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part 17& 18 : shades of luv

part 17

No words were spoken throughout the journey or from the movement RM said those things to them, only thing they said was "bye" to RM

There was a pin drop silence in the car but then too it was full of noise

noise of chatting, talk done by AR within themselves

Their mind, heart, soul was clouded with

All the close movements they shared and whatever RM said, it was playing again and again in their soul in the whole journey back to home

tonight their soul was trying to solve a puzzle...puzzle which would change their live, their relationship forever at the end

they couldn't understand wat was happening to them these days, wat they r doing is right or wrong AND wat they r feeling is right or wrong

but one thing they both were 100% sure...

that things between them were changing

for good or bad they jus couldn't figure out


they have started feeling differently for each other

they have started feeling extra happy, n special with each other's company equally sad without each other

they wanted to hold each other now-a-days
be in each others arms
they hav started thinking about each other throughout the day, throughout the night..

Or rather every passing second now-a-days they think of each other only...

with every heart beat they take they think of jus each other only...

their eyes search for each other only when they r away from each other and their ears want to hear each other's melting silly voice only

finally reaching home turning towards the passenger seat he looked at her...she was leaning back on the seat, her eyes were closed,

few hair strings were laying on her face loosely
if anyone would look at her right now, would think she is relaxing or may be sleeping but

only armi knew or rather understood she is lost into the crowd of the thoughts

in the same thoughts in which he is in

"dumbo" he called out

"yea" she jerked....first looked around and then him

seeing she is stepping out of the car he said "i have forgotten my pager at their place only, i should go back to get it"

she nodded n walked towards the main door

both knew it was a plain lie...she didn't stop him becoz she understood he wants sometime alone far away from everything, everyone


he drove rashly...not giving importance to the world outside he really escaped some accidents because of getting lost within

after driving for an hour he parked his car near the basket ball court

near a deserted basket ball court...where no living species was there after all it was quiet late in the night now

picking a flower from a nearby plant he started  plucking its delicate petals one by one saying "i do love her" then "i dont love her"

but silently wishing "i do love her" wins this race only


pushing the sliding windows on one end she sat leaning on the other edge of the sliding

shutting her eyes she silently prayed to god to show her the right path... right her to distinguish between right and wrong

becoz it seemed to her as if she had lost her senses f making correct decision...she couldn't trust herself after her past experience (remember adnan)

as she recollected the dinner at RM's place

a smile broke on her face, when she visualized how lovingly he feed her...after making sure she was full he ate his he tried to relax to when the sad pt came in the movie

unknowingly it was then she fetched her answers

it was as if god heard her silent prayer and blessed her with the answer

"trust words that come from ur heart...leave behind her body, soul and mind...jus follow ur heart" echoed inside her

words which his dad used to say whenever she used to be in a crises echoed inside her

leaving behind everything...or keeping aside everything she thought of listening to her heart...following her heart only like before

her eyes were still closed...the moon was smiling with her, giving her company tonight

cold wind was inviting her...welcoming her to the new of love, world for lover

remembering all those movements she spent with him, she softly said "i love u armaan"

hearing her own voice a smile broke on her which reached her which made her face glow more than the moon

slowly opening her eyes she looked at their photo frame in front of her...a childhood photo of her and armi's...pic in which they were pulling each others hair

she walked towards the frame, picking up the frame she repeated "i love u and i promise i will always do"

after a while looking at the mehendi she smiled and walked towards the bed

removing the extra mehendi cone she had taken from the young gurl she wrote armaan's name on her hands

exactly on the same place where engagement ring is worn

smiling, blushing she walked back to the window, sitting again on the sliding she looked outside

she wanted to yell and tell everyone she is in love but decided to first tell armaan

she wasn't those types of girls who believes guys should only first confess, she believed and lived in todays world where there is no difference between a gurl and guy

but she also felt the need to first find out if he loved her too, being soo close to him she knew she could easily find wat he fells for her


