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part 5 & 6 : KHAMOSHI (AR mini)


Armaan had strange feelings inside him.He didn't know how his Riddhima wud luk wid vermillion n bangles etc. just like married women.He smiled at his thought n his wounds refreshed once more.
He didn't knw how he wud face her n all.He knew she wud b angry as he had made no contact wid any of them but he was helpless.
finishing his packing he tuk the car keys n went to the club.
He saw the manager very upset n asked the problem.Manager told that there was a stage function from the club inhonour of a celebrity guest but the performer excused himself the right moment n failing to this show they will have to pay huge costs along wid the loss of the club.
this club was Armaan's second home as he wud cum here play basketball sumtimes go to the disco n every moment ridz was wid him like his shadow.wenever he was not sure to do a surgery he wud remember her words- Armaan mujhpar bharosa rakho tum yeh kar sahtey ho aur main janti hoon tum mera bharosa kabhi nahin todogey.These words wud do magic 2 him n he always accomplished his surgeries in the most efficient manner n dat was the reason no operation failed 4m him n he gained fame all over US n in other nations so easily.
Armaan cudn't see that club losing its popularity n getting into financial crisis so he decided 2 help them

He told them dat he'll perform.the manager knew Armaan very well n he knew he wu do it as he cud read the congidence in our hero's eyes.
Armaan went to the venue n marched towards the stage
Dressed in sleevelss black jacket widout wearing anything else inside n black quartised jeans wid microphone in his ears he was lukin no less than a star.
the song began n he danced extremely well.

HE felt s if the song was made for him only.He always prayed for her well being n it was the affect of his prayers only dat she managed 2 get away 4m abhi dat night.Thank god that he was drunk otherwise she had no escape.

[abhimanyu modi wud go so low 2 the extent that he'll forget his oath which he tu k while getting the degree noone knew.After his marriage wid ridz he was desperate to get her but since she asked for time he drooled over other girls his ex girlfriends & slept wid them.He was a complete womaniser .Ridz knew nothing abt it but later after running away n her divorce she came 2 knw abt this thru Niki n she hated him even more.Nikita had been gr8 support to her n now she knew why she was Armaan's best frnd.she missed armaan cried for him every night silently
lekin undonon main se kisi ne bhi is khamoshi main bhi kisi ko yeh zahir nahin honey diya ki kitna dard chupa rakha hai apney dilon main.
Rahul n muski were married n muski was expecting her first baby.
Atul n anjy were also married a month be4 n all of them missed Armaan a lot.Infact whole sanjeevani was lifeless widout armaan.The charm the fun all was was gone.their were no parties no fights no masti n drama n it became a place of work only.

the new interns came in sanjeevani 2 months bak but had no interaction wid their seniors as our gang had wid shubhankar n Kirti.
the latter were also married n shofted 2 Lonavala orphanage.shashank was still the dean n the duty incharge of interns was ridz.]

Armaan sat in the flight n his mind drifted to the old days.He felt a bit ecited but at the same time deeply hurt.
he switched on the ipod n the song played was

kyun hawa aaj yun garahi hai 4m Veer Zaara
Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai...(2)

Kyon Fiza Rang Chhalka Rahi Hai

Mere Dil Bata Aaj Hona Hai Kya

Chaandni Din Mein Kyun Chha Rahi Hai

Zindagi Kis Taraf Ja Rahi Hai

Mere Dil Bata Kya Hai Ye Silsila

Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai,

Ga Rahi Hai, Ga Rahi Hai

( Jahan Tak Bhi Jayein Nigahein

Baraste Hain Jaise Ujale )...(2)

Saji Aaj Kyun Hain Ye Raahein

Khile Phool Kyun Hain Nirale

Khushbuein Kaisi Ye Bah Rahi Hain

Dhadkanein Jane Kya Kah Rahi Hai

Mere Dil Bata Ye Kahani Hai Kya

Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai,

Ga Rahi Hai, Ga Rahi Hai

( Yeh Kiska Hai Chehra Jise Main

Har Ek Phool Mein Dekhta Hoon )... (2)

Yeh Kiski Hai Aawaz Jisko

Na Sun Ke Bhi Main Sun Raha Hoon

Kaisi Ye Aahtein Aa Rahi Hain

Kaise Ye Khwab Dikhla Rahi Hain

Mere Dil Bata Kaun Hai Aa Raha

Kyon Hawa Aaj Yun Ga Rahi Hai

Ga Rahi Hai, Ga Rahi Hai
The flight tuk off at 12am n wud reach India at 12noon tomorrow.He felt the sog was made for him n ridz only.He cud feel every line of the song.
the night ridz was home but anjy again had night duty.
she felt the winds turning strange.The climate changed 4m moderate one to a bit more cooler as clouds were in the air
she went to the terrace n lukd at the sky
RI: jaisey in baadlon main chand gum hogaya hai
waisey hi mera Armaan bhi kho gaya hai
aur aisa khoya ki aaj tak nahin mila
falak par toh chand dobara nazar aajata hai
par pata nahin meri zindagi ka chand dobara kab nazar aayega

silent tears oozed out her eyes n it started raining all of a sudden .the song from baaabul played in the background as she imagined Armaan wid her n danced n played in the rain wid her.
Bawari piya ki'..
O'.Bawari piya ki'.
Kase kahe jaake peer jiyaki
Bawari piya ki'. Bawari piya ki'.

