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Part 4 : Insperable


As Armaan walked down the corridor again, he saw Ridhima in the same position. Her hands tightly clutched together, tears rolling down her eyes, staring at the idol in front of her pleading for her daughter's life. Armaan felt broken as he saw Ridhima in such a state. He gathered up the courage to face her and walked and kept his hand on her shoulder. Ridhima turned around to face him and looked at him questioningly.

R: Armaan, Rhea...Is she going to be okay?? Kya kaha Dr shubhankar ne? Hum.. hum use ghar kab leja sakte hai?? ' She held Armaan's  hand waiting for him to reply.

A: Ridhima..Okay..Calm down...I think tum bohot thak gayi ho. Let's go home first. ' Armaan said, trying to avoid her eyes.

R: What the hell Armaan? Rhea is alone here and you want us to go home? What kind of a father are you? ' Ridhima looked at him in anger as tears started rolling down her eyes again.

Armaan was really getting frustrated.What does she mean 'what kind of a father are you?'. Why doesn't she understand that he's taking her home for her own sake!

A: Shut up Ridhima! Aur chup chaap mere saath chalo!! ' He took hold of her wrist and took her out of the hospital. Ridhima was going to retort but saw the anger on his face and decided to stay quiet.

Armaan and Ridhima walked over to his car and sat down. Armaan switched the engine on and they left.


By the time the couple reached home, Ridhima had fallen asleep in the car. All throughout the journey they hadn't uttered a single word. Armaan decided it was better not to disturb her and just let her sleep. He got out of his car, went towards Ridhima's side and picked her up in his arms. He rang the bell of the house as he could not open the door himself and heard the door silently open by his servant/house helper.

Armaan stepped inside their bedroom and lay Ridhima down on the bed. He caressed her forehead and looked at her face. It was a mess to say the least. Her eyes had dark circles formed around them, her lips looked dry as she hadn't eaten or drank anything since a very long time and her hair was a complete disaster. He hated seeing his 'Basket' in such a state. He lay his head next to hers and whispered "I promise you Basket, Rhea will be fine..and she'll come back to us". Saying that, he kissed her on her forehead and decided to head back to the hospital. However, before leaving for the hospital, he instructed his maid to take full care of Ridhima, feed her when she wakes up and call him if she needs anything. With that, he left to go back to the hospital.


Armaan entered the Sanjeevani doors, his legs dragging him to face the reality once again. He was about to enter Rhea's room, when he heard a voice.


He turned around at the familiar voice only to find Muskaan running towards him with her stethoscope in her hand. Armaan just stared at her, not knowing what to say and how to explain the whole situation to her.

"Armaan, don't worry, mujhe mere Pati dev ne sab kuch bata diya hai! And guess what? I have some good news for you!!" ' Muskaan announced happily.

Armaan's expression changed from confused to shocked to excitement.

"Kyaa?!!"  - His eyes wide open now.

"Mera blood group bhi O negative hi hai..MEIN Rhea ko blood donate karungi!!!" ' Hearing this, Armaan couldn't express his happiness, the words of joy just wouldn't slip out so he pulled Muskaan into big tight hug as he sobbed into her arms whispering to her, "Thank you so much Muskaan..thank you so so so much..I can never repay this favour of yours..Just..Thank you sooo much!"

Muskaan: Oye! Friendship mein no sorry, no thank you!

A: Chal chal filmy! Pata nai Rahul tujhe kesa jhel ta hai! Can we please go now? ' Armaan said, wiping his tears off and smiling to her while Muskaan just laughed at his cuteness.

With that, Muskaan and Armaan headed inside Rhea's room and the procedure took place. In less than an hour everything was done..Muskaan had donated a lot of her blood to Rhea and this was enough for her to feel better. During the procedure, Rahul had also informed Ridhima that Rhea was fine now. Hearing this Ridhima had literally run back to the hospital to see her daughter..her angel..her life.

Now, Ridhima sat on one side of the bed holding Rhea's tiny hand while Armaan sat on the other side. The both didn't speak. Not a single word. Armaan looked over at Ridhima and sighed.

A: Ridhima..can we please talk to each other now? Let's just forget everything that happened and get together again.

R:Forget everything? Armaan, my daughter nearly died! She's in pain!And you want me to FORGET everything? ' Ridhima shouted, forgetting the fact that this was a hospital and she was disturbing Rhea.

