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Part 2& 3 : Insperable

part 2 :

*Dr Shubhankar's Cabin*

 Dr Shubhankar: Armaan,Rhea ke reports agaya hai.

Armaan wasn't ready for what was coming next. He just couldn't bare hearing it.

Armaan: Is she..Is she okay? (he said quietly, not looking at Shubhankar's face)

Dr Shubhankar: Actually, Armaan..Tum meri baat ghaur se sunna ..Please..Rhea ko...Rhea is in a very critical situation. She needs blood to be donated within 24 hours but the problem is that her group is completely different from yours and Ridhima's which is quite rare. Her blood group is O Negative.. (Shubhanker sighed)

Armaan waited patiently for him to continue..

Dr Shubhankar: And tumhe toh pata hi hoga ke Sanjeevani ke paas limited stock hi hota hai. Unfortunately, we do not have enough blood supply for Rhea and now it's up to you to find a donor. Trust me, I'm trying my best to find someone with the same blood group but it's proving to be very difficult. I think you should ask all your relatives and friends if they have the same blood group or if they know someone..

Armaan cuts him in between, "Kitna waqt hai uske paas?"

Dr Shubhankar sighed as he watched the father sitting in front of him, holding back his tears. It was very difficult for him to explain the situation to Armaan as he knew him personally. He finally gathered up the courage and spoke.. " 24 hours".

Armaan looked down at the floor, not being able to speak or move. He sat there for a while, and Shubhankar decided to let him be instead of pressuring him. Finally, when Armaan couldn't hold back his tears any longer, he whispered an 'excuse me' and left the cabin as Shubhankar looked at his retreating figure.

Armaan walked out of the cabin and saw Ridhima standing there, he hands clasped together, eyes tightly closed praying to the statue of God in front of her. He didn't have the courage to tell her..Atleast not yet. He needed to gather himself up first as he knew that the next 24 hours were not going to be easy for any of them. Armaan silently crept out of the corridor and went to his car. He stood there for what seemed like hours. Just thinking.Thinking about everything that had taken place a few hours ago.



"HAAAAN Arahi hoon baba, Armaan, please, bas 5 minute aur!"

"Jaldi karoo! Mein aur Rhea bore ho rahein yaha!!"

Ridhima just laughed as she walked out of her room, dressed up in her favourite pink churidaar and walked down the stairs. As she was reached downstairs, Rhea and Armaan were out of sight. Hearing some noises from the kitchen she walked over and saw the cutest sight ever.

Rhea was sitting on the counter as Armaan held her from her little hips ensuring that she does not fall off, drinking from her milk bottle. She always loved how protective Armaan was about Rhea and herself too. When she was around him, she always felt this sense of security and protectiveness; it was an awesome feeling.

Armaan: Yeh tumhari Maa bhi na..Kitna waqt lagati hai tayar hone mein.

Rhea giggled at this, although she understood very little (owing to the fact that she was only 2 years old).

A: Kyaa?? Sachi mein..Use kya lagta hai, mere sivay use koi dekh ta hai kya? ' He laughed at this as Rhea chuckled again at her daddy.


Armaan and Rhea both turned around when they saw Ridhima standing there with her hands on her hips and mouth wide open. Armaan and Rhea looked at each other with the 'oh-oh' look on their faces.

A: Arey Ridhima, tum yaha..Hum toh bas tumhari hi baat kar rahe the

R: Mein janti hoon ' She said with an irritated look on her face

A: Uhh..woh..

R: Tumhe kya lagta hai, mujhe tumhare alawa koi dekh nahi sakta? ' Ridhima muttered smugly, with her hands folded.

A:Nahi ofcourse dekh sakta hain, lekin uski itni himat kaha jo meri Ridhima ko dekhe? ' Armaan laughed at this and Rhea joined him.

Ridhima just smiled and shook her head.

R: Acha ab chale??Der ho rahi hain..Aur wese bhi, raat ke 9 baje sirf tumhe shauk hota hai apni beti ki harr icha puri karne ka..

A: Toh isme kya hai? Agar meri beti ko park jaana hai toh jaana hai! Bas! Haina Rhea??- He questioned Rhea as she nodded excitedly.

R: Haan haan bas bigar ke rakh dena isko..bas, ab chalo.. ' Ridhima gave her usual 'fake' angry look to Armaan as he just shook his head at her 'nautanki'.

The three left the house, heading for the park nearby, not knowing what was yet to come..

Part 3 :

(*Flashback continued*)
The three walked on the grassy area to the play area where the slides, swings and etc were located. Rhea was holding Ridhima's and Armaan's fingure and walked in between them using their support as she found it difficult to walk by herself. It was a moment of bliss for them as the three walked..It simply felt like life could not be any more perfect.

They were all lost in their own worlds when Rhea excitedly spoke "DADAAAA" and pointed at the swing. Making it clear that she wanted to sit on the swing.

A: Awwww baby ko swing mein jana hai? Chalo chalo chaloo!! (Armain said, getting all excited just like a little kid, picking Rhea up and took her to the swing.)