Piyu rang maan ki chunar rangai..
Piyu piyu ratha ke piyu main samai
Ban gai chhaya'.aa'.
Chhal baliya ki'.

Bawari piya ki'.

Itha utha dekhe panth nihare,
Har din palchhin naam pukare
Sud nahi bisare
Maan basiya ki

Bawari piya ki
Kase kahe jaake peer jiya ki
Bawari Piya ki
Padma came 2 her room n not finding her there n went 2 terrace.She saw her daughter behaving insanely by doin salsa ll alone
suddenly Armaan vanished from the sight of Ridz n she sat on the floor crying
Padma brought her in n den she told him how much she luvd Armaan.Padma consoled her daughter n wen she slept after a lot of crying she went to her room thinking abt past events how she was sad in her wedding n everything.She prayed 2 god to get bak her daughters happiness.


As Armaan's first step landed on the grounds of mumbai airport he felt a sudden attachment to this place he remembered how he felt wen he was leaving.he felt as if SRK's movie[om shanti om] song- chan se jo tutey koi sapna was written only for him.He left Mumbai wid a heavy heart n cumin bak 2 it brought many memories bak sum new feelings the excitement to meet his all frnds ,go bak 2 Sanjeevani which was his work place n see his riddhima .Wait a min
He realised
AR: why am I so happy riddhimais not mine now she belongs to sumone else n I've no rights upon her so why am i so eager 2 meet her.No Armaan calm down she is not urs.
He let a deep sigh
He was made 2 cum out of his thoughts wen 2 people approached him from Sanjeevani n escorted him to the car

Here in sanjeevani
Dr. Shashank instructed the senoir doctors n the new interns to b very alert n no mistakes shud b done as this project was much imp. for the hospital.
Dr. riddhima had to do the presentation.all they knew was dat a young achiever in medical field who is a renowned surgeon is cumin 2 Mumbai.
Riddhima felt dat since morning the winds were not usual.she felt the air around her soothing.she felt it familiar. she didn't know why she felt the air n Sanjeevani the same as wen she was wid ammy.she was having a gud feeling inside after ages n this strange turmoil of feelings n emotions were disturbing her a lot while she was rehearsing for the presentation.

Just then shashank called everyone at the reception n asked the senior doctors to go in conference room & instructed the interns to do their duties perfectly
all waited in the conference room for Armaan
Armaan first moved to his old house which was clean n clear coz of his kaka who lukd after the house n now was extremely happy to see him bak.after refreshing himself he moved on his way 2 Sanjeevani wid the 2 men.
Armaan entered the conference hall n the excitement of the senior doctors turned into shock
Atul,anjy,Rahul,Muski ,Shashank all were stunned 2 see him.niki smiled 2 have her best frnd bak while riddhima was blank
she didn't know how to react
he went to dr. shashank n bend down to take his blessings
AR: sir pata nahin sab mujhey aisey kyun dekh rahey hain but never miond I shud tell u dat I'm the surgeon who will b lukin after this project
Shashank smiled 2 see his intern so successful n hugged him as if appreciating his hard work
SH: Dr. Riddhima u plz bgin
Armaan for the first time lukd at ridz after takin his seat
he found her weak pale face silent eyes which had lot of pain.the Riddhima whhom he luvd was nowhere seen.How can he 4get her smile,the glow on her face,the glint in her eyes, her delighted face wwen she was wid him,.How can he??
He was hurt seeing her like dat but didn't jad the copurage to luk in her eyes.
all were surprised by this sudden khamoshi[silence] in the room.
SH: DR. riddhima plz begin
Riddhima felt as if she tried to speak but the words were not cumin in her mouth she tried to put on the projector to begin but found her hands no having no strength to move
All were confused
AR: DR. riddhima can u plz start up wid the presentation
Hearing Riddhima 4m his mouth she felt so gud so happy so relaxed dat she closed her eyes to recollect his words again n again
AR: Riddhima plz begin evveryone is waiting
this time riddhima felt as if his words gave her all the strength she need all this time to speak up
RI: I'm sorry I shall begin now
she started the presentation
In the begin her heart tried 2 sweep her mind to Armaan but she kept concentrating n finally she gave an excellent presentation describing even the details of the project in the best way she can.
Armaan never doubted her mediacl capapbilities n he felt proud the way she described her points.
He thought dat riddhima has becum more smart in her work in the last 2 yrs
the first person to clap as she finished was Armaan who stud up his seat n clapped honestly followed by others
AR: Excellent job Doctor.I agree to do this project n it will b a gud chance to work wid such efficient doctors like u.
all smiled
he left the conference room after signing the papers offered by shashank n all went to ridz
they all decided to get Armaan's collar for his long absence n went towards the canteen as they expected him to b there


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