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part 19& 20 : shades of luv


Admiring the wonderful interiors they walked inside the five star dusit hotel (I don't know anything about this hotel, jus read in sum site)

they were marveled at the beauty of the hotel

walking towards the reception as they chatted about the hotel interiors casually

thats when ridz declared to armi she gonna go off to sleep as she will enter her room

he rolling his eyes, "is this u gonna do here"

she looked tiredly at him "just a small nap please" she said while stretching on the word please

seeing her asking like a kid he smiled n nodded

"hey sweetheart" armi with his cheeky smile says to the receptionist, turning his charm on a switch on mode

ridz gives him a disgusting look telling him to just do all this later, she needs her bed urgently

laughing slightly he turned his heard asking for the keys of their room

looking at her reservation file, flipping the pages she informed them sadly "sir there is only one room booked on ms ridhima's name, no room is booked on ur name"

they look at her as if she has lost her brain cells or she doesn't has it only "what non-sense" he said in sheer no non-sense tone

after a long hr of discussion, argument AR learnt the stupid travel agent had booked one room according to keerti's first plan (she was coming with ridz naa)

bowing their head in front of the destiny they walked towards elevator while ridz was trying to make him chill down n stop yelling at the poor guy (on phone) for his mistake

the hotel was full soo they eventually had to stay in the same room


he looked sadly at the sofa thinking there he has to sleep

she looked at him while collapsing on the bed in pure exhaustions as she informed him with a tired smile "dont worry u can sleep on the bed"

she knew he hates sleeping on sofa, he likes to sleep on the bed only

"no its fine" he said in a not soo sure tone

putting some pillows n cushions to divide the bed into two parts she said boldly "u can sleep on that side while i will sleep on this side"

he gave her not soo good look while she rolled her eyes, "common its fine with me" she continued

he felt a sudden happiness inside him, seeing the sea of trust she has on him

"good night armaan, wake me in an hr...we will go out for dinner" she said in a sleepy tone

she was exhausted from the whole long day


after making him wait for an hour….making him almost plead infront of her to make it fast she finally got ready wearing a knee length pink one piece and boots making him drop his mouth open

he was totally lost within her, he just couldn't take his eyes off from her

she was looking a doll according to him

with lots of force he stopped starring at her while she turned slightly red under his heated graze

she too felt he looked handsome in his casual black t-shirt and a smart pair of jeans

they silently laughed at their condition, both knew tonight they were going to say those words


They went to the hotel's beautiful restaurant...the restaurant was decorated in a simple n sophisticated manner

and a gentleman was singing some nice song in the braground to make the atmosphere more pleasant

they smiled n walked inside hand in hand

they knew they love each other and today they could say those feeling in words too which would be more or less just a formality

but yea an important formality

ordering the food for both of them she looked at him with a flood of love reflecting in her eyes, glowing face

"he is singing nicely naa, nice voice naa" she said trying to hit a conversation instead of again and again getting lost within him

"yea but i sing better than him" he announces proudly

as his words registered in her mind choked her food n exclaimed "u and singing soo well"

going back to old days she knew he was a pathetic singer,

bathroom singer was a perfect name for him she thought

"what if i sing infront of everyone and dare u everyone will be amazed….and yea may be every1 will say once more" he flashed a confident smile

she rolled her eyes while looking at the people around pitifully

as her eyes gets back to his seat she gets shocked he wasn't there

Armi comes into view holding a guitar in front of her….jus a little distance away

Like a dream you can't explain love can chase a beating of your heart

Like the sunshining in the rain love can make your whole world fall apart

her jaw drops seeing him infront of her singing like never before

armi keeps his passionate gaze only on her as he sings.

All i wanted now

I just wanna spend my life with you

Time will show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly love is the thing that I can't live without

His expression were saying loud n clearly the song was just for her

As he looked at her more n more….she felt weak becoz of the look n the lyrics

You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you

God I love somehow... I just wanna spend my life with you

You can show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly love is the thing that i can't live without

He smiled at her longingly n lovingly

He jus wanted 2 g n grab her

Pull her within him

You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you

Lowing her eyes she smiled….