like always whenever he was in a confusion, problem...he used to ask god to provide him with the solution by plucking petals method

he still remembers his friends used to laugh at him sometime when he used to try to fetch his answers this way

plucking the last petal he smiled, throwing his arms up in the sky n yelled saying "i love u dumbo"

the inside wall of misconception was broken by him when he heard echo of his own voice

his heart was smiling brightly which could be seen by his charming face

he atlas fetched the answer to the endless questions he had been asking to himself

the questions which mobbed him day and night

he suddenly felt lighter and the dark night seemed to be colorful as if the world just now has been colored for him...for her or rather for them

smiling to himself he remembered the old days

days of school when thy were punished, rusticated together for bugging irritating the teachers to the core...

for locking their principal in the wash room

days of col when they used to bunk lectures and roam around the city for no reason

days of medical exams when they used to study together day and night

lastly the no of pranks they played on each other and ofcourse together on everyone

after an hr or soo he decided to get back home thinking "she must be tensed after all she must be knowing the pager thing was a plain lie"

getting up from the ground he thought "we surely r living dairy of each others life...nothing means nothing is hidden between us....we know each page of each others life"

driving back home a smile was stuck on his face and heart was flooded with  memories...their close proximity memories...movements when they were lost in each other


Rolling his keys in his finger he looked up at her window

a smile rested on his lips when he saw her leaning on the sliding

as he looked at her more and more

his eyes widened with utter shock seeing she wasn't sitting she was...was actually sleeping

"wat the hell has she lost it" he said to himself while running inside the house

he knew she could fall down if she bends slightly towards her left

and would hurt herself very badly

he ran fast as his legs could take him...mentally getting more and more angry on her...for her stupid act

and sacred too thinking about the consequences

as he reached the room he let out a sign of relief seeing she was still in the same position

he walked ahead keeping his eyes on her only

he jus couldn't stop himself from smiling after seeing the innocent expression she is holding while sleeping

she looked absolutely adorable to him

he scooped her in his strong arms while looking at her lovingly

he then noticed her smile widened when he picked her up in his arms

he started walking  towards the bed while laughing slightly seeing she sleeps like hasn't slept for months

he placed her on the bed while she made funny sounds in her sleep

brushing the hair away from her sparking face he smiled

after wrapping a cover over her he left the room

"dumbo kal tumhare class lunga wait n watch" he promised himself seeing her for the last time before leaving

he soon walked inside his room mentally noting down his most important work now; fix a grill outside her window


the night was beautiful, amazing for these two confused stubborn idiots

finally they knew wat was happening to them these days

smiling with the morning shining sun she woke up

as she recalled the night she smiled further n then got confused seeing she was in her bed...

as far as she remembered she was waiting for him sitting on the sliding n may be she slept there itself

throwing the thoughts aside she walked towards his room to check is he back or not

slowly peeping inside she saw him sleeping like a child

she glanced at his face, she couldnt stop smiling seeing he calmness on his innocent face

"armaan" she called him again n again while now standing right next to his huge bed

as she did not wanted them to be late for the hospital

seeing he wasn't responding she thought of pouring a jar of water on him but then remembering he must have slept late she dismissed the idea and started walking out of the room

"soo u found a new bed to sleep yesterday night" he said as he looked at her making her way outside

she stood there frozen biting her lips

"wat u would like to have coffee or tea" she tried to change the on-going topic

seeing he didnt reply, she took hold of her ears n said "sorry" with a sweet puppy face which could easily melt anyone

he smiled seeing her n warned her "dont do that again" pausing for some seconds he continued "coffee"


"morning mom" armi said in a sleepy tone while entering keerti's room

smiling at him keerti said "good morning...she looked at him sitting on the bed n continued "soo how was ur dinner yesterday"

he smiled remembering the night  "wonderful"

"thats good" keerti smiled becoz she knew y the dinner was wonderful

analyzing the surrounding papers armi asked "wat r u doing mom"

