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Chapter 14 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Lost in You

She slowly walked in looking as beautiful as ever. She had her hair open and they flying in the air because of the soft gush of wind. She hadn't done much to herself. Only light make up which made her look enchanting. She wore a dark purple churidaar which perfectly suited her.

Armaan just couldn't take his eyes off of her. He wanted to keep gazing at her like that was the only thing he lived for. He could tell she was slightly nervous because she was at a new place, but she was still excited. A slight smile formed on his lips seeing her bite her lip. She looked around trying to find a familiar face. She looked like a small child who was looking for her friends.

The others saw this and smiled to themselves. Abhi winked at Rahul, telling him to start his drama and he gave him a nod.

"Wow yaar. Yeh Ridz kitni achhi lag rahi hain na?" said Rahul. This caught Armaan's attention.

"Yeah. Man I swear. Agar yeh meri dost nahin hoti na, then I would've date her." Armaan wasn't really liking the comments Rahul and Atul were giving to Riddhima. He put his hands inside his pockets and looked around, not appearing interested. Rahul and Abhi saw his discomfort and smiled.

"Shut up Abhi."

"What? It's true! You know what? I wonder. Riddhima agar Indian kapdon mein itni beautiful lagti hain, toh western mein kitni hot lagti hogi? I can bet she's gonna be mouth-watering." This infuriated Armaan.

"Agar tum logo ko Riddhima ke baare mein baat karni hain toh kahin aur jaa kar karo. Yahaan nahin." Abhi and Rahul somehow hid their smile and looked at Armaan with a straight face.

"Agar hum Ridz ke baare mein baat karein toh tumhara kya jaata hain?" Armaan glared at Abhi and walked away from him. Abhi, Rahul and Atul smiled widely.

"Dekha dekha. Bola tha na. Armaan ko farak padta hain." Said Atul.

"Toh maine na kab kaha?"

"Toh haan bhi kab kaha?" They glanced at each other and then broke into fits of laughter.

"Chal. Let's go get a drink." They went to the bar and bought themselves a drink.

Riddhima looked around, trying to find someone she knew, but didn't find anyone. She looked back, trying to find Muskaan and there she was. She wore a beautiful knee length purple dress and had kept her golden curly hair down. She surely turned a few heads as she entered the party.

"Kya Muski. Kitna time lagta hain tujhe?"

"Zyaada time kahaan laga hain?"

"Baal set karne mein tujhe pandra minute lagte hain?"

"Aur nahin toh kya? Itne curly baalon ko handle karna aasaan nahin hain."

"Mere bhi curly baal hain. Main complain karti hoon?"

"Nahin. Tu kyun complain karegi? Tu toh woh, 'Jo-Mile-Ussi-Mein-Khush-Raho', types ho."

"Yea right! Main aisa nahin karti!"

"Chhod na. Tere se baat karke mere ko apna mood off nahin karna. Dekh na kitni mast party chal rahi hain! I'm toh loving it already!" she said with a wide smile.

"I know! Isn't this awesome!"

"Waise main toh achhi dikh rahi hoon na?"

"Achhi? Bohat achhi dikh rahi ho." Muskaan turned around and saw Rahul standing there with a smile. She felt color rising to her cheeks and looked down.

"Thanks." She said a bit shyly and Riddhima just gaped at her. Muskaan Chaddha was blushing! This was something that would go in the Guiness World Book! She smiled to herself.

Muskaan aur Rahul ek doosre ko pasand karne lage hain. They like each other. And if I'm not wrong, they're already walking on the path of love.

She smiled to herself at the thought of her sister falling for her best friend. Fighting back her smile, she walked forward, bumping into Muskaan deliberately and she fell into Rahul's arms. She looked back and smiled seeing the two lost in each other and walked away.

Muskaan and Rahul couldn't stop staring at each other. Muskaan noticed how dashing Rahul looked in the black suit he wore whereas Rahul just couldn't stop admiring Muskaan for her beauty. There was only one word that came to his mind seeing her- sexy. Muskaan realized what position they were in and slowly called out his name.

