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Part 8 & 9 : Inseparable

Part 8: Month 3!

Gupta House: 3PM

Armaan: Girl!

Ridhima: Boy!!

Armaan: GIRL!

Ridhima: BOY!

Armaan: GIRL, Ridhima!

Ridhima: No Armaan, BOY!

Armaan: Ahh I want my princess, Ridhima. (He spoke, annoyed.)

Ridhima: But I want a cute baby boy, Armaan. (She sighed)

Padma: Hey Bhagwaan, bas bhi kero ab. Tum dono kitna larte ho?

Ridhima: Maa, mein iske saath nahi larti. Yeh mujhe hamesha tang kerta hai.. (She stuck her tongue out at him and he responded in the same way)

Armaan: Ayeee! No way! Maa, She is the one who's always fighting with me. Ufff iske nakhre..Tauba Tauba..

Ridhima: Armaan, MEIN nakhre kerti hoon?

Armaan: Haan..Tum karti ho!!

Ridhima: Nahi kerti!

Armaan: Karti ho!

Before Ridhima could retort she was cut in by Padma once again.

Padma: Areyyyy!! Tum dono phirse shuru hogaye? Ridhima, tum kyun mere Armaan ko itna tang karti ho? (She said, caressing Armaan's hair)

Ridhima: Maa! Aap bhi iski side pe hogayi. Jao! Mujhe aap  dono se baat nahi karni.

Saying that Ridhima left the kitchen, leaving Armaan and Padma in a fit of laughter.

Armaan: (chucking) Dekha..Phirse iske nakhre shuru hogaye.

Padma: Hmmm woh toh hai. Pata nai tu isse kese jhel ta hoga pura din? (She laughed)

Armaan: Don't even ask. I have to go through so much. (He laughed even harder and then sighed)..But I love her so much.. (He stared at the kitchen door in admiration.)

Padma: Haan..Yeh toh mujhe bhi pata hai. Isi liye toh Ridhima ko tumhe diya hai. (She smiled caressing his face)

Armaan: Hmmm. Ab chale? Warna uska chehra ghusse se laal hojayega. (He giggled)

Padma gave a small nod and they both walked into the living room. As they walked inside they found Ridhima sitting on the sofa in anger, muttering to herself; "Samjhta kya hai woh apne aap ko? I'm not gonna leave him this time!". Padma and Armaan both looked at each other and cracked up once again. They just could not stop laughing at her cute banter. Ridhima on the other hand looked at them confusedly. Little was she aware that they had caught her mumbling to herself. Armaan walked over to Ridhima, while Padma excused herself to use the bathroom.

Armaan: Ahem...(Ridhima looked away)..Yo basket! Ghar nahi jaana kya? (He tried to act cool, as if nothing had happened)

Ridhima: No. I'm going to stay here tonight.

Armaan: What?! May I ask why? (He stared at her quizzically)

Ridhima: Becuase I'm angry at you. (She spoke in mock anger)

Armaan: Tchhhh Ridhima..It was a joke, na. See, tumhare nakhre phirse shuru hogaye hai. (He giggled)

Ridhima shot him an angry look.

Armaan: Okay baby, I'm sorry, theek hai? (He held his ears apologetically)

She simply looked at him in awe.

Ridhima: Hmmm since you are apologising so sweetly, I forgive you!! (She winked at him)

Armaan: (laughing) Love you SO much Basket! (He pulled her in a small side hug and kissed her on her forehead lightly whilst Ridhima rested her head on his shoulder) Ridhima..

Ridhima: Hmmmm?

Armaan: We're going to watch a movie tonight with everyone..I forgot to tell you.

Ridhima: What?? (She jumped excitedly) Yaaay! I'm so happy..Finally there will be some FUN in my life (she wriggled her nose cutely) Who's coming?

Armaan: Haan..Everyone's coming. Atul-Anjie, Rahul-Muski and Abhi-Nikki too!! And sweetheart, you have LOTS of FUN with me at home and especially in our bedroom!! (Armaan giggled)

 Ridhima: Tum bhi na Armaan..Anyway, I haven't met them all since so long! I can't to see them. (She smiled)

With that, Armaan and Ridhima both returned home to get ready for the movie.


