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part 23 & 24 : shades of luv


Seeing their mouth ALMOST still hanging n face had almost paled  ridz giggled further

her stomach was paining very badly all becoz she was controlling her laughter

she felt her stomach is right now like a balloon... like balloon keeps air inside, she has kept her giggling n laughter inside...she wanted to burst out laughing...but she couldn't spoil her plan

she glanced at armi indirectly saying do something i cant control

he mentally laughed at her condition while her pretend bf was smiling at if showing he is a good guy and madly in love with the gurl who is in his arms

which made the movement more Difficult for AR especially for ridz...she wanted to laugh, jump, dance, shout (saying her plan is successful) seeing RM's face but a part of her heart felt bad too for playing this mind games with people who brought her n armi close

before she could even thinking of ruining this drama, rahul found his voice back "hi ridhima"

which certainly brought ridz back to present world...pushing her thoughts out of her mind, smiling at RM she grabbed his pretending bf's hand, "MEET MY ANGAD"

extending his hand angad smiled

shaking hands rahul smiled weakly "hi angad"

while muski's eyes fell on something which gave her another big shock and a confirmation that ridz n angad r a couple


Believing armi words RM now thought angad was with them in dubai thats concludes (according to them) armi wanted to go with ridz to dubai soo that angad and ridz could spent some nice sometime together alone which would be difficult if keerti would be there

sitting in the drivers seat rahul gave a faint smile to muski who sat in the passenger seat while ridz took the center seat of the back seat as angad n armi both sat besides her

since they knew angad was also with them in dubai they politely had asked him if he wants a ride to his place which acted as a topping to their mischievous plan

the starting mins of the car ride was silent...there was no sound as if someone has just died

RM were lost in the land of thoughts...trying to DIGEST what they heard n saw now...trying to understand wat is going on...questioning themselves do AR love each other or not??...the perfect acting done by three of them surely hit RM, confused them for sure

plus some things which were not part of their plan also played for them indirectly and ofcourse unknowingly

"she was wearing a locket on which it was written AR, that means A for angad and R for ridhima" muski mumbled under her breath

it depends on us how we see certain stuff, in muski's case she saw it in completely wrong light

totally ignoring A stands for armaan too

while muski had almost digested the fact, rahul was still facing difficulty in digesting the stuff

seeing RM lost in their world of thoughts from last 5 mins armi grinded

as his eyes traveled to ridz he saw her smiling faintly and holding her stomach with one hand,

how much she wished to burst out seeing the lost look on RM's face he only knew, controlling her laughter was really very difficult for her

seeing angad looking at RM's faces as if studying it he giggled further

suddenly a thought entered his mischievous brain which widened his smiled naturally

feeling his warm fingers on edge of her waist under her short pink kurti her eyes grew wide while skipping a beat

seeing she went slight red armi tickled ridz slightly and naughtily enjoying her soft skin touch

feeling her throat drying and her body shivering she took a deep breath to calm herself

feeling armi pinched her mischievously she yelled with a cry "ouch, STOP IT"

hearing her rahul immediately applied the brakes plus came out from the land of thoughts

armi with drew his hands away seeing rahul was about to turn his face

muski, angad looked at ridz with a confused expression

listening to rahul's question "wat happened ridz" armi smilingly mumbling "ab kya bologi"

"aa...i was not...not telling u...i was telling a mosquito who just bite me" rubbing her hand to make her acting perfect she continued "that too very badly...i will kill that mosquito if he tries 2 bite me again"

RM, Angad understood it is a plain lie by her tone only

angad understood that mosquito is armaan while RM thought it was angad

this small naughtiness by armi certainly made rahul realize angad-ridz is really a certainly helped him to digest the false truth laid in front of him


entering sapna's room around 1 a clock armi announced "hello gurls"

seeing the sight in front of him he rolled his eyes

all bags were open...all shopping stuff was here and be precise the whole room was a total mess

seeing they didn't even acknowledged him he mumbled "gurls"

not known to the fact that ridz did saw him but wanted to have some fun

seeing armi walking towards them from the corner of her eyes she smiled n continued showing sapna all the stuff "sapna see this perfume"

smelling the perfume sprinkled on her wrist "ridz its nice yaar"

seeing armi standing in front of hem folding his hand across his chest with a annoyed expressed ridz suppressed her giggle "hey bro when did u come"

finally looking a him with a innocent expression she sided sapna but mischief evident in her eyes "yea when u came??"

sitting besides her n opposite of sapna he whispered " nataunki, actor"

seeing ridz was giggling, sapna looked at her with a confused expression "wat is making u laugh"

interrupting hem wih a evil smile he looked a ridz "ahh i came here to inform u both angad is coming home now"

listening to him sapna looked up not believing wat she heard "at this hr??"