"Rahul... chhodo mujhe. Sab dekh rahe hain." Rahul snaps out of the trance and leaves her. Muskaan pulls a hair strand behind her ear and blushes. Glancing at him, she moves away from him.

In a while, Anjali and Niki too arrived at the party. They were talking to each other when Nivi arrived.

"Guys. Sab chhup jao. Rocky kisi bhi waqt aa sakta hain. You all remember our plan right?"

"Yea!" The crowd shouted.

"Then come on! What are you all waiting for?" Everyone gathered in the middle and Nivi told one of the waiters to bring the cake and place it in the middle. They switched the lights off and heard a car pulling over. They tried to be as quiet as possible when the door opened.

"Yahaan itna andhera kyun hain?" As soon as he stepped down the steps, the lights came back on and the balloons burst open with confettis flying everywhere.

"SURPRISE!" They could tell Rocky was shocked seeing the arrangements. His face broke out into a wide smile as he realized all the arrangements were for him. He walked up to the crowd and stood in front of the cake.

"Happy birthday Rakesh." Nivi said lovingly and he smiled.

"Nivriti... tumne yeh sab mere liye kiya?"

"Nahin. Padosi ke liye kiya. Aaj usska birthday hain na? Aur yeh kya mujhe Nivriti bula rahe ho? Mera naam Nivi hain." Rocky chuckled at this.

"Ok Nivi. I'm sorry."

"Better. Aur jaldi cake kaato. Mujhe bohat bhuk lagi hain. Kyun friends?"


"Ok, ok guys! Cake time!" Everyone circled around the table and cheered for him as he held the knife.

"Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday dear Rocky...

Happy birthday to you..."

They clapped as Rocky blew the candle. Just when he was about to cut the cake, he felt Nivi place her hand over his and they cut the cake together and fed each other.

"Yeh dono kitne lucky hain na? Itne saalon se ek doosre ke saath hain, lekin aaj bhi ek doosre se kitna pyaar karte hain. Ek doosre ki kitni care karte hain na? Kaash sab ko aisa life partner mille." Riddhima said admiring the bond between the old couple. Armaan, who was standing right beside her, heard this and looked at her. She had an adorable, dreamy smile on her face. He didn't say anything but kept staring at her beautiful face. For some reason, his lips curved into a smile. Her smile was so contagious and beautiful that he couldn't help but smile.

Riddhima's smile faded and she looked at Armaan. Being caught staring at her, he immediately looked away.

Kya kar rahe ho Armaan? What the hell were you doing staring at Riddhima like that? Tumhara dimaag kharab ho gaya hain kya? Just stop it! Kya ho gaya hain tumhe? Usse aise ghoor kar kyun dekh rahe ho? What the hell do you think you were doing? Stay away from her!

He walked away, leaving a slight confused Riddhima behind, but she brushed the thought off and enjoyed the party.


The party was moving in full swing. The DJ was playing disco beats, resulting in most of the young couples dancing on the floor. Abhi had pulled Niki with him on the dance floor and both were grooving to the beats. Abhi was mesmerized seeing Niki. She had worn a simple, but sexy and short purple off-shoulder dress which ended at her mid-thigh. It wasn't the first time he had seen her in a dress like this, but for some reason, he just couldn't take his eyes off of her.

"Party bohat achhi hain na?" asked Niki.

"Haan. Bohat achhi hain. Lekin ek baat kahun? Tum na, aaj bohat hot lag rahi ho." Niki narrowed her eyes at him.

"Please haan. Zyaada flirt karne ki koshish matt karo ok."

"Yeh lo. Ab compliment deta hoon toh bhi problem, nahin deta toh bhi problem."

"Shut up Abhi. Tum na, pagal ho."

"Kya Niki. Ek baat baar, baar kyun repeat karti ho? Jab tumhe pata hain main nahin sudharne waala, toh kyun try karti ho?"

"Kya pata? Kabhi main lucky ho jaun toh?" Both chuckled at this.

"But seriously. You're looking very sexy in this." Niki smiled broadly at this with a slight mix of blush.


"Hey. Are you blushing?"

"Kaun main? Nahin toh."

"Liar. I know you are!"

