Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Part 47: College Life

Niki room 

abhi try to sleep but he can’t so he stand up and go in balcony, abhi is looking outside he is so disturbed and moreover right now his professional life and personal life both are facing hard time... 

And here niki feel some commotion in room she turn and found side of her bed is empty and balcony door is open... 

Niki sighs and sit-ups then close her eyes.. 

Niki then smell smoke of cigarette and she knew abhi doesn’t smoke but when he is disturbed he use to do smoking and niki gets there is something more and Abhimanyu is hiding something so she stand up and go to him.. 

Niki without saying anything take cigarette from his hand and throw it... 

Abhi: am sorry... 

Niki grab abhi hand and tag him along with her inside the room then she make him settled on bed..

Niki: look abhi I don’t kya hua hai but i know kuch bhut badi baat hai and i have right to know.. 

Abhi: niki aisa kuch nhi hai bas am upset because I lashed out at you ..

Niki: ok dekho tum chate ho main tumhari baat suno ..

Abhimanyu nod in yes.. 

Niki: ok i will listen but before that tum meri kasam khao ki sab sach bologe or kuch bhi nhi hide karoge.. jo puchongi sach bata doge...

Abhi : ok I swear on you .. 

Niki: tum sach me mean karte ho vo sab are you regretting our marriage.. 

Abhimanyu stand and grab niki hands and look in her eyes.. 

Abhi: no never you are the best thing ever happened to me .... I love you, I can’t imagine my life without you.. and am sry.. i was frustrated or sara gussa tum par nikal gya ... 

Niki smile but then hide her smile before abhi can notice.. 

Niki: ok then tell me what is bothering you.. 

Abhi: you remember mr singh project.. 

Niki : yes on which i was working... 

Abhi nod in yes.. 

Abhi : you send them wrong quotations and when I meet-up with them they refuse to buy on the original quotation and they show me the one you send .. 

Niki gasp and put her hands on her mouth..

I tried every possible thing to make them agree but they give this project to other company... and we face heavy lose due to or humare shares bhi gir gye hain.. and in short i am finished tear rolled down from abhi eye.. 

And after listening everything from Abhimanyu niki is shocked and her face is covered with tears... 

Niki: it’s all my fault i ruined everything tumhari mehnat tumhara kaam sab meri karan dub gya... 

Abhi: no jaan tumhari galti nhi hai mujhe bhi cross check karna chaiye tha and moreover that mujhe tum par gussa nhi nikalna chaiye tha, main bas tab bhut preshan tha or tumhe nhi batna chata tha sorry please maaf kardo.. 

Niki hug abhi and cry ... 

Niki: nhi tumhari galti nhi hai tum preshan the or maine bhi itna stupid step liya instead of helping you or understanding you main yhan agyi or kabhi try hi nhi kiya even tumhare msg or calls bhi ignore kiya am sorry .... 

Abhi: please niki sorry mat bolo jo bhi ho mujhe vo sab nhi bolna chaiye tha.. please jaan stop crying please... 

Niki: did anyone know about the company share.. 

Abhi: haan your dad and chachu knows.. 

Niki : fir kisi ne mujhe batya kyun nhi .. 

Abhi : maine mana kiya tha unko next day hi pata lag gya tha .. 

Niki: i am sorry jab tumhe meri need thi tab hi main sath nhi thi or jab galti hi meri hai let me talk to mr singh may be sab thk ho jaye.. 

Abhi: nhi koi need nhi hai vese bhi meri baat chal rhi hai new client se unse hi meeting karne gya tha Bangalore just pray ki kal unka call ajye to sab thk ho jayega.. 

Niki : tum inte difficult time me bhi mujhe calls kar rhe the or main .. 

Abhi: niki tumhari galti nhi hai maine gusse me jo bola vo tumhe hurt karta hi but please ye mat sochna ki maine tumhe vo sab isliye bola ki main tum par gussa tha, nhi main frustrate tha or tum par nikal gya sab .. 

Niki nod and hug him tight... 

Abhi: vese to dad ne bhi offer kiya tha ki collaboration karne ko bol rhe hain but I really don’t want to take his help .. 

Niki nod in yes .. 

Niki: don’t wry hum milker sab thk karlenge.. 

Abhi nod and niki come close to abhi to kiss his lips but abhi put his hand on niki lips.. 

Niki : ab kya hua.. 

Abhi: ek min main abhi aya .. 