Again looking up at him she thought she has meet some1 unknown

What have you done to me?

Is this how its meant to be

Can't control this feeling in my heart

I can see better days glowing inside your eyes

And I know you feel it in your heart

All I wanted now

I just wanna spend my life with you

Time will show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

Suddenly loves the thing that i can't live without

When did he learn 2 sing soo amazingly she thought

Armi smiled at her questioning face

You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you

Looking at his smirk she smiled

He was smiling with happiness

Looking still at her while walking around

Love is a crazy thing

Its like when you wanna sing

And the words are deep inside your soul

When somebody comes along together you sing a song

You just let the music take control

And i wanted now

i just wanna spend my life with you

Time will show me how

Suddenly everything has turned me inside out

turned me inside out

Suddenly loves the thing that i can't live without

He gently sent a flying kiss in her direction

While people around were listening the romantic song with a silence

Silence which said he was singing to amazingly awesome

You are my dream my love my life

I just wanna spend my life with you

You are the one that makes me smile

I just wanna spend my life with you

He end the song by playing the guitar.

Everyone starts applauding his performance while she looked around 2 find him missing

Soon a waiter comes n hands off a note 2 her which said come up im waiting there 4 u


the room was dark but then too it was filled with colourful lights all around if all anyone

lets his heart be his eyes for a change

colourful lights of their love was in the air n inside their heart, soul

which was more than enough to enlighten the room

the moon was peeping from the window to witness the special day of two lovers...two lovers who stepped into this world to be together forever

no candles, flowers, balloons, heart shape cake, Champagne were needed to enlighten the atmosphere...to make the room look romantic...

to make the room look special today according to armaan

somewhere he was right too

becoz only thing which they desired was, which they needed today was

each other's company for

today, tomorrow and

forever n forever

they desired to spent each second of their life with each other

desired to be infront of each other's eyes all their life

desired to be in each others arms all this life

more than that desired to express their love to each other, their feeling for each other n wanted to pour out their heart in front of each other in form of words today

after which today their life would to be changed...their relationship would change it would be more strong

the world would be more beautiful...more pleasant...more loving

more worthy to live FOR THEM

today they would say those words to each other which they never said...which they never thought of saying to each other till a month before

but their heart said these words to each other endless times

today their heart will say this all over again but this time using their sweet voice instead of saying it silently

she walked inside the room hesitantly

after looking around for a min, trying to locate him somewhere in the room

she walked towards the long window to close it as she starts feeling chilly

as she leaned on the wall n started admiring the beauty of dubai she heard

a husky voice calling out her name in a melting tone

turning around she looked around to locate from where the familiar voice is coming with a curiously

and soon her search finished as he stood jus a little distance away from her

banground music

it's a beautiful night

chaandani raat hai

it's a beautiful night

pyar ki baat hai

smiling at her lovingly, she smiled back with the same love reflecting on her bright glowing face and in her smile

as she walked towards him questioning "when did u learn how to sing soo well"

"in states with muskaan, we used to go for some classes" he said as he sat on the bed

"oo i see" she said while seeing him indicating to sit besides him

yeh raat kehti hai vaada koi aaj kar le ham ha kar le ham

baahon mein bharke kaho kuchh bhi keh do sanam

ho ho madhosh kar do hamein aaj kehti hai khamoshi yeh khamishi

ho ham tumse na duur jaa paaye de do kasam

as she sat down besides him he looked at her as if he is just going to say what her ears r longing to hear

controlling her rising heartbeat she smiled

armaan was confused how should he say, he knew she would return the same words but then too how?

