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Part 10 : Inseparable

Part 10: Month 5 & 6

MONTH 5  -  One Saturday Night

Armaan and Ridhima lay on the bed facing each other, Armaan's hand caressed her stomach out of his daily habit.

Armaan: Ridhima, it will be a girl, na? (He looked at her innocently)

Ridhima: Armaan! Mujhe nahi pata. Aur waise bhi, kya farak padta hai ke ladki ho ya ladka? (She pouted)

Armaan: Fara padta hai. Pata hai, jab woh ayegi na tab meri aur usi team banjayegi. Phir hum dono tumhe tang karenge. (He giggled)

Ridhima: Armaaaan! (She glared at him, punching him slightly on his chest) You want a girl so that you both can irritate me?? Then I too want a boy! He'll be on my side!

Armaan: But that's if we have a boy, na. I'm telling you, it'll be a girl for sure.

Ridhima: Tum itna sure kaise ho sakte ho?

Armaan: Because I'm Armaan Mallik! (He grinned)

Ridhima: Hmmmm..

They both fell quiet for a second, as Ridhima's mind conflicted if she should ask a certain question or not. Finally, she gathered up some courage and broke the silence.

Ridhima: Armaan, ek baat puchoon? Tum ghusa toh nahi karoge na?

Armaan: Tchh mein ghusa nahi karunga. Pucho!

Ridhima: Kya  hum Dr Keerti ke paas check kara le ke ladka hai ya ladki? (She said, questioningly)

Armaan: Ridhima! We have already had this discussion a few days back. I told you, I want it to be a surprise..The excitement dies a little if we already know if it's a boy or a girl.

Ridhima: Haan but I can't wait any longer. I'm SO excited Armaaan!!!

Armaan: I know, me too!!! But we just have to wait a bit more time.

Ridhima: Yehh...I guess so.. Okay, now I'm feeling really tired..Let's go to sleep.  Subah jaldi uth ke hum dono ko Shopping jaana hai Maa ke saath.

Armaan: WHAT?! Ridhima! You know I HATE shopping. I'm sorry..but I'm not coming. (He frowned)

Ridhima: Armaaaaan..Please it's for our baby. (She spoke, clearly upset)

Armaan looked at her face and his frown changed into a smile.

Armaan: I love it when you say 'our baby'! (They both exchanged wide smiles) Alright! I'll come tomorrow. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't have to force me too much to come shopping this time.

Ridhima: Yaaay! (She cheered) Ab bas bhi kero mujhe chirana! Go to sleep now! (She smacked him on his hand)

Armaan just laughed and took her in his embrace. They both stay in the same position for quite some time, thinking about their future and their baby. Although Ridhima wanted a boy, she silently wished it would be a girl just for Armaan. On the other hand, Armaan too hoped that it was a boy just for Ridhima's happiness. Little did they both know that they were silently wishing for the other person. Slowly, they both drifted in to sleep in each other's arms.


"Maa!", Ridhima exclaimed, rushing inside the house whilst Armaan followed her, smiling and shaking his head at her excitement.

Ridhima hugged Padma who caressed her cheek sweetly. Then, Armaan walked over to Padma, touched her feet and hugged her tightly.

Ridhima: Chalo Maa. Aap ready ho na?

Padma: Haan beta. Mein ready hoon. Let's go.

Armaan: Thank god aap Ridhima ki tarah 2 ghante nahi lagati tayaar hone mein. (Armaan chuckled)

Ridhima: Tsss..Armaan! (She smacked him on his arm)

Armaan: Yeh tum hamesha maar ti kyun ho mujhe? (He frowned)

Ridhima: Because you are VERY irritating!

As Armaan was going to respond to her, his eyes suddenly fell on a picture which was placed on the side table under a book. It was half sticking out so that it was visible. He quickly picked the photograph only to find that there were a few more underneath it. He looked at the first one and couldn't suppress his laughter.

Armaan: OHHH MYYY GODDD! Maa...Yehh..(He laughed uncontrollably) Yehh...Ridhima hai???

Ridhima looked at him confused, wondering which photo he was looking at.

Padma: Areyy..Haan (She giggled) Yehh Ridhima hai.. Kal hi mein Ridhima ki photographs dekh rahi thi.

Ridhima quickly snatched the first picture in his hand which was of her sticking her tongue out at the camera, her hands on her hips, wearing a pretty pink dress.