Abhi run in washroom.. 

Niki: ab inko kya hogya but then she start feeling guilty, and start thinking how she is responsible for everything.. fir bhi abhi is thinking about her .. and she was doubting his love and blaming him .. 

Abhi come back and hug her from behind.. 

Abhi: hey I know jo hua tum bhul jao bas ab socho ki kese sab thk karna hai or haan ek baar ye problem solve ho jaye then i will take you for Holiday .. 

Niki turn in his hold and pull him in kiss this time he kiss her back .. 

Niki: tum brush karne gye the.. 

Abhi: maine smoke kiya tha or tumhe pasand nhi to you know.. 

Niki laugh and pull him again for soulful kiss and then both spend all night showering love to each other... 

Armaan and riddhima move back in pub and found everyone is waiting for them.. 

Sonia: umm riddhima am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you sorry.. 

Riddhima: oh its ok sonia it was game 
and riddhima hug sonia.. 

Rachit: actually meri bhi galti hai to am sorry mujhe itna jada nhi dalna chaiye tha.. 

Riddhima: its ok am fine now.. 

Roy: haan hona bhi hai fine ab to .. 

Roy said putting his arm on armaan shoulder in teasing tone.. 

Armaan remove his arm and then smack his head.. 

Riddhima: chalo sheru karen fir , riddhima said ignoring roy 

Everyone nod and riddhima spin the bottle and it’s rachit turn... 

Rachit : dare ..

Riddhima: ok i dare you talk to this bottle imaging this as your crush.. 

Rachit: ok .. 

Rachit pick the bottle and make it close to him and start talking to the bottle .. 

Rachit: we are friends since we both are kids we know each other but you don’t know that I love you.. you are my everything, i love your attitude.. tum na bhut stubborn ho .... or sabse achi baat tumhari ye hai ki tum bilkul coconut ki tara ho ander se narm or bhar se hard .. har insaan jaruri nhi tumhe hurt kare , kuch log tumse bhut pyar karte hain muka to do .. mager tum khan samjhogi.. ho hi pagli.. screw jo dhila hai tumhara .. 

All this Rachit said looking at bottle as he is talking to girl but this make everyone awww except sonia because she definitely knows he was talking about her... 

Riddhima: wow not bad.. 

Armaan: kash jisko ye sab bolna chahte ho vo sun leti to abhi haan kardeti.. 

Abhay: kya pata sun liya ho.. 

Armaan : matlab.. 

Rachit: kuch nhi aise hi bakwas karta hai ye to .. 

Rachit then pick the bottle and spin.. 

Piya: sonia ... 

Sonia: dare smirking.. 

Rachit looks in her eyes and smirk .. 

Rachit: abhi bhi chance hai you can back out... 

Sonia: main kisi se darti nhi bolo kya karna hai .. 

Rachit: you sure.. 

Sonia: yes ab bolo.. 

Rachit: call you dad right now and talk for at least 2 min ... 

Sonia get freeze, and then again look towards rachit but this time with hurt in eyes.. 

Sonia don’t want to disclose her personal life in front of everyone and don’t want to speculate anything so cover up she smile ..

Sonia: you know dad abhi busy honge .. 

Rachit: its dare babe call karo or 

Sonia : ok fine but dad call hi nhi pick karenge .. 

And Sonia call her dad.. 

Rachit : put it on laud speaker.

After 2 ring her dad pick call .. 

Sonia: hello ... 

Sonia dad: hello beta .. 
tear roll down from sonia eye.. sonia cut the call and run inside washroom.. 

Rachit sighs ... 

But all the seniors look towards each other like what was that or ye kesa dare tha, but know one said anything.. 

Abay: i think ab hume dinner karna chaiye.. 

Piya: haan chalo .. 

Armaan and roy also nod ... 

Riddhima: main abhi ati hon tum log chalo.. 

Armaan nod and riddhima excuse herself.. 

Rachit go outside to make call to someone.. 

Rachit: hello dev uncle.. 

dev: thank you beta aj kam se kam uski awaj to suni.. 

Rachit : uncle don’t wry i will try vo apko call kare right know she is not ready.. 

Dev : ok beta uska dhayan rakhna... 

Rachit: ok uncle ap bhi apna dhayan rakho.. 

Sonia is crying when riddhima enter in the washroom.... 
Sonia try to hide her tears when riddhima grab her hand to stop her from going ..

Sonia: not now riddhima.. 

