Tuesday, 6 August 2019

part 7 & 8 : shades of luv


After 5 mins armaan was climbing the stairs unfortunately not knowing ridz naughty soul is awake waiting for him

in the room, ridz was standing on the ladder behind the door, the ladder was quiet high

"good morning dumbo"  he said opening half the door the next second ridz threw a bucket of very chilled water on armaan

armaan stood there for a min, a chill ran through his spine, he shivered becoz of the ice cold water

he was still stunned n suprised beyond words but one thing was sure he is not goig to leave her "ur-soo-dead" he thought

Grabbing the opportunity she stepped down from the high ladder

holding her stomach she was giggling n laughing very loudly seeing his condition, he was soaked in chilled water from head to toe; water was dripping from his hair

armaan yelled "u moron u will hav to pay for this"

n he ran towards her he started chasing her around the room, while chasing her he threw whatever things he got on his way

some were good aim, at every good aim armaan flashed a wicked smile n ridz yelled but some were bad aim also n of course at every bad aim ridz showed him a thumbs down which added fuel to armi's anger


ridz finally ran outside the room jus to safe her, "god can only save me now" she muttered he followed her fuming in anger

on the way she found bananas kept on the corner table, her wicked mind shouted "grab the opportunity"

soon she threw the banana peal on the floor, causing armaan falling on the floor

she stick her tongue out to him n landed on the couch

she laughing like a maniac, knowing the fact her life is in danger but she was having fun looking at armaan who just slipped badly of course landed on the floor

"aa ouch my back" he cried

armaan bad soul also woke up

unfortunately ridz was soo engrossed in laughing at armaan's condition that she didnt notice armaan was  now standing right in front of her

she saw him giving her evil glances, she looked around if by any chance she could save her again, "no chance" she muttered

"ur dead stupid gurl" armaan said with a wicked smile

"im sor" he didnt let her complete n started tickling her

she started laughing giggling rolling on the couch

her stomach started paining becoz of laughing soo much

"armaan...stop....its....hurting....me" ahh she couldnt say a sentence properly becoz armaan was still tickling her

"u should have thought of the consequences  before" he snapped back still enjoying the revenge

"armaan....my....foot...paining" she tred to save her

"dam ur foot it was not paining when u climbed the ladder to throw water on me n all this while" he tried defending his act

the next second ridz punched armaan in his stomach "ouchhh" he yelled n pulled off her hands (from tickling her further)

she slightly giggled n ran for her life straight towards the stairs to get to her room

"r u drunk this morning" armaan yelled n questioned her


ridz ran to her bathroom slams the door, "god bless me, im getting late (for sangivni)" she mummered

after having her shower she unlocked the door of the bathroom only to find armaan has locked her from outside

"armaannnnnnn" she yelled

"u moron open the damm door" she added

"stop shouting im here only n my ears are still in working condition" he replied

"well thats good for u but for god's sake open the door" she yelled n pleaded

"for god sake first u stop shouting n i will surly open the door" he paused

"in the evening" he added giggling at the thought

"evening? Have u lost it" she again yelled kicking the door in frustration

"no sweety" he switches on some random FM for her on the music player

"ur mentally retarted armaan" she banged the door

"thanks for the info n same to u dear" he giggled, keeping the highest volume of the player he leaves the room whistling looking here n there


Dr keerti in her cabin

"sister lovely Dr Riddhima has arrived or not" she called at the reception n asked

lovely scratched her head n replied "not yet Dr Keerti"

Is she fine, may be her foot is still not well she thought

she picked her cell dialed ridz no 9819######

"no respond" she got in return

she then thought of calling armaan but bad luck she had a emergency case

i will call him later, with that thought she left the cabin


armaan changed into some fresh cloths with a million dollar smile on his face he really missed all these fun in states

should I go n unlock the door now he thought

"no soo early its been only 15 mins till now let me take a short nap first then i will unlock the door he said to himself giggling at the thought