secretly wrinkling at ridz he informed sapna "yea...just like that only"

hearing the door bell rang sapna announced thinking they must be tired "i will open, u two must be tired"

while AR started wrapping the stuff, cleaning the room in short

sitting in the lawn with AR angad picked the coffee "So now wat u guys want to do"

ridz looked at armi who was sitting next 2 him looking lost in some deep thoughts "dont u guys think we r doing wrong with them after all they were the one who"

interrupting her armi looked at her "ur right but my six sense says someone else is too evolved with them"

ridz n angad very well knew armi's six sense can never be wrong, ridz passed a smile at him saying k we will continue his act while angad questioned continued "whom u wanna find out"

seeing how nicely angad is ready 2 help them out, he smiled at him "yea bro plus"

"ur enjoying this prank" ridz interrupting him knowing exactly wat he was going 2 say

listening 2 her he smiled...felt a happiness inside him seeing she knows him very well

angad announced seeing their love infront of his eyes, "soo finally we r continuing this act"

holding ridz hand he smiled evilly "yea and for tomorrow my plan is simple yet sharp"

glancing at hem he continued "in the evening when we will be with RM, angad u have to come in sangivni secretly puncher their car"

seeing their confused expression he continued "and then i will take them for a ride which will be full of fun...a ride of surprises and shocks...a ride to a place which will shock them more...a ride in which i will do stuff which will confuse them more"


entering the room she announced loudly "im ready" seeing he was standing in front of mirror combing his hair she smiled n continued happily "before u"

turning behind he looked at her...she was looking simple n elegant in a pair of purple shirt and slim fit jeans leaving her hair open

seeing she walked towards him he smiled n continued to comb his hair "wow i thought now i will have to yell for 15 mins may be then u would be ready in half an hr"

seeing her slight annoyed expression he chucked...leaning on the edge of the dresser she mumbled something

bending towards her he smiled...kissing her cheeks he whispered "sorry i was just kidding yaar, u must be knowing naa"

"i know but then too u better be sorry" she softly said looking at him with a slight smile playing on her lips

standing besides him now she smiled broadly seeing their reflection on the mirror while armi applied some perfume on him

"we definitely look good together" she thought

looking at his reflection she chucked "someone is looking smart today"

admiring himself he proudly announced "thanks...i know i always look smart"

smiling evilly, keeping her hand on her waist "im talking about myself not i not looking smart today?"

"now u should be sorry"

smiling at him she denied cheekily "u only told naa no sorry no thanks" witnessing his slight annoyed expression she continued "k i will give u something else instead of sorry, will do"

he almost threw the perfume on the dresser "naake aur puch puch (y r u asking, give give)"

pulling her by her waist he smiled "give"

understanding his true intention she smiled slight shyly "no im not talking about that...leave me i wanna give u something else"

behaving like a true baby he tighten the grip "no but i want a kiss"

trying 2 loosen the grip she teased him "not now we r getting late for sangivni"

seeing his luck wasn't by his side he frowned, as her words registered he smiled   "sangivni, ahh there will be rahul and muskaan also naa i will tell them everything"

she signed seeing he was blackmailing her now, knowing the fact whatever happens he wouldn't do that, with total confident "k then i will help u, dont worry"

seeing his blackmailing didn't work he frowned

seeing his frowned look n his face she smiled at her victory

as she couldn't see his frowned expression she leaned n kissed his cheeks softly

feeling her lips on his cheeks he smiled

pinching her nose n kissing it lightly "good lets go"

picking up his watch he went ahead to tie it around his wrist when suddenly

ridz pulled his watch from his hand n placed a small box wrapped with a silver wrapper in his hand

reading the small note "love u loads" on it he smiled

looking up he gave her a questioning look, she smiled saying "just like that only"

wearing the new pair of watch she brought, he smiled while she informed him "i picked this up from dubai only when u got frustrated n left the shop to chill outside"

seeing he still didn't say anything it about the watch she continued "if u didn't like it, give it to me back"

walking out of he room he knocked his eye brows "and wat will u do with it, its not a ladies watch"

thinking for a while she smiled broadly "i will...will give it to my bf angad"

chucking, smiling he whispered in her ears "pretending bf"... she giggled n nodded, never in her wildest dream she thought one day she will be having a pretending bf

"no its wonderful" he exclaims, wrinkling at her he continued "u buy another for ur so-called-bf"


Sitting opposite to armi in her cabin ridz's eyes were fixed on the screen of the laptop...completely engrossed in her laptop

