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part 15 & 16 : shades of luv

Next day seeing rahul having his coffee n reading some file cases AR

Once glanced at each other...

n they knew, they shouldn't dare to stay there for one more sec anymore

they jus began to make their way out of the canteen when they heard

"hey armaan, ridhima"

"hey" they replied in unison n wished rahul doesnt end up again with his not soo interesting topic

after noticing rahul's sad face, ridz with true concern questioned him "u look upset?"

"hmmm actually muskaan"...he paused suppressed his smile, giggle ncontinued with a fake sad face looking constantly at his mug of coffee as he didnt wanted to destroy their plan  "i had a fight with her, she doesnt understand my pt of view only"

he looked at them, smiled under breath n continued "i wish we had the same understanding height which u both share, u both can be anyone's idol couple, u both r perfect for each other"

"sandwich" they said together
looking at each other they exchanged smiles while rahul grabbed the opportunity

he jus couldn't loose any opportunity which comes on his way, he declared  "see u both have similar choice too, u both r surely picture perfect couple"

AR rolled their eye n saw him walking away from him

"wat r u up to?" he questioned her after seeing her putting a pill in rahul's coffee

"nm i jus added a loose motion pill in his coffee, u see he is getting on the edge of my nerves"

armi cracked up seeing history repeating herself

he still remembered once she had done the same thing to him too and

he had almost spent his whole night in the wash room

he had irritated her to the extended heights which proved bad for him that day

"do u think i should add one more" she asked with a wicked smile playing on her lips

armi shook his head signaling her not to add any more n continued laughing while imagining rahul's condition

he sighed "i know he has slightly gone over board but"

she cocks her eye brow, interrupted him angrily "slightly?"

"fine ur right, he has crossed all the boundaries, he is bugging, irritating n im fed of him too" he said instantly on a rapid speed

a cheeky smile formed on her lips after listening to his instant rapid answer

"here u go" placing the plate of sandwich rahul sat down

"thanks rahul" she said with a broad smile, seeing him stir his coffee slightly

armi glanced at him n said "have ur coffee it will get cold"

"yea sure" he said n picked up his mug to drink it

For one second armi felt bad for him but he then thought becoz of him n muski, ridz n i had landed in awkward situations

seeing him keeping the mug back on the table that too without drinking they got suprised

"i forgot to bring something to drink for u too" he said while getting up from his chair again

"u sit down, i will myself get something" armi said n got up

"as u wish, do me a favor get me a fresh coffee, this coffee is cold now and u must be remembering i only like extreme hot coffee"

listening to rahul ridz smile vanished, after all her revenge plan didnt work out

"yaa sure" armi said with blank smile n left

he signaled her to follow him to the counter but by bad luck rahul didnt let ridz move from the table at all


After having more half an hr torture conversation with rahul AR anger was at boiling pt and were irritated to the core

they finally decided to IGNORE them

ignore them, their stupid talks

that was the best solution according to them right now

but it wasn't a best solution becoz

ignoring them everyday was equal to giving them and their words importance

for the next few days they were running, hiding from RM which itself gave RM n their words much needed importance

whom they were hiding, running from...from RM..

RM were nothing, they were just puppets..

Destiny's puppets...god's puppets

god wanted to see AR together becoz

he had made them for each other

he sent them to this planet earth to love each other

to be with each other forever n forever


RM-Keerti were happy seeing them running n hiding the next few days becoz they somewhere felt

their plan is working, slowly n steady

AR had started seeing each other in different light of course UNKNOWINGLY, UNWANTINGLY

they had started seeing their heart's desires, feeling BUT

everytime they saw each other in that way

they shook their head to dismiss all those thoughts n of course they cursed RM

they did everything possible to get away from those thoughts

but those thoughts were now their shadow

Shadow which will not leave them until destiny orders them

Until they unite

Untill two loving souls doesn't unite

These days ridz started feeling different under his gaze

She felt different when he touched her

His touch had a electrifying effect on her

Same goes for him

he felt something different for her

he started seeing her differently

in a different prospect

both mentally tried alot to control their thoughts but

ailed each time becoz their heart was conquering their mind

both knew they were now getting trapped in RM's words

but acceptance to themself was still left becoz

they were stubborn, not ready to accept the facts laid in front of them

how they wanted to run away from these facts but unfortunately they couldn't just couldn't


armi witnessed the on going change in him n ridz too, vice versa

both knew things between them were changing but

for good or bad future they couldn't understand

they were confused, in a dilemma

"were they really in love or all these things were just the effect of RM's words" they thought again n again


