Sunday, 4 August 2019

part 3 & 4 : shades of luv


Walking towards the general ward she just cursed herself she really wanted to move on in her life but couldnt...every time
she tried she failed...her emty house always reminds her of her parents, small sister anjali, finance...seeing her sister
in coma she cant forget the bitter truth...only her heart knew how much she wants to get out of all this...soon she walked
in the general noon she had finished checking all the patients of the general ward...she headed towards ICU


"hi ridz" atul called out as she entered the lift..."hi atul" she said walking towards him..."soo where r u going? Canteen
right?" he asked placing his stethoscope on his shoulders..."no i have ICU duty" she answered looking at her pager which
showed one message..."u dont know DR keerti has asked us to come at canteen she wants to discuss something" he said while ridz
attended the message "yea i just saw now the message, i didnt see the message before" she admitted giving a blank look


In the canteen
Dr keerti was sitting on a table with a black forest huge cake placed on the table which was her favourate Dr riddima's
fav cake, the dish which she could have at anytime of the day n night
making way sapna, atul, n ridz sat surrounding the table; cake...all the three good respected Dr of sangivni had same
questions on their minds "y had Dr keerti called them here? Wat is this cake here? Wats the occasion?..."congrats Dr,
sangivni is declared asia's no 1 hospital congrats riddima u have done it" she announced loudly smiling at ridz...Ridz
smiled with joy, her eyes too were smiling, sparking 2day after a long year, she couldnt believe all her sleepless nights,
hard work has been payed off 2day, her dad's dream was kind of fulfiled...she went forward and hugged Dr keerti "thanks
aunty this all could be possible becoz of u, thanks alot aunty Ahh i mean Dr keerti" she said departing from the hug n sat
next to her..."Dr Riddima Gupta please cut the cake" Smiling Dr keerti said offering her a knife to ridz...she quickly
grabbed the knife cutted the soft tasty cake...cutting the cake her lips planted a upward curve...every1 present at the
canteen erupts with joy, on success of the hospital n after seeing their fav Dr finally smiling with joy


At the end of the day every staff had received sweets n thank you letter for their contribution towards the hospital by
riddima the head of the hospital (after Dr shashank)


Dr keerti entered Riddima's cabin with a gift wrapped very beautifully with a stylish paper n ribbons...riddima was talking
to his dad's pic "i know dad i have still a long way to go, i will make sangivni world's best hospital for this soon i will
expand sangivni there will be more good Dr, better machinery, better service that means i have still more sleepless nights"
she smiled n said...Dr keerti was very happy 2day "mission accomplised" she said in her mind, walking towards ridz who was
busy talking to the frame "riddhima this is for u" she announced to ridz while placing the gift in front of her..."dont ask
me wat it is, y im giving u jus open it" she ordered in a clear tone while sitting on the chair next to ridz...ridz
unwraped the gift, kept glazing at the gift with joy..."its awesome" she said picking up the article framed, the article
which said "sangivni is the best hospital in asia"...Dr keerti knew wat she had to do next for Ridz, her best friend Dr
shashank's dauther, with that thought she left the cabin leaving a happy ridz alone


After hearing the news Dr Ridhima's life had changed for good, she had decided to 4get the bitter parts of her life forever,
she wanted to move on in her life take life in a positive way deep in her heart she thought if she didnt move on now she
will never be able to move on later in her life it was then 4 the 1st time in that year she smiled n went 2 her sister's
room before leaving for home, 2night she didnt shead tears she knew now its time 2 move on...that night she decided to
remember good parts of her life rather than the bitter part of her life
lying on the huge bed she was remembering the good time she spent with her parents, sister, best friend armaan, she also
recollected her school, col n internship armaan n she used to annoy all the teachers by doing all the wrong things,
breaking all the rules...remembering all these things brought a smile on her face


Next day morning she got up hearing her phone ringing "hello" she said while yawning..."k aunty i will be therein an hour"
she said n kept the phone aside...getting up from the bed she was shocked seeing the time "its 7:30 how come i was sleeping
till now never mind " she said getting up n walking towards the bathroom


around 8:30-9 she was standing at a door of a beautiful house wondering y aunty has called her over her place early this
morning...a handsom guy in a shorts n vest opened the door saying "hey wats up im back"...for a movement she couldnt
believe her eyes, is this real or a dream she said in her mind, she couldnt believe he is back after one n half year she is
seeing him but he looks the same, same eyes, naughty smile, body n yea same stupid shorts which he always wears..."u there
dumbo" he said waving his hand in front of her face to wake her up 4m her dreams..."stupid u here? when u came? how cum
suddenly? waise howz u? howz life?" she continued with her questions still standing at the door...after hearing soo many
questions dropping at his ear naturally he got bugged n shouted "bas aro tum" within fractions of secs her mouth was shut...
u gurls are soo sick" he commented n told her 2 cum in firstly


holding a hug of coffee in her hand ridz sat down on the sofa after 5 mins...ur 1st question u here? nahi mera bhoot hai
tumhare samne stupid gurl"..."armaan ur soo damm rude" she shouted..."wat armaan how many questions u asked me in 1 min,
ur mad i must tell u" he said drinking the coffee..."k then im going bye" she said placing the mug...while walking towards
the door she was waiting 4 him 2 call back..."hey dumbo" he called her pausing for sum secs he continued "u hav 4gotten
ur cell, cum n take it" he said while trying hard 2 not 2 giggle seeing her annoyed face..."well im not going back, i will
be sitting with aunty" she replied n walked 2wards the stairs to search for her aunty keerti



"hello aunty" she said walking inside the room..."hi beta, howz u" dr keerti said placing the novel aside which she was
reading..."im fine aunty, did i distubed u aunty?" she said sitting next to her..."no not at all" she said smiling at
her...before they could further say anything armaan stepped in blowing a whistle..."mom, im hungry came me something 2 eat,
till then i will talk 2 this stupid gurl about something imp" he said looking once at keerti n then at ridz..."k u
guys talk i will make something 4 u both" she said n left the room
"listen very carefully ridz" he said sitting next 2 her...after hearing ridz 4m him she thought something is serious or he
would never address her as ridz he would address her dumbo, stupid crack pot or watever bad names he knows..."ridz u know
wat i need 2 make century soon" seeing ridz confused face he understood she hasnt understood anything "arre stupid in all
till now i had affairs with 99 gurls i need 1 more 4 century" he said in a serious tone..."ur total gone case i must
say" she said throwing the pillows on him she continued "tumha kuch nahi ho sakta"..."yeah yeah right waise tumhare bhi
kuch nahi hoga rememberthis dumbo" he said throwing the pillow with force n running out of the room


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