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part 13& 14 : shades of luv

part 13

The whole journey (4m hotel 2 home) she witnessed a different version of armaan...she could see how guilty, hurt he is felling...he was also avoiding one sec eye contact with her...behaving like he had committed the BIGGEST crime in his life or rather was about to commit...he looked pathetic in that condition

Jus to avoid talking to her he had played the music on that too keeping the maximum volume

she still believed whatever was going to happen was obviously wrong but they weren't at fault, it was rahul n muskaan's fault...becoz of them they landed in that horrible situation

but this wasn't truth at all, the truth was they do love each other truly but by fate she was right now using her brains instead of heart to think about whatever happened with them, it is likely said decisions related to love n relationship should be taken from ur heart rather than mind


after getting into his pajamas he lied down on the bed

"wat should i say 2 her now? Will she ever forgive me? Should i go n talk to her now?..." he kept questioning himelf

after several mins of questioning he finally decided to text her instead of going n meeting her now itself due to loss of courage

'beep beep' she heard n smiled to herself while mumbling i knew u would text me...she quietly read "im REALLY VERY SORRY for wat i did...i really didn't mean to...i dont know wat happ to me all of a sudden...i hope u forgive me"

"i dont think we were at fault, it was becoz of rahul n muskaan's stupid false beliefs n talk we landed at that situation...soo no needed of sorry, im not mad at u but im definately mad at them...anyways good night" she texted back

reading the message he signed a biggest sight of relief, he felt a big burden has been unloaded from his heart

"thx...i think ur right...good night, salty dreams" he texted back after couple of mins thinking about wat she said

she smiled reading 'salty dreams'


thinking about the evening RM smiled n laughed all 2gether, they then quickly called the well wisher n informed about after ever happened with gr8 pleasure

keeping he phone down muskaan questioned "wat u think they r convinced they do love each other"

"no I don't think they r will agree soo soon" he said while laying besides her

"hmmm yea may be ur right, mission realization will not be accomplished in 1 day, it's a hard case "

he then interrupted "but not impossible"


The next few hrs they were thinking about the million dollar question 'R they really in love or not?' Whatever RM n the manager told them, n waever happened 2day kept flashing in front of them again n again

They thought n thought but again they were thinking from wrong place (mind)....acting like a big fool by not thinking from their heart


"Enough of thinking is done by me for 2day" she mumbled n closed her eyes tightly hoping that sleep would come soon

"I was never going to get to sleep at this rate" she then looked through the gaps in the curtain the night sky appeared to be fading into morning

she lay back on the bed stared at the ceiling hoping to drop off out of boredom but luck was not resting by her side, she still was tossing on the bed

"Idea" she got up n walked out of her room


she stepped inside a dark room, she then made her way towards the bed with the help of the moon light peeping inside the room, n sat on the bed while looking at him

"he is indeed handsome looking soo cute while sleeping like a baby" she whispered to herself

she was surprised n stunned at the turn of her thoughts, cursing RM again she reminded herself the actual reason for coming to his room at 3 in the night

felling his arm around lower stomach pulling her closer, she called out "armaan"

but he was in a deep sleep to even realize unknowingly what he is doing, he placed his head on her lap hugging her stomach as tightly as possible with his muscular arms sending...

...a shiver up her spine while thousand butterflies erupted at once in her stomach after all throughout her life he has never held her like this neither anyone else

Taking a deep breath keeping the wrong thoughts aside, she called out little loudly this time "armaan get up"

he woke up from his sleep opening his eyes slightly

he felt his heart raced after seeing how he was holding her, throughout his life he has never ever held like this

releasing her the next second itself he got up with a jerk n sat there cursing himself, "wat r u doing here? Do u need something?" he questioned her nervously

"actually i couldnt sleep soo i thought if we could"

she saw him yawning n left her words hanging

there itself

"nothing forget, u seem to be sleepy good night" she said n walked towards the door to make her way back to her room

"go wake up sapna we will leave in 15 mins" he said while throwing his blanket n getting up from the bed while his brain cells tried to re-collect what he exactly did movements back

