Thursday, 8 August 2019

part 11 : shades of luv

Next Day Morning

Armi n ridz had jus returned from their walk luckily 2day he succeed in waking her up

"im going for a shower bye" she announced to armi n went towards her room mentally making notes of all the work she has to do 2day

armi sat in his hall having his morning coffee n reading newspaper

Soon the landline started buzzing tring tring

he picked the receiver kept jus besides him n said "hello armaan here" still reading the newspaper

the caller happily said "hey wats up dude"

A confused armi kept his newspaper aside n asked "who is it?"

with a angry tone he said, "teri toh tu mujhe bhool gaya"

a smile broke on his face after he recognized the voice, "arre rahul tu"

he signed "haa mein"

excited to hear his old friend's voice after such a long time, armi said "wats up yaar? After u left states i have not heard from u?"

ruhul agreed "yaa after 9 months im talking to u long time naa"

he questioned him with a smile on his face "yup, soo howz muskaan?"

ruhul hesitately informed armi, "armaan i and muskaan got married two months ago"

he laughed at him, "2day is not 1st april, u cant fool me"

irritated rahul asked "arre yaar tujko mera par bharosa nahi hai"

he gritted throught her teeth, controling his laugher "nahi"

he furiously asked "dost hai ki dushman?"

he giggled n replied confidently "ofcourse dushman"

rahul's eyes shook up in shock, "saale teri toh"

"acha seriously bol muskaan kaha hai"

"jus next to me" he said n handed phone 2 her

"hey armaan"

"hey muskaan wats up...wait a min tell me one thing rahul n u really got married" he asks curiously

she smiled, "yes"

he laughed a bit, asked "kyaa tum ko yeh langoor hi mila tha"

she giggled at his statement "wat could i do, u weren't there in canada thats y i had to compromise"

he laughed at her statement n said "ur still the same"

"bingo yes i haven't changed at all k see u in the night gtg now"

confused armi asked "night?"

"yes ur having dinner with us tonight at 8 a clock jus note down our address"

"ur informing me or asking me?"

she said in a ordering tone"ordering u"

he smiled, "k give me ur address"

"44, park street, bandra"

"k see u"

"wait listen bring ur that friend too"

"which friend?" armi asked confusedly

she said, "arre that gurl wat was her name i forgot u used to talk soo much about her"

n asked rahul who is jus besides her "wat was her name rahul"

"i dont know, she had some weird name" rahul said

"dumbo" armi answered

"yaa dumbo, bring her also i wanna meet her"

"y" armi questioned

"i have heard soooo so much about her from u thats y i wanna meet her" excitedly said

he smiled brightly "k i will bring her bye"

"bye be on time"

armi hungs up the phone, smiles thinking about the past memories, how he meet rahul, muskaan in aalomas hospital n they became good friends, how they used to hang out 2gether, but then they shifted to canada n he lost touch with them becoz of work pressure"


while armi was recollecting his beautiful memories in states some1 called up Rahul,muskaan (rm) after hearing armi's conversation with them

the person said "hello can i speak to rahul or muskaan"

"muskaan here"

"hi muskaan im armaan's..." the person then said the reason for calling them

after talking to the caller for the next five mins patiently muskaan promised "we will help u in this"

"thanks a lot"

"armaan is my n rahul's good friend n this is the least we can do for him" she reassured

the person happily said "k then i will see u in the evening, then we will plan everything"

"yaa sure see u in the evening" n they hung up


armi enters the cabin where his interview was held at n finds ridz sitting there

he quickly sat opposite to her n passed his resume to her

"good impressive work mr malik" she smiled n said

"thank u ms gupta"

then she asks him few questions, which armi answers confidently

"congrats u have got the job k here u go sign this papers" she placed a file in front of armi which had around 10 papers of rules n regulations

Rule No 1: u have to do whatever I say

Rule No 2 : u have to stop bugging, irritating me in the early morning

Rule No 3 : Officially from 2day ur my driver too

Rule No 4 : From 2day u will do every dam thing after taking my permission

etc rules were there

BUT armi didnt read them jus signed them thinking they must be routine papers while ridz suppressed her wicked smile n laugh under her breath

"wow my plan worked, it will be soo much fun" she thought n smirked


That day ridz had meeting after meeting continuously till afternoon with no of good Dr; the best Dr of world

Finally she zerod on two Dr, which has worked in best hospital of the world

She then informed them n asked them to come over for a final meeting


"hey guys" armi called out for atul, sapna as he entered the canteen

"hey" sapna, atul replied in 2gether

"armaan u brought those fertilizer which i told u to bring from states?" atul asked

"oo shit i forgot...sorry champ" he apologized

"i knew u will forget it, u know with the help of that fertilizer my plants would have grown double the size"

"arre sorry yaar" armi apologized again

"im dam hungry wats there in the canteen" armi said rubbing his one hand over his stomach

sapna replied "sandwich....(etc stuff)" while armi made weird face n went to order something when he dumped into a gurl

while atul starts singing sadly "dost dost naa raha...zindagi tere par itbaar naa raha" n sapna stares at him shockingly n soon starts laughing

he signed "dumbo when will u learn to see and walk"

she smiled evily "sorry actually my eye sight is weak, it jus cant see ghosts"

he cocks his eye brow "wat u said im ghost"

she smirked "when did I say that, but if ur telling me yourself i believe u"

armi angrily said "ridhima tum naa"

she interrupted "mein kya"

looks at her furiously, says "tum naa bahut"

she again interrupted "bahut kya"

