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Part 6 : Inseparable

Part 6 : Month 1!

"Congratulations Ridhima, the result is positive. You're pregnant!", said a smiling Dr Keerti.

"OH MY GOD!! I'm soo happy Dr Keerti..Armaan's going to be over the moon once he finds out", Ridhima said, really excited about the news.

"I'm really happy for you Ridhima! Why don't you go and tell Dr. Armaan? (looks over at the clock) And he is probably on a break right now. It's the right chance to tell him.."

"Umm..No Dr Keerti, I want to surprise him. I think I'll tell him when he comes home. Actually na, he doesn't even know that I've come here for this check up. I didn't want to disappoint him, just in case it was negative.."

"Ohhhh alright then. I'm sure Dr Armaan is going to be really happy after hearing this news.. You both have been waiting for such a long time"

"I know Dr Keerti, it's been a year since we got married and we have been expecting this news for quite some time now", Ridhima blushed.

"Awww you're blushing Ridhimaaa"

"Dr Keerti, please, ab aap bhi shuru matt hojayega. Armaan is always teasing me about my blushing...and ummm Dr Keerti can you please not tell Armaan that I had come here..", Ridhima said, still smiling.

"You both make a lovely pair Ridhima..and ofcourse, don't worry, I will not tell him anything."

"Thank you so much Dr Keerti", Ridhima got up from her chair and walked headed towards the door while Keerti said "You're welcome".

As Ridhima walked outside Dr Keerti's cabin she felt like jumping up and down..just like a kid. She couldn't control her happiness. She could't believe she was going to be a mother..and Armaan a father. Words couldn't express her feelings, she felt like going to Armaan and giving him the tightest hug ever, but she knew that she had to control her feelings until she told Armaan. She quickly walked out of the Sanjeevani doors, making sure Armaan wasn't anywhere around and headed home.


Ridhima: Oh my god! I don't know how I'll tell Armaan this news. Kese kahungi? (Ridhima said to herself, pacing around the room nervously). Ahhh! Woh kitna khush hoga..I can just imagine the happiness on his face. Mujhe kuch special karna hoga! Lekin kyaaaa aur kaise?? (Ridhima sat down on the bed with her hand on her head, pouting).

Ridhima continued with her thinking and finally after lots of planning she came up with a full fledged plan to surprise him. She glanced at the clock which read 10PM, got dressed, left a note for Armaan and left the house.


11.30PM ' Mallik House

Armaan walked in to the house half asleep. He had had a really tiring day. Four back to back surgeries with Dr Shubhanker was a hard job indeed..the only thing that he wanted now was some nice, peaceful sleep. He looked around the house in search for Ridhima but she was nowhere in sight, so he headed towards their room to see if she was asleep, which was very unlikely. As he peeped in through the door he saw the whole room empty, he was surprised that Ridhima was nowhere to be seen. Where was she? He thought. Armaan walked over to the balcony and frowned as she was not there either. Armaan got slightly worried and rushed back into their room when suddenly, his eyes fell on a note. He picked it up, and started to read it:

Heyy Armaan!!

Mujhe pata hai tum mujhe ghar mein na pane se you will get worried. But fikur not, I am fine. I really want to meet you and talk to you about something, so can you please come to the basketball court to meet me?

Your Basket.

Armaan held the note in his hand and looked confused. Why did she tell me to meet at the basketball court? What was so important that she couldn't tell me at home? She could have talked to me here itself. Armaan wondered. Sighing, he picked up his car keys and left for the Basketball court.


11.45PM ' Basketball court

He parked his car near the basketball court and rushed to see what Ridhima was doing. As he entered the Basketball court, he was stunned. His mouth was wide open as soon as he saw Ridhima dressed in simple Sauce wala laal Saree. He just stood there, rooted on the ground, a few steps away from her. His face broke in to a smile and then it changed to a confused smile. What is happening? Why is Ridhima all dressed up? Armaan questioned himself. Before he could ponder over any of the questions that circled in his head, he saw Ridhima walking towards him.