Cinema: 9PM

Within a very short time they were both ready and made their way to the cinema hall where they were going to meet the others.


Ridhima heard a familiar voice shout her name and turned around to find Anjali rushing towards her. She left her hand which was entangled with Armaan's and quickly walked towards Anjali.

Ridhima: Oh My God Dii!! (She hugged her) It's so good to see you. How are you? Sonu kahan hai??

Anjali: I know Ridzy..It's been so long. I'm fine! Sonu ko mein Maa ke paas chod ke aayi hoon. She was too tired to come. Anyways, how are you? How's the baby coming along? (She giggled)

Ridhima: I'm fine Di. And the baby is doing great too. (She smiled widely)

Atul: Hey Ridzy!! (He shouted, running towards her)

Ridhima: Hey Atul jiju! Kese ho aap?

Atul: I'm fine Ridhima. Waise yeh sawaal mujhe tumhe puchna chahiye. (He smiled)

Armaan: Heyy champ!! Kaisa hai tu? (He gave a warm hug to Atul before Ridhima could respond)

Atul: Mein theek hoon aur tu? (He Smiled widely)

Armaan: I'm great. Where's Rahul-Muskaan and Abhi-Nikki? (He questioned)

Atul: Yeh lo..Woh bhi agaye.. (He said, pointing towards the entrance of the cinema)

Muskaan: Ridzyyy!!! Kesi hai tu yaar?

Ridhima: Mein theek hoon Muski!!! Aur tu?

Muskaan: Mein bhi bindaas hoon. Waise how's your baby? Armaan toh tujhe bohat pamper karta hoga na? (She winked whilst Armaan looked flustered)

Ridhima: Shut up Muski! Tu bhi na! Wait until you have your baby. THEN I'll ask you the same question. (She laughed)

Rahul: Isko? Aur Pamper? No way! (Rahul retorted jokingly)

Muskann: Oyye!!  Teri tohh! (She started taking her sandle out to hit Rahul when Abhi stopped her)

Abhi: Eyyy! Tum dono ki abhi abhi shaadi hui hai. Kuch toh sharam karo.. (He chuckled)

Muskaan: Oye bander! Tu ther ja! Teri bhi shaadi Nikki ke saath jald hi hone waali hai. Tub mein tum dono ki fights dekh kar yeh kahungi!!

Nikki: Oye! We have decided that we both will not fight after our marriage (Nikki smirked widely)

To this, everyone except Abhi started laughing loudly because they all knew that they were definitely going to fight, no matter what they say now.

Armaan: Okay okay okay guys! Enough of pulling each other's legs now. Let's decide on which movie we want to watch!

Atul: Kuch horror dekhte hai yaar! I'm really in the mood!

Muskaan: Yeh maza ayega!

Anjali: I'm in for horror too!!

Ridhima: YESSS!! I love horror movies. So I'm DEFINITLY in.

Armaan: No way guys!! We can't watch horror. Ridhima aur bacha dono darr jayenge..

Atul: Haan yaar..That's true. Let's go for a comedy then?

Ridhima looked at Armaan angrily. He was stopping her from watching horror movies too now?

Ridhima: No Armaan! Pleaseeee! I won't be scared. I promise.

Armaan: Ridhima, you have always been scared of horror movies. Please, aaj mere haath ko baksh do. (He chuckled)

Anjali: Ridzy, Armaan theek keh raha hai. It's for your own good...

Ridhima: NO Armaan! Meine kaha na! Mujhe Horror movie dekhni hai toh dekhni hi hai!

Armaan: Ridhima! Zidd mat karo. We're not watching Horror and that's final.

Ridhima: FINE! Toh mujhe koi Movie nahi dekhni. (She walked off angrily)

Armaan: Guys, wait I'll just be back.. (He said quickly running behind her)


Armaan: Ridhima! Tchhh! Ridhima...suno toh! (He spoke, grabbing her wrist and turning her around)

Ridhima looked at him pouting her lips innocently.

Ridhima: Kya hai?!