As Ridhima snatched the first photo off Armaan, his eyes fell on the second one. It was a picture of Ridhima when she was perhaps 1 or 2 years old. She was peacefully sleeping on the sofa with a small frown on her face just like she still does. Armaan smiled, looking at her angelic face.

Ridhima: MAAA!!!! Aapne yeh sab photo's kyun nikali???!!!

Padma: Ridhima, mein toh bass dekh rahi thi.

Armaan: Acha hua nikali! Warna mujhe kabhi dekhne ka mauka hi nahi milta. She looks soooo cute!

Ridhima: Koi cute vute nahi thi mein! I look so horrible. 

Ridhima grabbed the remaining pictures from Armaan's hand and looked at them whilst Armaan stood beside her, peeking to see the pictures. There were so many different photo's of her; one where she was playing basketball as a kid, one where she held her doll in her hand and sucking her thumb, one where she was sitting on Shashanks shoulder and also one where she was having a bath. Armaan giggled at the last one as Ridhima blushed and quickly hid it away.

Armaan: Areyyyy woh last waali dikhana toh zara! (He winked at her)

Ridhima: Armaan! (Glaring at him) No!

Armaan: Pleaseeeeeeee!

Ridhima: No Armaan. (She glared him, trying to indicate that Padma was with them and he should behave)

Armaan was doing this by purpose, to embarrass her in front of Padma who stood there understanding everything that was taking place between the two. Finally, Ridhima looked at him angrily and put the photos back into their place. Armaan frowned at her.

Ridhima: Tang matt karo Armaan. Now can we pleaseeee go??

Armaan and Padma both laughed and the three made their way to the car.


The drive to the shopping centre was quite short. They reached and made their way inside. Ridhima felt really excited! She couldn't believe that she was going to shop for her baby for the first time. It was as if being a mother was exciting her to the max. Armaan could easily see her excitement grow each second as she looked around the mall hurriedly, deciding where to go first.

Ridhima: Let's go there first!! (Ridhima finally said, pointing at a children's toy store and then walking towards it)

Armaan and Padma looked at each other and smiled at her cuteness.

They looked around the whole store and they picked up many things they liked. Although it was too early to shop and they didn't know if it was going to be a boy or a girl, Ridhima still wanted to start buying the general basic things, for which she needed Padma's help and Armaan opinions on a few things.

After what seemed like hours and hours Armaan sat on a small chair in the corner of a store exhausted. He breathed heavily and tugged on Ridhima's dupatta who was busy looking at small milk bottles.

Armaan: Ridhima..(he panted) Let's go please. I'm really tired now. And look at all these bags. I'm sure I'll having no money by the time we go home. (He slightly chuckled)

Ridhima: Armaaaan..Abhi toh sirf teen ghante hi hue hai. Stay na!

Armaan: TEEN GHANTE! Ridhima! 3 hours is MORE than enough. Let's go home now.

Before Ridhima could retort, Padma interfered.

Padma: Ridhima...Armaan theek keh raha hai. You shouldn't be walking around so much. I know Armaan has made you rest between shopping but still..We both want you to rest properly at home.

Ridhima frowned at the pair of them. She had just started to enjoy her day out after so long and now she had to go back home. She pouted her lips at Armaan innocently but he just shook his head. She knew there was no way to console the two of them, hence, they made their way out of the Shopping mall and drove back home. 



A very anxious Armaan paced around the room nervously. Today, he was going to give Ridhima one of the biggest surprises of her life. He looked at the clock anxiously, waiting it to struck 9 o'clock.

Ten minutes past nine.

20 minutes past nine.

Half an hour past nine. 9.30pm.

When there was no knock on the door as he waited for her to arrive, he finally called her on her mobile.

Armaan: Hello?

Ridhima: Hello..Haan Armaan. Mein aa rahi hoon thori hi der mein. Bas Papa ke saath kuch baat kar rahi thi. I was just leaving now...

Armaan: Okay..Shall I pick you up? (He spoke restlessly)

Ridhima: No Armaan..It's fine. Papa Sanjeevani jaa rahe hai, toh woh mujhe drop ker rahe hai.

Armaan: Iss waqt Sanjeevani?

Ridhima: Haan, kuch urgent kaam hai unhe.

Armaan: Hmmm Okay..Come soon. Love you.

Ridhima: Yeahh..Bye love you too.

Armaan put the phone down, and waited impatiently once again, smiling to himself.

Finally, after the clock moved at its slowest pace possible, he heard a knock on the door. He jumped off the sofa excitedly and ran to welcome her in.