Ridhima: Armaan, I want to dance with you.  (She spoke, giving her hand to him as if she was requesting a dance)

Armaan: What?! Ridhima have you gone crazy? You called me here to dance with you at this time? (Armaan looked at her, searching for his answers, while Ridhima's face broke into a smile)

Ridhima: Shut up Armaan! Just do as I say! Dance with me! (She took both his hands, and put it on her bare waist and making him do a slow dance from side to side as she stared in his deep blue eyes)

Armaan: Okaaaay..Kyaa baat hai. Aaj kyun itna pyaar araha hai?

Ridhima: Kyunki mein aaj bahotttttt khush hoon. (She rested her head on his shoulder whilst they slowly swayed from side to side)

Armaan: And why are you sooooo happy today? (Armaan cocked his eyebrows)

Ridhima: Urmmm...wohh..(she looked into his eyes, blushing)

Armaan: Hmmm..kyaa?? why are you blushing?   (Armaan looked at her, confused)

Ridhima glanced over at the watch on her hand which read 12 o'clock, tip toed and reached up to Armaan's ear and whispered "Because..HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY ARMAAN!!", saying this, she smacked her lips on his and kissed him passionately. 

Armaan, on the other hand, had completely forgotten that it was their anniversary today. 20th August, how could he forget this date? This one date changed his life forever. On this day he found the love of his life: Ridhima. There was no way he would ever forget it. But how did he forget this year? Maybe it was all the workload that was getting to him, it was way too tiring.

He was jolted out of his thoughts when he felt Ridhima searching for his response to the kiss. Armaan smiled against her lips and whispered "Happy Anniversary baby, I love you!". With that, he smacked his lips hard against hers and kissed her back even more passionately until they were out of breath and Ridhima broke the kiss, breathing heavily. Armaan slowly hit his forehead against hers and kissed her cheek.

Armaan: I'm so sorry Ridhima..I..I don't know how I forgot! I can never forget this day (He took her in his arms and hugged her tightly).

Ridhima: It's okay Armaan. I know you've been stressed because of work since the past few days..

Armaan: Hmmm..Waise I liked this surprise. I was getting a little bored with wishing you first every year! Change is nice at times! (Armaan said, winking at her)

Ridhima: (She giggled) Yeah yeah..whatever. (She paused for a second) Umm..Armaan..

Armaan: hmmm (he mumbled, holding her hands)

Ridhima: I have a gift for you..well's a surprise..

Armaan: Surprise?? Mere liye???Ek aur? (His eyes were wide open now. All his tiredness had disappeared all because of Ridhima.)

Ridhima: Haan...Tumhare liye. Ek minute, mein abhi leke aati hoon. (She walked to the side of the Basketball court and picked a file up and gave it to Armaan)

Armaan watched her pick up the file and walk back over to him. A file? What's the file for?He wondered.

Armaan: Yo basket! Yeh file kis liye? Please, mere paas already enough cases hai..ek aur case nahi chahiye (He chuckled)

Ridhima: Shut up Armaan and just open it!

Armaan: Okay okay...calm down..Let me see it.

Armaan opened the file and was shocked. Shocked. That's the only emotion he had when he read the first line of the paper. He looked over at Ridhima who was smiling widely with tears in her eyes.

Armaan: Ridhima...I...I can't believe it..Is this..Is this true..?  (Armaan said, as tears rolled down his eyes. He cupped Ridhima's face and kissed her everywhere on her face before she could even respond.) I'm so happy Ridhima..I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! This is the best surprise ever!!

Saying that, Armaan picked Ridhima up in his arms and went round and round in a circle, not being able to control his emotions. He put her down and slightly hit his forehead with hers, smiling through his tears.

Ridhima: You're going to be a Daddy Armaan!  (She wiped away the tears that had formed in his eyes)

Armaan: And you're going to be a Mommy!!  (Armaan smiled, wiping her tears away) I can't tell you how happyyyy I am Ridhima...I just...I just love you soo much!! You're the best! (He took her in a rib crashing hug)

After what seemed like forever, they parted from the hug and Armaan bent down over to Ridhima's stomach and put his hand on it.