"Abhi!" She gave him a deadly glare.

"You know you don't scare me?"

"Whatever! But dude. What's up with you girls blushing all the time?"

"Excuse me! What do you mean by were blushing all the time?"

"It's true!"

"You know what? Forget it! Mujhe tumhare saath dance nahin karna." She turns around to go away, but Abhi caught her hand and pulled her back immediately, making her gasp.

"K-kya kar rahe ho?" She stammered, trying not to look into his eyes. He left her and held his ears.

"I'm sorry. Please mujhe maaf kar do. Main mazak kar raha tha. Please." Niki smiled.

"Ok. Maaf kiya. Ab chalo, let's dance. Aise khade rahoge kya?" They started to dance and enjoyed themselves.


Atul and Anjali were swaying to the romantic tune. Both gazed into each others eyes, drowning deeper into the ocean of love. Atul couldn't take his eyes off her. She wore a strapless dress with purplish abstract on it which ended a few inches above her knee. She just looked beautiful.

"Anjali. Ek baat kahun?"

"Kaho na Atul."

"Tum... tum aaj... bohat... khoobsurat lag rahi ho. Bilkul ek pari ki tarah." Anjali blushed at his comment.

"Thanks." They didn't say anything for a while, just absorbed the beautiful feeling of dancing with their love. A question popped into her mind.

"Atul. Main ek baat poochhun?"

"Haan, poocho."

"Kaun hain woh?"


"Woh hi, jisse tum... pyaar karte ho." Atul looked at her. He could see the sadness in her eyes.

"Tum jaanti ho usse." She frowned.

"Main... usse jaanti hoon?" He nodded. "Kaun hain woh?" He didn't say anything but just looked at her, hinting it's her, but she didn't understand anything.

"Tum khud samajh jaogi."

"Theek hain Atul. Lekin, mujhe bhi tumse kuch kehna hain." She somewhere realized that it was her he was talking about and this made her heart jump. She slowly broke the dance and stood with her arms crossed.


"Mujhe bhi... kisse se pyaar hogaya hain." She looked intently at him, while he looked at her in shock.




"Guess." Saying this, she left with a smirk on her face.

Let's see Mr. Atul Mallik. Tum kab tak mujhe kuch nahin bataate.


Riddhima was standing alone with a drink in her hand, enjoying the slow romantic music.

"Enjoying the party?" She saw Rohail moving towards her.

"Yea. It's very nice."

"And my, my. You're looking beautiful." Riddhima smiled.

"Thanks. Tum bhi bohat achhe lag rahe ho."

"I know. I'm always looking really handsome."

"Conceited." She said jokingly to which he laughed.

"You know you're really funny."

"I know."

"Conceited." He said it the same tone and both laughed together.

"So tell me. Liking Mallik Empire?"

"Liking? I'm loving it!"

"That's cool!"

Armaan was walking to the bar to get another drink when his eyes fell on Rohail and Riddhima. Riddhima was laughing at something Rohail had said and this made his blood boil. He didn't know why, but he didn't like their closeness even a bit. He hated it. He saw Rohail take Riddhima's hand in his and placed a kiss on it and Riddhima laughed at this. He felt anger filling his veins and he fisted his fingers.

"Rohail..." He sneered. Composing himself, he walked over to Riddhima.

"Hello Sir." Rohail greeted him with a smile and Armaan just gave him a nod.

"Ok Riddhima. Ab main jaata hoon. I'll go chat with Muskaan."

"Alright." She said with a smile and he left.

"Bohat friendly ho rahe ho tum dono?"


"Tum dono ek doosre se aise baat karte ho jaise date kar rahe ho."

"Dude! Woh mera dost hain!"

"Lag toh nahin raha."

"Toh chashma laga lo. Zaroorat hain." Armaan rolled his eyes and both looked in front of them. A smile formed on Riddhima's lips. "Waise..." She moved closer to him. "tumhe jalan ho rahi thi na?" His eyes widened a bit.

"Kya? Tum pagal ho gayi ho kya?"

