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Part 5 : Inseparable

The journey came to an end as they reached the 'Mallik House'.

Armaan picked Rhea up again, and took her to AR's bedroom. He thought it would be a good idea if she was next to Armaan and Ridhima just incase something happened to her or she needed anything. Ridhima followed him to their room too.

R: Armaan.. mein aur Rhea guest room mein rahengein..

A: Woahh Ridhima..yeh sab kya natak hai ab?? Please. Mujhe laga ke Rhea agar aaj raat hum done ke paas rahi gi to acha hoga.

R: Lekin MUJHE tumhare paas nahi rehna.  ' Ridhima replied, frustrated.

A: Kyun? Kyun nahi rehna mere paas? ' Armaan walked towards her..while Ridhima backed away.

R: Kyunki ..wohh ' She stared at him sheepishly..now stuttering due to his close proximity..Armaan on the other hand was enjoying this moment as he thought this was needed. It would definitely put a cross to their fights..

A: Hmmm bolo na Ridhima

Armaan was now holding Ridhima's hands behind her back and moved closer to her, nuzzling in between her neck and hair whilst he huskily mumbled 'bolo na..tum mere paas kyun nahi rehna chahti?'. Ridhima was blushing beet root now..She always did when Armaan was so close to her. Angry at herself for giving up to Armaan so easily, she pushed him away from herself and ran into the guestroom, locking the door from inside so Armaan can't get in.


Part 5

As Ridhima ran to the guest room, Armaan watched her figure disappear and decided to check up on Rhea. He walked over to her when suddenly heard a slight chuckle. It was Rhea.

A: Awwww! So my princess is awake I see.

Rhea: Hehe..yes daddy.

A: How do you feel now? .. and why were you just laughing?

Rhea: Uhh...i feel better. Because mommy..uhh mommy and you are playing 'Catch'.  ' She giggled.

Armaan looked at her confused.

A: Huh? What do you mean?  - He picked her up in his arms and placed her on his lap, sitting himself down on the bed.

R: Arey, Mommy just..ran away from here..Why didn't you 'catch' her? She's going to win now!!!

Armaan finally realised what Rhea was talking about and laughed so hard. He couldn't believe Rhea thought him and Ridhima were playing a game..but then again, she was very young to understand the romance blossoming between them too.

A: Awwwwwww! Don't worry! I'll catch her and bring her back here very soon.

He winked at her, putting her down on the bed again while she gave a big smile to him and he headed towards the kitchen to get something to eat.


Armaan walked towards the fridge to see what had been cooked when he suddenly remembered Ridhima. He wondered if she had eaten. Although he had given strict instructions to his maid about feeding Ridhima, he was dead sure she wouldn't have eaten. He sighed, filled a huge plate of food up with various different foods that Ridhima loved and walked towards the guest room.

As he reached the door, he knocked on the door loudly.

A: Ridhhhimmaaa!

R: KYA HAI?!  - Ridhima shouted, pouting her lip at the incident that had just taken place between the two.

A: Can you please open the door?

R: No! -      She screamed as she sat on the bed with her legs crossed and hands folded.

A: Why not??.. Okay fine leave it. Did you eat today?

R: No.  -   Ridhima said, and then bit her lip. Now she was dead sure he wouldn't leave until she had eaten.

A: So come outside and eat..

R: Lekin mujhe bhook nahi hai.  ' Ridhima protested.

A: Hmmmmm...Toh lagta hai yeh saara khaana mujhe hi khaana parega. Mmmmm yehh kya hai..Pizzaa!!!

Armaan was intentionally making Ridhima's mouth water. He wanted her to come out and eat and this indeed was his plan.

"...Mmm aur Aloo ke parathe!..Laddoo!" ' He said, licking his lip and pretending as if his mouth was watering and put his ear to the door.

Ridhima on the other hand was really very hungry. She had only lied to satisfy her ego. She couldn't give up to him everytime, could she? But she was failing..Her stomach was taking over her mind, and he wasn't helping at all by naming all those delicious foods! They were all her favourite..and he knew it very well. Finally, as she lost the battle with herself, she peeped out of the door and saw Armaan standing there with a big plate in his hand. Her mouth watered as she saw so much food. She was damn hungry and there was no denying this. "Mujhe bhook lagi hai", she finally spoke and walked towards him. She pouted her lips and looked at him. Armaan just laughed at her cute behaviour and took her towards the dining table.

They both took seat on the seats silently.

R: Armaan...    -    Ridhima finally decided to break the silence.

A: Hmm ..

R: I'm sorry about whatever I said to you..I didn't mean it.   -    Ridhima said, with a little sadness over face.