"DUMBO will u stop playing ur stupid game" while looking quite bore

"ahh two mins more" said as sweetly as she could, not wanting to make him to angry

"this is the fourth or fifth time ur asking for two mins"

seeing she didn't bother to reply at all or look at him once in last 10 mins  "Dammit...y dont u remove ur eyes n insert it inside the laptop only"

she chucked "nice idea...but u will have to help me to remove them" grinning she continued knowing he wasn't angry jus frustrated at her game "and plz smile ur frustrated look doesn't suit u"

seeing that without even looking up she knew wat expression he had he smiled n heard her mumbling while her eyes still hadn't left the screen "good...thats like a good boy...i love u for this"

"ur two mins r over" seeing she opened her mouth to ask for another set of two mins he loudly warned her "don't u dare ask for more two mins"

with a grin ridz shrugs still playing the game "k then three mins"

finally getting from the chair he walked towards her saying "i didn't have my that i can spent sometime with u and u r playing this game"

hearing someone knocked the door he turned while ridz ordered to come in

seeing the peon/ward boy coming in and keeping the tray of sandwiches and coffee on the small table armi couldn't stop himself from smiling

smiling while thinking how much well she knew him...knew he would be hungry...and somehow didn't wish to go to the filled canteen today

seeing no longer she was glued to the laptop screen but jumping up and down he shook his head thinking 'has she lost it'

before he could say anything she threw her arms around him announcing with lights of joy n happiness in his ear...but slightly loud for his poor ear "i won...yipee yipee...hurray"

hugging her back he struggled not to laugh much seeing her childish behavior


finishing the sandwich tapping her tummy "im now moron u can go on have my coffee too"

seeing he smiled at her while sitting right besides her she smiled back saying "u know wat i somehow feel ur plan is risky...its not that im sacred of risky plans but u know they may understand we"

cutting her in between he took her hand in his n reassured her in a different style "tell me one thing y didn't u figure out RM's plan before...y soo late"

seeing her thoughtful expression he smiled at her "k let me guess that time u were trapped within...u were busy trying to compensate wat exactly u feel for me or rather was trying to solve the confusing puzzle...same goes for me...EXACTLY SAME WILL HAPPEN WITH THEM...

they will never realize all this is a plan and when they do realize our work will be done" seeing she nodded with a smile while pressing his hand he pinched her nose saying "understood dum dum dumbo"

smiling excitedly "i can't wait to see the expressions on their face, dont u thing it will be something worth seeing" seeing he nodded in reply n looked at his watch she smiled

seeing the time indicating...its duty time kissing her hand slightly he left her cabin while ridz went back to the files


as the sun withdrew his rays from the planet earth and moon came with its beautiful light time came for action...time came for armi's plan...time came for some fun

the day was wonderful for RM as they didn't see AR much

no this wasn't the plan...

since ridz wanted to save her energy for evening she appeared less in front of them plus thanks to the trip she had loads of file work becoz of which most of her day went in her cabin only

and armi was too busy with a surgery in the afternoon and rounds in the morning

walking in the parking alot muski smiled at a news which she heard a couple of hrs back "rahul u know wat" seeing he looked at her curiously she announced "keerti aunty will be back by tomorrow evening"

seeing rahul signed a relief she continued "i think aunty is the only one who can do something now"

a thought popped in rahul's mind...mumbling 'jealousy' he smiled n looking at muski, " muskaan jealousy is the only way we find out they love each other or not"

he further questioned "was armi jealous seeing ridz in angad's arms??"

racking her brain cells she tried to remember but failed "i didn't notice him"

rahul chucked talking hold of her hand "like me u were busy looking at angad-ridz"


phase one was successful...RM found their car punched and AR offered them lift

sitting in the car with RM,AR had a mysterious smile on their face

"ohhk angad...yea we will be there...ofcourse as u say...i will bring muskaan n rahul u too" listening to ridz's one side talk armi smiled while sitting behind RM looked at each other thinking "now wat??"

after lots of pleading by AR, RM agreed going for a dinner tonight with three of them

not knowing they r going into a lion's den which wouldn't be a good place for them AT ALL

seeing the place they have landed RM got shocked

knowing the fact they couldn't back out now they passed a fake smile to them

seeing angad walked towards them gave a hug to ridz shook hands with armi muskaan tried to give a proper fake smile

as angad shook hands with rahul angad mentally noted all the dos and don't ridz told him n announced  "im glad u both could make it...i just wanted thank u guys for the ride yesterday" "nice restaurant naa...this is one of my fav"

all RM could do in return looking at the same restaurant they had brought AR now was smile...a fake smile...