"huh" she turned back n her eyes traveled back towards him trying to make up what he said or rather did she hear the right thing

he looked at her flashing a sweet smile he declared "u wanna go to lonawala naa like always, soo we will leave in 15 mins now go n wake sapna from her sapna"

her face glowed with happiness after listening to him, excitedly she walked out after saying "k i will wake her up while u jus carry a extra pair of clothes soo we can go directly to sangivni"

"we r weird, many times we go 2 this paradise place all of a sudden in early morning or in the middle of the night jus 2 make their morning a pleasant one or jus 2 relax their soul" he mumbled 2 himself while picking up his jacket


she walked down in a comfortable cloths when he questioned her "where is sapna?"

she informed him sadly while they walked out of the house "she refused, she is deadly tired soo this time she is not joining us like always"

"atul, lets pick him up, even he will love to come" he suggested while sitting down in he car

"he has night duty 2day"

he asked jus 2 tease her "rahul n muskaan"

not pleased with the news before he could complete she interrupted "NO WAY, if they r joining us soo i should better back off"

he grinned n started the car 2 drive off 2 the paradise "ur soo sacred of them"

she looked a him after switching on sum music n confidently replied "no im not sacred its just that they bugged the hell out of me yeserday"

he seriously added "agreed"

she said while flipping some fm channels while armi continued 2 drive "u know its been such a long time i have not been there"

"same here, i missed this place soo much in states" he added while loking ahead n speeding the car


the cold air blowing was hitting her face by now, making her hair fly in the air while she was relishing the fell with closed eyes n

a broad smile stuck on her face….she was enjoying each second of the pleasant early morning

armi was also enjoying the breezy morning while driving his car at top speed on the express highway

he stopped the car at a toll naka place when suddenly his eyes fell on her face

which was full of love

soon his heart conquered his mind, soul n unknowingly a smile formed on his lips looking at her

she face was glowing with happiness, the wind was getting the pleasure of kissing her soft skin making her shiver becoz of his (wind) coldness it was indeed the most delightful sight for him right now

He has seen million of gurls in life but no one looked soo beautiful without even a tint of make-up

he fell in a trance, trance where he was admiring n adoring the simplicity of her beauty when

the toll man addressed him "50 rs"

he woke up from his trance n looked at the guy standing next to the car asking for the toll naka charges, he smiled again at her when he saw her now opening her eyes n tying her hair in a bun


After a while when silence was stretched for long they started talking about their past wonderful movements related to the pleasant place lonawala

Remembering one such movement ridz started laughing

"y r u laughing soo much?" he questioned her after getting confused seeing her laughing like maniac for no reason

"you" she said after a while controlling herself from laughing any more

Specially after looking at his annoyed face

"me? i am not a joker"

"no i jus remembered once in lonawala u had fallen in mud omg u were covered with mud all over...actually u were soaked in mud to be precise, u looked soo funny omg ur face had a layer of mud" she said n suppressing her laugh successfully this time

after remembering the incident clearly; how ridz, sapna, atul n anjali were laughing at him non stop instead of helping him out n made him more embarrass that movement, he replied with a dirty look "yea right u moron instead of helping to get up u were busy clicking my pics in that horrible condition"

after listening 2 him n seeing him fuming with anger she burst out laughing

they continued with their chatting will they reached the place


They sat down near the famous lonawala lake situated at the outskirts of lonawala a smile broke on their face after looking around

The tranquil surrounding n serene atmosphere offered by the lake was breath taking

 The birds chirping, bright sun, cold breeze added more delight to their morning visit

There were not much crowd 2day surprisingly which made them more happy

They were silently admiring the beauty of place which had grown over their last visit

After mins of silence ridz turned towards armi jus to break the silence but

She saw his one hand fingers pressing his forehead while his eyes were closed and his face showed he was in pain

Remembering how much a headache irritates him n kills him within, she asked "ur having a headache right?"