Armaan: Fine. Tumhe Horror movie dekhni hai na? We'll watch that. But if you feel scared at night, then don't come to me.

Ridhima: I won't feel scared..(She lowered her face and spoke quietly)

Armaan: Ah...Tum kitni ziddi ho yaar.  (He shook his head)

Ridhima smiled victoriously and they both head back inside the cinema.


Finally, after a lot of discussion the gang came to a decision of watching 'Paranormal Activity' which was, unfortunately for Armaan, one of the scariest movies ever made. They all went in to the cinema hall and sat next to their respective partners.

As expected the movie was terrifying. Ridhima held Armaan tightly everytime there was something scary. By the end of it, Armaan's hand had gone completely red due to Ridhima constantly scratching him and gripping on to his hand. They all walked out of the cinema at 12AM, happily chattered about  everything including the movie and then headed straight home.


Mallik House: 1.30AM

Armaan lay asleep cosily on his bed. His hand was resting on Ridhima's waist and his face was nuzzled deep into her neck. Her hair smelt so nice. It had actually become his habit to stay asleep next to her, nuzzled into her hair and taking in that strong fragrance of hers. Sometimes he wondered if he had married Ridhima because he loved her or because of her strong fragrance which he was greatly attracted towards. As he lay there asleep, lazily, he heard small sniffs and then heard his name being called out repeatedly. He woke up in a daze as he feared it may be Ridhima. He was right. It was Ridhima.     


Ridhima: Armaan (she sniffed softly)

Armaan looked at her bemused and got up straight away.

Armaan: Ridhima..Ridhima kya hua?? Tum ro kyun rahi ho? (He spoke, wiping away the tiny tears that had made their way down her cheeks)

Ridhima: I feel scared Armaan. (She looked up at him innocently)

Armaan: Ridhima! Meine kaha tha na tumhe! But no, you will never listen to me. (He looked at her a tad bit angry)

Ridhima: (Sniff) Haan..Toh is mein meri kya galti hai..Dar lagraha hai

Armaan: Toh ab lage ga hi na!! Didn't I tell you not to watch the Horror movie? Tum kitni ziddi ho yaar. You never listen to anything I say. Everything I say is for your own good. I know you more than you know yourself, Ridhima! Lekin nahi, "Mujhe horror movie dekhni hai, Mujhe horror movie dekhni hai!"  (He imitated her and looked at her face which did not look at him anymore)

Ridhima: Acha..Ab sorry baba. Mujhe abhi bhi darr lag raha hai (She opened her arms, as in indicating to him that she wants a hug)

Armaan: Tum kabhi nahi sudhrogi, basket!!

Saying that, he took her in his arms and held her close to himself as if saying that he won't let anything happen to her, making Ridhima's fear go away...

Part 9: Month 4!

It was like life couldn't be any more perfect for Armaan and Ridhima. They were living life to the fullest; time was flying by so quickly that it was getting harder for both to live in the moments fully. It was the fourth month of Ridhima's pregnancy already and by each passing month, their excitement as to-be-parents increased. They had a usual routine day life whereby Ridhima would usually sit around the whole day watching movies or Armaan and Ridhima's wedding/honeymoon videos reminiscing the days, reading numerous magazines, exercising up to a limit like commanded by Armaan and etc while Armaan was at Sanjeevani most of the times.

To Armaan's surprise Ridhima had nearly finished reading all his comics collection too and he often teased her about it by saying she'd turned into a tomboy. But that wasn't the only thing that usually surprised him..Ridhima's behaviour was also changing. She'd usually get all cranky and moody about everything. If he'd come 5 minutes late from Sanjeevani she'd ask him a million questions and at times she would just randomly give him tight hugs as well as light pecks on his lips. It was her random mood swings that he loved the most. She'd get really angry at him and he would run around the house trying to pacify her whilst she'd pout her lips at him. How can he forget the amount of times she would make him do 500 push ups when he made her angry or did something to annoy her. But he didn't regret or complain..he was contended in life and she made his life worth living...