RM-Keerti witnessed, sensed the on going change with AR

they knew sooner or later they were going to accept everything

their mission was going to successful soon

part one of mission had succeed, they had started seeing different shade of their relationship

now they had to start working on part two,

which was AR's confession to themselves

n part three was confession to each other


on a deserted place, deserted room AR were all alone

moon was smiling peeping in the room

only two candles were giving the moon company to throw some light in the otherwise dark room

a gurl dressed in a night gown was staring at a handsome man

they looked lost...

lost in each other...

lost in a cloud of love...lost in a deep sea of love...

he stepped ahead...she collided with the wall

his fingers gently roaming around her face while she closed her eyes feeling his cold long fingers on her soft gentle skin of her face

tickling her, melting her...

she trembled at his touch

his hand ran around her waist n pulled her more closer to him

she opened her eyes slowly and saw his eyes glowing in the darkness

with each second passed they came closer and closer to each other

their lips were jus a inch away

he kissed her bare neck slightly then her cheeks

sending a shiver down her

and finally he captured her lips

she quickly responded to his intense kiss while running her hand in his soft hair

his hand held her small waist tightly while still kissing her intensely

AND soon



they jerked up from their respective sleep

sweat was all around their face

their were breathing heavily

after taking hold of themselves n they made themselves understand it was jus a dream

like always this time they didnt curse RM, they simply blushed remembering the dream

smiling at themselves, they went off to sleep yet again



Dressed up in a white churidaar suit with her hair rolled with a stick

like always wearing small heels n a smile

she walked down while humming her favorite song

"hoshwaalo ko khabar kya...

bekhudii kya cheez hai...

ishq keejiye phir samjhiye...

zindagi kya cheez hai"

armi turned to yell at her for being late as usual but couldn't utter a single word when his eyes landed on her

it wasn't the first time he had seen her in that suit infract he was the one who had gifted her this two yr back

but today she was looking exceptional or to be precise she looked like an angel in that white suit who jus walked down on this planet

she too looked at him n stopped singing at the very movement seeing

he was slowly made his way towards her while his eyes didnt leave her for even a sec

it was fixed on her...fixed like never before

the room was covered with drop silence

he looked just perfect to her or rather even more than that in his casual dark jeans and two combo shirt this time white shirt was hugging the black one (imagine armi wearing wat he had worn in the play last week)

his eyes were locked with her while he was moving closer n closer to her...minimizing the distance between them

after a while she just couldn't match the heat which she could see in his eyes hence lowered her gaze

with a soft n sweet smile he leaned forward while her position remained unaltered

recognizing their closeness...their proximity a blush laid on her cheeks making her face glow more

their cheeks armi leaned closer to her face

 and pulled the stick from her hair causing her long silky hair clashing down

while she inhaled his essence...his fragrance and felt some Goosebumps in her stomach when his warm breath kissed her neck and cheeks

he smiled at her said "perfect, now lets go i think u would like to be late"

INSTEAD of feeling embarrass, stunned, surprised or even disappointed at their their yet another close encounter

today they blushed shyly

secondly they didn't curse or blamed RM for the whole act

slowly and steadily she were letting themselves free...doing all that their heart wanted but this time smiling n excepting the orders from their heart...not regretting anything afterwards too


After wrapping the board meeting ridz smiled stepped out of the conference room

 with keerti with a determination, hope and with a cloud of happiness

sangivni was day by day getting his dues well...

