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Part 12 : Inseparable

Part 12: Month 8!     

Gupta House ' AR's Room.

Padma: Ridhima..utho ab. Das baj gaye hai aur tum abhi tak sau rahi ' (Her voice trailed off)

Padma's voice trailed off as she felt Ridhima shivering under the blanket. She panicked as she felt Ridhima's head which was steaming hot.

Padma: Ridhima...Ridhima tum theek toh ho na?? (She nudged her)

Ridhima's eyes suddenly jerked open as she felt someone shaking her. She looked at the surroundings and then her eyes landed on the clock. It was 10AM and she was still asleep? That was very unlikely of her as she was usually awake by eight in the morning.

Ridhima: Maa..Umm..Haan mein theek hoon. (She plastered a mere smile)

Padma: Nahi Ridhima...Tum mujhe bilkul theek nahi lag rahi ho. Tumhe bukhaar hai.

Ridhima: Kuch nahi hai Ma...Bas shayad thakkan ki wajah se '

Padma: Ridhima! Tum aise careless kaise ho sakti ho? (She frowned at  her)

Ridhima: Maa..Mein bilkul theek hoon..Aap fikur matt kariye...

Padma: Ek minute. Let me check your fever.

Padma walked to the drawer next to the bed, took out a thermometer whilst Ridhima moved away from her.

Ridhima: Ummm...Nahi Ma..Mein theek hoon. (She spoke hastily)

Padma: Areeyyy! Ridhima mujhe check karne do! (She ordered)

Ridhima moaned at her loudly as her protest was not taken into consideration. She sighed and hoped her fever was not too high. To her disappointment, it sure was.

Padma: Oh my god Ridhima! Tumhe toh 101 degrees bukhar hai!

Ridhima: Haan Ma...Mujhe pata h- I mean...(She quickly realised what she was about to say. Before she could cover up, Padma interrupted her.)

Padma: Tumhe kaise pata hai? Kabse hai yeh bhukar tumhe? (She raised her eyebrows and then realised how Ridhima might have had the fever) RIDHIMAAA!!! TUMNE PHIRSE KAL RAAT CHUPKE ICE CREAM KHAYI??!

Ridhima bit her lower lip and looked at her innocently.

Padma: Tu ther ja! Abhi Armaan ko phone karke usse kehti hoon. Wohi tujhe sabak sikhayega. (She headed towards the phone placed on the drawer next to the bed whilst Ridhima gasped.)

Ridhima: Nahiiii Maa! Pleaseeee Armaan ko matt batana. Woh mujhe maar dalega. (She snatched the phone off Padma's hand)

Padma: Ridhima, kal raat maine aur Armaan ne tumhe itna lamba chora lecture diya tha par phir bhi tum nahi maani. You have been eating so much ice cream these days! It's not good for you and the baby!! (She scolded her)

Ridhima: Haan Maa..Lekin I couldn't resist it. Pata nee, par jab tak mein Ice cream nahi khati tab tak mujhe chain nahi milta. But I won't eat from now on.(She pouted)

Padma: Aur ab jab Armaan Sanjeevani se wapas aa kar dekhe ga tab kya?? Tum bohat kaap bhi rahi ho....

Ridhima: Ummm...Don't worry..Tab tak mein theek hojaungi. (She said, nervously)

Padma: Are you sure Ridhima?

Ridhima: Ofcourse...Haan Ma. Please usse kuch matt batana.. (She pleaded)

Padma: Acha theek hai. Ab chal, tu thodi fresh hoja, tab tak mein tumhara breakfast kamre mein laati hoon. (She smiled, caressing her cheek)

Ridhima: Okay Maa. (She smiled back at her and headed towards the bathroom)


It had been yet another tiring day for Armaan Mallik. He had just returned from Sanjeevani and looked around the Gupta House in search of Ridhima. She was usually around in the kitchen or watching TV. But today, she was nowhere in sight. He sighed and headed towards their room where he was pretty much sure she would be. Walking inside, Armaan noticed a figure lying on the bed and smiled.