A: Tcchh..Ridhima. You don't need to say sorry for that. I know you didn't mean. (Armaan puts his hand over hers.) Cmon, we have had a lot of these silly fights, but the end of the day I know you don't mean it and you love me just as much as I love you..

R: Armaan...lekin phir bhi..I said a bit too much this time. You're the best father  and the best husband anyone can ever have!!..And..

A: Ridhima! Stop being so formal yaar. Maine kahaan na, you don't need to say sorry to me. It's okay. I know you were just stressed about Rhea and plus you were having a terrible day, which just made it worse..

R: But Armaan..

A: It's okay Ridhima! That's it..no more discussion on this topic,okay? ' Armaan cut her off. And they both decided to end the topic. Finally, they're differences were sorted out..and they were back to normal again.

With that, they both fed each other as they were starving by then and were back to cracking their silly jokes, well atleast Armaan was. He just made her laugh with his lame and dirty jokes which she cracked up on really hard.

Finally, after the scrumptious dinner, they both got up and put the plates away in the kitchen, too tired to wash them and headed towards their room.

A: So I shall show you how I'm the "best husband" ever?  -   He winked at Ridhima, leading her towards their room.  Ridhima looked at him confused at first but then understood what he was actually trying to imply and slapped him hard on his shoulder laughing while Armaan gave her 'I-got-hurt-look' and pouted.


It was finally morning as the sun shone bright through the window of the 'Mallik' house in Armaan and Ridhima's bedroom. Armaan had woken up when he heard Rhea cough loudly, to ensure that she was fine. She had slept between Armaan and Ridhima so that they could both keep a check on her. He decided to shift Rhea back to her cot as it was getting a little uncomfortable for her and Ridhima. After shifting Rhea back he looked over at the clock which read 8:00 AM and decided to get ready for work when he heard Ridhima moan and turn around so that her back was facing Armaan now. Not being able to control himself, Armaan slid under the blanket, placed his hand on her waist and whispered "You awake basket?". She shook her head in a 'No' and pulled the blanket closer to herself. Armaan smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek and saw her cheeks go slightly red. He smiled even more widely at this and thought 'I can never get enough of her blushing'. With this thought he went to take a shower as he had to go to Sanjeevani.

As he came out of the shower, with only his towel on, he noticed Ridhima still asleep. He was quite surprised as to much she had slept today. Normally, it was always Ridhima who wakes up Armaan and has a hard time waking him up, but today it was as if the roles were reversed. However, he didn't blame her. They had had a really exhausting day yesterday.

A: Ridhimaaa! Utho naa!   - Armaan nudged her, sitting on her side.

R: Uhhhhh Armaan, sone do na!   -   She pulled the blanket over her head.

A: Pleaseeee Ridhima, mere kapre select karne mein meri madat karo naaa

R: Uh Armaan tum select karlo aaj, waise bhi it's not a difficult task.   -  She said lazily.

A: Haan lekin breakfast??

R: Woh tumhe Ramu kaka bana dengein aaj..

A: But Ridhimaaaa..You know I only like your breakfast..Aloo ke parathe!  -  He said, licking his lips as his mouth watered. He pulled the blanket off her head.

R: Aak ke din nahin khaoge toh chalega.  ' She whined, and pulled the blanket over herself again.

A: No no no! Nahin chalega! By the way, tum aaj itni lazy kyun ho? Tum kaho toh mein bhi aaj lazy ho ke tumhaare paas sau jao?    -  He said, pulling the blanket off her again, smiling widely at his very intelligent idea and looked at her batting his eyelashes.

R: Uhhhhhhhhhhhh Armaan you  are so annoying!!  -   Ridhima screamed, and got off the bed, heading the cupboard. Armaan just smiled sheepishly and followed her.

A: Woh toh mein hoon hi 

R: Hmmmm.. Aaj yeh pehanlo, wear this!   -  She handed him a white shirt and blue jeans, to which he happily agreed and started to get dressed.

He looked over at her, shying away because he was getting dressed in front of her. He always laughed and teased her about her shyness. Although they were married, she still felt awkward and shy being around him in such situations. But he didn't mind, he actually liked this 'shy basket'.

R: Ummm..Mein fresh hoke aati hoon.  -   Saying that, Ridhima headed to the bathroom to freshen up.

By the time Ridhima came out, Armaan was all ready to go to Sanjeevani with his clothes, briefcase, shoes and everything done. She walked over to him and looked at him annoyed.

A: Kyaa?? Ese kyun dekh rahi ho?    -  He cocked his eyebrows at her.

