Wednesday, 7 August 2019

part 9 & 10 : shades of luv


A new bright morning had arrived...the mist had  truned into light welcoming every1 cheerfully,

morning 6:30 a clock armaan gets up, throwing his arms in air, then rubbing his eyes like a kid

quickly gets into his tracks n vest for his routine jogging n basketball

"2day dumbo is fine, i think i should take her also for jogging" with that thought he walks towards her room

*knock knock* he knocks at the door

no reply is all he gets in return for knocking for 4-5 times

"utho..dumboooo" he walks inside atlast

"ummmm" she replies in a sleepy tone

"get up its 6:30, jogging ke liye nahi jaana" he opens the curtains of her room allowing the bright sun to peep inside

"noooo" she coves her face with the bed sheet

"common get up lazy bones" he says removing the bed sheet covering her face

"ummmm u have ur own legs to jog naa Then y r u troubling me"

"very funny i do own two legs, now get up"

"let me sleep" she digs her face in a pillow

"nahi maanogi naa"

"ummm ofcourse nahi"

finally gives up n an says "k then bye"



"good morning mom" armi entered the home n greeted his mom who was sitting n reading the morning newspaper

"good morning" she smiled n said, putting down the newspaper

"she is still sleeping?" he asked in disbelief

"yea" she answers, armi sits next 2 his mom now

"armaan wat hav u planned, i mean r u going back 2 states or living here only" she asks him

"i hav 2 months holiday, i still havnt decided wat should i do"

"wat r u going 2 do in 2 months jus roam around with gurls?" not pleased with the news keerti says, she jus cant see armaan wasting two months like this

"u jus cant be away from wok 4 continuous 2 long months" she then adds

he looks at his mom in disbeleif n then says "wat u want? should i return 2 states"

"well join sangivni for two months, u can come for few hrs only i dont mind that but i dont want u 2 be away from work for such a long span of time" she declars firmly

"for few hrs only" he snapped back, n then warns "not from 2day, i will cum from 2morrow"

"k from 2morrow i dont mind, u jus hav 2 1st pass the routine interview first" he looks at his mom in disbelief

"i n interview no ways" he protested

"well ur interview is 2morrow at 10 a clock" she declars firmly gaving a wicked smile n then walks towards the kitchen not waiting for his responce


armi quickly enters ridz the room

"how cute n innocent she is looking" some of ridz hair stants were resting on her pretty face

"omg wat am i thinking" he slaps his head softly n then thought "time for some fun "

he slowly picks her in his arms, she is still in her dreamland sleeping peacefully

"shaya sab kuch bech-bach kar soote hai" he mum__________

he slowly walks towards the bathroom without waking her up

and then

threw her in the bath tub which was full of water

"aaaaaaaaaaaaa" she yelled, panicked becoz a min before she was on her bed sleeping n now she was surrounded by water, for a movement she thought she is dying, in a sea

she fells suffocated for the next few secs

getting hold of her breath she heard  armaan laughing loudly "ha ha ha ha ha"

"armaannnnnnn...tum...nahi...chodugi...aaj...ruko" she got up ran behind him once again

he ran around her bed room then towards his bedroom still laughing loudly again n again, jus couldnt control himself looking at ridz red n annoyed, irritated face


he banged his bedroom door on her face, n shouted "good morning dumbo" still in fits of laughter

"my foot good morning u moron" she yelled back looking at herself

"is this a way to wake anyone in the morning" she said banging the door

"well i hav never taken training how to wake any1" he cofidently replies

"ur sick, idiot, mad, n disgusting armaan n"

"mentally retarted" she added, n walked towards her room

"thanks for the sweet info" he flashed a wicked smiled n said


after getting a quick shower, she headed down to help keerti in the breakfast

"good morning aunty" she said while walking inside the kitchen

"good morning beta" she layed the breakfast on a tray

"can i help u" she politely asked

"sure jus make some coffee for armaan, i will be back in few mins" she requested, after seeing ridz nodding in affirmation she left

"morning morning u threw me in water naa now see wat will i do" she murmured

she very well knew armaan cant start his day without perfect coffee, spoiling his morning coffee would be fun

