Friday, 16 August 2019

part 25 & 26 : shades of luv


As the night became darker...the dinner almost came to an end

the surrounding tables were getting deserted too...the shiny stars was mingling with the smiling moon and the dark clouds stood behind them as a background making them look perfect

armi smiled n excused himself for a min...he had noticed a silent grin on ridz she left saying she needs to go to wash room...that movement it seemed as if she is going to grab a Kohinoor that too at a nothing price

finally finding her he signed opening the passenger door of his car, "wat r u doing here??" she asked seeing him suddenly

gesturing her to let him sit he retorted "this should be my question"

smiling at him she sat in his armi sat in her place still looking puzzled and confused "i and angad thought of playing their tricks on them only" she informed pointing towards the bug

leaning on him, making herself comfortable she continued while armi wrapped his arms around her waist "hopefully the last trick of all this...gosh im tried of this plus u know it isn't right to fool them, they did soo much for us"

seeing she was hiding the bug in between the pile of CD's he smiled "smart gurl...staying with me even ur brain has started working"

"yea right...anything else" she sarcastically mumbled while closing her eyes, feeling him near her...smelling his toxic perfume "do we really need to go inside" she asked not wanting to let go of this precious movement

he smiled holding her waist more tightly while looking at her face glowing as she was still leaning on him "lets just tell them the facts, all problem will be solved"

shaking her head, opening his eyes suddenly she jerked up "NOO, i wanna who is the sweet stranger, i wanna thank who soo ever he or she is"

"ohhk" kissing her cheeks lightly he smiled seeing she was smiling "come on lets go...or else angad will kill us"


"nice plan guys...hopefully this will end today" sitting in angad's car armi announced while thinking...

...if all RM spell out the person's name while traveling back to their home in his car, all things will be sorted out tomorrow morning

convincing RM to take his car while angad would drop him and ridz was a bit difficult but not impossible

"im tired" ridz mumbled while laying down comfortably on the back seat

"from whom?? armaan??" angad questioned while looking at armi and chucked

seeing she didn't answer back which was unusual they looked back n smiled seeing she fell asleep

"WATT im not getting engaged to ridz at all, not also if its just a fake engagement" angad announced loudly after armi informed him wat he said to RM

patting his shoulder armi shook his head "CHILL DUDE...i just said for fun nothing like that im going to do" throwing his head back armi laughed seeing the sacred look on his face "waise bhi whatever i say will not always happen...if tomorrow i will say im going to be future prime u think that will also happen??"



as one more hectic day came to an end...AR sat in ridz room holding the bug in their hand while waiting for angad to reach here asap soo that the under cover person could be out for once and for all

opening the door as the bell rang, keerti shook her head seeing angad standing in front of him

remembering the morning conversation with RM at a coffee shop she looked not pleased seeing him over here but somewhere she felt ridz-angad news is fake

hearing "hello aunty" from him she shook her head and welcomed him inside with a smile

still believed something is fishy...something is weird

finally sitting with AR angad switched the TV set on to let the secret out...hopping RM must have atleast said the name once while traveling back


"lets call keerti aunty once we reach home and ask her wat should we do with these stupid people" as muski's voice filled ridz room their eyes grew wide in shock...surprise...amused...amazed...stunned...words were less compare to the latest news they heard

their heart beat jumped up

for the first time in her life she couldn't trust her OWN ears hence ridz replayed it

as she heard it again she got a thunderstruck, dumbstruck shock...her eyes were wide open...face's had paled thinking her aunty did all this...her fast mind and little heart had frozen just couldn't understand it or take it

as she looked at armaan sitting besides her who looked equally taken back

then The room was so silent that you could've heard a pin drop

angad looked at enjoy the precious priceless look...seeing the shook look angad grinned...he surely was having a ball right now or may be more than that

"gosh my mom?? My mom was the head of all this WOWW MAN" armi mumbled under his breath

being the weirdest guy he found the whole thing funny too...picturing how and wat her mother would have done or thought to make her plan successful

as he started picturing her mother and RM's FIRST MEETING he started laughing he has totally lost a maniac nothing else

listening to his loud laugh ridz shook her head nervously who was still trying deal with the facts

as she glanced at him she wondering is he going nuts??? Insane???  seeing he was laying on the bed laughing non-stop...his hands was holding his stomach

angad too looked at armaan with disbelief thinking does he needs to be admitted immediately??