Armaan: Woaaaaahhh someone's looking sexy. (He winked at her, as she walked inside)

Ridhima:  Shut up Armaan! I look fat! (She frowned)

Armaan: No you don't! I swear that saying is very true..A woman looks the most beautiful when she's pregnant!

Ridhima: Hmmmm..Thank you Mr Mallik! (She giggled)

Armaan: You're welcome Mrs Mallik! (He said, bowing down) Waise..tumhe yeh 'Thank you' baad mein bhi kehna hoga.

Ridhima: Huh? Matlab? (She looked at him confused)

Armaan: Matlabbb (He looked around the room)....Ek minute.

Ridhima continued looking at him suspiciously as he stood behind her, taking her dupatta off her shoulder and tied it around eyes so that she could not see anything.

Ridhima: Armaan.. Yehh tum kya ka rahe ho.

Armaan: Shhh! Chup chap mere saath chalo.

Armaan snaked his hand around her waist and made her proceed towards a room.

Ridhima: Batao na Armaan..Kya hai yeh sub kuch..Tum kuch bol kyun nahi rahe..bolo naaaa.. (She spoke nervously)

Armaan ignored her constant banter and questions until they reached the room. He opened the door and gently untied the dupatta so that she could see what was in front of her.

Ridhima opened her eyes and what she saw next was shocking and surprising to say the least. The room they stood in was not being used for anything at the moment. In fact, since Armaan and Ridhima got married they were deciding what to use the room as. Armaan never contributed any ideas about what they should use the room as. He simply nodded at her when her nonstop banter would start regarding it. Now, she understood the reason behind why he had kept quiet whenever she questioned about it.

He had planned to keep it as their baby's room.

Things started to fall in place as she remembered how he had forced her to visit Maa and Papa in the morning. He did that so he could decorate the room. She smiled at his cute plan.

The first thing that Ridhima's eyes went on was the huge picture of Armaan and Ridhima's marriage. It was one where Armaan had winked at Ridhima whilst sitting on the mandap and Ridhima was blushing. She was so glad that this beautiful moment was captured. It was like the biggest photograph she had ever seen in her life, as he had enlarged it and placed it on the wall. As she moved ahead, teary eyed, not able to speak; she noticed a small corner of the room filled with more pictures of Armaan and Ridhima. She touched them slightly, as if trying to live those moments again. They ranged from prior to Armaan and Ridhima's marriage to after their marriage. She giggled through her tears as her eyes fell the picture of hers that they had seen last month at Maa's house; the one where she had her hands on her hips and she had stuck her tongue out at the camera. She looked around and spotted a side of the corner where there was a collection of toys ranging from Mickie & Minnie mouse to Superman & Superwoman! She was surprised that he had found a 'Superwoman' toy as she wasn't sure if that even existed. Nevertheless, she reasoned that he was Armaan Mallik. He could find anything. Ridhima remembered how they had called each other 'Superman' and 'Superwoman' after they had had a fight during the fourth month of Ridhima's pregnancy. Perhaps, that was the reason he had bought it.

 Throughout the whole scene, Armaan watched Ridhima move from one corner of the room to the other, observing each and everything he had done. He saw her teary eyed, and couldn't help but feel a lump in his throat. Armaan knew very well that she didn't have any words to thank him..but he waited patiently for her to observe everything and then speak.

Finally, Ridhima walked over to the small cot that their baby would sleep in. He had done so much. For their baby. It was like she couldn't explain in words how much she loved the room, how perfect it was for their baby, how happy she was to have him in her life...

Sometimes you don't need any words to express your happiness, sometimes you don't need words to show gratefulness to people; sometimes, just your expressions, gestures and actions state it all. 


Ridhima: I love you, Armaan! (She slightly sobbed)

Saying that, Ridhima hugged him really tightly as he slowly whispered back to her 'I love you too!'. He let her go and gently kissed on her forehead. Then, he bent down on his knees and kept his hand on her stomach conversing with their baby for the hundredth time.

Armaan:  Heyy baby!! Mommy seems to be a little emotional!! How about we make her laugh a little? (He giggled)

Ridhima smiled in spite of herself. Armaan had conversed with the baby so many times before, but today, it was a different feeling. She always loved it when Armaan would place his hand on her stomach and then start talking to their baby nonstop about the most random things ever! It made her feel contended in life all the more.

Ridhima was pulled out of her thoughts as Armaan got up and pulled her in a squishy hug once again.  They stayed like that for a really long if sharing their inner feelings without speaking.


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