Riddhima: look sonia I don’t know you we are not friends... and you know some time it is easy to share your feelings, I promise i will not tell anyone or will not judge you.. 

Sonia: listen I don’t need your sympathy so just go from here and leave me alone.. 

Riddhima: am not showing you sympathy.. 

Sonia: what ever leave me alone.. 

Riddhima: but.. 

Sonia: ok fine main hi chali jati hon.. 

Back in pub.. 
Now almost everyone having dinner and armaan is waiting for riddhima.. 

First sonia come and sit with piya and in front of rachit is sitting he look towards her but sonia ignore him.. 

Riddhima aslo come and sit with armaan.. 

Armaan: dinner.. 

Riddhima nod in yes.. 

Armaan : main lekar ata hon tum betho.. 

Armaan come back and place plate full of food in front of riddhima.. 

Riddhima: tumhari plate khan hai.. 

Armaan: tumhare sath share kar lunga.. 

Riddhima give smile to him both start eating food from one plate only.. 

Others was also busy in eating except sonia who was trying hard to act normal but she want to run from there..

Roy: vese na aj do bade khulase hue hain.. 

Piya : vo kya .. 

Roy: ye hi ki rachit and abhay kisi se pyar karte hain.. 

Abhay start coughing.. 

Abhay: kya nhi to han rachit jarur karta hai kisi se bhut pyar... 

Rachit glare abhay.. 

Sonia: abhay pheli baat pyaar jaisa kuch nhi hota sab jarurat ki baat hoti hai or dusri baat rachit kisi se pyar nhi karta .. 

Rachit look towards sonia.. 

Abhay: tum kese bol sakti ho vo kisi se pyar karta hai ya nhi.. 

Sonia: bas pata hai mujhe.. 

Rachit: sonia tumhe galat femi hai ki tum sab janti ho.. 

Sonia: ohh really tum sab jante ho.. 

Piya : guys chodo na kyun bhes kar rhe ho.. 

But sonia is so pissed up so she stand up in anger.. 

rachit try to stop her , so he also stand up and come to sonia.. 
Rachit: sonia
Sonia : you know what tum kisi se pyar nhi karte ager tum mujhse pyar karte hote to tum kabhi mujhe force nhi karte call karne k liye.. tum bas apne uncle ko prove karna chahte ho ki tum kitne ache ho .. 

Rachit: you what sonia tum kisi ki feeling ko kabhi nhi samjh sakti , are jo ladki apne father ki feeling ko na samjh sake vo meri feeling kya samjhegi.. 

Slap .............. 

Sonia slap rachit hard on his face and everyone stare them with shock and all girls put there palms on mouth.. 

Sonia leave from there now she is crying this whole scene just watch by the gang only... 

Riddhima run behind sonia calling her name armaan let her go ..... and abhay put his hand on rachit shoulder.. 

Sonia is just walking fast her face is cover with tears... 

Sonia: mumma kyun chale gye ap i miss you.. 

Riddhima come there running and stop sonia.. 

Riddhima: sonia 

But next action of riddhima shock sonia, riddhima just hug sonia tightly sonia try to push riddhima... 

Sonia : just leave me ... 

Riddhima: hey calm down.. 

Sonia again try push but riddhima didn’t budge.. and then sonia hug her back resting her head on riddhima shoulder she cried her heart out .. 

Riddhima : jitna roena hai roe am not gonna stop you nikal lo sab bhar through your tears.. 

After good 10 minutes riddhima take her towards bench and make her sit there.. 

Riddhima: you want to talk.. 

Sonia: nod in yes.. 

Riddhima: ok bolo am here for you.. 

Sonia: riddhima aisa nhi hai main kisi ki feeling ko nhi samjhti , main pather dil nhi hon mere pass bhi feeling hai but I don’t want to get hurt .. 

Riddhima nod in understanding and sonia continues.. 

Sonia: riddhima main 10 years ki thi jab meri mom died, I understand dad lost his love .. he was shattered but i was also shattered i need someone to look after me to take care of me.. but dad make himself busy in business.. he make sure to give me everything.. he give me money, luxury but what about his love his care his time.. 

Sonia again started crying.. 

Sonia: maine apni mom ko hi nhi dad ko bhi kho diya .. haan mere pass rachit tha uski family thi even piya bhi thi .. but mere pass mere mom dad nhi the .. or ab jab main apni life me akela rhena sikh liya hai dad ko meri yaad agyi mujhse milna chate hain or mujhse baat karna chate hai ..., mujhe nhi karni baat.. 