Mallik House: 11 PM

Armaan sat on the bed with his laptop in his lap, legs stretched out and his back against the bedpost doing some intense research on a case he was having difficulty with. During the last one whole week he had become occupied with so much work stress that he hardly had the time to pay attention to Ridhima. It wasn't that he didn't take care of her, he did, but it was not like how he used to before. However, he wasn't to blame for this. There had been 43 emergency cases because a bus accident had taken place and there were many injured. All the responsibilities had fallen on Armaan and Atul's shoulders and they were having a hard time taking care of all the patients. Nevertheless, Armaan tried his best to manage his personal and professional life appropriately.

After a really tiring day, he was busy reading a few articles on his case, when Ridhima entered the room and sat next to him on the bed. She was really quiet, something which was not really her. She simply placed her head on Armaan's shoulder looking at the screen. Armaan didn't talk either, he just let her stay in that position in peace. He continued with his research  -  Just then, Ridhima spoke..

Ridhima: Armaan..

Armaan: Hmmmm (Still busy looking at the screen of his laptop)

Ridhima: Kya kar rahe ho?

Armaan: Research Ridhima..This case I've got is really difficult. I'm trying my best to save this man.

Ridhima: Ohhh..Kya hua hai use?

Armaan: He was one of the people who got injured in the bus accident. He has a lot of severe burns and he doesn't seem to be responding to's a complicated case. (Continued to stare at the screen)

Ridhima: Ohhh..

Ridhima looked at him expecting him to say something more, but he seemed to involved in what he was doing. He had hardly talked to her since he came back from Sanjeevani and somewhere in the corner of her heart she felt bad about it. She missed him the whole day. Since the past few days, he had been so busy that they hardly ever fought..She liked it when he would come and pacify her; it made her feel loved and important in his. But now that was not the case, as she felt he was slowly changing. When he'd come home he wouldn't hug her tightly, kiss her, ask her how her day had been and neither would he take her on long car drives at night anymore. Ridhima brushed away all these feelings by persuading herself that he was just too busy with Sanjeevani and soon he'd be back to normal again. She moved away from Armaan, slept on her back and pulled the blanket over herself, falling asleep in minutes.

Armaan, on the other hand, had seen the change of expressions on her face. She was acting a little wierd as usual. She just wanted to be near him, in his arms and hugged and kissed him  -  She wanted to feel loved. He put the laptop on the side table and sensuously kissed her on the forehead making sure does not wake up. Then, he too, slid under the blanket and pulled it over him gently placing his hand on her stomach. Within minutes, Armaan too had fallen asleep knowing very little about what tomorrow was to bring...


Night: 7PM

A really bored Ridhima paced around the room with her hand on her forehead. She was fed up of sitting at home all day long and hence finally made the decision that she will go to Sanjeevani to meet Armaan as he would most probably be on his break right now and also meet the rest of the gang who she hadn't met in ages! She knew Armaan would get angry at her for not obeying him but then again, she had her ways of persuading him just like he did.

Ridhima made her way through the main entrance and went straight to the canteen where she met the whole gang eating and talking.

Ridhima: Heyyy guys!!!!! (She smiled widely)

Anjali: Oh my god! Ridzyyy, tu yahaan kaise? And how are you??

Ridhima: I'm fine Di. Bas aise hi, aap logon se milne ka dil kargaya, so here I am!

Atul: Arey Armaan tujhe maar dale ga! (he chuckled)

Ridhima: Don't worry usko mein sambhal lungi! (She smiled evilly)

Nikki: Ridhima, woh tujhe chode ga nahi. Tu kyun aayi yahaan pe? Usne tujhe mana kiya tha na.

Ridhima: Par mein ghar pe bore ho rahi thi. I need some fresh air too. Just because I'm pregnant, it doesn't mean I can't socialise. (She frowned)

Abhi: That's so true Ridhima!

Nikki: Haan lekin yeh baat Armaan ko kaun samjhaye..Ab toh woh pura hospital sarr pe le leh ga.


They all laughed at this.

Rahul: Yeahh the very possessive and protective husband will be back again (He giggled)

Ridhima: Haan...Lekin woh hai kahaan? Uski break nahin hai kya? (She frowned)

Rahul: Maine use Fire escape ki andar jaate dekha tha abhi 5 minute pehle hi..Shayad wahin pe hoga.