"What? Tum jaise baat kar rahe ho, waise toh kissi bhi NORMAL insaan ko yeh hi lagega ki tumhe jalan ho rahi hain."

"Do you mean to say that I'm abnormal?"

"Samajhdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hota hain." He pointed at her.

"You know what? Tameez se baat karo samjhi na?"

"Oye! Yeh office nahin hain jahaan par main tumhari gulaami karti rahungi. Yahaan par na hi tum mere boss ho, aur na hi main tumhari secretary hoon. So. Just. Chill. Out. Ok? Huh!" Armaan knew she was right, but was he going to give up soon? Nope!

"Haan toh kya hua? Hum kahin bhi ho, rahunga toh main tumhara boss hi na."

"Ch, ch, ch, ch, ch. Tum ladko ka na, kuch nahin ho sakta."


"Apni haar maana toh jaise zeher khana hota hain na? Yeh kehne se ki main sahi hoon, tumhara kuch chala jaayega kya?"

"Tum khud ko humesha kitna importance kyun deti ho? Why do you think ke tum humesha sahi ho?"

"Arre! Sahi hoon toh hoon. Iss mein importance ki baat kahaan se aa gayi? Aur waise bhi. Yeh bhi tumhara ek bahaana hain khud ko right saabit karne ka." Armaan was about to retort when they heard a laughter. They saw Rocky and Nivi coming out and laughing at them.

"Bhai maan gaye tum dono ko. Tum dono ka jhagda dekhne mein bohat maza aata hain." Said Nivi.

"Haan, yeh baat toh sach hain."

"Happy birthday Rocky aka Rakesh."

"Riddhima! Don't call me Rakesh yaar. I'm Rocky!"

"Ok baba. Happy birthday Rocky."

"Thank you sweetheart. And I must say you're looking gorgeous today!"


"Armaan. You're very lucky. Your wife is beautiful. Kaash main 20 years late payda hua hota yaar. I swear I would've married her." He sighed "Lekin meri kismat ko bhi kuch aur hi manzoor tha." He said in a dramatic voice giving sideway glances to Nivi, who was quick enough to understand this.

"Excuse me? You said something?" She gave him a 'You-Dare-To-Say-Another-Word' look. Riddhima chuckled. One of her friends called Nivi.

"Ok. Tum sab baat karo, main apni kuch friends se mill kar aati hoon." She smiled and left.

"Aap dono ek saath bohat cute lagte ho. Ek baat kahun? Maine aap jaisa couple kabhi nahin dekha. Aap dono ek doosre se kitna pyaar karte ho. Ek doosre ki itni fikar karte ho. Lekin, aap dono aise jhagadte kyun rehte ho?" Riddhima asked very sweetly.

"Riddhima... humara toh jhagda hi humare pyaar ki nishaani hain. Tumhe pata hain? Hum jab pehli baar mille na, tab bhi hum jhagda hi kar rahe the. Woh raste mein apni saheliyon ke saath chal rahi thi aur main apni cycle chala raha tha. Pata nahin mera dhyaan kahaan tha aur meri cycle usse takra gayi." Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other. Flashes of their first meeting came in front of their eyes.

"Main toh pehli hi nazar mein usski badi badi aankhon ka deewaana ho gaya tha. Woh pehle bhi bilkul aisi thi- gusse waali. Bohat daanta ussne mujhe. Lekin main bhi kuch kam nahin tha. Maine bhi usse sunna diya." Both held each others gaze, remembering their first meeting and how they had yelled at each other.

"Phir jhagadne ke baad hummne humare raaste alag kar diye. Humne socha ki dobara kabhi nahin milenge. Lekin takdeer ko toh kuch aur hi manzoor tha. Hum baar baar, kisi na kisi bahaane se milte rahein. Kabhi kaam pe, toh kabhi kahin aur." They remembered how they had met at the office and found out they had to work with each other.

"Bas. Usske baad hume pyaar ho gaya, lekin hum bhi hum the. Aise kaise maan lete? Hum bahaane banaate rahe. Pata hain? Hum aksar ek doosre ki aankhon mein kho jaate the. Woh girti thi, toh main usse baccha leta. Agar usse kissi aur aadmi ke saath dekh leta toh bohat gussa aata mujhe." Him losing himself in each her eyes, him saving her from falling, the feeling he got seeing Rohail and Riddhima together came to his mind.

