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part 5 & 6 : shades of luv


Sitting in the lawn they were enjoying the wind blowing towards them

"u know wat i meet our col kavita teacher that day, she still looks like a horror movie" she said smiling to the old

time again

his eyes widened "that baby elephant? u know she was soo happy when we graguated, she was soo tired of us"

"yea i know, tumhe yaad hai ek din tumne uske gaadi tire punchur kar diya tha" she said

"aur usko ghar drop kiya tha, 120 ki speed pe, uski toh jaan chali gayi thi" armaan added

"omg kitna chila rahi thi" she said giving a high five to him while both laughed to their old times

they were now talking how evil they were, there was not even one teacher in school or col who didnt complain about them, they

didnt leave any stone turned to trouble their teachers they laughed like hell out

"hey howz angie n adnan?" he asked starring at her for the truth after talking about the old times

within fraction of secs the pretty mile of ridz vanished, couldnt understand wat should be the answer? The truth or false

...she saw a battle played by her heart n brain, her heart wanted to hide the truth while her brain was asking her to speak

up the truth

"they are fine" she said placing a fake smile on her lips

quickly she got up looking at the watch she said "i have work at sangivni, i should make a move now"

"wait a min, i will drop u" he said n followered her towards the main door in silence

"i have a car, u can rest i will go alone" he starred at her thinking how much she hated driving she always liked someone

else driving while she would sit next to the seat n enjoy the music

"u have changed over the year?" he said still couldnt understand y she is not sharing her bitter past

"everyone has changed, look out the world also has changed" she said digging her eyes in the ground, just couldnt get courage

 to face him

"yea i saw everything has changed even my neighbours has changed first there was a 80 yr old lady now 18 yr old sxy gurl but"

he stopped to check where is her attention

she smiled at him n his stupid talks "but wat"

"but her nose is very long" he starred at her trying to see her reaction

she looked at him still making out wat she heard rolling her eye ball she replied "wat u have to do with her nose"

"u know naa if u wanna date DR Armaan u need to be toooo perfect" he smiled n sat in the car

"yea yea i know" she said switching on the radio

"whichever song is played 1st is for u from my side, 2nd from ur side" she starred him with disbeleif

"u still remember our stupid games" she stated

he nodded

diverting her mind he quickly played a cd while she thought radio is on

(bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum - 2

khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do

bechaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa) - 2

listening to the few lines she tries to change the fm "dont change the song, i like this song" he said

"u like this song" she rolled her eye ball n said

"my last gf was a indian she loved this song becoz of he even i like this song" he tried to give a convincing reason

(bhigi palkon se churaa lungaa nami

rehane dungaa naa, khahin koi kami) - 2

tumko daaman naa bhigone dungaa

ab kabhi tumko naa rone dungaa

uljhane ghum ki parchhaiye

de do mujhe apni tanhaaiyaan

gumnamiyaan bhi do, naakaamiyaan bhi do

viraaniyaan bhi de do, de do naa

(tere hotho pe sajaa dungaa hansi

teri raahon mein bhichhaa dungaa khushi) - 2

tum mujhe apnaa maanti ho agar

yu khafaa hoke naa jhukaao nazar

mushkile apni majburi

ho de do mujhe sari benuri

pareshaaniyaaa bhi do, hairaaniyaa bhi do

nhigebaaniyaa bhi de do, de do naa

bebasi dard kaa aalam, tum mujhe de do apne ghum - 2

khaamoshiyaan bhi do, tanhaaiyaan bhi do,

bechaniyaa bhi de do, (de do naa- 2)

the rest of the song ridz was listening with eyes shut, talking to herself "i think he knows everything, everything about

angie n adnan ass****, should i confront him wat if he doesnt know", she was surrounded by soo many questions...she could

read the truth in armaan's eyes, she feare how will he react she very well knew his anger, how much sad this truth will

make him but i cant hide the truth now, she wanted pour her heart out in front of him,

as soon as the song ended she opened her eyes saw the car parked at a beach n armaan starring at her she finally

decided of speaking to him

walking 2gether along the beach ridz finally broke the silence

"u know everything naa"

he looked at her for a sec then at the water, that one sec look was enough for her to understand him, she saw anger, pain,

rejection, sadness in his grey eyes he said after a min long silence "everything? about wat dumbo"

she rolled her eyes n replied "u know wat im talking about"

"im not a mind reader, i cant understand wats on ur mind" he said folding his arms around his strong chest

"armaan stop acting, my 6 sense is telling me u know every damm thing" she yelled

"yes i know everything from a week happy come lets go, u must be getting late for hospital naa" he said n walked off towards

the car

The world stoped for her the min the heard him saying he knows everything, she walked behind him towards the car



silence was all around the car, armaan was silent becoz he didnt knew wat should he say...he was angry on her for hiding

all the facts, breaking their friendship promise but he was angry on himself too for not being near her when she needed him

the most; when she was broken

while ridz was confused y is he soo calm? y he is not yelling at her?...his silence was killing her, her ears were longing

to hear him yelling at her

both wanted to talk, ask questions to each other but stayed quiet, they didnt knew from where should they start plus

both knew their mistake but then too both waited for the other to start a conversation, sitting silently