Riddhima: shhhh bas dekho sonia I understand ek bache ko jab uske parents ki sabse jada need thi vo tumhare pass nhi the, but ek baar apne dad k bare me soch kar dekho unki jaga rhe kar dekho shayad unko samjh pao , we are no one to judge others .. hume nhi pata us insaan par kya beet rhi hai , but ek baat jarur bolongi.. ek baar apne dad ko call karo ek muka do .. varna sari lyf tum regret karogi ki tumne unko muka nhi diya..

Sonia:tumhe sach me lagta hai mujhe baat karni chaiye.. 

Riddhima: haan ek baar karo apne sakoon k liye.. 

Sonia nod in yes.. 

Riddhima: ek or baat dekho sonia ye tumhari life hai main tumhe kisi cheej k liye force nhi karongi.. but itna jurur bataongi ki rachit tumse bhut pyar karta hai or main ye bhi janti hon tum bhi use pyar karti ho maine usi din dekh liya tha jab tumne bola tha tum abhay k sath pair karna chati ho because tum dar rhi thi uske kareeb rhene se, or fir jab vo piya k kareeb gya tab tumhe jealous feel hua.. 

Sonia look towards riddhima in shock.., but riddhima blink her eyes and give smile.. 

Riddhima: sirf ye hi reason tha maine tumhe kuch nhi kha jab tum mere armaan par try kar rhi thi .. 

Sonia chuckle and riddhima also chukle.. 

Riddhima: tum just khud ko distract karna chati thi rachit se or fling dhund rhi thi.. 

Sonia: tumhre pass koi power hain kya mind read karne ki.. 

Riddhima: nhi bas samjh hai logon ko samjhne ki.. 

Sonia: hmmm or tum ab kya samjha .. 

Riddhima: dekho apne dil ki suno or rachit ko muka do vo tumhe hurt nhi karega kabhi bhut pyar karta hai tumse or call your dad 

Riddhima take sonia phone and dial sonia dad’s no and give it back to sonia.. and give sonia space to talk to her dad..

Riddhima found rachit and armaan standing there far away from them riddhima go towards them riddhima blink her eyes .. 

Riddhima: rachit jao usko tumhari need hai abhi.. 

Rachit nod and go towards sonia....

armaan give big smile to riddhima and hug her from side .. 

Armaan: you know what .. 

Riddhima: what .. 

Armaan: i just love your this quality.. 
armaan kiss her cheeks., riddhima smile and rest her head on armaan chest..

Both look towards sonia and rachit sit beside her.. 

Sonia is still on call and then she put her head on rachit shoulder and with one hand she grab rachit arm.. 

Rachit give her comfort and armaan riddhima both smile looking towards them .. 

Afte good 30 min sonia finish call with smile.. 
Sonia: am sry 
Rachit: its ok, ghar chalen.. 
Sonia: haan chalo.. 
Rachit and sonia stand up to go.. 

But then sonia stop rachit by grabbing his hand.. 

Sonia: ek min.. 

Rachit: haan bolo .. 

Sonia: vo mujhe kuch bolna tha.. 

Rachit: haan bolo sun rha hon.. 

Sonia: I 

Rachit: haan .. 
Sonia then pull rachit in kiss shocking rachit and armaan riddhima also 

Armaan Riddhima turn and look in other direction 

Rachit is so shock that he even not respond., so sonia pull back and look towards rachit.. 

Rachit: what was that.. 
Sonia: nothing. 

Rachit: no why you steal my first kiss.. 
Sonia: because i love you duffer.. 

Rachit look towards sonia but sonia move further.. 
but this time rachit grab her hand and spin her towards him and kiss him passionately.. 

And in meantime others also come their and found them kissing so they start hotting and this break their moment and both hug each other ..

Rachit: i love you so so much. 

Sonia: i know that.. 

Then others come to them and start teasing them also congratulate sonia and rachit.. 

But sonia look towards riddhima.. 

Sonia hug riddhima and thanks her .. 

Sonia: thank you so so much riddhima.. 

Riddhima hug her back.. 

Piya: chalo am so happy finally rachit ko uska pyar mila to 

Riddhima: haan ab bas ek insaan rhe gya hai jisko realize hona baki hai.. 

Piya: kon .. 

Armaan: bhut jald pata lag jayega koi baat nhi .. 