Ridhima: Hmmm..Mein abhi us se milke aati hoon..

Saying that, Ridhima walked out of the canteen whilst the rest of the gang got back to eating and talking again.

As she walked towards the Fire escape she decided to surprise Armaan and see his face turn red in anger. Ridhima slowly started to open the door and spoke "ARMA...", but her voice trailed off straight away as soon as she saw the sight in front of her. There stood an Armaan near the stairs with a girl next to him who had her head rested on his shoulder, his hand snaked around shoulder and he was moving his hand on her cheek. Ridhima stood there rooted to the ground for a minute or so, trying to comprehend what was in front of her eyes.

Armaan turned around in matter of a second as he heard Ridhima call his name out. He was shocked to see her in the hospital and immediately removed his hands away from the girl. He was sure by this point that Ridhima was going to misunderstand everything now. However, before he could say anything, she looked at him angrily as fat tears trickled down her cheeks and rushed out of the Fire escape. Armaan looked at the girl worriedly and then ran behing Ridhima to stop her. He got out of the fire escape, but before he could run after her any further his pager rang  -  There was an emergency to do with the same patient who he was trying to save through his research. He sighed as he looked at Ridhima's retreating figure.

Armaan headed towards the patient and continued his work with a really heavy heart. He was worried to death about Ridhima and how she'd be. He didn't have a single chance to call her or even text her for the next 2 hours. Finally, when all the work was finished, he sighed in relief and rushed back home.


As he entered his pitch dark living room, his eyes wandered around in search of Ridhima. He was really scared about her and hoped she was okay. Armaan was very well aware of the fact that whatever she had seen in the Fire Escape would have affected her tremendously. He still remembered the fat tears in her eyes that trickled down her cheeks. Heaving a sigh, he headed towards their room. Walking inside, he heard silent sobs which seemed to be of Ridhima. Armaan felt something tug at his heart. He saw her sat on the bed, her palms gently wiping her tears away and surprisingly a small suitcase next to her. Armaan was bewildered at the thought of her leaving him.

Armaan: Ridhima..

Ridhima got up in a second, as she heard him call her name out and wiped the remaining tears on her face. Without a word, she headed towards the door where he stood and tried to leave with the small suitcase. Before she could leave, Armaan grabbed her wrist firmly and looked at her angrily.

Armaan: Ridhima! Where are you going??

Ridhima: Leave MY hand Armaan! (She looked at him fuming with anger)

Armaan: Tchh..Ridhima, meri baat toh suno. Tumne jo bhi kuch dekha woh sab galat hai..

Ridhima: Please Armaan, you don't need to justify yourself..I've seen what I had to. (She spoke sternly)

Armaan: I'm not justifying myself..I'm just telling you that it's a misunderstanding.

Ridhima: Misunderstanding? Armaan, what the hell were you with that girl in the fire escape? Do you really think I'm a fool?

Armaan: Arey..Ridhima tum aise kyun baat kar rahi ho. You know there was nothing like that...I only love you. (He looked at her pleadingly)

Ridhima: Stop with this loving drama Armaan. Isn't this the reason you stopped me from coming to Sanjeevani? Tumhe toh bas mauka chahiye hota hai ke kab tum kisi ladki ke saath ghoomo phiro!!

Armaan was shocked out of his wits as heard the last few words. Is that really what she thinks of him? Is that how much she trusts him? All this time he did everything to protect her and their baby but she never appreciated any of that. And now, she accusing him of such things? Where was the 'trust' in this relationship?

Armaan: RIDHIMA!! (He looked at her, his eyes wide open) Tumhe bass itna hi bharaso hai mujhpe? Do I not even a have a chance to explain myself?

Ridhima: Forget it Armaan! There's no need for an explanation now..This is how you've always been, but I just thought that my Armaan had changed..but I was wrong. (She sobbed)

Armaan: You know WHAT Ridhima..Sach toh yeh ki TUMNE mujhper kabhi trust kiya hi nahi. Agar karti toh aaj itna bara issue nahi bana hota.