After about 15 min silent drive they entered sangivni

"'Um, armaan. I didnt mean...i was " she tried to say something, but jus couldnt frame her thoughts in


before she could say anything further armaan said "i thinku r getting late"

'umm yaa but" she again tried to speak up

"'It's oh okay, dumbo, i will catch u later in the evening till then bye" he said placing his hand on her shoulder n giving

a weak smile, she returned a weak smile n left


The whole day she worked hard like always, she wanted to wind up her work early today to fix up some matters with armaan in

the evening, by 6 in the evening she finished some file work, usual rounds, one operation

"DR keerti i want to talk to u" she said walking inside her cabin

"ridhima i was the one who told armaan everything" she said giving a weak smile

"aunty y did u tell him everything, u knew naa how happy he was there, his dream was to work in AALOMAS hospital, world's

best hospital" she said

"i did what i thought was right at that movement, tell me 1 thing how many days u wanted to hide all this?" she replied sternly

"um aunty i think ur right, i should make a move now bye aunty" she hugged her n left the cabin


She sat in the car n dove off...she went straight to armaan's place, she needed to talk to him, explain him everything...

she needed him now, wanting to pour her heart more she could lie him, hide everything from his best friend; her

buddy..."armaan" she called him out...she searched for him in the whole house, but couldnt find him

atlast she found sapna in the lawn "sapna where is armaan" she asked n let her breath out

"bro? i dont know? he left with u in the morning naa?" a confused sis replied

"after that he didnt come back?" she asked

"no" she said

within fraction of secs ridz left the house while sapna was shouting her name (calling her)...she searched for him at every

posible place...baseket ball court, club where he goes for gyming, beach everywhere but couldnt find him



from past 2 hours she was searching for armaan but still couldn't trace him

fear of loosing armaan was haunting her again n again "no" She yelled n stopped the car suddenly

she started cursing herself for leaving him alone in the morning, for not checking

whether he reached home these 2 hours she cursed herself countless times

after searching for him for another

Hour she was now not felling well, then she remembered she is hungry from afternoon, she decided to go back home n think

What she should do next

last three hours she searched for him at every possible place gym, clubs, basket ball court, his friends Places, armaan's local hang out places but couldn't find him, the strange part was his friends didn't knew e is back also, soo the thought of where he was now more scary for ridz


She entered her home slowly still thinking about him, she was soo lost in her thoughts...suddenly she trips n fell off on the floor

"wat the hell when u will learn to see n walk" he walked towards her

"where were u lost idiot" he asked while removing her sandals

she was still starring at him with disbelief "ridz where is balm kept?" he asked her, she didn't answer

he asked her again "wat happ answer me where is the balm" instead of answering him, she leaned forward n hugged him tightly

armaan got worried by her sudden action, he scenes she was scarred, worried of something "where were u gone, I got soo scared stupid" she said departing from the hug

"I was here only, waiting for u from soo many

hours" he said with a sweet smile tugging her hair behind her ears

"n y was ur mobile off" she then questioned him

"battery problem" he smiled n said

she then explained him whole evening ride, how she got sacred when sapna informed her u didn't come back home from morning n the three hrs long search

"nothing will happen to me silly gurl don't worry soo much" he stated n placed his hand on her shoulder to relax her

"im damm hungry, come on lets have dinner" he added n got up

"ouch" she screamed n pain while getting up from the floor

he ran to her rescue, picked her up in his arms...she wrapped her arms around his neck

"omg ur too heavy," he said to tease her

her eyes widened she then twisted his ear

"leave me, its hurting" he yelled

"1st tell me sorry" she said n twisted his ear further

"k im sorry yaar" he finally apologized

"that's better" she said proudly n released his ear

he placed her on the couch n then asked her "where is the balm"

"4th shelf" she said looking at her swollen foot

he got the balm n sat next to her n started applying it slowly slowly while she was yelling in pain


they had teir dinner in silence not becoz they didn't had anything to talk or they were scarred of anything

they were very hungry both were lost in their work the whole day

ridz was busy trying to wind up her work early

armaan was working on some imp things for ridz, things which were necessary for ridz, things which would help her to get out of her bitter past


"armaan" she called him after finishing her food

the way she called him he understood she wants to pour he heart out, he wanted to tell her lets not talk about the past becoz that would make her more sad which he never wanted, but couldn't refuse after seeing her she needed to pour out everything once and for all

"im listening ridz u can continue" he said n stopped in a middle of pouring 2 glasses of soft drinks for them...went n sat near her, placing his arm around her shoulder giving her warmth n protection

