Friday, 9 August 2019

part 12 : shades of luv

"wat r u finding?" rahul asked muskaan after seeing her surrounded by CDs, there were cds all around her

she flashed a confused look n said "Song which..."

scratching his head he interrupted, "ohh i forgot about plan 1B"

ignoring wat he said, muskaan asked him while looking at different CDs "did u talk to the manager?"

he sat next to her n started looking at the cds n informed her "yea i had a talk with him few mins ago, he agreed to do whatever we say but we have to jus fill his mouth n i informed armaan come to the restaurant instead of here"

After mins of argument they finally managed to select the final songs

"PERFECT SONG" they said 2gether with a wicked smile

They then quickly got ready, muskaan wore a pair of skinny jeans, white off shoulder top with high heels and silver hoops while rahul wore a simple casual jeans and blue t-shirt n a white jacket

Soon they drove off to a restaurant with a bright wicked smile stuck on their face, they had some before hand preparation to be done before AR each the restaurant for their mission's first step



"wat the hell? Y r u not ready?" armi entered her room n saw her sitting on the bed with a annoyed n sad expression, clothes all around the room to be precise her whole wardrobe was out

she declared firmly "I dont have a nice dress to wear thats y im not coming...u can go alone"

Armi started smiling... she looked at him angrily,"wat makes u smile?"

"ur childish behaviour" she frownes while he added "u have soo many clothes jus look around u"

she gave a angry gaze n looked away

"dumbo plz yaar i cant go alone, wear anything y r u cribbing soo much" he pleaded n sat next to her

she looked at his pleading face n pointedly said "ohhk let me see if i find something nice then only i will give u company" n slowly stood up from the couch running her hands through her hair n looking around to find a nice outfit

after 15 mins she selected a outfit n armi signed a big sight of relief

and within another 20 mins

she was ready in a knee length black oe piece with boots...her soft long hair were left open falling on her face making her look more beautiful in her simple yet smart get-up with her less make up jus gloss n kajal...her lips looked more attractive with a layer of gloss n eyes more beautiful with the dark kajal

armi also looked dashing in his blue jeans white t-shirt n a smart black blazer, his hair were gelled

AR reached the restaurant n after greeting each other they sat opposite to RM

They talked for some time about friendship, much friends, lover is imp in everyone's life....rahul told him they never realized how n when they fell in love with each other...AR just smiled happily listening to them, they also teased them

muskaan then said "u know wat u both also look soo much in love" which shocked AR to the core

ridz began to say "we r just...

...friends thats it" armi finished the sentence

n then they exchanged smile

muskaan reassured them "come on armaan dont hide from us, we swear we will not tell any1 in the hospital"

rahul continued "trust us yaar"

armi calmly said after having a sip of wine "arre yaar there is nothing between us"

muskaan continued "arre jus look at each other, u both look made for each other, picture perfect jodi"

AR looked at each other then back to RM n shook their head

the next few mins RM continued saying they r definately in love may be they have not realized i till now but AR kept refusing n correcting them they r just friends

soon the waiter came to take their order, he gave them each menu card but armi returned back n requested ridz to order for him also

known to armi's likes n dislikes ridz ordered his food too without any difficulty

which was very well noticed by RM

rahul then asked raising his hand "may i have a pleasure dancing with my beautiful wife"

muskaan smiled n gave him his hand

"y dont u both also dance while the food arrives" rahul suggested

"wanna dance with the most handsome guy on this earth?" armi asked raising his hand

ridz rolled her eyes n said "k i dont mind" n placed her hand on his hand

they walked to the center of the floor

only to fall into RM's trap


Unaware of what's in store for them they were now on the floor ready to dance on the slow romantic songs for the first time in their life

armi squeezed her hand in his, she places her another hand on his broad shoulder while his another hand comes around her waist

Female Voice:Hmm…na na na na na…   female:Ho…(nazar aa raha hai saaf yeHam hi ham hai dil mein, aap ke) -2Faisla ho hi jaayega, ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin mera bharam

their body gently sway to the highly romantic rhythm of the song

In no min they landed into a all together different world

World where they were ruled by their heart, they were jus robot, slaves following orders (by their heart)

male:Nazar aa raha hai, saaf yeHam hi ham hai dil mein, aap keFaisla ho hi jaayega, ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin mera bharam