Armaan: I'm homeee baby!!! (Armaan spoke, which woke Ridhima up)

He stood at the door with his briefcase, lab coat and stethoscope in his hand, smiling. Ridhima looked at him at once and felt her body still really warm. She panicked at the thought of him finding out and sat on the bed nervously.

Armaan: Where's my welcome hug today?? (He frowned at her, as he noticed her not budging from the bed)

Ridhima: Ummm...wohh..I can't...I mean...err..

Armaan: Ridhima, why are you stammering? (He laughed, placing his belonging in the corner of the room)

Ridhima: Wohh..Kuch nahi. It's just..It's just that I haven't had a shower yet..and urmm..I smell..

Armaan cocked his eyebrows at Ridhima who looked at him anxiously.

Armaan: Toh kya hua?? That doesn't mean I can't hug you. And anyway, you always smell SO nice! I swear, that perfume you use..It's so freakin' attractive! (He said walking towards her, his arms wide open to take her in his embrace)

Ridhima noticed him pacing towards her and panicked as she did not want him to touch her. She was dead sure he'd feel her warm body and find out that she has a fever. So, she tried to move away from him but it all her attempts went in vain as he clutched her wrist on the bed and hugged her. She shut her eyes tightly as she felt him envelope her into a hug. As expected, it wasn't long before Armaan noticed her really warm body.

Armaan: Ridhima, tum theek toh ho?? Why are you shivering so much? And your body is really really warm....(Feeling her forehead)

Ridhima: Errmmm..Woh Kuch nahi hai. I'm just tired.

Armaan: No Ridhima..You've got a fever and ' (This time, it was his voice that trailed off in realisation) RIDHIMAA!!!!!!!!!

Ridhima stared at him in guilt and pouted her lip.

Armaan: DON'T you DARE give me that look! Tumne phirse Ice cream khayi na??!!

Ridhima: Ummm...Woh bas thoda sa hi..See itna sa. (She showed him the amount with two of her fingers)

He glared at her coldly and started walking towards the bathroom, not giving her a single glance. As Ridhima noticed him walking away, she got off the bed hitting herself mentally for being so silly and rushed behind him.

Ridhima: Armaaaaaaaaaaan!! I'm sorry na! I'm jist stupid and you know that..(She frowned at him, tugging at his arm and turning him around)

Armaan: Forget it Ridhima. You always do this. You never think about how I would feel of your action. I do so much for you and you just...Arghhh..Forget it!

He fumed in anger and turned around walking towards the bathroom again whilst Ridhima quickly went before him stood in front of him so he couldn't go in.

Ridhima: Okay I'm sorry Armaan. Meri hi galti thi. Mujhe Ice cream nahi khana chahiye tha. You're right..I never appreciate anything you do for me. In fact I guess I take it all for granted. I'm just...I'm just really stupid. (She looked at him, her eyes set on his)

Armaan: Hmmm woh toh tum ho hi. Actually, you know what..Maine hi tumhe bigar keh rakha hai. I swear I get everything for you at any time of the day. So, yeah...And you DO take me for granted! Hmmphh!

They both laughed at this, but somewhere down the line, they both knew it was very much true. Armaan had literally spoilt Ridhima. Before she would even ask for something, it would be in front of her.

Armaan: Waise abhi toh mein tumhe kuch kar nahi sakta..But after the baby is born, watch what I do to you! (He grinned)

Ridhima: You can't do anything to me! I'm not scared of you! (She stuck her tongue at him)

Armaan grabbed her hand and picked her up in his arms whilst winking at her. He walked over to the bed and placed her down while she blushed a dark shade of red.

Armaan: Kitni heavy hogayi ho yaar basket. (They both giggled) Ab tum araam karo! And don't you dare move an inch!!I will handle you after the nine months are over.