after a min long awkward silence he came with a idea

wanna feel you kiss you touch you gal let me feel your body

can i kiss you tonight

can i hold you so tight

can i make u all mine

can i make u smile

can i kiss u tonight

can i hold u so tight

can i make u all mine

can i make u smile

he looked at her as she played with her hair, continuously rolling her hair  around her delicate finger

he smiled while placing her head once again on her lap n wrapping his muscular arms around her stomach...burying his head into her stomach

feeling his tight hold once again around her stomach her whole body shivered, she felt 360 degree current passed inside her

when i look into your eyes get the feel you love

because if u look into my eyes u will know

closing her eyes she felt extra ordinary bubble gums in her stomach

i wanna be ur lover i wanna be ur lover

when i look into your eyes get the feel you love

unlike last time, this time her mind refused to utter a single word also and silently wished the time could freeze right now forever and ever

because if u look into my eyes u will know

i wanna be ur lover i wanna be ur lover

as she lived the movement for few more seconds unknowingly she confessed saying it in a smooth melting tone "i love u armaan"

opening her eyes to look at him after saying the beautiful words she smiled broadly which reached upto her eyes as she heard "i love u too ridhima"

unwrapping his arms around and turning to face her he repeated his golden words looking up at her lovingly

they stayed in the same position for a while, later he dragged her near the dressing table

after forcing her to close her eyes he smiled

pushing her soft hair ahead gently...tickling her on her bare neck he smiled seeing her skin tone colour changing

his touch was making her skin colour change which eventually was making her look more beautiful...more gorgeous...more lovable...more adorable

how much he wished that movement if they would have recognized their feeling before he would have seen this beautiful sight much before and more no of times till now

"tum kar kya rahe ho" she asked feeling his fingers brushing her bare back neck pushing her hair ahead

"bas ek min dumbo" he said softly...his breath was kissed her neck

he wrapped a pendant chain around her neck slowly

she opened her eyes slowly n confusedly

looking at the silver platinum chain with a circular shaped locket with both their initials JOINTLY engraved on it she smiled broadly n turned around pulling him in a hug

"thanks this is beautiful"

he hugged her back while a smile broke on his face too

"ab tum mujhe ko thanks bologi" he said while departing from the hug

holding her ears with a puppy face she said "sorry"

listening to her apology he threw a sharp look towards her and mimicked "sorry"

she laughed n said "k baba no thanks no sorry only three words I LOVE U" while wrapping her arm around him

he joined her, "i love u too" he lovingly said while planting a kiss on her cheeks making her blush happily

looking at her lovingly while she was admiringly looking at the pendant he questioned "tum yeh soch rahi ho naa y did i choose a circle shape pendant instead of heart shape pendant"

she looked at him with a mixed expression of confusion curiousness n nodded

he smiled analyzing her expression n explained "becoz hearts can be broken but circles go on forever thats y instead of heart u should always put names in a circle"

she raised her eye brow listening to him n questioned "ooo i see tumne"

cutting her in between he replied "kahi padha tha"

with a cute laugh she commented "ooo toh janab yeh sab bhi padte hai"

he mischievously said laying with her fingers "aur kuch bhi padta hu, batau"


he pinched her nose affectionately while replying "jaise tumhara chehra aur dil"

they look at each other n next movement started laughing

they both felt weird at the statement, this was the most cheeky statement he had ever said to her and she ever had heard from him

it was not that they didn't agree at the statement, they do know how to read each other's heart, mind and face very well but listening to or saying this was something little cheeky and funny too somewhere


stretching her arms towards the air, she yawned followed by a smile in the small balcony her room had

remembering the last night her smile reached her closed eyes

slowly opening the eyes she welcomed herself to her new world...to a changed world

seeing something crawling in front of her shining eyes she yelled

"omg...help help" hearing her screaming that too on top of her lungs armi ran to her rescue (he was sleeping)

"wat happ" he asked her in worried and sleepy tone seeing he was facing her back

as she turned around he saw her holding a cockroach...it was big and ugly

keeping her eye on the poor small creature she answered back "cockroach"

he gave her a weird look saying ur holding it now and a min back u were yelling

seeing him displaying a  weird expression she explained "ahh...i thought there were two thats y i yelled...i cant tackle two at a time"

rolling his eye he asked her to hand over the poor creature to him to which she refused n went off to dismiss the creature from their room

thinking of something...something odd armi face frowned

walking towards her, he questioned her with a annoyed expression stuck on his face "y are u not sacred of them?"

listening to his weird question she looked at him with disbelief trying to get, is he k and wat type of question is this