 They didn't have any clue where they were, in which position they were, they had forgotten temporarily that they were jus friends or

just So Called Friends becoz the fact was they do loved each other but still realization of love n admitting it was left

she looked up, he looked down at her

female:Ho…(nazar aa raha hai, saaf ye (music beats)Mujhe yakeen dil aap ka Sirf mere liye…hi dhadakta hai sanamTanhaai mein ye raat dinSirf mere liye hi…tadapta hai sanamYe pata chal hi jaayega -2Ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin mera bharam   male:Ho…nazar aa raha hai, saaf yeHam hi ham hai dil mein, aap ke   (music beats)Tuhi tu hai saaya meraChaahke bhi tujhe na…bhool paaun sanamTeri wafa, teri kasam, thaam lee jabi main…Dagmagaaun sanamYe khabar, lag hi jaayegi -2Ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin tera bharam  Nazar aa raha hai, saaf yeHam hi ham hai dil mein, aap keFaisla…ho hi jaayega, ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin mera bharam

armi couldnt stop noticing how much beautiful she indeed is

while she couldnt stop noticing how handsome he indeed is

but they also caught the attention of everyone around including RM after all she was looking gorgeous,he was looking hot and together they were looking PERFECT, jus made for each other, fallen deeply in love of sea or rather ocean

RM were looking at them happily after all AR were falling into their trap or rather they have already fallen into their trap

 male:Ho…nazar aa raha hai, saaf yeHam hi ham hai dil mein, aap ke   (music beats)Tuhi tu hai saaya meraChaahke bhi tujhe na…bhool paaun sanamTeri wafa, teri kasam, thaam lee jabi main…Dagmagaaun sanamYe khabar, lag hi jaayegi -2Ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin tera bharam  Nazar aa raha hai, saaf yeHam hi ham hai dil mein, aap keFaisla…ho hi jaayega, ye wafa sach hai sanamYe nahin mera bharam

soon they (AR) got locked in a gaze that too a heated one

this was second time in a day they felt something stir in their heart, something different between them, something which they couldnt understand or rather did not wanted to understand

his intense eyes sent a shiver down her spine for the first time, he was also falling in the depth of her beautiful eyes

soon the song changed but  they were sill lost

 (labon ko labon pe sajaao

kya ho tum mujhe abb bataao) - 2

tod do khud ko tum,

(baahon mein meri - 3) baahon mein

(baahon mein meri - 3) baahon mein

the song was  highly romantic now…lights were dim now n slowly the dance floor was jus like a dark room

they were totally engrossed within each other

she was now in his arms, dancing to the romantic tunes, tunes which within a short spane of time made them dance like never before

tere ehsaason mein, bheege lamhaaton mein, mujhko ?? tishnagi si hai

teri adaayon se dilkash khataao se, in lamho mein zindagi si hai

haya ko jara bhool jaao, meri hi tarah pesh aao

kho bhi do khu ko tum, (raaton mein meri - 3) raaton mein

labon ko labon pe sajaao

kya ho tum mujhe abb bataao

he pulled her more n more closer to him while looking straight into her eyes

they could see love, passion only each other's eyes

unable to look at him anymore, she rested her head on his chest forgetting everything he then held her a bit more tightly, possessively

their heart was beating very fast but this wasn't noticed by them, after all they weren't in their senses, they were only there physically mentally they were miles and miles away

tere jasbaaton mein, mehaki si saanso mein, ye jo mehek sandili si hai

dil ki panaaho mein, bikhari si aaho mein sone ki khaaish jagi si hai

chehare se chehara chupaao, sine ki dhadkan sunaao

dekh lo khud ko tum (aankhon mein meri - 3) aankhon mein

later he made her look at him they both stood there looking at each other passionately n lost in each other eyes

their lips were jus inches apart unknowingly a new desire took over them
desire to kiss each other

desire to lock their lips with each other

(labon ko labon pe sajaao

kya ho tum mujhe abb bataao) 3

his eyes were set on her lips now still holding her tightly in his strong arms

his head was bending down slowly to fulfill their new desire

desire to kiss each other

but before that destiny played his game

the music was stopped, a lights were brought back n the noise around them brought them back to the current world

it took them some movements to realize wat they were upto

they were stunned, shocked to the death seeing their proximity the ext movement they jump back

now the beautiful evening was had turned into a sheer embarrassment for them

they just couldnt look at each other specially armi


Armi walked straight to the bar, just couldnt understand what happened to him just now while ridz walked to their table with the same thoughts

"what happened just now? Wat the hell i was trying to do Dammit? Wat she would be thinking about me? How will I face her now?" all these question kept playing in his mind while he ordered glass of wine again n again cursing himself for his stupid act, for looking at her like this and lastly for behaviouring like this with her

