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Part 11 : Inseparable

Part 11: Month 7

OUR Baby.

Those were the only two words that played on Armaan and Ridhima's lips since the last 7 months. Everything they did and talked about was their baby. It was as if life had given them such a blessing in disguise that they just could not stop talking about it. With these talks, their days were flying by and their excitement was indescribable.

They had now shifted to the Gupta House because Armaan was at Sanjeevani all day and there was no one to take care of Ridhima. Hence Padma, Shashank and Armaan made the decision of Armaan and Ridhima moving to Gupta House until Ridhima gave birth. Ridhima being the stubborn girl had protested but all her attempts went futile. Armaan was certain that this was the best idea for the two of them.

Gupta House - Armaan and Ridhima's room

Armaan lay asleep on his stomach clad in his boxers, with his head nuzzled deep into Ridhima's neck. His lips lightly lingered on to her neck making her feel ticklish. He was deep in slumber when he suddenly felt a jerk. It was Ridhima. She had unexpectedly woken up and now sat on the bed. He unconsciously reasoned she may be drinking some water and continued sleeping. All of a sudden, he felt Ridhima tug at his hand.

Ridhima: Uhhh Armaan... (She called)

Armaan: Hmm...Kya hai Ridhima..Sone do na.

Ridhima: Armaan..Please..Mujhe kuch khana hai.

He glanced at the clock which read 1AM and he looked at her sleepily.

Armaan: Ridhima, raat ke ek baje tumhe kya khana hai? (He moaned tiredly)

Ridhima: Ummmm...Wohhh...Mujhe..Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream khana hai! (She smiled widely, licking her lips)   

Armaan looked at her. His face spelt BEWILDERED!

Armaan: WHAT?! NO WAY Ridhima! You can't be serious!

Ridhima looked at him, clearly upset that he wouldn't get her what she wanted.

Armaan: Oh come on Ridhima...Please don't show me that face. You know I can't resist but give in. (Ridhima looked at him as her eyes started sparkling in excitement) Okay..How about I get you some Vanilla Ice cream from the fridge? (Her face fell again)

Ridhima: No Armaan! I want Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream and that's final!

Armaan: Ridhima zidd matt karo! You know we don't have that at home. We only have Vanilla, eat that for now..And I promise I'll get you your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream tomorrow morning.

Ridhima: Nooo Armaan! Please I want it right now...You don't know how much I'm craving for it..

Armaan: I know Ridhima but it's 1AM! Baskin Robbins is not open. So how do you expect me to get it for you?

Ridhima: Naiii..It's open till late on Saturday night! Can we just go and check pleaseeeeee! (She pleaded)

Armaan: No Ridhima...It's not open. And besides, I'm very sleepy. Just go to sleep. I promise na, I'll get it for you tomorrow.

By this time, Ridhima was getting frustrated with Armaan. WHY could he NOT understand her crave for the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream!

Ridhima: FINE! Toh mein AKELI jaa rahi hoon! (She looked at him angrily)

Armaan was now nicely tucked up in bed again and had closed his eyes. He smiled at the drama queen who sat on the bed next to him.

Armaan: Hmmm Okay (He said, drowsily)

Ridhima: Armaan..mein SACH mein akeli jaungi. (She pointed a finger towards him)

Armaan knew that she would not go alone outside. She had always been scared of the dark and going out on the road at this time was definitely out of the question. He ignored her rant and slowly drifted into sleep.

*2 Minutes later*

Armaan jolted up as he didn't hear Ridhima speaking or sense any movement on the bed. He got up in a rush, put on a random T-shirt that he found,  a pyjama and grabbed his wallet. Running down the stairs, he noticed Ridhima leaving the house pouting her lips in anger.

Armaan: Ridhimaaa!!

Ridhima turned around angrily, saw him walking towards her and decided to ignore HIM this time. Armaan sighed heavily and continued following her.

She was now walking on the road, with her hands folded and shivering due to the weather. Armaan was seated in the car and was following her slowly. He kept honking, trying to ask her to get in the car. After numerous futile attempts, Ridhima finally gave in and sat inside the car.

Armaan: FINALLY! Basket, tum bhi na! You're the biggest drama queen I've ever seen. (He rolled his tongue in his mouth, shaking his head)

Ridhima ignored his comment and looked out of the window.

Armaan: Dekha! Isi liye kehta hoon ke you're a big drama queen. (He chuckled)

He found no response from Ridhima again. He decided to continue conversing with her..

Armaan: Yo Basket! Tumhe kaunsa Ice cream khana tha?

Ridhima suddenly turned around eagerly and gave the widest grin he had ever seen her give.

Ridhima: CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM! (She announced happily)

Armaan laughed at her childishness.

Armaan: Hmmm aur agar Baskin Robbins bandh hua toh?

Ridhima face fell once again. Armaan smiled at how her mood swings. For a second she'd be upset, the next minute angry, then excited and finally upset again!

Ridhima: Tohhh...Tohh phir we'll go to some nice restaurant for it!

Before Armaan could reply, they reached Baskin Robbins which, unfortunately for Ridhima, was closed.

Armaan: Yeh lo! Gaya tumhara Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Ridhima: Armaaaaaaaaaan! (She looked at him with saddened expression)

Armaan: Kya Ridhima..Iss mein mein kya kar sakta hoon?

Ridhima: Can we please go to some restaurant? (She pouted)

Armaan: Oh come on Ridhima...None of the restaurants will be open at this time! (He frowned)

Ridhima: Nahi, woh posh restaurants jo late night parties ke liye hote hai...Woh open honge..