She gathered some courage took a deep breath n started telling him her bitter past "u know wat sometime lfe behaves with us in a crazy way before u left for states everything was going gr8 in my life, I had everything in my life dad, my sweet little sis angie, adnan my love n of course u, my best friend"

he started rubbing her arms slowly n softly to relax her while she rested her head on his shoulder n continued

"after u went one day I found out Dr padma was my mom, dad had adopted me this news came as shock to me before I could react I get to know she is on her death bed, she had cancer, n within hrs I lost her, some days past with the help of everyone I came out of this shock just to find more shock waiting for me...adnan nature was changing he started forcing me to ask dad to transfer sangivni on my name on the diwali morning I over heard him speaking to himself I then realized he loved my money not me, I felt my world has torn apart that day I broke my engagement with him...I cried like hell that afternoon n told everything to dad, he made me realize there is more things in life I promised him I wil forget him soon n move on, in the evening I was alone in the house waiting dad n angie they had gone to hospital they meet with an accident while returning back that day armaan my world shattered armaan dad left me all alone angie went into comma the day of lights brought darkness in my life, I lost every dam thing that day" tears formed in her eyes but they didn't came out of her beautiful eyes becoz of armaan

In ridz's world if her dad or armaan is by her side she can never cry, the warmth, support they give her makes her strong becoz of which she just cant cry

he stopped her in middle knowing the fact the next thing she will say y did she hide everything from him, how was her life in these months he knew she never told him because she didn't wanted to come in front of his dreams and of course her life was worse than hell these months "forget the past"

he said to consoled her

"ur fine naa?" he added

she simply nodded n said "if my best friend; my buddy is with me then im fine"

he flashed a small smile kissed her forehead n replied "im always with u"


after sumtime

"Armaan u should go home now, aunty must be waiting for u, drop me at my room then u can go" she said after looking at the time on the clock

"yea it's getting late, we should leave now" armaan said n got up from the couch

"we? Where r we going"

she looked up to him n replied with a surprised look on her place

"well from 2day ur staying at my place" he declared firmly

ridz eyes widened with shock, she then yelled to protested "no im not"

"of course you are!" pausing for some seconds he added

"n for ur kind information all ur stuff has been shifted to my place oops our place" he said n picked her in his arms

"leave me armaan im not coming" she ordered him

the next few mins they were arguing over going or not going, both were not ready to back out while armaan was carrying her towards the car

"bas..enough..u win..arguing with u is like breaking ur own head wth a stone" finally ridz agreed

"happy realization" he smirked at her saying he won n placed her in the front seat of his car


In the car

ridz switched on the radio

a sweet Hindi song was played on air by the RJ

armi switched on the cd n said "I want to hear some English songs not ur stupid sentimental Hindi songs"

she again switched on the radio n replied 'no we r listening to Hindi songs only"

with a million dollar smile he said "hang on it's my car soo I will decide wat song will be played"

"no i will decide, it's my best friend's car u moron"

she again switch to the FM

they went no and no for the rest of the journey arguing on which language song they r going to hear like always

suddenly they realized they have almost reached home they looked at each other the next second they burst out laughing at their stupid argument


After reaching armi's place ridz requests him "I will manage" n she tries to walk with a sollen foot

withcar's help she walks few steps then again she was about to loose her balance when armaan holds her

"for god's sake stop thinking ur very smart" he picked her in his arms

she bit her lower lips seeing armi's bugged on her n said with a puppy face "sorry"

he rang the door bell n yelled "don't u dare use that word, how many times I have told u not to use this word"

silence prevailed

Dr keerti opened the door n asked "wat happ to her?"

"as usual" armaan said angrily, keerti understood she again must be walking blindly

"do one thing take her to the room, mein iske liye haadi ka dhood lati hu" keerti smiled n said

ridz wanted to protest, milk was the last thing she wanted to have but armaan was giving her furious glances becoz of which she couldn't refuse


They stepped inside ridz's new room

the whole room was painted in blue n white color, on one wall there were all those family pictures which she had in her previous room...armaan had hanged a big picure of ridz behind the bed

there was less furniture which she always likes

her bed was low, she only liked low beds armaan knew this very well

he placed her on the bed, dr keerti soon brought milk

ridz was about to say no to keerti but before than armaan said "don't u dare say no to milk"

keerti started smiling seeing armaan bossing ridz... ridz had no choice but to have the milk at last

after she drank milk armaan gave her medicine he then puts a blanket over her

"good night armaan" she says n goes off to sleep


a new day came smiling at everyone

Ridz got up late this morning becoz of medicine n yesterday's stressful day, she walked to the balcony to watch the beautiful new day

armaan had just returned from jogging he was reading newspaper having his morning coffee in the garden

 seeing armaan from the balcony ridz naughty soul came up with a mischief

she send him a sms "good morning armaan, can u come over to my room I need some help"

amaan smiled seeing the message n started walking towards her room

in the room ridz was waiting for him with a mischievous plan


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