"im going to dubai with ridhima" keerti said while looking at the papers and etc stuff

"wat? Why? When?" came a instant reply from him while pinching himself thinking may be its a dream

"we r going there to buy some latest equipments for sangivni and most importantly she has to represent sangivni in a important seminar" keerti informed him proudly...she was very proud of ridz, she had  seen how much ridz is working for the betterment of the hospital

armi smiled and frowned at the same time, he too felt nice listening to the news but felt bad that he wouldn't be able to meet her for some days, he then thought if he could accompany her instead of his mom,

"but mom if u both will go who will take important decisions of sangivni, who will take the lead of sangivni..."

keerti understood wat armi meant and wanted, somewhere she thought he was right too "ur right armaan...ok do one thing u go with ridhima, i will stay back for sangivni...i hope u dont mind going with her" she smiled n replied emphasizing on the last words

"have i ever said no to u" he replied innocently like a obedient son

seeing the broad smile on armi face she confirmed "k then its done u both r leaving after two days"


armi entered a big showroom the walls of the huge showroom was painted red and white...bright lights were all around...styled interiors were done

as his eyes traveled around he saw gorgeous sales girls only

he smiled his friend like always has a gorgeous girl as sales girls

"hey beautiful" he said with a charming smile to one of the girl

she smiled back, after checking him out she said "hey handsome wat can i do for u"

"nothing much sweety jus give this card to ur boss" he placed his business card in front of her

"thats it" she smiled n walked to the cabin

after a while a guy dressed up in blue jeans black shirt came out smiling broadly

"hey man wats up" he said looking at armi delightfully

"hey dude" armi replied while hugging his old friend who is going to be a gr8 help for him in his sweet surprise he has planned for ridz

after all he was the only one who could help him out in such a short span of time

"wat...not possible at all" came a instant reply from ANGAD after a while

plz yaar itna choota sa kaam tu nahi kar sakta" he tried to convince him while placing a friendly warm smile on his lips

"chota" he said sarcastically

"dost dost naa zindagi tujhpe..." he started singing sadly...trying hard to emotionally blackmail him

"yaar its not possible in two days" angad

interrupted, tried to reason with a stubborn armi

"dost dost..." he started singing again not giving importance to his words as he knew his friend will eventually agree becoz he could once say no to him but couldn't say no to something related to ridz

they all three was good pals in collage days... playing pranks on anyone and everyone was all they used to do

angad interrupted him again "i will try if it is possible"

he stopped singing n softly, cocks his eye brow "try"

"mera baap tera kaam ho gayega bas khush ab toh meri jaan baksh de" irritated angad finally gave up

he knew armaan he wouldn't leave him peacefully until he agrees to him

armi took a tiny scrap of paper, grabbed a pen from the pen stand n drew something

"here u go" he handed him the paper...after giving him a friendly hug he left the showroom

while a broad smile played on his lips

unknowingly angad smiled seeing the glow of happiness on his friend

he was happy for armi-ridz...he was sure they would be happy together


"where were u? I was searching 4 u in he whole hospital" ridz asked armi as she spotted him

"me? Here only" he said keeping his expression as natural as possible

"ohhk lets hav our lunch im damm hungry" she said while rubbing her hand on her stomach

Seeing the lift was full and they had to wait for another few mins, she looked at him "stairs?"

he nodded in affirmation with a soft smile after seeing her condition

how desperately she wanted to go to the canteen... dying to feed her empty stomach

as they entered the stairs their mind revisited the day when she slipped and landed in his they were lost in each other and finally how they tried to get out of the embarrassing and shy situation by arguing over heels

she blushed while recollecting the incident at the same time laughed slightly remembering the argument

armi too smiled remembering it and at the same time

wished, hoped and

silently prayed that she falls again, again in his arms

seeing she wasn't falling today or rather not loosing her balance he frowned

he looked again at her n understood she was lost in her own world...own thoughts

a devilish smile came on his face with a devilish plan...within fraction of seconds he tried to make her fall purposely but