Rahul gave a signal to muskaan then t the manager and sat next to armi for their next plan

rahul noticed n studied his expressions for the next few mins, he looked nervous, guilty, embarrassed

armi was soo dam involved in his thought that he didnt notice rahul was sitting besides him

"now tell me u r not in love with UR DUMBO"

"huh..." he came out of his thoughts n saw rahul sitting next to him with a broad smile "wat did u say" he added

"well i said ur definately in love with ridhima, accept the fact" he sipped his wine n looked at armi confidently

"dammit im not in love, y cant u get it straight that we r jus FRIENDS, best friends thats it" he angrily said

he snapped back "then wat the hell u were doing now"

"wat..wat did i do?" innocently he asked

with the same innocent tone he replied "nothing more u were jus going to kiss ur SO-CALLED BEST FRIEND thats it"


"wats wrong with me 2day? I have surely lost my senses 2day...Wat were we upto in front of soo many people? (she looked around)...Yea i know y all this happ, this all happ becoz of rahul and muskaan non-senses talks....yea right we were not at fault its becoz of them we landed in that situation (her confused expression changed into

angry expression)" ridz said to herself

muskaan was sitting opposite to her examining her expressions, enjoying her expression too

she sipped her soft drink n said "Riddima can i tell u something as a friend"

"huh...wat" she walked back from her thoughts

"can i say something to u as a friend" she repeated

"yea sure" she slightly smiled n said, hoping its not related to armi n her

"I can see how much u love armaan from ur eyes, y dont u accept u do love him"

"not again" she muttered under her breath

while she continued "u know im200% sure u both r madly in love but u both have to just realize it"

ridz replied confidently as politely as she could, she did not wanted to hurt muskaan "see muskaan i know wat i fell for armaan, we r jus friend nothing more nothing less"

muskaan interrupted "k then wat were u people upto mins back?"

Her face turned pale, how much she wished she could tell her its becoz of their stupid talks jus before the dance becoz of which they got carried away....before she could answer the waiter came with the food, grabbing the opportunity she replied " i think i should call them for dinner" n walked towards the bar, muskaan jus smiled at her sudden action


armi stayed silent not knowing wat should he say now...rahul then suggested while giving him another wine glass "take this may be this help u to see things clearly"

he drank the wine n made up a excuse, "I was drunk becoz of which i got carried away"

angrily rahul said "yea right, u were drunk...stupid gy u had jus one glass wine before one can be drunk with jus one glass of wine...atleast for god's sake admit to urself that u do love her"

 "armaan" ridz called out

"yaa" he managed to uther d word wih gr8 courage

"im tired lets have dinner n leave as soon as possible" she requesed

"k i will be there in few mins" n turned back to the bar counter

"I think u already had couple of drinks soo plz dont drink anymore" she said n walked back to the table hoping armi comes soon she just couldnt handle muskaan alone plus she couldnt talk rudely to her after all she was armaan's friends soo the only option left with her was armi comes soon


All four were having their dinner quietly

while in the background a song was playing

the song's lyrics killing AR how much they wish the song ends soon

chup tum raho chup ham rahen

khamoshi ko khamoshi se zindagi ko zindagi se baat karne do

chup tum raho ....

aankhon mein kho jaaye aankhen bole haathon se haath (they looked at each other 4m the corner of their eyes)

baahon mein chupkar saanson se jaise dole raat

ungaliyo ko ungaliyo se mausamon ko shokhiyon se baat karne do

honthon par honthon se likhe bin shabdon ke geet

dharati se ambar tak guunje jismon kaa sangeet

bekhudi ko bekhudi se aashiqui ko aashiqui se baat karne do

they rest of the song they looked only at their food, cursing the Dj for playing such song

As soon the song was over, they sighed a biggest sight of relief

but luck wasn't resting by their side

 soon the manager came center state n announced that there was a secret competition held 2day n the winner is MR ARMAAN MALIK and his beloved wife MRS RIDDIMA ARMAAN MALIK

AR both choked their food when they heard the announcement, RM suppress their laughter after looking at their expressions

 "wat the hell is going around us 2day, when did we got married" they muttered under their breath looking at their food, jus couldnt look up

 "can we have u both on stage" the manager requested

 finally they looked up, first they looked at the manager with a dirty look then RM who were clapping as loudly as they could with the others with a broad smile then they looked at each other gave a faint smile n soon they walked together towards the stage

They were given a crystal piece as a winning trophy

before armi could clear the misunderstanding the manager said "I must say u both look very good with each other n very much in love"

"k this was the last thing I wanted to hear that too from a unknown person" armi said to himself

"Is there any more awkward situation left for us tonight" ridz said to herself

 They gave a fake smile n left the floor


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