Armaan said looking towards abhay .. 

All then get busy in teasing rachit and sonia .. 

Armaan: chalen ab .. 

Riddhima: haan .. 

Then armaan riddhima wish everyone good night and leave for home ..... 

Armaan: kya baat hai aj to bhut smile kar rhi ho... 

Riddhima: haan jab pyar hota hai na as pass bhut khusi hoti hai...

Armaan: hume bhi kabhi pyar kar liya karo.. 

Armaan said pulling riddhima towards him.. 

Riddhima: acha to roka kisne hai .. 

Armaan: mera man nhi kar rha tumhe ghar drop karne ka .. 

Riddhima: fir tum bhi ghar chalo.. 

Armaan: jaa sakta to jarur jata .. 

Riddhima pout.. 

Riddhima: acha suno kal shopping par jana hai to kal direct mall miloge ya pick karne aoge.. 

Armaan: jesa ap bolen jaan .. 

Riddhima: jaisa kal plan hoga ager mom or bhi sath chal rhe hain to direct milenge nhi to ap ajana pic karne ..

Armaan: jo hukum meri sarkar.. 

Riddhima smile ..

Armaan: chalo ander tak chod ata hon.. 

Riddhima: jaise ap sahi samjhe.. 

Armaan and riddhima go inside the house lights are dim because everyone is sleeping... 

Armaan : acha main chalta hon.. 

Riddhima: ok .. 

Armaan turn to go but riddhima push armaan in way that armaan is pinned to wall and riddhima is standing close to him..

Armaan: jaan irada kya hai apka.. 

Riddhima: tumhe kya lagta hai ... 

Armaan:mujhe to khatra lag rha hai .. 

Riddhima starts moving her finger on armaan face sensually.... 

Shashank: kon hai vhan .. 

Both get startled and their became big and they start hiding more.. 

Armaan: papa ..

Riddhima: papa .. 

Both whispers and start hiding behind the sofas.. 

Armaan: tum chup kyun rhi ho tumhara ghar hai..

Riddhima: tum kyun chup rhe ho tumhara bhi to sasural hai .. 

Armaan: haan tum kya chati ho main apne sasur ji k samne unki beti se romance karon.. 

Riddhima: armaan.. 

Shashank: riddhima beta ap ho kya.. 

Armaan : ise phele papa light on karen jao .. 

Riddhima: main nhi ja rhi kya bolongi papa ko.. 

Armaan: ager aise pakde gye to kya boloenge ki yhan beth kar pooja kar rhe the.. 

Riddhima glare armaan.. 

Armaan: jaan please jao na .. 

Armaan push riddhima ..

Shashank: Riddhima.. 

Riddhima: haan haan papa main hon.. 

Shashank: ek min main light on karta hon .. 

Riddhima want to stop shashank but Shashank on the light.. 

Shashank:apke sath koi or bhi tha kya..

Riddhima: nhi nhi to papa 

Shashank: armaan nhi aya chodne .. 

Riddhima: aya tha na papa .. 

Shashank: acha kab aye ap.. 

Riddhima: bas abhi ayi hon .. 

Shashank: beta ap bar bar udher kya dekh rhe ho .. 

Shashank start walking towards sofa and riddhima hurt beat start increasing.. 

Shashank come and look and there is no one and riddhima also come and get shock .. 

Riddhima: ye khan gya ... 

Shashank: kon khan gya beta.. 

Riddhima: papa flower pot tha na yhan vo hahaha.. 

Shashank: beta ap thk ho na .. 

Riddhima: haan papa .. 

Shashank: chalo ap jao rest karo main door band kar deta hon.. 

Riddhima nod in yes and go in her room but all the time she is looking back for armaan.. 

Shashank look suspiciously towards riddhima then hall .. 

Riddhima enter in room and found anjali already sleeping on the bed Riddhima then go in her balcony and found armaan car is outside now .. 

Riddhima: ye bhar gya kese .. 

Riddhima go and change her clothes and come back she called armaan.. 

Armaan: hanji jaan .. 

Riddhima: armaan tum bhar kese gye.. 

Armaan: jab tum khadi hui thi tab hi nikal gya tha crawl karke.. 

Riddhima: or main aise hi dar rhi thi.. 

Armaan: or karo romance ager aj sasur ji ne dekh liya hota na tumhara to pata nhi meri class jarur lag jati.. 