he failed...he frowned again seeing his failure

but wasn't destiny n luck resting by his side

and wasn't she too by his side now

as they approached the last set of steps

she looked at him and the next second tripped purposely keeping her expression accordingly

jus perfect, as natural as possible

his thoughts were suddenly broken as he heard a small gasp

within fraction of seconds he grabbed her by her waist, preventing her to fall

but accidentally he lost his balance while trying to prevent her to fall

and they rolled down the steps

together...clutched to each other...her eyes shut tightly sacred becoz of unexpected fall

their unexpected fall came to a haunt as they landed on the ground

her eyes still shut while she was now pinned under him...breathing heavily

she shivered...trembled beneath him...just couldn't gather courage to open and look at him soo close to her

it seemed to her as if she is dreaming

his heart raced seeing her soo close to him...exactly where he saw her in his dreams few nighs before

she looked innocent in the simple pink short kurti and dark blue jeans wearing just a smile on her face and dark mehendi on her hand today

"no make up was needed for her to look exceptional, different from others, elegant, beautiful, gorgeous or in short angel" he thought

with gr8 difficulty he mentally prepared himself to get off her thinking his heavy body would be crushing her delicate body

feeling his breath going far from her face...not kissing her delicate skin now, she recollected herself and opened her eyes slowly

standing back on her legs she blushed and started walking again besides him

while they made their way towards canteen, they looked at each other deeply once...

one deep look was enough for them to reach each other's souls...they could hear each other's souls voice which was yelling "i love u armaan/ridz"

their soul...facial expression...expressive eyes...twinkling smile...glowing face jus confession to each other that

they do love each other...they have finally realized ho madly...truly...deeply love each other

they wished that the world around them could disappear forever, leaving them all alone


 PART 18

Not used to knocking at his door she opened the door n walked in saying "armaan aunty is calling u down"

as her voice traveled towards him he got sacred n hung up his on going phone after yelling "i dont need loan u get that straightly"

a look on his face told her something is wrong...fishy

"but what?" she wondered

"im coming down in two mins dumbo" he said after drawing a deep sigh n wrapping a innocent n normal expression on his face

dismissing watever he said, she questioned him in a no non sense tone "wat r u hiding?"

keeping the same innocent look he walked towards her while replying casually "m... me? Hiding something from u? No re not at all"

she marched out of the room angrily without even caring to reply him

she was dead sure in the afternoon and now both time he had lied to her

which was pinching her badly jus couldn't stand when he lies to her or rather tries to lie to her

he cursed himself for not knowing how to lie properly to her...

one thing they both were mostly unsuccessful all these years was lying to each other


after awhile he walked down n scanned the living room... He saw ridz eyes were fixed on her laptop while her expression were telling loud n clearly that she is still angry

sitting right next to her, sapna was watching some movie playing on the television

he went n sat next to sapna, giving a slight smile towards ridz

which she didn't all

finally getting bored by the silence which was spread all around the drawing room sapna questioned "wat r u doing ridz im getting dam bored??"

she said without looking up "me? Nm im finding some classes...classes which can teach armaan how to lie without getting caught" pausing n finally looking up at armi she continued "dont u dare to say u were not lying firstly in the afternoon and now half an hour back"

"shit man i seriously need to learn to lie, she had caught me in the afternoon too...wat should i do now?" he whispered under his breath

"wat r u hiding bro tell me naa?" this time sapna questioned him with a confused look pasted on her face

without thinking once he said whatever next thing came to his mind "i can't tell anyone...i dont think everything should be told"

both known to be stubborn kept arguing like kids...argued like never...both were determined...ridz was determined to know wat he is hiding and armi determined to hide it at any cost….somewhere both were right, both were right acc 2 their pt of view

all this while sapna was trying to reason with armaan but was failing to make him spell out everything