Armaan: Heyy baby! You and mommy sure gave me the best surprise ever! I can't wait for you to come out! Jaldii se aaoo na! ..I love you so much..and yes, I love your Mommy too!! (He kissed her  bare stomach).

All through the Baby & Armaan conversation, all Ridhima could do was smile at his cuteness. She had definitely expected him to be over the moon after hearing the news but she hadn't expected him to cry. Maybe she hadn't completely understood the real Armaan yet..He had so many different sides to him that Ridhima was always amused when she got to know something new about him.

Armaan had now gotten up and held Ridhima by her waist and Ridhima had entangled her fingers behind his neck. They both stared into each other's eyes and swayed to the imaginary music that played, without saying a word. For they did not need any words was their silence that spoke for was their silence that expressed their happiness. After a while, Armaan smiled at her and broke the silence..

Armaan: Ridhima, stop staring at me like that! You're turning me on!!

Ridhima: Oh my god! Shut up with your dirty jokes Armaan. I swear, where do you come up with all these things? (she laughed)

Armaan: Well honey, I'm one of a kind you see.. (Armaan said, and tugged at his collar)

Ridhima: Yeah, yeah whatever. Shall we go home now? I'm really tired.  (She pouted)

Armaan: As you wish Ma'am! Aap ka hukum saar ankhon pe.  (Winking at her)

He picked her up in his arms, the file in Ridhima's hand, and took her towards the car to head back home.


Few days later.

Ridhima: ARMAAAAAAN!!! Get out of the bathroom!! (Ridhima said, her hand over her mouth)

Armaan: Kya huaa??? Chilla kyun rahi ho?!!

Ridhima: Armaan, please, I need to... vomit! Get out of the friggin toilet!! (Ridhima screamed)

Armaan: Bas paanch (5) minute aur Ridhima, please! Control kar lo!!

Ridhima: Armaan, have you gone crazy??? I can't control..I'm going to vomit..Please come out.

Armaan: Bas 2 minutes Ridhima, please!

Ridhima: Armaan, I can't wa... (Ridhima's voice trailed off, while Armaan wondered what happened to her.)

In a quick second, he opened the bathroom door and saw her walking out of their room quietly.

What the hell happened to her? Didn't she just need to vomit a minute back? Ahh..Maybe these sort of things happen in pregnancy. One minute you need to vomit, and the next minute you don't. Armaan chuckled at Ridhima's behaviour and walked over to collect his lab coat and was shocked to find the sight in front of him.

"RIDHIMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!", he screamed.

Within a flash of a second, Ridhima peeped in through the door and walked inside innocently, not meeting his gaze.

Armaan: You!! You vomited on my lab coat!! Urghh Ridhimaaaa!!!

Ridhima: Toh is mein meri kya galti hai..Meine tumhe kaha than na, ke I can't control.

Armaan: Aur tumne mere lab coat pe ulti kardi?!! Ab mein Sanjeevani mein kya pehnunga? (Armaan looked at her, obviously angry)

Ridhima: Well I couldn't control!! And you were not getting out of the bathroom. So I just...

Armaan: Urgggghhh Ridhimaaa!!!

Ridhima: Armaan, tum mujh per chila rahe ho?  (She looked at him innocently)

Armaan watched her upset face as he tried to calm himself down by taking deep breaths.

Armaan: Okay..Okayy (he went closer to her). I'm sorry. Meri galti thi. I should understand your situation too..It's just that I keep forgetting that I'm living with a pregnant woman now.(saying that, he enveloped her in a big hug)

Ridhima: It's okay...But promise me that you will never shout at me again.

Armaan: Okay, I promise you!

Ridhima: Pinky promise?

Armaan: Pinky promise!! (Armaan laughed at her childishness and hugged her even more tightly.)


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