Armaan: Okay Fine Let's go Peaches then? (He smiled)

Ridhima: Yes!!!! You're the BEST Armaan!

She gave Armaan a quick side hug, as they were seated in the car. Armaan kissed her cheek and then reversed the car, driving towards Peaches. They soon reached, walked inside and sat down as the people in the restaurant stared at the pair of them.

Armaan: Ummm..Ridhima, everyone's staring at us! I can't believe we came to THIS restaurant in our PJ's. This has got to be one of the craziest things we've done. (He chuckled)

Ridhima: Shut up Armaan! All I care about is my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream right now! Now can you pleaseeee order it!

Armaan: Acha! Have patience na! ... Waiter!

Waiter: Yes Sir. What would you like to have?

Armaan: Umm..Can we have one Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream please.

Waiter: Sure Sir. Anything else?

Armaan: Nope, that's all.

Waiter: Okay Sir, that'll be just 5 minutes.

Armaan nodded at the Waiter and faced Ridhima again who was smiling widely at him. They both sat there, talking to each other about Ridhima's random crave for Ice cream. Just then, the waiter came back again with the Ice cream in a tray. He placed it on the table and left.

Armaan: Yeh lo! Agaya tumhara Ice Cream!

Ridhima looked at the Ice cream and pushed it away from herself.

Ridhima: Oh my god Armaan!

Armaan: Ab kya hua?? (Hastily)

Ridhima: They haven't sprinkled the chocolate chunks on top (She frowned whilst Armaan looked at her shocked)

Armaan: RIDHIMA!!!!!!!!! I swear mein tumhare saath rehke pagaal zaroor hojaunga.

Ridhima pouted her lip and looked at him innocently as he sighed.

Armaan: Ummm..waiter!

The waiter came back again.

Waiter: Yes Sir. May I help you?

Armaan: Ummm...Woh..Can you please sprinkle some chocolate chunks on top? (He asked, flustered)

The waiter smiled at the two of them, took the Ice cream back inside and soon brought it back with Ridhima chocolate chunks on top.

Armaan: Please Ridhima..Ab mujhe aur tang matt karna.

Ridhima wasn't listening to him, she was too busy enjoying the ice scream.

Ridhima: Mhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This IS YUMMYYYYY!!!!! (She screamed, grabbing a lot of attention)

Armaan: Shhhh Shh shhhhhh!!!! (He placed his hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming)

Ridhima: Ooops sorry!! (She apologised, as soon as he removed his hand from her mouth) Lekin seriously, this is yummy! (She continued munching on the Ice cream)

He smiled as she childishly continued to eat. Whilst eating, a bit of the ice cream rested on Ridhima's lower lip which went unfelt by her. Armaan stared at her intently, got up from his seat while she looked at him confusedly and placed his lips on her lower lip, sucking on it to taste the ice cream. He let go of her lower lip as Ridhima blushed at his action and sat back down on his seat.

Armaan: Now THAT was YUMMY! (He winked at her as she blushed, a dark shade of red)

Ridhima: Tum bhi na Armaan... (She smiled at him)

For the next ten minutes,  Armaan watched Ridhima savour the taste of the Ice cream. He couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. It was hard to believe that Ridhima being a small child herself was going to have her own child. It was as if he was going to have two kids in the house after the baby was born. She was definitely one antic piece which he owned. There could be no one like her for him. She was simply perfect for him. He just could not get tired of her constant dramas and cuteness. Today, she was clad in a cute pink Minnie Mouse T-shirt and a pink silk pyjama. He remembered how she had dragged him into a store and told him to try on a Mickie Mouse T-shirt. Ridhima wanted him to buy a Mickie Mouse night-dress T-shirt since she was buying a Minnie Mouse one. He had told her a straight No, because he felt that he would look like a complete idiot wearing it, but she had made him buy it forcefully. His eyes fell on his T-shirt and noticed he was wearing that same Mickie Mouse one. He simply smiled in spite of himself as he remembered the faint memory.

Ridhima: Armaan...Kahaan kho gaye?? (She clicked her fingers in front of his face)

Armaan: Uhh..Wohhh..Nothing..Shall we go now? (He asked, considering the fact that she had finished the Ice cream)

Ridhima: No Armaan...I like this place.

Armaan: Ummm...Ridhima, it's 1.45AM now. (He pointed towards his watch)

Ridhima: Tohhh kya hua?? I want to be with you. (She smiled)

Armaan: Wohh toh tum ghar pe bhi hogi na.

Ridhima: Nai..Armaan I want to dance with you! (She gave him her hand)

Armaan: Ummm Okayyy..What's with the sudden request??

Ridhima: Tchhh Armaan! Karo na dance! Pleaseeeee?

Armaan shook his head, held her hand and headed towards the dance floor where a few couples were dancing. He placed both his hands on her waist, pulling her closer to himself. They both giggled as they noticed the space between them because of Ridhima's stomach. They slowly swayed to the melodious music as Armaan kissed her on her cheeks, forehead and then a small peck on her lips. He slowly whispered in her ears "I can't believe we're dancing in our PJ's, in one of the most well-known restaurants at 2 in the night!". They both giggled at this. But they didn't care about anything or anyone as it felt so heavenly in each other's arms. They could stay like that forever if given the chance. Finally, after half an hour of dancing, they both headed home, taking with them a sweet memory which will be cherished forever.


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