Saying that he winked at her and they talked continuously until Ridhima went into deep slumber.


A drowsy Armaan woke up early in the morning to find his petite wife not next to him. He placed his hand on the side of the bed where she sleeps but felt no one next to him. Glancing at the clock which read 9AM, he scratched his eyes to open them in order to clear his blurry vision and sat on the bed. He pulled the blanket off him and got up, clad in his boxers. Stretching his arms out wide he let out a loud yawn and walked towards the bathroom. He heard noises of the shower and realised that Ridhima was having a shower.

Armaan: Ridhima, ab tumhari tabiyat kaisi hai? (He shouted, so that she could hear him in the bathroom)

Ridhima: Theek hai Armaan!! I'm feeling much better than yesterday. Bukhar bhi chala gaya hai ab. (She shouted at the top of her voice)

Armaan: Hmmm! That's good! Waise tum Bathroom mein kya kar rahi ho? (He asked, even though he knew what she was doing)

Ridhima: Ummm..Armaan, Bathroom mein KYA karte hai?

Armaan: Wellllll There are loads of things that can be done in the bathroom! Bohat kuch kar sakte hai! Mein demo doo?

Ridhima: SHUT UP ARMAAAN!! Let me shower in peace!

Armaan: Pleaseeeeeee mein andar aa raha hoon!!! (He spoke, cheekily)

Ridhima: No Armaan! I'm not gonna open the door for you!! Just go away!

Armaan: Acha..Achaa...peace!! Mein nahi aa raha..Lekin jaldi karo please! Mujhe Sanjeevani bhi toh jaane hai.

Ridhima: Haan..Theek hai.

Armaan smiled at their conversation and walked towards their bedroom door which was half open. He decided to go and close it just in case someone came in and saw him in his boxers. That would definitely be embarrassing for him. Before he could shut it, he saw Shashank walking towards their bedroom door. He panicked as he saw Shashank moving closer and closer towards their door. Without realising what he was doing, he quickly went to his cupboard and picked up the first thing that came in his hand and wore it in fear of Shashank seeing him in his boxers. As he put the clothing on he realised what he'd put on and mentally kicked himself for being so stupid. He noticed Shashank just steps away from the door, and in fear of him seeing Armaan in that clothing, he rushed to his bed and pulled the blanket over himself, pretending to be fast asleep.

On the other hand, Shashank needed to have a word with Armaan, hence, he had come to talk to him. However, as he saw Armaan sleeping through the half open door, he realised that he was still asleep. A sigh was let out by him and he closed the door to their room whilst Armaan too let out a heavy sigh in relief. That was close. He imagined how embarrassing it would have been if Shashank had walked on him while he was wearing the clothing that he had taken out of the cupboard. He kicked himself mentally for his stupidity. The decision to change his clothes was soon made and he was about to get out of the blanket when suddenly he saw Ridhima make her way out of the bathroom clad in her winnie the pooh towel. His mouth dropped open as he saw his cute Ridhima in the towel with her belly sticking out. His eyes explored her curves which had undergone drastic changes and smiled. He was dazed by the towel wrapped around her, her wet hair falling on to her shoulders and her milky white skin glowing all the more.

Ridhima: Armaan...Aise matt dekho! (She snapped him out of his train of thoughts)

Armaan: Umm..I..Woahh! You leave me speechless! (He winked at her)

Ridhima: Shut up Armaan! (She retorted)

Saying that, Ridhima walked over to the cupboard to find her clothes as Armaan's eyes popped out at her hotness. Whatever he tried to do, he just couldn't get his eyes off her or stop thinking about her. There was something about her. He was, again, snapped out his thoughts by Ridhima.

Ridhima: Armaan...Tumne woh meri Pink waali nightie dekhi hai kahi??

Armaan: Um..Woh tumhe iss waqt kyun pehan ni hai?  (He gulped) You should wear that at night na...