Walking towards on the round shape stylish modern table ridz mentally thought where exactly she should sit

according to her 'a place exactly opposite to RM so that they could see her mind-blowing acting from the perfect angel and between both her bfs would be best'

seeing RM took their seat ofcourse next to each other she grabbed the chair almost opposite to them while indicating armi to sit on the empty seat between her and muski leaving a spare chair between her and rahul for angad who was parking the car


walking towards their table angad smiled ...bending slightly n bringing his hand out "ridz lets Dance"

keeping her hand in his she smiled n winked at armi silently which went unnoticed by RM "as u say"

walking towards the dance floor hand in hand they smiled seeing their plan going very well...holding ridz by her waist angad whispered "this song is for u from armaan"

song played was ek din tere rahon mein from film naqaab

seeing them dancing soo closely RM were if someone has just dropped a big rock on their head

while armi was having his glass of wine and enjoying their dance

he knew according to RM  R-AN were dancing very closely but only if they could see with his eyes they would realize they weren't dancing that closely compare to the last two dances he had done with ridz

infact they were very smartly talking quietly which only he could see but for RM they were lost in each others a new world where they two were only there

flashes of AR's dance on the same dance floor knocked RM's senses

how much they wished to run from there but they just couldn't

silently watching them from the corner of his eyes plus remembering their dance, their close proximity armi smiled

remembering their parking alot conversation RM looked at armaan

to see if there is any trance of jealousy lying on his face after Seeing ridz-angad's close dance that too on the same dance floor????

seeing there wasn't even even a single trance of jealousy...infact he looked totally chilled out, relaxed and was smiling broadly...looking quiet happy...they frowned

'how could he not be jealous???? If he loves her he should be, atleast slightly' They thought

he wasn't jealous but yes he did wished or wanted to dance with her right now...replace angad right now...

'i can dance with her at home too, away from every1' he thought n smiled sheepishly

plus he knew or rather had seen ridz seeing him from time to time from the corner of eyes

'yes she is in angad's arms but can't friends share a dance together??' well this is wat RM forgot or AR made them forget this reality

getting up from his seat he question RM "I will be bak in a min, I need a glass of wine...u guys need anything" seeing they shook their head negatively he smiled n walked away

ridz had just finished telling angad the whole dance episode of last time after he asked him 2 dozen times in last 2 mins

listening to the whole dance episode he chucked while they danced in each other's arms " would have been a free show for everyone if all u guys had kissed"

seeing RM were busy talking to each other and armaan was listening to their conversation from behind the pillar she looked at angad mumbling 'free show huh' and next second hit his foot with her high heels smiling cheekily and with innocent look she questioned "do u want to say anything more huh"

trying 2 calm himself as he felt the pain on his poor foot he declared "gosh ur still evil"

"thanks but no thanks for ur compliment" she answered while wondering wat is armi doing behind pillar

"wat r u thinking muski" rahul questioned seeing muski lost somewhere

seeing his husband's concern she smiled holding his hand he said "armaan was not at all jealous...ridz is dancing with angad soo closely seems to be lost in the dance...see she looks soo happy today even more than that day"

remembering muski's words, he also witnessed the pendant today n felt dishearted seeing them dancing infront of his eyes "plus that pendant...i think lets just enjoy the time tomorrow we will speak to her about wat next to do"

seeing they were happy without each other muski signed with little disappointment "or dump this plan if they r happy like this only...tomorrow we three will decide the future of"

hiding behind the pillar armi could hear their conversation but not properly all thanks to the loud music but he did got a confirmation...that his six sense was right once again

how much he wished now to confront them and end this once and for all...he would get the name tonight but he knew RM would refuse all this plan n third person thing

seeing RM stopped talking as he took the seat next to them, innocently he asked "wat were u guys talking u both saw me u guys stopped"

listening 2 armi, muski smiled n rahul in attempt 2 diffuse the situation answered bak "nothing jus"

thinking of giving one more shock 2 hem armi questioned once again "let me guess...about me and dumbo...about the dance we did here last time"

not able 2 stop herself anymore muski asked him in a no non sense tone "u dont love her"

he smiled taking a sip from his wine glass he answered "i love her as a friend ONLY and angad loves her as a lover" emphasizing on the word only n mumbled 'just change the name upside down'

seeing the sad smile on their face he mentally smile n continued "anyways last time here we were going to kiss each other becoz...atmosphere was soo romantic...she is sexy and im hot soo we just got carried away"

looking ahead n back at them he questioned "anyways forget the past dont they look perfect together?? planning a surprises engagement ceremony for them, isn't it a nice idea??"

now used to the shocks their jaw didn't drop but yea they were taken back "yes its a nice idea" rahul answered for both of them with a fake smile


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