Saying that, Armaan stormed out of their room leaving Ridhima shocked at his harsh words. Ridhima cried harder and tried to gather herself up. She picked up the bag and headed towards the main door.

Armaan, on the other hand, was too angry to realise what he had said. He knew it was wrong for her to cry in such situations but he felt that she had brought it on herself. She was the one who never trusted him with anything. If only she had given her a chance to explain himself, they would never have faced this situation.

Armaan looked at her walk down the stairs with the bag, struggling to hold it. He walked towards her..

Armaan: Kahaan jaa rahi ho tum? (He didn't meet her eyes and spoke coldly)

Ridhima: Maa ke ghar. (Emotionless)

Armaan: Mein tumhe drop kar deta hoon (coldly)

Before Ridhima could respond, Armaan took the bag out of her hands and walked outside. Ridhima followed him silently. Both sat in their respective seats and headed towards the Gupta House. Throughout the whole journey, none of them talked. Within 10 minutes, they reached their destination. Ridhima got out of the car in a rush, picking her bag up, and rushed inside before Armaan could say anything.

Armaan saw her retreating figure and punched the seat hard. He sighed heavily, and headed back home. He knew there would be a thousand questions from Padma, Shashank and Nani.

As soon as Armaan reached home, he saw he had 7 missed calls on his mobile which he had forgotten at home. Before he could call back, he heard the house phone ring.

Armaan: Umm..Hello?

Padma: Armaan..Kahaan hai tu? Aur yeh sab kya ho raha hai? Ridhima itna ro kyun rahi hai?

Armaan: Ummm...wohh..I.. (He stammered, not knowing what to say)

Padma: Armaan, sach sach bataa, kya hua hai tum dono ke beech mein?

Armaan: Woh...kuch nahi Maa, thodi si misunderstanding hui hai.

Padma: Mujhe toh yeh thodi si misunderstanding nahi lag rahi. Pata nahi kya hua hai tum dono ke beech mein. Jaise hi Ridhima under ayi, she started to cry uncontrollably and went towards her room. Yeh toh achi baat hai ki Shashank out of town gaye hai. Warna woh kya soch te? Ke unki beti apne ghar mein khush nahi hai...

Armaan shut his eyes tightly.

Padma: Armaan...Kya hua hai. Mujhe bataa na.

Armaan: know how it is with me and Ridhima..

Padma: Dekho Armaan, mujhe pata nahi ki tum dono ne kyun larai ki hai...Lekin phir bhi, Armaan you should understand. She's 4 months pregnant and these sorts of fights can be dangerous for her. You shouldn't pressure her too much. (Armaan listened to her quietly) Aur tumhe toh usse bohat pamper karna chahiye...These are all just her tantrums. It's just her way of getting attention from you..She just wants to feel loved by you...

Padma's last few words echoed in Armaan's mind as he recalled her behaviour yesterday night. No wonder she was acting a little weird. Smacking himself mentally, he realised that she missed him since he hardly spent time with her these days due to Sanjeevani. He smiled at this and became conscious that she actually really missed him. Seeing him spending time with another girl, perhaps, made her feel unwanted and unloved.

Armaan: Thanks Maa!! You know us so well! I think meri hi galti hai...Mein hi usko time nahi de pata..

Padma: Thank god Armaan ke tum toh maan gaye..Mujhe pata hai ke Ridhima bahut ziddi hai aur woh toh kabhi manegi nahi...Isi liye maine tumse hi pehle baat ki. She's in her room with Nani right now..crying uncontrollably. Tum subah aa ker usse le jaana zaroor.

Armaan: Ummm...Nahi Maa. Kya mein 1 ghaante baad aa sakta hoon. It's just that I know she won't sleep the whole night worrying about the fight. I just want to clear everything out...

Padma: Sure Armaan...Lekin tum abhi kyun nahi aate?

Armaan: Nahi Maa..Agar mein abhi aaya toh woh khaana bilkul nahi khayegi. Please do me a favour and feed her some food. Mujhe pakka pata hai ki usne abhi tab dinner nahi kiya hoga.

Padma giggled at this.