He nodded with a slight smile seeing how well she understands him

She hesitates to say the next sentence, unsure after recollecting the night incident but seeing him in pain she finally decides to say anyway, "lay down I will"

"Here" he interrupted looking around, hey were few families around them

She looked at him with disbelief n questioned him "when did u started caring about the world?"

He smiled seeing her affection n placed his head on her lap (laid down) hesitantly...

Hesitantly after yesterday night incident flashed in front of him

She began the process, gently pushing her delicate finger tips from the center of the forehead to the edges while he closes his eyes

Some relationship doesn't need words to describe what's up with them or how they r felling becoz their face; expressions says it all to their love n dear ones

same goes for their relationship, she could see the pain sailing off after few minutes that's when she felt relieved becoz somewhere she felt guilty waking him at 3 to come here

Her heart slipped a beat remembering how he was holding her few hrs before

For the next half an hour unknowingly armi was sleeping n ridz was staring at him instead of the beautiful place around her

Her heart took over her brain cells

She looked at him, like before he was sleeping on her lap but was not holding her now, for some strange reasons she wished he holds her again

Seeing him smiling while sleeping peacefully a smile broke on her face

He looks soo cute, lovable while sleeping just like a baby, forgetting the surrounding world she thought

"He was definitely perfect guy, he had a golden heart, hot looks, amazing personality, name any feature which a guy should have, and he surely will be having it" she mumbled under her breath

Seeing him shaking n soon opening her eyes she shook her head as if to clear the thoughts entering her mind n turned away

She smiled to herself but realized that she shouldn't be thinking this way, "he is jus a friend nothing more" she reminded herself while armi got up

"Sorry, I never realized when I slept…u should have waked me up" he said while getting up from the ground, she still was looking at the ground cursing RM once again

"wat were u doing when I was sleeping" he asked her while sitting in the after sometime

"me nothing jus looking at the lake" she said biting her lip n thanking god seeing armi busy driving due 2 which he didn't caught her lie


After having, buying some lonawala famous chikki, furge they thought of visiting one of the famous temple here,

The idea fascinated them becoz

The temple was situated on the mountain which is difficult to climb which was exciting for both of them

Nature has showered this place with bounty but it is only for walking on foot, vehicles cannot be brought here

thick forests, deep valleys, strange noises made by peacocks n monkeys, smooth stones run over by speedy streams...this place offers fascinating variety

The approach to the road is by small zigzag path that is only a hand wide, there r slippery steps craved out of the rock

They started climbing while admiring the surrounding…ridz was smiling with joy every time they saw any monkey, peacock

While armi smiled too seeing how happy such a small thing makes her like before

He was also enjoying climbing the mountain it was fun for him not difficult at all but some pts were difficult for ridz thats when he offered her his helping hand

She smiled at his affection whenever he helped her

Finally they stood in front of the temple beautifully carved goddess murti, they silently prayed while a aged pundit offered their flowers to the goddess

They opened their eyes n saw him standing in front of them offering them the Prasad

They smiled n took it while the aged pundit kept his hand on her head n said something which shocked them "sada suhagaan raho"

"Not again" they muttered under their breath seeing the pundit leaving with a smile on his face

Destiny once again played his game by resting at the well-wisher's side

Trapping them once again, bringing them back to the old position

Position from where they looked at each other from a different angel

As they were walking from bak 4m the temple, both were surrounded by thoughts….thoughts which they refused 2 believe still

When armi slipped becoz of the slippery steps,"ouch" he cried in pain after landing on the ground n coming bak 4m his dangerous thoughts

Listening 2 armi's small gasp she returned from her thoughts n looked at him sitting on the step holding his elbow which was slightly bleeding

She rushed towards him, "tum gir kaise gayi"

"it was slippery n…" he left his works

hanging felling extremely foolish

"wat were u thinking…cant u see n walk…this is not a play ground u moron" she kept scolding him while providing him some support; holding him after seeing he had slightly hurt his foot too

he couldn't stop himself from smiling, n couldn't take his eyes off her while listening 2 her sweet scolding

"Namaste panditji" she said after picking her phone

"Beta woh yahan aaye the aur tumne jaise kaha tha maine waisa hi kiya " the pandit of the temple with delight informed her