"Phir hume ehsaas hua ki... hum toh ek doosre se bohat pyaar karte hain. Phir kya? Hum dono ne humare parents ko sab kuch bata diya, aur humari shaadi ho gayi. Hum ladte zaroor hain, lekin humara jhagda toh humare pyaar jataane ka tareeka hain." They broke the eye lock and looked away. They smiled at Rocky.

"Aapki kahani toh bohat interesting hain. I hope aap dono ki jodi aise hi salaamat rahe."

"Oye humari jodi ko kabhi kuch nahin ho sakta." They chuckled at his comment.

"Ok, ab main chalti hoon. Muski bula rahi hain." She left and Rocky turned to Armaan.

"Armaan. Ek baat kahun?"

"Haan, kaho."

"Armaan... Riddhima ko sambhaal kar rakhna. Woh bohat pyaari ladki hain. Aur bholi bhi. Usse kabhi koi takleef matt pohanchaana. Usse humesha khush rakhna. Ek achha jeevan saathi naseeb se milta hain. Usse khona matt. Main bhi kaisi baatein kar raha hoon. Tum dono ka pyaar toh ek doosre ki aankhon mein saaf jalakta hain. Take care." Armaan smiled lightly and nodded. Rocky left and Armaan fell in a deep thought.

Everything Rocky said made him think about him and Riddhima. Whatever he said was so similar to what happened was happening to him. So... did that mean that... he was also falling in love with Riddhima? Did... did he love Riddhima? No. How was that even possible? That could never happen.

Armaan. Yeh tum kya soch rahe ho? Tu sirf Rocky ki baaton mein aa raha hain. Usski baaton pe dhyaan matt do. Toh phir mere saath yeh sab kyun ho raha hain? Armaan. Just stop it! Party pe dhyaan de. Ok? Focus.


Riddhima was seated on one of the sofas placed in the corners of the hall, lost in her own thoughts. Rocky's love story kept ringing in her mind. Wasn't it similar to what happened to her and Armaan? Even their first meeting started off with a fight. She hadn't thought they would meet again, yet they did. Whenever she would look into Armaan's eyes, she would just lose herself in those blue seas. If he was so close to her, she felt like she couldn't breathe.

Kya mere saath bhi woh hi ho raha hain jo Rocky aur Nivi ke saath hua tha? Kya main... kya main Armaan se... pyaar... nahin. Aisa kaise ho sakta hain Riddhu? Tu-tu toh nafrat karti hain na Armaan se? Toh phir kyun usske baare mein itna soch rahi hain? Lekin main jo mehsoos kar rahi hoon, usse bhi toh ignore nahin kar sakti na. Armaan jaise ek-ek magnet hain jo... mujhe baar baar apni aur kheenchta hain. He intrigues me. But why? Stop it Riddhu! Tu kyun baar baar usske baare mein soch rahi hain? Just remember one thing. You-you hate him. Aur woh tera boss hain. You can't think like that about him! Aur waise bhi. It's not like he's interested in you either. So just stop thinking about him and concentrate on the party. Itni achhi party chal rahi hain aur tu hain ki uss sadu ke baare mein soch rahi hain. Focus Riddhu. Focus.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you all so much for this party. I can't explain in words how happy I am. I remember the last time I had a 'surprise' birthday party was back when I was 22. And you what the best part was? Uss time pe bhi meri Nivi ne mujhe aisi hi ek party di thi. That was my first birthday with the love of my life. Thank you so much for that Nivi!" Nivi blushed at this.

"Haaye! Maar daala!"

"Oooh!" The crowd teased her even more.

"Shut up Rocky!" She said in a half-loving-half-scolding tone.

"See! Yeh hain meri Nivi. Ab guys. Yeh meri birthday party hain. Toh obviously thoda dance, thoda romance, yeh sab kuch toh hoga na? Right?"


"So may I please request all the love birds to get together and get ready for a romantic dance!"