Padma: Haan...Tum fikur matt karna..I'll feed her. Now that will be a task in itself. (She said, chuckling)

Armaan smiled, said a 'Thank you' and put the phone down.


After the longest hour of Armaan's life, he decided to leave for Padma's house. As he knocked on the door Padma opened it with a smile on her face.

Armaan: Has she eaten?

Padma: Haan..Bohut mushkil se maani hai. I think she has calmed down a bit now. Sort the misunderstanding out Armaan..I cannot see my daughter in such a state.. (Padma spoke, upsetly)

Armaan: I'm sorry Maa..I'll make up with her, don't worry about that.

Padma: Hmmm..I know you will. (She caressed his face) Go to her room, she must be trying to sleep.

Armaan nodded and headed towards Ridhima's room. As he entered the room really quietly, intending not to disturb her, he saw her trying to sleep. He knew she hadn't slept because her lips were always pouted and she always had a small frown on her face which was noticed by Armaan since they had been sleeping together.

He slowly got on the bed, and snaked his arm on her stomach.

Ridhima felt some sudden movement on the bed and opened her eyes with a jerk. She felt Armaan nuzzle deep in to her hair, placing kisses on her neck and then biting her under her earlobe. She blushed at his cute action but she remembered her argument with Armaan and pulled out of his embrace.

Ridhima: Armaan! Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?

Armaan: Apni biwi ke paas sau raha hoon. Tumhe koi problem hai? (He asked, winking at her)

Ridhima looked at him confused, just an hour back or so, they had had a argument now his mood was completely contradictive to before.

Ridhima: Armaan (She glared at him)

Armaan: Ridhima (He glared back, smiling)

Ridhima: It's not funny okay!

Armaan: When did I say it was funny?

Ridhima: Urghhh!! Armaan just leave!

Armaan: No Ridhima I won't leave..

Ridhima: FINE! Then I'll leave

Ridhima was getting off the bed when he held onto her wrist and pulled her back. He laid her on the bed and cornered her on the bed so that she had no place to move, with his hands placed on both sides of her as tried to push him back.  He made sure that he didn't place his weight on her at all.

Armaan: Tchh..Ridhima..I'm sorry na.

Ridhima looked away from him.

Armaan: Ridhima, tum jo soch rahi aisa kuch nahi hai.

Ridhima: Toh baat kya HAI Armaan? (She looked at him firmly)

Armaan: Tum jaan na chahti ho na ke woh ladki kaun hai? Toh suno..She's one of my best friends from kasauli. Her name is Diya. Do you remember the case I was researching on yesterday night? That's her father's case I was talking about. (Ridhima looked at him as things slowly started to fall into place). And his case was really difficult, Ridhima. He wasn't responding to us. Seeing this, Diya was really upset and I saw her crying in the Fire Escape and as a FRIEND I just gave her the support she needed. I was just wiping her tears and trying to made her smile when you coincidently came in and misunderstood everything. Trust me, Ridhima. Diya and Nikki were my best friends since Kasauli and I couldn't see her shattered..She supported me a lot during my parents' divorce so why can't I support her now?

As Ridhima heard Armaan narrate the whole story to her, she felt a pang of guilt for saying so many bad things to Armaan and her eyes welled up.

Armaan: Tchhhh...Ridhima. Please don't cry.

Ridhima: Nahi Armaan...Mein kitni buri hoon na. Maine tumse kitna bhala bura kahaan..

Armaan: Nai Ridhima! Aisa kuch nahi hai..Aur bura toh mein hoon. Maine tumhe kitna kuch suna diya. I'm sorry, hmmm?

Ridhima: Nahi Armaan...Lekin phir...

Armaan: (cut her off) Enough discussion on this topic now Ridhima. I know you really want to spend time with me since I've been a little busy with Sanjeevani but I promise I'll make it up to you. In fact, I've already taken a day off tomorrow so it's only you and me!

Ridhima smiled at how he had actually figured out her inner turmoil.

Ridhima: You're my superman, Armaan! (She smiled, hugging him tightly)

Armaan: ...And you're my superwoman!!

He gently kissed her on her forehead and soon, they both went into deep slumber after deciding that they'll stay at the Gupta house for tonight.



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