Ridhima: Tchh..Armaan..It's really comfortable. I get really tired of changing my clothes again and again. And anyways, I'm not going out anywhere today so I don't need to wear formal clothes.

Armaan: Toh..Toh koi aur pehan lo na. Tumhare paas toh kitni saari hai. (He pulled the blanket closer to himself)

Ridhima noticed his awkward behaviour and walked towards him as Armaan gulped even more.

Ridhima: Armaan, tum aise ajeeb kyun behave kyun kar rahe ho?? Tum blanket ke niche kuch chupa rahe ho na??? (She raised her eyebrows, pulling the blanket a little)

Armaan gasped as she pulled the blanket and he pulled it towards himself even more.

Armaan: Tchh..Kuch nahi hai Ridhima! It's just...Umm...I...I'm wearing my boxers and I don't want you to see me in this state. (He blurted out unknowingly)

Ridhima looked at him confusedly. It wasn't like she had never seen him in boxers before.

Ridhima: I'm one hundred percent sure that there is something fishy!

Saying that, Ridhima pulled the blanket off him completely before he could even react or respond. What lay in front of her eyes was at first shocking but then she burst out laughing settling herself on the bed. She placed her hand on her mouth to stop herself from laughing but all went futile. She just could not stop laughing her heart out at the sight in front of her while he looked at her in mock anger and pouted.

Armaan was wearing Ridhima's pink nightie. 

Ridhima:Ohh..(She giggled) Oh my God Armaan! What are you doing in MY nightie! (She held her stomach whilst laughing)

Armaan gave her the 'I-Will-kill-you-if-you-continue-laughing' look as she tried suppressing her laughter.

Ridhima: Okay..Okay (She calmed herself down) Lekin seriously, what are you doing in my Nightie?? And how did it fit you??

Armaan: Well, it's your pregnant waali nightie so it's quite huge! And..Woh Sasurjee agaye the. And I was wearing my boxers only..So I panicked and picked up the first thing that came in my hand...which was your nightie. So I quickly slid into bed and pretended to sleep. (He frowned)

This made Ridhima laugh once again and she clutched her stomach to stop it from hurting because of the fit of giggles.

Ridhima: Tum abhi bhi Papa se itna darr te ho?? (She questioned, raising her eyebrows)

Armaan: Hmmm..Tumhare papa hai hi itne daravne. Bilkul tum per gaye hai (He chuckled)

Ridima: Armaan, I'm gonna kill you!

Armaan: Oh no you won't! Not unless I take the towel off you! (He winked at her)

Suddenly, Ridhima realised she was seated in front of him with only her towel on. She became conscious of his constant stares and covered herself by placing her hands across her chest. She blushed at his comment.

Ridhima: Armaan...I want to wear my Nightie! Pass it to me. (She spoke, blushing)

Armaan: Toh mein pehnadoo?? (His eyes sparkled in excitement at his cheeky question)

Ridhima: Armaaaaaaaan! (She glared at him)

Armaan: Pleashhhhhhhhhh?

Ridhima just shook her head in embarrassment. He moved closer to her on the bed and gently lay her down. His eyes didn't waver for a second as he stared into her blue eyes. A small smile played on Armaan's lips as he saw Ridhima blush and look away from him, breaking the eye lock. Placing his fingers gently on the part of the towel which held it together, he let it open so that her whole body was exposed to him. She shivered as he felt his fingers brush against her skin in pleasure and blushed as he stared at her in awe. He lay next to her and placed damp kisses on her neck, moving up to her cleavage.  Slowly, Armaan got off her and took of the nightie which, funnily, he had worn and gently got her up so that she sat on the bed. He placed the nightie around her neck and slowly made her wear it. Finally, after a lot of romance between the whole session, Ridhima was wearing the nightie. Armaan slowly kissed her on her lips which looked irresistible throughout and ended the beautiful moment.



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