her dream...her dad's dream will surely be fulfilled sooner or later

"sangivni is holding the best Dr like keerti, sameer, armaan, muskaan, rahul, atul, sapna but somewhere it will always be incomplete without dr shashank and dad and sister...sooner or later anjali would be fine and join back but" she left the words hanging there itself

till now the small and big decisions she had taken  with the help of dr keerti were right

every decision had fallen on right place

hoping today's decision also goes well with sangivni she smiled again and walked towards the general ward for her routine rounds


"hey guys" ridz said while walking inside the locker room

listening to her voice armi turns his attention from rahul towards her

seeing her armi passed a smile towards her while rahul eyes traveled towards her n then at back at armi and again at her

jus to note their priceless expression after all they both were soo busy today that couldn't meet or see each other whole day

AR smiles widened seeing each other after a long hectic tiring day

"soo wat time ur coming?" rahul questioned as they walked out of sangivni after sometime

"in an hr or soo" armi replied after thinking while ridz gave him a confused look

armi explained ridz that muski isn't well soo he is going to meet her

thinking of being alone as dr keerti will be late becoz of her patient's operation due today and sapna's is out with her bf amit she thought of accompanying armi to RM's place only to fall in their trap

the last trap set, planned for them and for their mission AR

the trap which was being planned by RM under keerti's guidance


RM had a long detailed discussion about their final plan of discussion ie finale to their mission

being a total filmy, muski had planned a part of today's action in a filmy way which rahul wasn't sure of plus he thought it doesnt happen in reality

but had to bow in front of her stubborn n firm nature

phase two of mission AR would start in the evening and will be wrapped up by night

 that was the only thing they 100% sure of

or rather 1,00,00,000% sure of

bell rang and they exchanged  a devilish smile

"time for action" they thought at the same time


seeing muski sitting patiently while a teenager gurl was applying mendhi on her palm, a smile came to ridz face "hey ur applying mendhi wow"

being a mendhi lover ridz smile widen with joy while starring at muski's hands longingly

RM exchanged a wicked smile and a smile played on armi's face too seeing ridz who was constantly starring at muski's mehndi

ridz asked finally getting her eyes off from her palm she asked "wats the occasion?"

"nothing i jus love mendhi soo u see whenever i fell like..."

"soo do i...even im crazy about it" ridz interrupted muski

"u wanna apply?"

"yes y not" came a instant reply

AR had completely forgotten that they were here to acquire about muski's health by now

after an hr ridz looked at floral patterns on hands

phase two's plan A was accomplished with ridz mendhi's completion

plan A was also a base for plan B

all four had a smile right now but each one had different reason to smile

ridz was smiling with happily seeing the mendhi...armi was smiling seeing ridz face shining like a star with happiness

he still remembered how much crazy she is behind mendhi whenever she was happy she used to apply it

RM were smiling seeing their plan going smoothly

"im hungry rahul" muski softly said placing a proper hungry expression on her face

rahul smiled seeing muski's professional acting, "she should have been a actor" he thought

"yea even i am hungry" armaan said rubbing his one hand on his stomach

hearing the door bell rahul informed "i had ordered dinner"

"perfect timing" rahul mumbled according to plan B the dinner would arrive when ridz mendhi would be wet soo that armi could feed her

and may be this could bring them more close to reality...reality that they love each other which acc to rahul they r accepting slowly now-a-days

knowing ridz loves pizza he had ordered yummy pizza only for their dinner


since muski was a movie buff she owned a huge collection of DVD which played a helping hand in their plan
purposely muski showed AR her huge collection

seeing the endless collection  armi decided to watch a movie while having their dinner

rahul laid the food and soft drinks while muski played the kuch kuch hota hai movie according to her filmy plan

seeing the tempting pizza ridz laughed n said, "i think today is my lucky day" while looking at armi

armi understood wat she meant by

even RM understood wat she meant by but pretending to be unknown, muski questioned innocently "lucky day how?"