A bright smile came n her face listening to him, "shukriya panditji aapne joh aaj kiya hai naa woh main kabhi nahi bhulugi"
Remembering every year she donated some money for keeping the temple well off, he replied "beta maine kuch nahi kiya jitna tumne yeh mandir ke liye kiya hai aaj tak"

"sukriya panditji" KEERTI said, smiling with joy she kept the phone down

Walking towards the hall she recollected how much she wished always to see them together, she always wanted armi to marry riddhima

"They r perfect for each other" she thought while placing the coffee on her lips n remembered her first meeting with RM


keerti poured her heart out in front of RM at the coffee stop "when I learnt ridz was getting married to someone else, i really felt the pain in my heart...
...but then too some how I always saw ridz was more comfortable with armi rather than adnan during those times...

...I was going to talk to shashank about whatever I felt on the diwali night but he gave me the news of adnan wrong intentions n how ridz broke her engagement with him...

...then i promised myself to bring them together becoz somewhere still i hoped to see her as my daughter-in-law but destiny played his game
my friend shashank's died n angie went into coma after they meet with an accident...

...ridz was shattered, i thought of giving her sometime to move on, collect herself but she couldn't move on after several months that's when I called armi n...

..when I was planning strategy to make them realize their true love i heard armi n ur conversation by fate u two were only finalized to join our hospital, soo will u help me out"

The door bell rang n brought her back to the present world, she flashed a smile imagining the future n walked towards the door


RM smiled after keerti told AR morning short trip to lonawala n the temple incident,

rahul informed them he has placed a secret bug in armi's car yesterday night

soon they sat 2gether to see the video...after seeing armi staring at ridz lovingly at toll naka, their smile increased widely

soon after discussing their 2day's plan of action she left for sangivni


After they reached back to the hospital, they straight away went to attend their duty calls by evening both were soo busy with the new patients, surgery n general rounds

While they were busy working, RM were also busy with their patients but they were also preparing for their evening mission AR


Seeing rahul sitting alone in the caf armi walked straight towards him

"hey wats up" rahul said in a casual innocent tone "where were 4m morning" he added

"I n dumbo had gone 2 lonawala soo we came an 1 hr late n that's y went straight  for duy calls"

"lonawala suddenly?" muskaan said while sitting next them n putting right expression on her face, behaving like she was clueless about the trip

"yaa actually dumbo wasn't sleepy soo she asked him if we could" he explained them

rahul flashed his wicked smile n interrupted "she said n u agreed hmmm"

"wah hero, rahul learn something from armaan, how 2 keep ur love happy" muskaan joined rahul's hand 2 tease armi further making him annoyed

"arre yaar there is nothing like that" armi protested while keeping himself cool n composed

but they were not ready 2 stop, they kept saying n he kept denying

listening 2 their non-sense talk from past 15 mins ridz who was sitting next table only but unfortunately she was unnoticed by them was now fuming in anger,

 she felt jus go n shout at them 4 mentally irritating poor armaan who was quietly answering their stupid question becoz he did not waned 2 hurt his friends whom he meet such a long time

irritated, frustrated with RM, ridz questioned armi while stirring some sugar in her coffee "do u have any underworld don's no"

armi gave a 'have u lost it' look while she continued "I want to give RM's supari, they r now getting to my nervous"

"Well" armi took a long pause before saying his pt "wat if we get caught n then we will be behind bars"

"u have got a pt" she agreed at his thoughtful answer

"Lets make them happy" armi said smiling at his idea which ridz failed to understand

Seeing her confused expression he explained "dumbo we will pretend that we ACCEPT that we r deeply in love with each other"

Not soo pleased at his stupid plan, she replied "yea right...then they will start teasing us in other way" she placed her some hair stands behind her ears n all most pleaded "find some permanent solution"

After coming up with some more weird plans n then discarding it within mins they suddenly came up with a similar idea

"Ignore them" they said 2gether

"Brilliant idea" armi said

"We will not be around them for even a min actually on second thoughts not even for a second" ridz added


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