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Part 7 : Inseparable

Part 7 : Month 2!

As the clock struck 10pm, a very tired Armaan left Sanjeevani to head back home. His work was becoming more and more hectic by the day. He was finding it very difficult to take care of Ridhima, manage work and his home altogether. One month had passed by already and he didn't even realise it. It was the second month of Ridhima's pregnancy.

As Armaan opened the door to their house, he found it empty. He looked around in search of Ridhima who was nowhere to be seen. Thinking she must have gone to sleep, Armaan made his way to their room. Walking inside, he was shocked and horrified at the sight in front of him. There stood a petite Ridhima on a stool with a big bag, which looked heavy, in her hand trying to place it on top of their cupboard.

Armaan: RIDHIMAA!!!

Ridhima turned around in a second, as the bag fell out of her hand and she looked at him surprised at his sudden outburst.

Ridhima: Oh my god Armaan! Tumne toh mujhe dar...  (She was cut off in between by Armaan..)

Armaan: WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THING YOU'RE DOING??! (Armaan looked at her angrily, making her get off the stool)

Ridhima looked at him confused.

Ridhima: Huh? Armaan, lekin hua kya?

Armaan: Ridhima have you gone crazy? Tum pregnant ho. You can't be picking up heavy bags and certainly not stand on a stool! What if something happened to you? What if you fell?

Ridhima: I'm sorry Armaan...but promise the bag wasn't that heavy and I was being careful so I don't fall off..

Armaan: Tcchhh! But Ridhima..You could have fallen off easily. And there's no one at home either. Do you realise how much you scared the crap out of me?

Ridhima: I'm sorry Armaan..It's my fault. (She looked at him guiltily)

Armaan was touched by her cute apology and simply stared at her innocent face which wasn't looking at him anymore.

Armaan: It's okay Ridhima! But seriously, you're never going to do such a thing again, hmm?

Ridhima: I won't. (She smiled at him as he took her in a small hug)


6AM ' Mallik House

"Suno suno suno! Aaj ki taza khabar!!", shouted a wide awake Armaan, who stood on the bed with a small paper in his hand clad in his boxers without a shirt.

Ridhima who was in deep slumber, felt a sudden movement on the bed and tried to open her eyes. She felt her eyes feeling really heavy due to waking up this early in the morning. Armaan, who was now waiting for Ridhima to wake up, got down on his knees on the bed and sat next to her. She somehow finally managed to open her eyes and sat up.

Ridhima: Armaan! Itni subah subah bhi tum mera peecha nai chod te..Kya hai??!

Armaan cleared his throat.

Armaan: Suno suno suno! Aaj ki tazaa khabar!! Armaan Mallik ne Ridhima Mallik ke liye ek 'Not-To-Do' list prepare ki hai!   (Armaan smiled victoriously)

Ridhima: WHAT?! Armaan! Are you crazy? It's 6 in the morning!!

Armaan: Well, it's not my fault! Do you know how much you scared me yesterday night? I was hell scared..I couldn't even sleep, so I stayed awake the whole night and then it finally struck me that I should make a 'Not-To-Do' list for you.

Ridhima: Armaan, tumhaari tabiyat toh theek hai? (She placed her hand on his forehead, checking to see if he was okay) YOU, stayed AWAKE the whole night?! AND prepared a list of things I shouldn't do? (She looked at him confusedly)

Armaan grinned and nodded, handing over the small sheet of paper in his hand and Ridhima started to read it..

Ridhima: 'Ridhima Mallik's Not-to-do'.  (She read off the paper)

Armaan watched her eagerly, waiting for her to carry on.

Ridhima: "Number 1. You are not allowed to carry anything heavy." But Armaan...

Armaan: No if's or buts! You have to follow this list! (He cut her off)

Ridhima: Hmmm.. "Number 2. You are not allowed to do ANY cooking. Ramu kaka will make it from Monday-Saturday and Armaan Mallik will on Sundays". WHAAAAAT!! Oh my god! Armaan you know how much I love cooking!! (Ridhima pouted)

Armaan: Sorry sweetheart, I don't want you near the gas. (He smiled, kissing her cheek lightly)

Ridhima: I hate you Armaan..This is not fair. What will I do at home ALL day? (She frowned)

Armaan: You can watch TV, your movies, read magazines and etc etc.

Ridhima:  I will get bored of all that after a while though!! (Ridhima complained, pouting her lips)

Armaan: No you won't I promise yaar. Waise, stop pouting your lips like that, they are too tempting you see.  (He winked)

Ridhima: Shut up Armaan! Anyways, "Number 3. You can only exercise for a certain amount of time." HUH? Kyunnnn?

Armaan: Kyunki mujhe pata tum kitni barri exercise freak ho. Aisi haalat mein too much exercise is not good for you..