"first mendhi and now pizza, im in love with both these" she informed her... Not unknown that they know everything about this before hand onlyseeing ridz smile fading armi questioned "wat happ?"

she indicated that her mendhi was still wet soo how will she eat

RM exchanged wicked smile yet again "armaan will feed u like rahul is going to feed me becoz even my mendhi is slightly wet" muski said with a yet another innocent look

ridz didnt say anything soo did armi...

they both jus couldn't say anything

seeing ridz didnt reject the offer armi started feeding her

while watching the movie AR constantly felt they could somewhere connect with the lead pair rahul and anjali

like rahul even armi was a flirt, cool dude and had a heart of gold

like anjali even ridz simple sweet chilled out and most of a prankster

the most important thing which was common between the lead pair and AR was both were very good friends or rather best friends

they constantly smiling at each other and were stealing glance silently  throughout the movie

sometimes while feeding ridz or sometimes unknowingly during the movie their shoulder, hands or thighs brushed...each touch seemed fire to them

when a sad scene came in the movie unconscious of her action ridz clutches on to armi's shirt tightly….. his arms used to circles around her shoulders pulling her... n transferring warmth

whenever a funny and romantic scene used to come they laughed and blushed together

by the end of the movie RM enjoyed the real life movie compare to the on screen movie becoz

during the movie their attention was more on AR

muski n rahul looked at was time for last pt of phase two of mission realization and last push they needed to give to AR

promising each other silently that today they will touch the success cloud...success star together for sure they smiled with the...

...with the same determination sparkling in their eyes

 rahul said "kisse bhaag rahi ho tum log aaj kal? Khud se yaan humse yaa sachai (truth) se"

"wat" came a reply from them together

"u both very well know wat rahul is saying, its a crystal clear question...dont u both think its high time u both acknowledge the love u both hav for each other, the feeling u both share...u both should fulfill each others desires, ur heart's desires now...wat is stopping u both we JUST cant understand"

listening to the straight forward question their eyes had widened with surprise while ridz head was now downcast and armi was flipping a magazine pages pretending he is not listening to them at all

but his expression said he was listening to their each and every word

they didnt looked at RM once...but felt RM's eyes were set on them only
today for a change they wasn't cursing them plus
at the same time was unable to rebel or refuse which was a big achievement for RM

"we r jus friends" their all time fav line was also NOT repeated yet again by them
"dont u both fell different with each other much happier, u both think if u had to spent ur life with each other it would be a nightmare for u both NO NAA THEN Y" muski left the words hanging there itself

while AR position remained unaltered

"dont u both trust each other blindly...dont u both think understanding level between u both is quite high...dont u both Think u both love each other deeply purely...dont u both think ur life is incomplete without each other....dont u both think u both r made for each other....JUST FOR EACH OTHER" rahul said

muski continued "if u both r not in love then y were u both lost in each other in stairs that day, y were u both were silently or starring each other in lonawala that too soo lovingly and of course y were u both about to kiss each other at the dance floor that night..."

they swallowed feeling their heart beat getting faster n faster each time they reminded them of those movements which hasn't left them for even a min or even for a second...

these days this is all they thinks of whether its early morning or evening...whether its afternoon or late night...

these thoughts, movements were now their shadow which stays with them even when sun sets and moon rises

"k ridz do u know that day y armi had yelled at that gurl in the pool cafe that day" rahul questioned

this was the first time she looked at them and managed to say no by her expressions only

armi jus looked lost...lost in those movements again

rahul told her everything that happened at the pool cafe from start to end...wat that gurl said, how armi reacted and most important how his temper cooled down when she landed there

ridz was shocked after listening to rahul but at the same time felt good thinking he is soo caring towards her

silence sometimes answers all the questions...answers which they couldn't answer their silence did

today their phase two plan had hit bully eye...and their mission...operation realization had thereby finally been successful and over too

becoz tonight their life will change forever

night had just started and destiny is going to take them for a ride tonight

ride to a place

where they will be able to see their heart crystal clearly

where all their doubt's would be cleared

where they will yell and confess they r in with each other deeply and purely

where they will agree and promise to themselves that they will surely spent their rest of the life in each other's arms happily


"not again, y cant he mind his own business" ridz mumbled under her breath

 "y cant he live n let live" armi mumbled under his breath

"oh wat should  get for u both?" rahul asked them later on while getting up to order something for himself


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