"armaan they r soo small and i am much big enough than them soo y should i be sacred from them" she answered while running her hand in her rack of clothes

still annoyed by the fact "but most gurls do get sacred from them"

finally picking a outfit for the day she turned to face him saying "yeah...some do while some dont"

as his words registered in her mind deeply she questioned "hang on y u saying all this crab...come on speak up"

making a sick puppy look, taking her hands in his "i have seen in movies that the gurl gets sacred seeing the poor small creature n then hugs her guy and"

seeing she was smiling and laughing he stopped, hanging his words in middle of road

enveloping him in a hug she replied "awww...i dont need to see a cockroach to hug u neither do u need to plant it to receive a hug from me"

listening to her he smiled brightly and hugged her bak

feeling the grip around her getting tighten by each passing second she yelled "u will kill me if u will hug me soo tightly"

he chucked listening to her slowly disposed her from his embrace

"i will just go freshen up...u shouldn't be late for the seminar" he pinched her cheeks affectionately n left which made her smile


Seeing all well known people settled down for the seminar around them

AR smiled at each other

soon the seminar started

after a while taking the honor ridz started informing them current position of sangivni and her future plans for sangivni with sheer confidence

seeing her everyone present there felt a fire inside her...fire to bag her goal...goal which seemed to her biggest priority right now, nothing could stop her

seeing her armi smiled with happiness and felt nothing else but only proud of her...looking around n saw everyone looked totally impressed by her


unlocking the door of their room n finally entering the room she shrugged to free herself from his hold "armaan leave me, ur impossible u didn't even let me enter that shop, it had so nice outfits"

holding her thin waist more tightly n giggling slightly he informed her "u know...how much u have shopped in a day is equal to my entire year's shopping"

throwing a "ur soo rude expression" she tried to free herself once again

thinking of having some more fun seeing her anger he continued "i swear very soon i will be bankrupt"

hitting him on his arm and chest "i hate u armaan ur soo rude"

pulling her to sit on the chair in his lap he chucked "hate me or love me but u cant ignore me sweetie"

feeling he was pinching her small nose "u moron"

before she could complete her sentence he bent forward and kissed her cheeks (long and deep one)

feeling his lips on her cheeks she first smiled slightly n then looked at him with a puzzled expression

smiling with contented heart "aww...heard this word from u after such a long time"

she couldn't stop herself from not smiling broadly at his childish stupid behavior, "he really was the best thing in her life" she thought

totally melted by his childish sweet behavior she happily said "tomorrow we will do whatever u want happy"

feeling her hands encircling around his neck he smiled "no its fine if u wanna fully bankrupt me tomorrow"

hitting him with the cushion  "u moron i have enough money to shop for myself and any way i dont wanna shop tomorrow we will do whatever u want"

a shameless smiled found a way to his lips "whatever i want, ur sure"

understanding his double talks, slight colour came on her face...pinching his arm badly "u r sick armaan"

feeling the slight pain becoz of the pinch and making a puppy face "but this sick guy loves u and u hate him right"

"hmmm let me think...actually...to be frank" seeing his hopeful face she gave him a cheeky smile "i do...love u loads...unfortunately" n started laughing

saying "unfortunately huh" he began tickling her wherever her skin was exposed

feeling the tickle she tried hard to resist but she couldn't stop laughing loudly

"armaan stop" she managed to say but saw it was no affect on him

seeing her fruitful laugh armi smiled and continued to tickle her

enjoying the beautiful sight and the sound of her laughter which was the best music to his ear