Ridhima: But then I will turn fat Armaan (She said with an innocent face looking away from Armaan)

Armaan: Awwww! Don't worry Basket, jab tum moti hajaogi na, tub mein tumhe 'Basket' nahi 'Moti!Moti!' kehke pukarunga! (Armaan giggled)

Ridhima: Armaaaaaaaan! I'm going to kill you! Jao, mujhe tumhari yeh list nahi chahiye! (She said placing the list on his hand, getting tucked in bed and pretending to sleep)

Armaan: Ridhma, basket...Baby...hellooo.. (He tried calling her)

Ridhima: Kya hai?! (She said, annoyed)

Armaan went up to her ear and huskily whispered, "Don't worry Ridhima, I will love you even if you become fat, forever". He smiled as she turned around so that they were now both facing each other in bed.

Ridhima: Hmmm..You have to! Or else I won't leave you!! (She spoke, punching his chest lightly as he smiled)

Armaan: Acha..Now read the next part. (He handed the paper over again)

Ridhima: "Number 4. You cannot eat any Junk Food." My Pizzaaaa! NO WAY ARMAAN! (She screamed)

Armaan: YES WAY BASKET! (He winked)

Ridhima: I can't believe your making me do all this.  (She frowned) "Number 5. You are not allowed to stand for too long." Armaan, I already know this one!!

Armaan : Hmmm...Continue karo!

Ridhima: "Number 6: You are not allowed to take part in any sports activity, especially not Basketball!"

Now, Ridhima's mouth was wide open in shock.

Ridhima: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Armaan, I'll miss playing Basket ball with you! (She said, a little upset)

Armaan: Tchh Ridhimaaa..Trust me. I wouldn't have written that point myself if I knew that it's not dangerous. When playing basketball, all those jerky movements are not safe for our baby. Hmmm? (He looked at her and put his hand around her shoulder)

Ridhima: Haan haan, now you won't have anyone to lose against!!  (She stuck her tongue out at him)

Armaan: Aye! Armaan Mallik never loses. (He said, pulling his collar)

Ridhima: Oh yes he does! In front of Ridhima Mallik!!

Armaan: Woh..woh toh mein tumhe purposely jeetne deta hoon.

Ridhima: Yeah yeah.. Tum yehi kaho gein na. Anyways, "Number 7. You are not allowed to visit me at Sanjeevani". Armaaaaaann!! Are you seriously planning to make me sit for the next 8 months?? (She frowned)

Armaan: Arey..Nai Ridhima. Don't worry, we'll go out somewhere EVERY day after I come from work. And if you really wanna meet me when I'm at Sanjeevani then I'll come for Lunch here everyday. Happy??

Ridhima: Hmm..Okay then.

With that, for the next 2 hours or so the couple sat next to each other. Ridhima was absolutely exhausted by the time she finised reading the whole list which consisted of 137 rules in total. That's one hell of a list!

After Ridhima finished reading the final 'Not-To-Do' rule, Armaan got up and headed towards the bathroom for a quick shower. Before going in, he turned around and spoke..

Armaan: Waise Ridhima, I never knew that after women become pregnant, they start snoring too! (he chuckled)

Ridhima: Armaan, I don't snore!

Armaan: Yes you do Ridhima, I was awake the whole night and you were snoring like some sort of devil.

Ridhima: No..I don't snore Armaan!

Armaan: You do, basket! I heard you!!

Ridhima: Mein snore NAHI karti!!! (She retorted)

Armaan: Karti ho, baby!

Ridhima: Urghh! Go to hell Armaan! (She said, frustrated, starting to throw pillows at him)

Armaan: Heyy! Watch it..(Ridhima throws another pillow).. Ahhh Ridhima!

Armaan ran inside the bathroom before she could throw any more things at him as she smiled victoriously.


A few days later

"Ridhimaaaaaaa!!!!Aur kitni der?!!Mr & Mrs Khanna's son will get married by the time you get out!!", Armaan yelled pacing up and down their room, waiting for Ridhima to get out of the bathroom.

"Aa rahi hoon Armaan, ek minute! Tayaar hone mein waqt toh lagta hain na", Ridhima shouted from inside.

Armaan: Tum Ladkiyon ko itnaaa zyaada waqt kyun lag...

Armaan's voice trailed off as he saw Ridhima make her way out of the bathroom. His mouth opened unconsciously and his eyes explored her figure from top to bottom. Ridhima stood there, trying to close the door which seemed to have gotten stuck somehow. Her back was facing towards Armaan. She wore a pretty pink saree with small embroidery and bead work done on the sides. Simple yet gorgeous. Armaan walked to her as she struggled in closing the door and unconsciously placed his hand on her bare back as her blouse was quite revealing. Ridhima gasped at his sudden touch and turned around in a matter of a second. She watched him look at her with deep intensity finding it difficult to look elsewhere but his eyes. He moved his hand under her chin and huskily whispered, "You've never looked as beautiful". Ridhima blushed at his compliment and slightly hit him against his chest uttering, "Thanks. Ab chale?". Armaan gave her a small nod, held her by the waist and they left for the wedding.