Ridhima smiled as she looked over at the two heading towards the swing. She felt content in her life. What more could she need? She had a loving husband and the sign of their love, Rhea. There was too much going on in her head as she thought about everything her and Armaan had been through. The way he had handled everything before they got married, like how he persuaded Shashank was definitely commendable. She sat down on the bench in front of the swing and watched the father and daughter laugh their hearts out. Rhea was on the baby swing which had full protection so that she would not fall off and Armaan swung her backwards and forwards as she clapped ' enjoying the swings . Ridhima concentrated on the way the swing moved. Backwards and forwards, just like a pendulum. For some reason, it reminded her of how life used to be before she got married. The constant fights with Armaan, persuading Shashank, Anjali and the was as if her life used to move backwards and forwards. But now, life had changed. And this time, it was for the good.

Rhea finally got tired and decided to go the baby slide next to the swings. Armaan took her there and just watched her go down the slide.

Rhea: Look...DADDAAA..emm.. I can do dishhh (Rhea chuckled as she slid down the slide as Armaan nodded at her.)

Finally, Armaan decided to go and sit down with Ridhima as Rhea was playing on the slide and enjoying herself.He walked over and saw her lost in deep thought.

A: Yo basket, kya soch rahi ho? Zaroor mere bare mein hi soch rahi hogi!! (he winked at her, taking a seat next to her.)

R:Shut up Armaan! Mein tumhare bare mein nahi soch rahi thi.. ' she lied.

A: Kyaa? Toh tum kisi aur paraye mard ke bare mein..?Chee chee chee..Tauba tauba Ridhima, ab toh sharaam karo, tumhare shaadi hogayi hai. Aur woh bhi mujhse! (Armaan said, with a really cheeky smile, putting his arm around her)

Ridhima just rolled her eyes at his nonsensical banter.

R: Haan haan, Usi ka toh ghum hai!

A: KYAA? Toh phir tumne mujhse shaadi kyun ki hmm?? (Armaan questioned, rolling his tongue in this mouth,raising his eyebrows)

R:Wohh..meinn..wohh.. (Ridhima stammered)

A: Haan haan bolo..  ' Armaan was moving closer to her now as Ridhima looked at him with her eyes wide open.

R: Mein..woh

Armaan was moving extremely close to her now. Although she had been this close to him a lot of times, she still felt embarrassed and shy at such situations. Armaan loved this. She hadn't changed one bit. She would still go all shy, her cheeks would be flaming red and say..

R:"Armaaaan koi dekh lega!" ' Ridhima finally whispered trying to push him away from her. Armaan held her hand tight and whispered back to her "Ridhima, agar tumne notice nahi kiya toh..We are the only ones here! No one comes to the park at this time..So no one can see us! (he winked at her)

Ridhima just stared at him, not knowing what to say or do, because as a matter of fact, he was right. There was no one there except for them and Rhea was busy playing on the baby slide to notice any of this. Armaan bent over completely putting himself on her and made his lips brush hers. He then looked over at the Ridhima who had her eyes closed and smiled at her. He decided to not embarrass her anymore and ended it with a small peck on her cheek. Ridhima smiled at his small gesture. Before Ridhima could say anything, she heard Rhea.

"MUMMAAA..DADDAAA..The bighhh oneee!!" , Rhea said, pointing towards the big slide which was for over six year olds.Armaan and Ridhima got up and sat straight on the bench; ofcourse, Rhea being a two year old failed to notice the romance going on between her parents.

Armaan and Ridhima glared at each other, not knowing what to say to her.

Ridhima: No beta, you can't go on that one..That is for the big people. You are still a baby, haina? ' Ridhima looked at her hoping that she would understand and not be the stubborn little kid who was spoilt, thanks to Armaan.

Rhea: No ..Urmm..Mumma..Bighhh slide!!DADAAAA!!PLEASEEE!-Rhea looked at Ridhima disappointedly and then turned to face Armaan with a sparkle in her eyes and smiled.

Ridhima really did not want Rhea to be spoilt child. But it was always Armaan who got and did everything for her. Once she would ask for something, Armaan could never say 'No' and he never did.Rhea was Armaan's little princess.

Ridhima: No Rhea..It's for big kids, you are too young! Let's go on that little roundabout, shall we? (Ridhima gestured, pointing to the roundabout next to the baby slide).

Armaan: Yes princess, cmon let's go there..You, me and mumma! What say??

Rhea: NO!! DADDDA...ERRR..bighh slide ' Rhea complained. She wanted to go on the slide but failed to understand that it was not suitable for her.

Armaan and Ridhima looked at each other again and frowned. At this point Ridhima was getting really annoyed with the fact that Rhea was always so stubborn and yet again, her stubbornness, was taking over her. She refused once again, "Rhea! Ek baar mana kiya na..!". Rhea looked at Ridhima as hardly anyone ever raised their voice on her. Her eyes started to become watery and this didn't go unnoticed by Armaan and Ridhima.