"arm...armaan y r laughing??...ur alright naa??" she asked biting her lips nervously...never in her life she needed 2ask things 4m him as she understood him soo well but 2day her mind was occupied with other thoughts n heart was sinking

"ridz i think usko badhaaaa shock laga hai naa thats y he is confused he should laugh or cry or even try both...i think" as he saw ridz was giving him dirty looks angad left his words hanging there itself n gav a sorry look 2 her

"du...dumbo" seeing colour had disappeared from her face while she looked very tensed, nervous he got up n sat next to her still finally successful in controlling his laughter

"hasson nahi toh kya karu...meri maa meri setting kar wah rahi thi omg just imagine" he said laying in her lap n laughing again

seeing angad too joined armaan and now both were laughing she rolled her eyes mumbling loud enough "y didn't aunty find someone sensible for me??"

as she got up after few mins totally fed becoz of their constant laughing armi pulled her n she landed on his lap

"k ridz think ur muski" pulling her up making her sit back besides angad he and continued pointing one finger at angad "n ur rahul"

pulling a chair he sat down in front of them n continued "n im dr keerti"

"rahul, muskaan mujhe aapne beta ki SETTINGGG karwani hai...will u guys help me??" he dramatically said folding his hands like he was begging in front of them while at the sametime making sure his expressions supported his line properly and mimicking keerti's voice

according to him it sounded as if some match match

seeing both of them cracking out she hit her forehead she mumbled "DEVILS, MORONS" while wondering 'from which planet r they??' as now their loud laughing sound was bugging hell out of her

n then the two started show casting different style of keerti-RM's first meeting...melodramical style, hitler style, bhaigiri style, business meeting style etc

atlas in the end the room was flooded by one sound only - armi n angad's laughter while ridz sat in middle....seeing armi laughing she couldn't stop herself from smiling finally


After a 30 mins finally armi-angad mission got accomplished...mission of dragging ridz down stairs

knowing keerti was behind all this...she was quiet nervous...embarrassed...or scared

something weird she felt inside her but she couldn't understand wat exactly it is...learning the news that her keerti aunty knew everything about them or rather she planned all this

armi spent soo much energy convincing chill and take things easily

as keerti saw all three entering the kitchen area she smiled as still she couldn't believe wat RM said to her...she had seen the change in AR all these days soo somewhere she felt they were fooling RM but y?? this is wat she still couldn't understand

"i have made ur fav pastas angad its almost ready" she announced seeing angad peering into the pans

"Ur the best mom" armi smiles n saided while giving a sudden warm hug to keerti

keerti looked at him unbelievably thinking wat happ to his son suddenly...she gave a half smile in return while armi continued "and smart too" n grinned in delight

keerti smiled slightly more while getting back to cooking...n soon brushed off her negative thoughts...thought of y sudden hug n sweet words

ridz sat in the dining area quietly seeing armi-keerti hugging...she shook her eye brows as she saw armi winking at her behind the back of keerti

sitting besides the stove on the counter armi chucked seeing ridz still looked uncomfortable and was now biting her nails, "mom ridz wants to thank u"

keerti looked at armi to ridz n questioned "thank me?? For  wat??"

ridz panicked, as armi laughed mentally seeing a new shade of ridz as he never ever seen her like this...soo uncomfortable in front of his mom, armi smiled n decided to answer before ridz "for what u..."

"aunty for making pasta...u know i like them" she interrupted n smiled taking a deep sight of relief

"no not for that for" seeing ridz was holding a glass, almost ready to throw at him he laughed n continued "for everything u see mom...actually she realized how much trouble u take for her or rather becoz of her"

hearing armi ridz mouthed "u have to pay for all this" while angad smiled he really loved their sweet n salty relationship...acc 2 him it was a perfect relationship, sometimes sweet n sometimes salty


(next day canteen)

Ridhima looked at armaan n then ahead at two people whom she was grateful...n 2 whom they jus told the real fact...that she n armi were playing a prank on them....but hided their real intention behind all this prank

the atmosphere seemed as if she has committed some crime...some sin... with armaan and now

they r being interrogated by Dr cum police officer rahul+muskaan

taking a deep breath she signed as muski cleared her throat to start her questioning class

while armi already looked bored knowing next few hrs will go in answering endless questions to RM n rahul looked totally ready to bug seek his revenge

looking at them sitting opposite to him n having their coffee's sip rahul started the interrogation session "K soo tell me where did u guys confessed??"