"Woooh!" They clapped and stood beside their loves. Riddhima and Armaan were standing on two different sides of the hall and Rocky saw tha and walked to Armaan.

"Kya Armaan? Tum yahaan khade ho, Riddhima vahaan khadi hain? Go and dance with her!"

"Lekin Rocky-"

"No ifs or buts! Go na!" He pushed Armaan ahead. Armaan looked back, trying his luck, but Rocky gave him a glare. Left with no other choice, he moved towards Riddhima. She stood their with a smile playing on her lips seeing the romantic couples dancing together. She saw Armaan coming towards her and her smile faded a little. He stood right in front of her with an expressionless face and held his hand out. She looked at his hand and then at him. The music fell in her ears and she hesitantly placed her hand in his and he led her to the dance floor.

Mann yeh saahib ji

Jaane hain sab ji

Phir bhi banaane bahaane

He held her hand and placed his hand on her waist. She looked down shyly though his gaze was constantly on her. They swayed their bodies to the music.

Naina nawaabi ji

Dekhe hain sab ji

Phir bhi na samjhe ishaare

He pulled her close with a jerk and she looked at him with widened eyes.

Mann yeh saahib ji

Haan karta bahaane

Naina nawaabi ji na samjhe ishaare

Realizing there was absolutely no space between them, she turned around and tried to move away from him, but he circled his arm around her waist and pulled her back with her back facing him.

Dheere dheere

Nainon ko dheere dheere

Jiyaa ko dheere dheere

Bhaayo re saibo

They moved with the music, lost in the moment. This hot breath was hitting her nape, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Dheere dheere

Begaana dheere dheere

Apna sa dheere dheere

Laage re saibo

She looked at him and found him staring intently at her. He took her hand and moved it over them, bending back a bit. She slowly pulled her hand back.

She faced him and he held her hands. In a swift turn, he had one of her hands behind her back and one in front of him. Both moved slowly to the music, gazing deeply into each others eyes. The others around them started to fade. The only thing they knew was they were dancing together. For them, this was heaven.

He spinned her and both danced, mirroring each others movement perfectly. An outsider would say that this was a perfectly coordinated dance. He could tell even she was enjoying the dance as much as he was. Not only that, but he was mesmerized by her. She danced ever so gracefully. She looked like a fairy, an angel... his angel. She stuck her hand out to him and he twirled her in. He picked her up by her waist with her back facing him and slowly spinned around.

Surkhiyaan hain havaaon mein...

Do dillon ke millne ki...

He started to sing along and so did she. He stopped and slowly brought her down.


Arziyaan hain nazaaron mein

Lamha yeh tham jaane ki...

He whispered against her ear and she closed her eyes, feeling him so close to her. She slowly opened her eyes.


Kaise huzur ji yeh lab dikh laaye

Chuppi laga ke bhi gazab hain yeh dhaaye

She faced him and stared into his eyes. What she said were not just words. They were feelings coming directly from her heart. Armaan could tell she was lost in the moment as much as he was. He was loving the closeness between them. He pulled her close with his arms circled around her petite waist.

Dheere dheere

Nainon ko dheere dheere

Jiyaa ko dheere dheere

Bhaayo re saibo

Dheere dheere

Begaana dheere dheere

Apna sa dheere dheere

Laage re saibo

They swayed with each other in harmony, not breaking eye contact for even one moment.

Dheere Dheere...

Dheere Dheere...

Dheere Dheere...

Dheere Dheere...

They stopped dancing and just stared into each others eyes as the song came to an end. Everything was just forgotten. The cool breeze caressed them, their lips just inches apart. Their breaths kissed each others face. They closed their eyes because of the closeness, but the sudden sound of claps jerked their eyes open. She immediately moved away from him. Everyone was looking at them with admiration. She walked away from him, trying to control her erratic heartbeat.

"Oh God! Yeh mere saath kya ho raha hain? Woh... woh mere itne kareeb tha lekin-lekin maine usse dhakka kyun nahin diya? What's happening to me? Oh God, please help me!"

On the other hand, Armaan sat down on the bar and ordered vodkas for him.