A: Tchhh..Ridhima, bachi hai. Okay chalo Rhea, main tumhe lekar chalta hoon.Theek hain? ' Smiling at Rhea as she looked up at him with excitement and held his hand.

Ridhima: No Armaan, hum iski har baat ese nahin maan sakte. Aur wese bhi, you know that slide is not made for two year olds.

A:Mujhe pata hai Ridhima, lekin tum fikar mat karo, main khud use slide pe bithaunga!! And hey, how can I say no to my princess? (Armaan winked at her and walked over to the slide).

Ridhima just shook her head and watched the two of them walk over to the slide.

It took quite a while for Rhea to climb up the stairs and then Armaan held her as she slid down. Rhea enjoyed the slide. She got really excited and clapped her hands saying "Hehehe..Again again DADDAA". Armaan smiled as he looked at her over excited face, helped her climb up the stairs and she slid down the slide again. As a two year old, her face glowed every time she got off the slide. This went on for quite some time as Rhea was having a lot of fun and Armaan joined in the fun by clapping every time and laughing along with her. This slide was more enjoyable, perhaps because it was a much longer and higher one than the baby slide.

Ridhima: Armaan, Rhea, let's go now. It's getting late..

Rhea: UHHH..Mummaaa..Once more..pleaaajjjj!! ' Rhea pleaded, pouting her lips.

Ridhima: Okay, okay..Fine, lekin jaldi..

Armaan and Rhea both looked at each other, winked and then high-fived. By now Rhea was used to climbing the stairs by herself and managed it perfectly well. She started climbing them as Armaan simply held her by the hand just in case she stumbled.She was still halfway when Ridhima called Armaan..

Ridhima: Armaan..You're pager just went off, I think there's an emergency, you need..." ' Her voice trailed off as she heard a loud scream. Armaan was taken aback as he turned around to see Rhea stumbling and then hitting herself hard on the metal holding of the slide. Ridhima got up from the bench and ran as Armaan rushed to Rhea holding her up.

Ridhima: RHEAAAA!!!!!!..Armaan..Rheaa..Oh my god Armaan she's bleeding! 'Ridhima was now all worked up as tears rolled down her eyes.

Armaan felt his heart sink.

Rhea lay there unconscious, bleeding like there's no tomorrow as Ridhima picked her up and lay her head on her lap. Ridhima was crying as Armaan sat next to them, shocked, his eyes watery. He hastily slid his hand in his pocket and took out his phone, dialled Sanjeevani and requested for an ambulance urgently.

This was an unexpected incident which had taken place. They were both worried. As parents. As a mother. As a father.

*Flashback ends*

Armaan was bought back to the present as he felt a hand on his shoulder. He silently wished it was not Ridhima. He did not have the courage. Atleast not yet. He turned around and was surprised to his one and only best friend. Rahul.

Armaan stared at him and before you could say anything Rahul hugged him. He was there to support Armaan in his tough times. Armaan felt so relieved. Finally, he had someone to talk to.

Rahul: I just found out about Rhea..Don't worry. Everything will be okay!

Armaan parted from the hug.

A: I hope so!! (he said, with a small voice. Smiling through his tears.)

Rahul: Urmm.. Armaan I just met Ridhima. I think you should take her home. She looks unwell and in a mess too.

A: But I need to be here with Rhea too..

Rahul smiled and kept his hand on Armaan shoulder replying, "Don't worry, I'm on duty, I'll keep checking on her every hour. Just take Ridhima home and find out if anyone in your family or friends has the same blood group as Rhea."

Armaan gave Rahul another quick hug, whispered a "Thank you" and entered Sanjeevani again.


As Armaan walked down the corridor again, he saw Ridhima in the same position. Her hands tightly clutched together, tears rolling down her eyes, staring at the idol in front of her pleading for her daughter's life. Armaan felt broken as he saw Ridhima in such a state. He gathered up the courage to face her and walked and kept his hand on her shoulder. Ridhima turned around to face him and looked at him questioningly.

R: Armaan, Rhea...Is she going to be okay?? Kya kaha Dr shubhankar ne? Hum.. hum use ghar kab leja sakte hai?? ' She held Armaan's  hand waiting for him to reply.

A: Ridhima..Okay..Calm down...I think tum bohot thak gayi ho. Let's go home first. ' Armaan said, trying to avoid her eyes.

R: What the hell Armaan? Rhea is alone here and you want us to go home? What kind of a father are you? ' Ridhima looked at him in anger as tears started rolling down her eyes again.

Armaan was really getting frustrated.What does she mean 'what kind of a father are you?'. Why doesn't she understand that he's taking her home for her own sake!

A: Shut up Ridhima! Aur chup chaap mere saath chalo!! ' He took hold of her wrist and took her out of the hospital. Ridhima was going to retort but saw the anger on his face and decided to stay quiet.

Armaan and Ridhima walked over to his car and sat down. Armaan switched the engine on and they left.


Coming up: AR scenes, Muskaan's entry and Armaan's parents.

Will Armaan be able to save Rhea? Keep a look out to see what happens next.


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