Riddhima: acha baba age se dhayan rakhongi tum phunch gye ghar.. 

Armaan: hanji abhi phuncha hon and you know what jiju ki car yhan khadi hai means aj jiju bhi ghar hain.. 

Riddhima: haan Bhaiya ne aj ana to tha.. 

Then armaan riddhima get busy in talk riddhima then cut the call and sleep beside anjali.... 

Next day 
Abhi sleep get disturb by phone ring he open his eyes and found niki close to him.. 

Abhi smiles and then he get down from bed wears his shorts and go in balcony to pick the call without disturbing niki sleep .. 

Abhi pick the call and talk with person about business for 30 mins.. and niki come there and hug abhi from behind.. 

Abhi then finsh call and hug niki.. 

Abhi: aj ka din bhut lucky hai mere liye.. 

Niki: vo kese .. 

Abhi: phele tumne mujhe maaf kardiya or then hume deal mil gyi even advance bhi agya hai ... 

Niki: really am so happy .. 

Both hug each other ... 

On breakfast abhi tell karan and billy about the deals and they discuss about the business when malik women’s come there ordering them to have food first.. 

Nandani: kitni baar bola hai khane k waqt to business chod diya karen.. 

Karan: jesa ap khen, vese ye armaan khan hai.. 

Armaan: kisi ne mujhe yaad kiya.. 

Armaan then wish everyone good morning and meet abhi.. 

Armaan : acha hua jiju ap agye di k face par smile to ayi varna sara din muh latka kar ghumti thi..

Abhi smiles and niki smack armaan arm.. 

Niki: tu chup kar .. 

Armaan: badi maa , maa main juth bol rha hon batao .. 

Billy: baat to vese bilkul sahi boli hai armaan ne.. 

Niki: chachu ap bhi .. 

Then everyone start teasing niki and Abhimanyu enjoy this so much.. 

Mall .... 
Armaan, riddhima, atul and anjali come for shopping only others was busy in their work.. 

Riddhima: umm armaan tum or jiju na food court me wait karo main or anjali abhi ate hain.. 

Armaan: are kyun bhi hum bhi sath chate hain , help kardenge choose karne me .. 

Riddhima: armaan samjha karo .. 

Atul: are chalo na hum bhi chalte hain..

Anjali and riddhima exchange looks and then give smirks..

Riddhima: to tum sach me jana chate ho..

Anjali: paka .. 

Both boys nods .. 

Riddhima: ok chalo fir .. 

Riddhima grab armaan hand and anjali grab atul hand and both take them to lingerie shop.. 

Now boys are shock and embarrass and riddhima, anjali try to control their laugh because boys face are flushed.. 

Armaan: riddhima main or atul tumhe na food court me hi milte hain.. 

Riddhima : kyun chalo na ao help karo hume ab choose karne me ..

Riddhima tease armaan ..

Armaan and atul both leave the shop in hurry .. 

Both girls laugh .. 

Riddhima: hahaha shakal dekhi dono ki.. 

Anjali: beta armaan se na bach kar rhena jaise tune use tease kiya hai na ab vo tujhe jarur tease karega.. 

Riddhima: vo dekha jayega.. 

Anjali and riddhima then get busy in shopping.. 

After good 1 hour riddhima and anjali go in food court and call armaan.. 

Riddhima: armaan khan ho tum..

Armaan: hum log bowling kar rhe hain ..

Riddhima: hum hogye free ajao ab..

Armaan: haan ate hain tum log order karo hum aye bas..

Riddhima: ok.. 

Then boys come in 5 min and they order the food..

Armaan : vese na bilkul sahi jaga choose ki tum logon ne mussoorie for wedding..

Anjali: yaar beach wedding hum sab enjoy kar chuke hain to atul ne socha kyun na hills me karen.. 

Riddhima: or main kal resort check kar rhi thi bhut hi sunder resort hai.. 

Armaan: acha fir to or maja ayega.. 

Riddhima: jiju rooms ka dhayan rakhna hum sabke as pass hi hone chaiye.. 

Anjali: haan haan jaise humare hath me hai sab badon k hath me hai.. 

Armaan: koi na uska hum dekh lenge .. 

Riddhima: haan bade aye dekhne vale.. 

Like this they have their dinner and make plans for anjali, atul marriage.. 

Hey guys here come the next part hope ap sabko acha lage I know ise ar part bhut kam hai.. 
Lots of love 
Akanksha 💕

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