Feeling his hand on her shoulder she questioned him as they walked out of the hospital tired and totally exhausted "Rahul what u think they must have confessed by now"

he looked at her tired face, "see armi requested keerti aunty to let him go with ridz soo mostly i think they must have confessed... N he wanted sometime alone with her"

resting her head on his chest walking in the parking lot, she mumbled "hmmm i hope soo"

seeing rahul opening the car for her she smiled at his loving nature, excitedly informed him "it will be fun teasing them naa"

closing the door he agreed with the same excitement "yea it will be"

but only time knew they were wrong, when AR will be back they will receive biggest shock

they will be shocked seeing their whole plan has been turned upside down

something unexpected will happen...which they do not choose to welcome


throwing her blanket aside she stood up at night 3 a clock

walking around for sometime atlas ridz sat down again on the bed

seeing him sleeping peacefully with a small smile stuck on his charming face she smiled

seeing him more and more she recollected but the past movements...the close dance (she laughed slightly remembering how they were lost and how they tried to cover up)

as she looked more and more at his peaceful face she recollected how he had slept in her lap in lonawala  and how she she was starring at him

suddenly something stuck her mind at that movement, something which shouldn't have, something which would not be good for RM

"how did muskaan n rahul knew i was starring at him that day or he was starring at me...

...we two were alone then how come they knew about this incident?" question aroused inside her mind

after thinking about it for a while, when things still seemed to be under wrap...under cover she started shaking armi

to wake him up from his sleep...to bring him back to his present world

pulling the blanket over him, in a sleepy tone he answered "dumbo we r not in mumbai then how can u expect me to take u to lonawala at night 3...hav u lost it?"

already irritated and frustrated from the questions arising inside her she pulled the cover "ahhh u moron i know we r not in mumbai...get up i have some urgent work with u"

looking at the displayed time on the clock kept on the side table he yawned n question "at this hr?"

"yes" she bluntly said... not wanting to waste a min more to unlock the questionery book inside her

"oh do u wanna do something" he mischievous, shamelessly asked sitting beside her with a broad grin stuck on his face

seeing he was holding her hand and playing with her fingers she replied to his double meaning talk absent mindedly "yes i want to... Im trying to do this from an hr...but without u i will not be able to do"

he narrowed his eyes questioning "yea how can u do this alone"

listening to his last statement she pulled her hand from his angrily asked "wat do u mean, i cant figure out things all alone"

seeing she was lost in something within... looking disturbed he got serious leaving his mischief mood aside

turning her face towards him, giving a confused look "figure out things?"

after listening to her patiently he signed "ur right how did they know all this"

rolling her eye "thats what im asking u"

thinking for a while "wait a sec u were not the one who had planted a secret bug in my car"

not understanding one word of his she got more irritated and frustrated "bug? Ur car? Wat non sense is this now"

ignoring her question he continued "now i got it... they had planted that, i thought it was u who planted it"


sitting in the car, tapping his legs armi yelled "basket come fast we r getting late"

seeing no sign of her still he started checking the cds in the car

suddenly his eyes dropped on the hidden bug

"wats this, bug? In my car?" he mumbled with a shock

thinking for a while he said to himself  "this stupid gurl must have only planted it, mein isko choduga nahi"

listening to his last two words "kisko nahi chodoge"

quickly hiding the bug he looked at her "tumhe, how much time u take"

making a puppy face n pressing the button to listen to hear some music "sorry i was finding the file"

*end of flashback*

recollecting the day and folding her arm…. Totally annoyed by him… "y did u thought i did that"

pinching her nose affectionately "becoz ur always upto some mischief"

feeling his hand on her waist pulling her closer to him, she smiled "soo u dont like that"

kissing her lightly on her hair "no actually i love it...but y ur still awake"

she signed "im not sleepy"

thinking of doing his favorite thing ie bugging her...looking at her he giggled "after shopping for 6-7 hrs also ur not tired my my ur soo full of energy"

listening to him she gave him "did I shop for only me " look angrily

seeing her anger rising he grinned "ok ok im starting it again, waise don't u think someone else also was with rahul-muski...i mean they knew everything about us"

ignoring his question she questioned "armaan that day they had called us for dinner first at their place naa?"

recollecting the day "yea then suddenly rahul called me up and asked to meet them at restaurant"

after an hr of discussion they got into a conclusion that everything was planned and there was someone else too with RM

"but who?" armi wondered while ridz was thinking about something else

something which armi was unknown to...something which no one can think of

something weird, totally weird

looking at armi she smiled n continued thinking of her weird thing

while armi was mentally trying to crack the missing link...the master mind behind all this

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