"shataan ho" she starts giggling while he turns to leave towards the table

she grabbed hold of his hand, he turns back "now wat?"

with a concerned tone she asked "u sound irritated wat happ?"

while they walked towards the table, with a sad tone he said "im hungry but i dont want to have canteen food"

"My dear friend do not fear when Ridhima is here" she warned him with a broad smile

"out with it" half amused n half irritated he said

she placed a box in front of him

he excitedly said "wow pizza, how u guessed i wanted to have pizza"

"well like u said yesterday, i know u from grade one" she gladly said

sapna exclaimed while picking a piece "wow yummmy"

atul smiled n said after enjoying the pizza "ridz ur too good"

"woh toh hai" armi added while having his fav pizza

Beep Beep

"yaar I.C.U duty gtg bye" atul said n got up

sapna quickly added "me too, come on lets go"


In the Corridor

After finishing their lunch n little chit-chatting AR made their way towards the general ward when suddenly ridz's pager rings

"they have arrived" she looked at her pager screen n said

confused armi asked "who"

she informed him "the new Dr of sangivni, even they have worked in aalomas "

he said excitedly giving a big smile"than even i wanna meet them, may be i will be knowing them"

she chucked at his enthusiasm, said "hmmm k lets go"

he opened the door of stairs n said "lets take the stairs, we will reach faster", she nodded n followed him

ridz was lost in her thought while walking down the stairs, she was thinking of all good things happening in her life when suddenly, she missed a stair n was about to fall

armi caught her in no time by her waist n she grabbed him by his shoulder, but instead of getting back on her toes

they got lost in each other eyes for a mins, that movement they forgot every dam thing

their eyes spoke those sentiments which they never said to each other, their eyes said those felling to each other which they still were unknown to

but luck wasn't resting by their side, ridz pager rang

and they came out from their trance, she got back on her toes within fraction of secs n they quickly turned their face in opposite direction amused n ambarassed at their action n direction of thoughts

they never felt soo embarrassed in front of each other

there were now walking in a awkward silence between them for next few mins

he was frustrated with himself for starring at her like this, "wat the hell we were thinking" he thought

she was also wondering the same, almost disgusted with herself

the only way out that armi saw to recover from the current embarrassing state was to be 'normal' with her, he then said "tum kabhi dekh kar nahi chal sakti naa"

"sorry woh heels" she said softly

armi interrupted "from 2day u will not wear high heels at all" said in a bossing tone

she frowned, while entering her cabin, "i will, its my wish"

he followered her, "no u will not"

"yes i will"



"STOP IT" a girl wearing a red kurti n dark blue jeans with her curly hair tired up holding a cute smile on her lips called out n a guy wearing a casual blue shirt n jeans Yelled together

AR stop arguing n looked towards the two figures standing in front of her

"muskaan" armi smiled n called out

they hugged each other

"how come ur here?" he asked him while departing from the hug

"mein aur ruhul Ms gupta ko milne aaye hai...kya tum usko jante ho... khadoos toh nahi hai naa jus like rahul" ridz jaw dropped listening to 'khadoos' word

armaan immediately said "this is Ms gupta muskaan" to stop murkaan from saying anything further

murkaan bit her lips angrily, placed a fake smile while rahul whispered "thats y i always say talk less"

she whispered back "jus shut up" n went forward

and said "hi ms gupta, i didnt mean by"

ridz interrupted "its k murkaan, and by the way u can call me riddhima or ridz"

all this while armi was laughing as slowly as he could looking at the situation

"hi riddhima" rahul smiled n said

"hi rahul" she continued "welcome to sangivni" she said to RM

for next 1/2 all four chatted with each other, ridz got to know about armi-RM friendship and RM got to know ridz is only dumbo; armi's dumbo

soon RM left bidding bye to them n taking a promise from them; promise of coming tonight


6 a clock coffee shop

RM arrived at a coffee shop as decided with the person

Soon the stranger came n they got seated

"how did u recognize us" rahul asked

"I saw u both in the hospital, can we get back to the work" the stranger pointly said

"yaa sure" they said in together

the person then told them whatever happened in the stairs and canteen pizza thing, n every dam thing about armi and ridz, more info was given about ridz becoz they didnt knew her

Ruhul told them what he saw yesterday at zodiac pool place (he was the guy in zodiac pool cafe), RM told ar's well wisher how much armi used to talk about ridz in states, how much he used to miss her

"will u help me in making them realize their love for each other?" the well wisher finally asked with a hope

"yes of course" rahul agreed

"operation realization starts 2day" muskaan cheerfully said after sipping her coffee

"operation realization?" the well wisher and rahul said together in a confused tone

"yes operation realization, this is the perfect name for our mission" she excitedly said with a broad smile

then all three flashed a wicked smile n started planning their first step



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