In the bathroom

tired of yelling, shouting ridz sat on the floor rested her head on  the wall closing her eyes she prayed armaan gets his senses back soo that he opens the door soon


armaan gets up from his sleep becoz his mobile was buzzing

"hey mom" he replied in a sleepy tone

"ur sleeping?" she questioned him after analyzing his tone

"yea y wat happ? Anything wrong?" he questioned back

"where is riddhima, its 12 a clock she is still not here is she fine?" she asked as she was concented about her

"mom who is riddhima now?" she shook her head in disbelief, couldnt beleive her ears

"armaan ur k naa" she asked

he then recollected riddhima means dumbo n he had locked her

he looked at his watch "bumbo? O shit she will kill me bye mom gtg to save my life"

not waiting for her mom to respond he bande the phone on the bed

"from past 2 1/2 hrs she is inside the bathroom omg today im soo dead" he said to himself n ran towards ridz room


keerti got scared the way armaan reacted

"sapna go home right now, jus check ridz is fine i jus cant trust armaan (trust means he will trouble ridz; nothing more)"

"K bye tc" she replied n left 4 home

"call me when u reach home" keerti said



Armaan quickly unlocked the door n prayed for his life

"he really needs gods blessing as of now" he thought n knocked at the door

Inside the wash room waiting for armaan ridz also had gone to sleep in the same position (head resting on the wall)

"im sorry" She got up listening to the knocks n armaan voice

she then looked at her watch, the time chocks her eye brows up in shock

she pinches herself jus to make sure this isnt a dream

she still couldnt believe she was locked in the wash room from 2 1/2 hr n of course she slept inside

"never in wildest dream also any1 must ave slept in a wash room she muttered to herself

she picks up mop to hit armaan for his act

"2day i will kill u for sure" she promise herself n makes her way to get out of the wash room


she steps out of the wash room, her face was red like a tamato

she saw him standing few steps away only, she threw "ur-dead" glances towards armaan

scratching his head he apologizied "im sorry sweety i"

she hit him with the Mop he cried "ouch"

(next few lines imagine ridz n armi talking while ridz chasing him n hitting him with the mop in very small internal)

he started running to save himself, ridz followed him with murder on her mind

"ouch" armi yelled when she hitted him again

"i didnt mean to lock u for soo long" she gave him one more not letting him explain his part of story

"by mistake i went off to sleep, I" she again intrupped hitting him again but this time a little harder after listening he went off to sleep

"how could u go off to sleep u moron" she yelled n gave him one more this time n his butt

"god plz save me from this shetaan ki naani" He pleaded but added fuel to ridz anger

"mein shetaan ki naani toh tum shetaan ki dadaji hoge naa?" she yelled in anger n gave him one more on his back

he turned his head back looked at her face which was red, a pure red colour, her expressions said "within 15 mins he will surely kill me" he slightly giggled at her

but then again she gave him on his butt

The next five mins they were running around the room, ridz hitting him again n again while armi pleading to stop hitting him

"sorry im really very sorry yaar" he said n collapsed on her bed after getting tired from this cat-mise fight

she stood in front of the bed breathing heavily still holding the mop

"like u said before, u should have thought of the consequences before hand" she said placing a wicked smile on her delicate lips

he slowly gets up from the bed n says "sorry dear i never had those intension"

"whatever" she snapped back

she then realized in the past 10 mins 10-12 times she hi him, she fells pity for him n his condition now

But still her naughty soul was awake thinking of some more wicked plan

"ahh nice idea" she said to herself under her breath

She suppressed her naughty smile placed the angry expression on her face n said "k u moron i except ur apology but im going to inform aunty about everything"

not pleased with the news, his jaw dropped he remembered his mom's punishments like wash vessels, clothes or she will lock me in the wash room for double the time

the next second he got up from the bed n replied "no plz u cant be soo mean, u know mom n her punishments"

"k then u have to do this..." she then explains him his punishment

he rolls his eye ball in disbelief n yells "no im not going to do this"

she grins at his response n folds her arms over her chest, "u hav to or"

for the next few mins armaan argued with her, trying hard to convince her that he really cant do wat she wants but finally gave up