"being in love is surely difficult" he thought

seeing there is no solution to this endless argument she suggested shooting her eyebrow upward "ok then i challenge u to beat me in car racing...if i win u have to tell me wat ur hiding...if u win which is impossible i will not ask u anything"

"challenge accepted" came a instant reply

thinking for a min she said "k then see u at bandstand (a place where race will end, jus a random name"

seeing him nodding she looked at her laptop n soon shut it down while muttering "u have to tell me everything, by hell or hook"

"o god i cant loose this race or else my little surprise will get screwed up" he muttered under his breath

sapna looked shocked and excited both at the same time...shock becoz armaan was hiding something from ridz it was something which was impossible and excited becoz of the race

she still remembered AR fun races before armi went to states...she n angie would be by armi side and atul-angad would be by ridz side

but motive behind those races was fun but today its not fun

"common guys" sapna said throwing her confusion thoughts - wats the lie about

with full confident AR walked towards the main door

looking out of the window at ridz sapna smiled n wished "all the best"

"i think ur bro needs this more than me soo kindly plz wish him" she replied curtly

"dumbo over confidents is not good" he replied while giggling slightly as her anger rose above sea level

in exchange she just mimicking him

seeing her sweet expressions n the way she mimicking his words armi just couldn't stop himself smiling at her

for once he felt like getting down n disclosing everything to her but he just couldn't do this...he had to win this race by anyhow

what fate had for them only time would tell?

Who will win and who will loss only time will tell?

Becoz Time knows everything about everyone's life

"On your marks...Get set....Go!!" sapna yelled while he signaled her thumps down with a smirk

both the cars roared almost at once with the same spirit while passing a challenging look played in their eyes

both knew they both were an amazing riders...going back to the old races taken place between them, both had sometimes won and sometimes lost

thankfully the road was not jammed....they didn't meet heavy traffic...ten minutes onto the race and both were neck to neck

they were playing with accelerate, break, gear

waving a bye followed by thumps down sign she accelerated further gaining way ahead of him or rather making her car fly in the air, letting the breeze kiss her car

"everything is fair in love and war" was playing in armi's mind...he knew today it was hard to win all becoz she looked as if its impossible to stop her to win this race

but doesn't impossible itself says i-m-possible

he smiled...a devilish smile played on his lips

picking up his mobile he dialed a no "angad"

after two mins talk everything was set...the trap was set...nothing could stop him from winning

he knew how to make her mind off track

sitting right besides him sapna yelled after armi hung up his phone call "bro this is cheating, im calling ridz right away"

"k then im calling mom n informing her about her darling daughter's sweetheart dr amit" he said with a smirk stuck on his face

listening to him sapna turned red with anger, turning her face to look outside she wished ridz doesn't get trapped

"everything is fair in love and war my darling sister" he said looking at ridz car which was marginally ahead of his car

"man she is too good" he whispered, marveling at her fighting spirit

he smiled seeing she took her left turn to use s.v road route instead of juhu road which he preferred

unknown to the trap set she was enjoying the race while listening to the loud music playing in the car and tapping her fingers on the steering wheel

imagining her victory she smiled and giggled...looking around she pushed the accelerate even more hard

armi smiled widely as he reached half way of the desired destination

on another hand ridz had crossed more than half the way but unknown to the fact she had reached the exact place where a trap was waiting for her...only for her

she rolled down the windows further to enjoy the fresh cool air

while her ears witnessed someone calling her name, the voice seemed familiar to her heart where all her dear ones stays

she turned her face instantly to her right to look who was it

for one second forgetting she is in a middle of something important...very important for her right now

as she recognized the person driving his red sports bike parallel to her she screamed with joy "Angad hi" and

unknowingly...unwantedly her speed slowed down

she looked ahead n back to him smiling, glad to see him after few months

"hey howz u? wats up?" he questioned while making sure he is still running his bike parallel to her car, keeping their speed almost same