remembering the beautiful night they was still soo fresh in their fresh as a flower...after all it was the most memorable day of their life, "hotel room" armi said dreamily

pulling her chair around so that she sat just next to armaan she further questioned "ohhk explain in DETAIL the whole confession armaan"

seeing her eagerness to know everything in depth of their new found relationship AR starred at muski unbelievably

reminding himself his conversation with ridz few hrs back where they had decided to keep themselves calm n answer everything as a token of thanks, armi signed "i called her to room and"

listening to this one sentence muski jumped to her endless assumptions...most of them were definitely too filmy for AR "u called?? Good soo u must have decorated the room and all, must have arranged candle light dinner for her naa...thats nice with balloons, music"

ridz's narrows her eye brows thinking y do everyone think of this set up?? She felt really happy seeing armi didn't do such cheeky stuff for her...armi smiled at muski seeing in one second she assumed soo much, "no i did nothing like this at all...we just confessed, i wrapped the pendant around her neck thats it" he said in short not elaborating how they confessed and wat else happened thinking ridz may not like it

listening to him ridz smiled as she really liked his simplicity while RM frowned as they expected something spl done by him but they forgot all AR needed that time was a confirmation...confirmation the love was in both the side...n confess their inner feeling 2 each other

 rahul questioned joining muski "that's rude u didn't do anything special for her"

reaching out ridz took his hand in her n answered back to rahul seeing armi was about to say something "well i don't think i needed those cheesy glad he didn't do it...we r different soo was our confession"

seeing armi pressing ridz hand to hold it tightly muski smiled n continued "y were u not jealous when ridz was dancing with angad??"

ridz smiled hearing the question as some how she knew wat answer muski would get in return

rubbing his fingers against her...caressing her fingers slowly with his he smiled at their sweet different relationship "well they r good friends, and i believe if we r carrying on that doesn't mean she can't dance or talk with anyone else...she has her own life soo she can decide wat she wants to do and wat not"

ridz smiled listening to his answer, it was the exact answer which she had in her mind, looking at him she smiled further n added "yea...even he can do whatever he wants"

struggling his shoulder rahul further asked "he can watch gurls now also??"

"well he can't keep his eyes closed all the time" seeing RM frowned she continued ignoring their frowned expression "he was flirting with the air hostess infront of me and i believe healthy flirting is fine plus at the end of the day he is with me only soo wats the problem"

she laughed seeing how taken back they looked n pointed the last thing "yes he knows his limits too soo u see y should i be tensed n add dos and don't for him"

"k next question...." listening 2 muski armi rolled his eyes wondering r they going to write a novel on them

"when did u guys confessed to ur self"

"which places u guys roamed"

"wat r ur future plans"

"wat quality u like n dislike in each other the most"

"how many times u say 'i love u' to each other in a day?"



As morning came up...a new thing knocked at armi's life...which wasn't a nice pleasant one...which would bring a new change in his life and people around him...may be a minor or major...may be a temporary or permanent

seeing his mobile buzzing he addressed the caller without checking the no in his sleepy tone "hello"

"yea this is armaan malik i do remember...." and the not welcome call continued bringing more and more lines of sheer disappointment, tension on his forehead with each passing seconds...while slightly sadness started enveloping his charming face


As she removed her green cover over her body she looked around to see is he back

from morning she didn't see him nor she knew where he is

"sister lovely" she called out as she saw her walking in the corridor

"Dr armaan came...have u seen her today"

learning from lovely that she saw him talking to Dr keerti when she was in surgery she walked towards keerti's cabin

"dumbo see u at dinner, place ofcourse ur or my room u can choose anyone and dinner prepared by u all exclusively for me good naa?? Actually today is ur test, lets see how nice wife u will u loads, moron"

as she finished reading the letter armi left for her with keerti she smiled slightly but then something caught the attention...armi's traditional smiling smiley wasn't there at the end of the letter...the small letter also said something is wrong which she was feeling from his morning absence

soon she got trapped thinking where is he from morning?? Y didn't he meet her go?? And is everything fine??


as evening came she walked towards the window of her room after getting fresh wearing her new purple tube top and dark blue pair of jeans...looking simply beautiful...she stood there thinking they may go 4 a drive or something 2night

seeing the grill he had attached outside her sliding after she slept on it the other day she laughed but she was

still worried at the corner of her mind for him plus happy too...becoz finally she was meeting him after being away 4 almost a day

"hey" he mumbled while wrapping his arms around her waist...coming suddenly from behind

she tilted her head hearing him n saw him resting his head on her shoulder, SMILING while his eyes were seemed to her as if he closed them purposely to stop her from reading them

his face looked tired, stressed out, worried and not happy she noticed...his charming smile looked incomplete

"wats wrong??" as she asked directly while placing her hand on his cheeks...he mumbled "nothing just tired"

thinking of asking him later she looked ahead at the white moon and shiny stars who were giving her company in his absence