Armaan looked at her with his eyes wide open. What the does she think of herself? He got up, held her wrist tight and dragged her out of the room to the fire escape.

A: Ridhima, yeh humara ghar nahi hai jo tum ese chilla rahi ho! And what do you mean 'my daughter'? She is MY daughter too DAMMIT!

Armaan looked at her with anger filled in his eyes and Ridhima too had a very similar expression.

R: Agar sach mein woh tumhari beti hai toh why couln't you take care of her? Why is she lying on a hospital bed! You know what Armaan..sach baat toh yeh hai ki TUM ek gher zimedaar baap ho. You are NOT able to care of your own daughter! ' Ridhima cried in anger.

A: RIDHIMA!! You know what..Tumhari problem yeh ke tum SIRF apna ghum jaanti ho. You don't care about how others never see their sadness or their sorrow!

R: Oh please you care? Haan mein sirf apna ghum jaanti hoon..happy? Or pata hai mujhe itne ghum KAUN deta hai? TUM Armaan! TUM!

A: Ohhh really? Toh mere saath rehti kyun ho? Chali kyun nahi jaati.. ' Armaan bit his tongue as he said this..


 Saying this, Ridhima stomped up the stairs and went back to Rhea's room. Armaan ran his hand through his hair and spoke to himself 'Oh shit..yeh maine kya keh diya Ridhima se..Ab woh sach mein chali gayi toh??'. He smacked the wall in anger and left the fire escape.

Both Armaan and Ridhima were angry. Their anger was justified to a certain extent..Ridhima being a mother had been through a lot trauma in the last 24 hours or so and Armaan had been deeply hurt by Ridhima's words. Hence, this was more of an explosion of 'feelings' from within than a fight.


It had been around around two hours since Armaan and Ridhima's fight. They were in the same room but never spoke a word. Finally, Rhea gain consciousness and was allowed to go home and was discharged by Shubhanker since Armaan and Ridhima were both doctors, so they could take care of her.

Armaan was about to pick Rhea up when he was stopped by a hand.

R: It's okay Armaan..I'm taking Rhea to Ma and Papa's house. She'll be fine there. ' Ridhima said coldly.

A: Shut up Ridhima! Rhea's coming with me and that's final. And I'm really not in the mood to have another fight with you.

Saying that, Armaan picked up Rhea and went to the parking area. Ridhima followed silently..

As they reached the car, Armaan lay Rhea down in the back seat, making sure she was comfortable and closed the door. Ridhima, on the other hand, ensured that her daughter was safely put and then called out 'TAXI!!'. Armaan looked at her shocked, went to her, grabbed her hand and made her sit down in his car. "Tum humare saath chal rahi ho Ridhima" he said grimly.  "Par mein.." before Ridhima could retort, Armaan sat down on his seat, rerred up the engine and started driving. Both stayed mum throughout the whole journey.


The journey came to an end as they reached the 'Mallik House'.

Armaan picked Rhea up again, and took her to AR's bedroom. He thought it would be a good idea if she was next to Armaan and Ridhima just incase something happened to her or she needed anything. Ridhima followed him to their room too.

R: Armaan.. mein aur Rhea guest room mein rahengein..

A: Woahh Ridhima..yeh sab kya natak hai ab?? Please. Mujhe laga ke Rhea agar aaj raat hum done ke paas rahi gi to acha hoga.

R: Lekin MUJHE tumhare paas nahi rehna.  ' Ridhima replied, frustrated.

A: Kyun? Kyun nahi rehna mere paas? ' Armaan walked towards her..while Ridhima backed away.

R: Kyunki ..wohh ' She stared at him stuttering due to his close proximity..Armaan on the other hand was enjoying this moment as he thought this was needed. It would definitely put a cross to their fights..

A: Hmmm bolo na Ridhima

Armaan was now holding Ridhima's hands behind her back and moved closer to her, nuzzling in between her neck and hair whilst he huskily mumbled 'bolo na..tum mere paas kyun nahi rehna chahti?'. Ridhima was blushing beet root now..She always did when Armaan was so close to her. Angry at herself for giving up to Armaan so easily, she pushed him away from herself and ran into the guestroom, locking the door from inside so Armaan can't get in.


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