Mr and Mrs Khanna's son's wedding

Armaan and Ridhima had been at the wedding for more than 2 hrs now. On one hand, Armaan sat there with his face in his hand looking extremely bored and on the other, Ridhima was seated there looking excitedly at the surroundings and the ceremony. They were such opposites  -  Armaan hated weddings and Ridhima loved them! Even today, Ridhima had to force Armaan so much to come to the wedding with her. After all her efforts were going in vain she finally decided to blackmail Armaan by telling him that she will go ALONE to the wedding if he didn't go. Armaan, the protective husband, would never let her go anywhere alone. Especially not to a place where there were so many people and so much rush.

After all the rituals were completed, it was time to eat. Armaan got up excitedly as it had finally come to an end and they could go home after eating. Ridhima was way too engrossed in watching the wedding that she completely forgot about how much she was starving. They both walked over to get their food. Armaan was shocked at how much Ridhima had filled her plate with! She took all the food and went to sit down on a table as Armaan followed her.

Armaan: Oh my god, Ridhima! Are you seriously going to eat ALL of that?   (His eyes wide open as he pointed at her plate of food.)

Ridhima: Kyun? Mein nai kha sakti? (She frowned)

Armaan: Ofcourse baby, you can eat but this much? What if you put on weight? (Armaan played around with her)

Ridhima: Huh? Nai Armaan..I will not become fat! Hmmph! Do you know how hungry me and the baby are? (She sulked)

Armaan: Oh ho. Toh pehle kyun nahi kaha mujhe? I would have got you something to eat. (he smiled, munching on his food)

Ridhima: Actually, I forgot I was hungry. (She giggled)

Armaan: Lo! How can you forget that you are hungry? (He looked at her confusedly)

Ridhima: Woh actually I was so engrossed in the wedding that I completely forgot about my hunger.

Armaan: Basket, tum basket ki basket hi raho gi! Waise, the wedding was so boring! How did you keep yourself awake? (He chuckled)

Ridhima: Tch Armaan! It was so nice! Like the way the bride came in and the way they did all the rituals.. (She spoke in admiration)

Armaan: Hmm..Did you remember our wedding? (he smiled)

Ridhima: Haan..I remembered it.

Armaan: Hm. Toh ab chale? (he said, pushing his plate away from himself as he had finished eating)

Ridhima: I'm still eating! (she complained)

Armaan: Ridhima, seriously, how much more are you going to eat? (he giggled)

Ridhima: I don't know Armaan! I'm feeling really hungry these days..Maybe it's because of the baby.


Armaan gave a small nod and waited her to finish. Whilst waiting they cracked jokes, pulling each others' legs and etc. Finally, Ridhima was finished eating her whole plate and they both headed home.


As Armaan and Ridhima entered their room, they both decided to get freshen up and get some sleep. First, it was Armaan who went to the bathroom to get changed as he would take little time compared to Ridhima who will take forever to come out. After a good 10 minutes or so, Armaan walked out, only to find Ridhima getting undressed in their room. It was quite surprising for Armaan, as Ridhima had a habit of changing in the bathroom. He saw her with only her blouse and the inside skirt part of the Saree that she wore struggling to open the hook of her blouse. She hadn't realised yet that Armaan had come out of the bathroom and was watching her from afar. Armaan strolled over to her and held her hand tightly making her gasp as he had come out of nowhere. She felt him move her hand and place his hand loosely on the hook, however, he made no attempt to open it. Instead, he placed damp kisses on her bare shoulder which was completely exposed to him, as if it was seducing him. Ridhima felt his kisses deepening and felt him nuzzling his head in her hair. All throughout this scene, she had her eyes closed..feeling conscious of him being around her. He, on the other hand, felt her petite body shiver against his as he gently turned her around and placed his lips on hers; not being able to control his feelings. As he deepened the kiss, he felt her respond to it fervently and he explored her mouth for the zillionth time not letting go. The kiss lasted for what seemed like forever, this time, Armaan being the one who had pulled out of it. He placed his hand on her waist, picked her up in his arms and placed her on the bed.

As Armaan placed her on the bed, he got on the bed himself and kissed her everywhere. Ridhima moaned at his rough actions and signalled him to stop..Armaan was too involved in what he was doing, not realising that it was not right. She was pregnant. They could not go any further until the 9 months were over. It was dangerous for their baby. However, the unconscious Armaan was completely unaware of his actions as he finally opened Ridhima's hook from the back and kissed her cleavage. When Ridhima thought it was getting out of hand, she pulled back, pushing him a little as Armaan became conscious of what he was doing and what everything could have led to. He brushed his hand against his hair in disbelief and looked over at Ridhima apologetically; "I'm..Uhhh..I'm so sorry Ridhima...I didn't..I didn't know what got into me", he whispered, hooking her blouse up again and getting off her so that she could go and freshen up. Ridhima got up instantly, kept her hand on his cheek and slowly mumbled, "Uhh..It's okay Armaan", gave him a quick peck on his cheek and rushed to the bathroom while Armaan lay on the bed rewinding everything that had just happened. A small smile played on his lips and after a short a while he went into deep slumber...


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