"im leaving for sangivni n plz dont fool around 2day n be late, u have a imp meeting with board of directors at 10:30" keerti informed n left the house

leaving ridz tensed, nervous behind


"hey wats there in breakfast?" armi entered the kitchen

ridz didnt eply she was tensed about the board meeting, she was lost in her trance

he picks up his coffee mug n placed it on his lips

"wat the hell" he spells out the coffee

she gets back from her thoughts n sees armaan annoyed, irritated, angry all in one expression

she soon starts giggling n laughing forgetting all her problem aside

"u idiot how could u put salt in my coffee" he yelled n threw the coffee in the basin

"like u threw me in water this morning" she snapped back

before armaan could further say anything she hands him another coffee mug which had sugar instead of salt this time n says "k baba im sorry"

"ur fine naa tum mujhe sorry bol rahi ho" he asks with a concerned tone

"woh...kuch nahi" she replies with a tensed voice, relizing the meeting thing

"wat happ spell out"

she then explained, she has some future plans for sangivni which she has to lay down 2day in front of broad of directors but she is not prepared, sacred n confused

"bus itni se baat" he smiled n said

she rolled her eye ball n sad "tumhe yeh itni se baat lagti hai"

"frankly yes, n by the way im Dr Armaan who has worked in world's best hospital" he proudly announces pulling his collars up

she gave him a dirty look

"k chill come lets hav breakfast n i will help u for the meeting" he pulled her out of the kitchen


They had their breakfast while discussing the details n everything, prepareing some papers, nothing sum info n all

after some discussion about the meeting ridz says "armaan"

he interruped "thank u bolne ki koi jarurat nahi hai"

"mein thanks nahi bol rahi thi, tumne dosti ki hai toh nibhana toh padhega naa" she gets up from the chair n declares

"yup galti ki hai ab pachtane ka kya fayada (kiddingly he says doing friendship with her was a mistake)" he murmured under his breath

ridz understood armaan was saying something but couldnt understand wat he said, she then questioned him "wat did u say right now"

"me...nothing...nothing" he hesitately replies

"no u said, common on tell me" she ordered him pointin one finger towards him rest towards her

"ur getting late naa i suppose" he then tries to change her focuss

she looks at her watch and said "yeah ur right bye" she ran towards her room

he signed a relief, felt happy 2 distract her mind


picking her stuff from her room she heads back downwards to leave for a imp day of her life, "2day is a imp day for me n sangivni" she says to herself

"all the best" armaan shouts while playing his play station

"how did u know i walked im back" she asked seeing armaan's back was facing her n his eyes fixed on his play station's screen

"dumbo becoz of ur high heels noise"

"how rude" she yelled

"kidding yaar, i know u from grade one i really dont need to see u for noticing ur presence"

"yea right k bye"

"i want a treat if all goes well 2day?" he said, still his eyes fixed on the screen

"hmmm k bye" she said n left


the whole late morning armaan played his play station, in the afternoon he went to his friend's place to catch up with ld friends after 1 1/2 yr, they even went to see a horror english film

when the movie ended it was around 7, he decided to call ridz to talk about the dinner plans

a cheeky smile flashed after seeing her mobile flashing moron calling, she answered the call n said "hey u know wat the meeting went very smoothly"

"thats gr8 news, congrats" pleased with the news he smiled

"hmmm soo r we going for dinner tonight" she then asked him walking inside the room

"of course we r"

"k then see u at home n by the way i hav one more gud news for u"

"n wats that" he interruped

"well when i meet u then only i will tell u"

"k whatever" he says, no matter wat the news is, if she is happy with it he surely is happy too; he senced happiness dripping from her voice

"do one thing on the way pick me from zodiac pool place" he adds

"k i will pick u in an hour's time" she informs him n gets back to her work


in the zodiac pool place

armi n his few friends were playing pool, armaan loved playng pool, playing pool is always a stress burster n fun for armaan, he was a master in pool game for sure

his lips was holding a million dollar smile throughout the game becoz this time also luck was resting by his side he was winning the game yet again

"nice shot handsome" a gurl walks towards armaan
armi turns to face her
sees his ex gf standing next to her looking sexy like always wearing a black mini skirt like always with a halter red top with a cigarette in her hand



Armi folded his arms around his chest, with his million dollar smile said "Hey beautiful"

she gave him a small hug n a peak on his cheeks n questioned "Soo when did u come back?"

