul not his cheeks.
ridz lukd at his face he was lukin so hansum in black shirt n denim jeans his face was full of loyality 2 their frnship n she lost herself in him for a second .they came bak 2 reality as the waiter approached them wid the bill.ridz felt awkward n Armaan sqeezed her hand 2 relax her n she soon composed herself.


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