"how did she find everything in some seconds only??" he thought..."she is such a beautiful part of my life who understands me soo perfectly" he answered to himself n smiled

opening his eyes he saw her looking at the moon...he looked at her trying to memorize every small detail of her face...and he went on starring at her for what seemed like hrs in the end

silence prevailed as they stood together letting themselves just enjoy the current phase of life...she noticed him starring at her from the corner of her eyes numerous times

her shining curls of her long hair and perfume smell was adored by him all this while...her face radiated a glow which made his eyes fixed at her only

while she rested herself on him...leaning on his broad chest and liking his warm strong arms around her small waist...his strong muscular smell...atlas he made her forget everything...all her worries, questions was forgotten by her

as he was still in admiration...admiring her...she titled to look at him...and their eyes meet for a bold long mins...both refused to batter their eye lashes...a warmth rush through their heart...soul...body

tendered love was only thing they felt...time was forgotten by them...and the world around them had faded

as she saw him she saw sheer naughtiness in his eyes and more he looked worried, tired, sad...all these things were transformed into pure love...pure as pearls...pure as love of god towards his devotees

it was then that they couldn't control their raging thoughts, emotions...and all he wanted was to shower her with love becoz soon he would be miles away from her which was a bitter truth he knew but she didn't knew

feeling his lips on her shoulder...kissing her shoulder she looked at him from corner of her eyes as she wasn't the one who closed her eyes and just feel his loving kisses but she also wanted to see the love reflecting on his face while kissing her

his kisses were warm, full of love, magical, passionate pushing her more into the la la land...making her smile more...making her more happy inside

his lips trailing from her shoulder to neck line and then "Ouch" she yelled as she closed her eyes in pain after feeling his love bite

he smiled sheepishly hearing she yelled in pain...feeling his lips were resting on the love bite...kissing it for a brief movement...erasing the pain with his love she smiled

hearing her mumbling "i love u, u moron" while kissing his cheeks in return he smiled...he loved hearing moron from her and knew he will always love it...instead of saying I love u too he jus gave a small sign of love...a peak on her lips n hugging her gently

so that they could hear each other's each breath soo clearly while staying in each other's arms...inhaling and feeling just love


after a little dinner prepared by ridz they sat on hammock chair together, she sat comfortably on his lap while he played with her fingers, rings...both were lost inside themselves

while ridz was worried for him...seeing he was joking, laughing, teasing her but looked disturbed, worried while having the dinner... His disturbed look didn't escape her eyes...she did noticed it

while armi was thinking of how 2 break the unpleasant news 2 her...finally deciding things he called her out 2 hav her attention....seeing she was looking at him "actually dumbo im leaving for states tomorrow" he bluntly and straight-forwardly said...her eyes had widened in surprise and shock

hearing him she couldn't get wat she should do or rather and feel happy as he always wanted to work in that hospital and soon he is going to the place he always wanted to be or rather where he belongs to...or cry and feel sad as he is leaving her once again

she felt a mixture of both emotions...happy for him and somewhere sad for herself

but she knew physically he wouldn't be here but mentally he was and will be here only

considering herself lucky as many people find their love besides them physically but mentally they r miles away she smiled slightly

squeezing her soft hand he continued while looking down at their fingers interlocked "im going for two months only...u remember my contract with that hospital naa??"

as she nodded with a smallest smile, he felt relieved thinking atleast she smiled slightly...knowing exactly how to expand it he smiled saying in a serious tone "im going its good naa u can see ur other bf...the ones u couldn't meet as i was here and..."

seeing her smile expanded he continued "and u can flirt with patient also in my absence" he winked and soon smiled pulling her closer while she was now laughing saying she would flirt when he comes back too


seeing he was packing her few clothes, slipper, perfume n watch n all she thought y is he packing her stuff...where am I going she thought hard

"don't u think these clothes wouldn't look good on u or if ur planning 2 give them to ur gf  I think they would kill u realizing it is a used stuff plus I LOVE ALL MY CLOTHES, THEY R PRECIOUS 2 ME" she said while resting her hands on her hips, totally confused still...he chucked listening 2 her

pulling her cheeks he mumbled in her ears "these things will be with me there......" she sat n heard him quietly as he told her he will place her clothes in between his clothes...her perfume n watch in his shelf where his stuff r there...her pair of slippers in his shoes rack

she then noticed he was carrying keerti auntie's fav pens...Muski's  some stuff n a cd which had videos of secret camera RM had planted

giving her a pile of his clothes he smiled...pinching her nose, he continued "see u hav MY soo many stuff n room also where I lived from birth....but I don't hav urs n every1's stuff there...u know these stuff r for.."

"I know" she interrupted n smiled broadly seeing his childish behaviors of taking every1's stuff  while placing his pile of shirts in his bag n thinking of gifting him something spl before he leaves 2morow morning



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