"few days back only" he replied a min later, giving one more excellent shot

"I won again" he smirked

"yea yea u won dude" his one friend replied with a small smile while other gave him a high five

"impressive " suhani replied, he turned to face her

"soo dinner 2night, only u and me"she said poking her index finger into his chest n then into hers, while a mischievous smile played on her glossy lips

he witnessed her mischievous smile, understood her intentions n replied "thanks for the offer but im going out with ridhima tonight" with a grin

she looked at him angrily for dumping her offer to go with someone else, rolling her eyes she said "that bi**h", one wrong word which changed armi's expression completely

he looked at her angrily, pointing his index finger at her he warns "dont u dare say anything about her or else i will definately forget my manners"

"do u know she dumped her fianc adnan" she shamelessly added, making his anger reach the boiling pt which wasn't good for her

"wt* u think of ur self? N by the way do u want me to tell ur bio-data in front of all these people" he yelled angrily

armi's voice grabbed every1 attention present there, all eyes were on them

armi's two friends now come to comfort him, to stop him becoz they never saw him soo angry, they jus couldnt believe their own ears

they knew armi respected women alot, he wouldnt insult a gurl in a public place, plus no matter he has dated million gurls but never crossed his limits, he has a sis too becoz of which he very well knew 'never play with any gurls life (felling)' n the main thing was all gurls he dated knew he is not serious with them

while she was horrified by his comment but before she could say anything

she heard a gurl dressed up in a jeans n white shirt calling armaan

"she was non other than riddhima" she thought

armi looked back saw ridz walking towards him

he suppressed his anger, n replied as softly as he could "go sit in the car i will be there in a min"

she stopped mid-way only N sensed the atmosphere was tensed but she didnt knew y, she only heard armi yelling at a gurl which was quiet strange for her

"i will wait for u here only" ridz softly said still lost in her thoughts

"didnt u get wat i said, get back to the car right now" he yelled

she wanted to yell back but then thought its better to obey him right now, he looks wild now

she replied suppressing her anger "k come soon plz"

he cursed himself for yelling at her for no reason took a deep breath n politely apologized "sorry i yelled at u, jus giv me a min i will be there"

she nodded with her sweet smile n walked out

every1 was now more stunned seeing how this guy's expression changed in a min, a min back he was yelling on top of his voice on a gurl n now how politely, sweetly he replied to the other gurl

he turned towards suhani, "i think ur over reacting armaan, u know she isn't that innocent" she said with attitude then took a puff

"u shut ur dirty mouth or i swear i will do something which u will regret later for sure" he yelled on top of his voice

"i think i have made myself very clear" he then added n left the place instantly without waiting to hear more of her non-sense while shamelessly she was again busy smoking

as armi walked out every1 was still looking at him which didnt had much effect on him becoz he thought he wasnt wrong at all

the attention didnt effect suhani too becoz she was a shameless disgusting gurl

soon the atmosphere gets back to normal inside zodian pool place, every1 was enjoying as if mins back nothing happ, all were lost in their games

but one tall dark handsome guy wearing blue pair of jeans n black t-shirt; dressed to kill every1 around him didnt forget the incident at all

he had a mysterious smile on his lips looking at suhani he mumbled under his breath "crazy gal she doesnt know she shouldnt talk shit about ridz in front armi becoz he..he ahh forget it"


armi came out of the pool place he started scanning the road to find where ridz car is parked while his both friends stood beside him still shooked at his behaviour

"dude ur fine naa?" his one friend asked placing his hand on his forehead n then on his neck

armi gave him a dirty look n said "yea im but i think ur not, u want me to check u up?"

"no no im perfectly fine" he replied sacredly

"there is ur ridz's car parked" his another friend said pointing towards a car parked on the other side of the road

"my ridz?" he rolled his eyes n walked towards the car after bidding them bye


he walks towards the car trying best to calm himself "chill dude chill" he repeated to himself again n again

he opened the driving seat door n saw ridz sitting there before he could ask her to shift to the passenger seat she ordered looking a bit angrily "i dont think ur in a position to drive plus i dont want u to hit some1 n end up in jail soo im driving car to home while u can sit besides me"

he did not wanted to end up arguing with her besides she was right he wasnt in a stage to drive the car soo without saying a word he closed the door n made his way towards the passenger seat

Silence prevailed for sometime

"hav u really forgotten how to behave with gurls?" she questioned him angrily n broke the silence

he replied in a rude tone "firstly never comment on half heard story n secondly i very well know how to behave with gurls"

while stopping the car at the signal, she says pointedly "whatever the reason was but u were very rude armaan, u should apologize to her"

he rolled his eyes at her statement replied "apologize my foot n dumbo plz if u dont know the whole thing dont comment"

she saw the signal showing a green sign started driving again while demanding "k then tell me the whole thing"