R: Your shirt buttons! Do them up!   - Ridhima shot him an annoyed look.

A: Huh? Kyun?...Ohhhhhh toh Basket ko jalan bhi hoti hai!  (He laughed.) Hmm so you are worried that koi ladki mere yeh khule button dekh ke mujhpe rape kardegi?  -  (Armaan laughed even more loudly at his silly jokes while Ridhima on the other hand also laughed out loud at his stupid joke and started to do his buttons up.)  Waise Ridhima, once I enter this bedroom, I'm allowed to open my buttons,na?

Ridhima just looked at him shocked, he was back with his dirty jokes again. She didn't know what to say, the most she could utter was "Shut up Armaan! You are so dirty!". While Armaan just smiled and took her into a hug.


They were both sat at the dining table by now and Armaan had nearly finished munching on his Aloo Paratha's. He gave a quick peck on Ridhima's lips and headed towards the door.

R: Arey haan Armaan, Come home early today!

A: Why..What's happening?   -  He looked at her puzzled.

R: Woh aaj Atul aur Anjali Di ane waale hai...Rhea se milne. Actually Di told me yesterday but I completely forgot to tell you about it..So come home by around 6PM.

A: Hmm..Ok I will try my best.

With that, he headed left the house, whilst Ridhima decided to wake Rhea up and feed her some food.

5.30 PM ' Sanjeevani

Armaan: Hey Champ! Tu araha hai na aaj? (he shouted from across the corridor and walked towards him)

Atul: Arey haan.. Mein, Anjali aur Sonu teeno arahe hai. We're all coming.   ' He smiled.

Armaan: Yes! Sonu bhi arahi hai! It's been so long since I saw her..She must have grown up now.

Atul: Don't even ask! She's only 4 and she talks so much...So much attitude I tell you..Just like Anjali. Puri ussi pe gayi hai.

Armaan just laughed at Atul's complaints and banter.

Armaan: Tera toh acha hai yaar..2 Anjali's in the house! How do you manage? ( He giggled)

Atul: Puch bhi matt yaar..Waise, how is Rhea now? Better?    -  he spoke sincerely.

Armaan: Hmm..She's fine now. Much better than before. Just need to wait until the wound on her head gets better.

Atul: That's great. I'll see her anyway..

Armaan: Yeah..I'll see you at 6.30 then! Gotta rush and then go home. Ma'am ke strict orders hai ke I have to be home by 6.  (He laughed and got back to work)

6.30 PM ' Mallik House

Armaan: Heyy Champ!   -  Armaan walked over to him and hugged him.

Atul: Hey Armaan!   - reciprocated the hug.

Just when Armaan was about to greet Anjie he heard a voice scream his name.


Armaan: Sonuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! 

It was Sonali aka Sonu, Atul and Anjali's 4-year old daughter. She could never say Armaan's name right as she always thought it was "Amaan" instead of "Armaan". Armaan gave a big smile and took her in a rib crashing hug, picking her up in his arms.

Armaan: Kesi ho tum??

S: Mein theek hoon!! Aur tum?? Dekho mera new make up kesa hai?? Maine aaj naya liye..aur Mommy ne kar diya!!!   - She spoke, happily about her new make-up. Armaan just laughed, she was just like Anjali. A fashion queen. Atul and Anjie just laughed at her cuteness.

Armaan: It's beautiful! Just like you!  (He kissed her on her forehead and led them into the house)

S: Thank you Amaaan!!

Armaan, sat her down on the sofa and shouted "Ridhimaaa!! Champ aur Anjie agaye hai". "Haan! Aa rahi hoon, ek minute!", she shouted from the kitchen.

Within a second, he saw Ridhima getting out of the kitchen with three glasses of water and said her hello's and how are you's to Atul, Anjie and Sonu.

Within minutes Atul and Armaan were engrossed in a conversation. While Anjie, Ridhima and Sonu went to see Rhea. Sonu busied herself by playing with Rhea's toys and the two sisters sat down on the bed and chattered.

Anjali: Don't worry Ridhima, I'm sure Rhea will be fine.

R: I know Di..Aur Armaan bhi uska ka itna khayal rakhta hai..She'll be fine.  (She smiled at her.)

A: Haan..He loves Rhea and you so much...I still remember the days of your pregnancy. They were hilarious, cute and a little depressing..all at the same time!    (Anjie giggled.)

R: Haan Di! They were the best moments of my life..God I used to annoy Armaan soo much! But he was always patient with me. 

With that Ridhima went down her memory lane...to all the good times Armaan and her had shared during her pregnancy..when Rhea was about to come into their life. She reminisced those nine months...


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