"im fine and" she left the words hanging there itself as her senses recollected, reminded she was in middle of a race...a race which was as important as oxygen for living

one wrong question "wats up" had made ridz senses awake


"gtg will call u later" she said as fast as she could and drove away

but little did she knew her small mistake...two mins mistake was more than enough for armi to climb the winning stair

she reached the destination n hit her palm angrily on the steering wheel as she saw the sight in front of her

there armi stood leaning on his car with huge or big no too big grin on his face

for one movement she couldn't stop herself from smiling that too straight from her heart seeing how happy he is looking as if he just won an ossar award

"crazy...yes we r crazy... mad but amazing too" she said to herself happily

she lost the race but then too she felt happy...happy becoz she raced today after such a long time

after armi left and all that bad things occurred in her life she didnt race with anyone

she was soo lost, within herself all these months to even think of all and all

 SCREEECHH!!! She smiled slightly while pulling her car to a halt


slowly walking inside her room armi smiled seeing he wasn't there

smiling 2 himself he saw the washroom lights were on…he quickly kept the gift wrapped in a silver wrapper n left the room

he was sure after seeing the gift she will surely forget everything....she is still crazy behind shoes n scandals he knew it well

a warm smile came on her lips when her eyes landed on the gift

she walked towards it n unwrapped it as soon as possible

gifts is one thing which could change her mood...whenever in the whole year and how much ever, gifts r always welcomed by her

"wow its beautiful" she looked with amazement at the black low heels scandals

reading the small note kept next to it "sorry sweetie...i will surely tell u everything just give me few days" she cursed herself while hitting her head slightly for being soo childish and stubborn the night before

she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes saying "i love u more and more for all these small things"


life is beautiful and as colorful as a rainbow if ur in love...same thing happened with them in the next two days, life was beautiful for them...they were as happy as any kid would be when he gets more than expected toys and chocolate...their life was changed from the night when they confessed to themselves

they were walking on of happiness, love

love is understanding each other and each other's unsaid words or silent words

"I love u" r three little words which hold a lot of meaning...they r words which are dipped in a bowl of feeling...feeling which one has for another deep inside his/her heart

these beautiful pure words can only be told in form of words?

of course not

it can also be told through eyes, facial expressions, body gesture, smile more importantly with ur behavior

AR confessed their love or rather said those three words in these two days words endless times through each other's a dotting smile, eyes, behavior, facial expressions etc...through everything and anything except in forms of words ie using their silky voice

they believed when ur love of ur life says these golden words through these ways one should be more happier becoz in words anyone can say but in these ways only ur true love can say

these two days were hectic or very hectic compare to normal days but

then too it couldn't force the smile to leave his new which had made AR lips his new couldn't force the smile to leave their glowing face...face which after hectic workload also didn't fade or looked dull, tired


Sitting down on her chair back she sighed...still she had two hrs work left and then routine rounds before she leaves for her trip...a business trip to dubai

time was running out of her hand and she needed to speed up

her head was hurting and all she wished or needed right now was a hot creamy coffee

she started to read the next file when she heard a knock

without looking up she ordered 'come in'

when a hot steaming coffee landed next to her she looked up

a canteen guy was standing there, she questioned him "Dr armaan has sent this coffee"

she smiled appreciatory

after sometime "chale?" he asked while entering the cabin

"u go armaan i have to go for rounds now, u have to pack ur bags too" she said while picking her lab court to wear it

"ahh...rounds...well i jus did ur side rounds too" he replied with a tiring smile

she smiled affectionately at him while grabbing his arm...she giggled n replied "thanks but on thanks" n soon he joined her, they laughed together

they soon walked out of the hospital chatting, giggling and laughing


Finally they walked out of the airport smiling

The journey was good, she was enjoying looking out of the window...enjoying the beautiful sight

and his head was leaning on her shoulder as he slept peacefully through out the journey

she felt nice seeing him sleeping on her shoulder

the light breeze was seemed as if it was welcoming them

soon they stepped out of the car n looked at the beautiful hotel

unknown to the fact once they get inside they would be shocked to learn something

something which they never thought


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