"that gurl said" he stopped in middle, he jus couldnt tell her wat she said

"off late she is getting back to old ridz, i jus cant tell her wat suhani said at any cost"

he thought

she looked at him then ahead n asked "said wat? Continue im still waiting"

"i dont think u should know this whole matter jus chuck it" he said giving a weak smile

she protested "y do u think like that?"

he declared firmly "becoz somethings shouldnt be told and...and dont dare to ask y again n drop this topic here forever, im not interested in talking about all this at all"

"k as u say fine happppy by the way arguing with u is like breaking ur own head with a stone" she angrily said n thought "i should ask this question some day later, at a right time"

"very happy" he slightly giggled n said

she looked at him angrily as he made some stupid faces, after which she couldnt stop herself from smiling back

"ur impossible" she said smiling at him, he very well knew how to change her mood while armi continued making some stupid faces

"I know" he said with a smirk

looking at the time displayed on his mob armi says "dumbo its 10 now soo i was wondering its better we go for a buffer at intercontinental around 11:30 u know after taking some rest"

she replied looking at him "hmmm k i dont mind, its a gr8 idea"



DR Keerti was sitting on the couch watching some television when AR entered

"where were u riddhima, i suppose u left for home before me" he asked in a concerned tone switching off the tv

before ridz could reply armi announced "im going for a shower bye"

"actually aunty i had gone to pick armaan but he was busy fighting becoz of which we got late" unintentionly she said those things which she shouldnt have

"fight?" keerti panicked slightly while ridz cursed herself

"nothing much aunty seriously nothing much" she rapidly tried to cover up the matter biting her lips angrily

"ridhima" keerti called out with demanding tone, asking her to speak up

"actually aunty i know only half part it will be better u ask him only" she replied frankly with a sad tone becoz armaan didnt share the matter with her

keerti scanned her expressions n eyes which reflected little sadness

"hmm k i will ask him only, go freshen up" she said running her hand through ridz hair affectionately

she flashed a smile at Keerti


Armi came out of the washroom wearing a sporty black body hugging t-shirt n faded jeans with wet hair n spotted her mother sitting on the bed with a angry look

"where r u going now?" keerti asked looking at his son dressed up

he walked towards the dressing n started combing his wet hair, "im going for dinner with ridz, sapna"

"i heard u fought with some1 2day, when will u grow up" she angrily said

he looks at his mom with a weird expression n assures her "well mom first listen to the whole story n then whatever u will tell me i will do that only"

armaan told everything to her mom, wat she said about ridz, how he reacted, everything in detail which keerti was listening to patiently she understood the whole situation very well, she now understood y he didnt tell ridz everything

she then patted on armaan's back n declared "im proud of u"

n gave him a warm hug, while armi's lips flashed a big smile

"u know mom i wanted to slap her hard there but"

she smiled n intrupted "but ur limits, manners ethics stopped u"



"wat r u wearing?" ridz asked sapna who was hunting something in her cupboard

"hmmm i cant find something nice" she replied in frustration

"come with me i have something nice for u" she said n dragged her to her room

soon they got dressed, ridz wore a knee length skirt n sleeveless printed top while sapna wore a jeans with a halter top

Both complimented each other made way towards the hall where armi was sitting n yelling or rather begging to them come fast



they sat at their usual corner table, they always used to go for buffer enjoy the food while chit-chatting

they had their food while chatting wat they did the whole day, ridz told them she is going to appoint some well known DR very soon, armi told them about movie etc stuff

they had their starter, main course, at a snails speed

ridz said with a smile which lighting up her deep beautiful eyes "hey u remember i told u i have a good news for u?"

"yes i remember, wats the news?" he excitedly asked while having this main course

sapna n ridz looked at each other smiling at the awesome news, "angie showed a little movement 2day"

"wow wat a awesome news" he brightly smiled

"hmmm im very very happy 2day, cant wait to see her back normal" ridz said happily

"same here, how much happy atul was 2day, he was singing 'aaj mein kush hu pucho kyu' the whole day" sapna giggled n added

"we five used to have blast 2gether naa, i wish that day comes soon" armi signed


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