"k i will do but first let me add fuel to my body" he agrees unwilligly n walks off

she giggles n laughes thinking about her weird plan

"Wow it will be fun" with that thought she walks to look for him


Downstairs armaan says to himself "im dead sure 2day she is drunk 2day" n then he walks towards his mini bar to check which hard drink is missing

in middle of his counting bottles ridz walked in n says "wat the hell ur doing armaan"

"actually i was wondering which drink" he stopped himself saying anything further, he couldnt endanger his own life

"nothing nothing come lets go and restore our empty stomach" he then said


They quickly had some food n juices

after completing ridz said "time for ur punishment"

"unfortunately she still remembered" armaan thought rolled his eye ball

"yah yah im ready to do 250 Sit-ups" he proudly said giving a week smile


She quickly sat on the couch n laughed under her breath

holding his ears with his hands he started his sit-ups while ridz was counting 1, 2, 3....enjoyng the movement

"47, 48, 49, 50" her wicked smiled widened n armi still was thinking which drink this moron had 2day morning

sapna entered the house, as per her mom ridz was in danger but here she sees armaan's life in danger

"wat the hell is going" sapna asked

ridz explains her everything that happen right from throwing water at armaan till now

she was neither shocked nor suprised after listening to everything, she very well knew AR were real monsters

"tum log kabhi nahi sudhrooge" she laughed like hell n declared

by now armi had done 75 sit-ups ridz thoughts its high time to stop this stupid thing, "armaan its k u can stop now becoz of ur good behaviour i have redused ur punishment" she said with a naughty smile

Sapna then went n called her mom, told her everything unfortunately

 which AR didnt wanted

"k gtg bye guys enjoy" sapna walked towards them n said

"wait a min sapna even im coming" ridz hurriedly replied

"when will u two be back?" armaan sat on the couch n questioned them

"by evening" apna replied

"not until my work gets over all thanks to our stupid acts i will be at hospital still late night" ridz answered too

"i will be back in a min u two dont leave till then" armaan says n walks the stairs at a high speed

sapna n ridz looked at him leaving the hall soo fast that they couldnt ask him y also

soon armaan comes down stairs wearing a black shirt n blue jeans looking very hot as usual

rolling his car keys in the finger he said "come lets go gurls"

sapna n ridz look at him then at each other thinking where is he going

"dumbo i will help u to wind up ur work faster" he flashes a smile n declares firmly

ridz smiles at armaan,

they then thinks in their mind "whatever however big pranks we play on each other one thing is sure it doesnt effect on our relationship (friendship) the best part is we 2gether laugh at the pranks at the end of the day"

Soon They get out of the house, n gets seated inside the car


The rest of the afternoon and evening AR worked 2gether o wrap up ridz work fast

armaan completed all her paper work in the afternoon while she was busy with a surgery

In the evening they 2gether went for routine rounds


AT ARMAAN's PLACE (dinner table, all 4 r there)

"y did u turn up soo late 2 sangivni 2day ridhima, i hope ur well?" Dr keerti asked, she very well knew the reason but some how wanted 2 excamine their reaction n story 4m them

ridz who was jus going 2 feed herself with the delicious food suddenly stopped not knowing what should she reply

armaan looked at his mom who was waiting 4 the answer, with a firm look

"actually aunty i was not felling well" she lied in a convincing tone then digging her face into the plate

"ohh yea, but sapna told me a different story" she said

AR's jaw dropped

"k im not going 2 leave u both this time, u people r more bad than monsters" he declared in a firm voice supressing her laughter

AR's got scared, they remembered their old punishment when they were kids

Soon Keerti couldnt control her laghter any more, she burst of laughing n sapna joined her mom

AR looked first at them then at each other jus couldnt guess wat happ all of a sudden

after few mins they realized keerti; they mom n aunty jus fooled them

Soon All four laughed at beautiful day


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