Armaan... you've lost it! You were almost about to kiss her! Stop this damn it! Usske baare mein sochna band kar do! Tum usse apne itne kareeb kaise laa sakte ho? You can't!

He gulped down drinks after drinks, trying to wipe every single thought of her out of his mind, but her thoughts weren't going to leave him so soon.


Abhi, Rahul, and Atul were searching for Armaan in the party hall. Ever since the dance, they hadn't seen him anywhere.

"Yaar yeh Armaan kahaan gaya hoga?"

"Pata nahin Rahul. Lekin Bhai ko dhundna toh padega na. Kya pata woh kya kar raha hoga?"

"Yaar Abhi. Kahin woh..." They glanced at each other and their eyes widened as realization dawned on them.



"Kya baat hain Ridz? Tu toh Armaan ke saath badi comfortably dance kar rahi thi? Haathon mein haath, aankhon mein aankhein, ek dum paas paas haan?"

"Haan. Kyun nahin? Jab tu Rahul ki baahon mein gir sakti hain. Usski aankhon mein kho sakti hain. Usse ghoor ghoor kar dekh sakti hain. Toh main Armaan ke saath aise close close dance kyun nahin kar sakti?" Muskaan's mouth was hanging open in shock while the girls 'Ooohed' and 'Aahed'. Muskaan turned beet red and fumbled with words.

"U... toh... toh... u-uss mein tera kya jaata hain kamini?"

"Abe kamini kisko boli?"


"Teri toh mein!" Riddhima was about pounce on Muskaan but Niki and Anjali held her back.

"Lekin sach bata Ridz. Jab tune Armaan ke saath dance kiya... toh kya tumhe kuch bhi feel nahin hua?" The dance flashed before her eyes. The tingling sensation that she felt when he moved his lips against her ear came to her mind. She had felt volts of electricity flowing through her body when he had held her so close. His masculine fragrance still lingered around her.

"Kya hua Ridz? Kya soch rahi ho?" Riddhima snapped out of her thoughts.

"Kuch nahin."

"Toh phir bata. Kuch feel nahin hua?"

"Mtch. Arre yaar. Mujhe kyun kuch feel hoga? Mujhe kuch feel nahin hua."

"Sach bol rahi hain?"

"Maine kabhi jhooth bola hain?" They started to think if Riddhima ever lied to them and this made Riddhima laugh.


The boys reached the bar and saw Armaan sitting there with his head down. They rushed to him.

"Bhai!" Rahul saw at least 8 glasses in front of him and picked up one of them. He sniffed it a bit and made a disgusted face.

"Armaan ne toh vodka pee hain."


"Haan. Yeh dekho." Even they sniffed it a little and knew Rahul was right. It was vodka.

"Iss ko toh full on chadi hui hain."

"Haan yaar. Aur drunk Armaan ko sambhalna bohat mushkil hain."


"Ab kya? Uthaao isse!" They tried to wake him up, but he didn't. Giving up, they put his arms their necks and made him stand on his feet.

"Oye Armaan. Armaan!" They tried their luck, but it didn't help.


The girls were chatting when they felt something crashing on the couch.


"Kya hua isse?"

"Janaab ne aanth glasses vodkas peeye hain."



"Hey bhagwaan! Drunk Armaan ko sambhaalna kitna mushkil hain!"

"Pata hain! Ab kya karein?"

"Main ek kaam karta hoon. Main Bhai ko ghar lekar aata hoon." Just as Atul was about to take him, his phone rang. He closed his eyes in frustration as he heard the other person. He hung up and turned to Abhi and Rahul.

"Office mein bohat zaroori kaam aa gaya hain. Tum dono ko mere saath chalna padega."

"Oh no! Toh phir Bhai ko kaun le jaayega?" An idea popped into Abhi's mind and he looked at others. They figured out what was going on in his mind and looked at Riddhima. Riddhima, who was thinking about the question, looked up and saw everyone looking at her. Her eyes widened as she realized what they wanted.

"Nahin! Main iss ko kahin lekar nahin jaane waali!"

"Dekh Ridzi. Jaana toh padega."

"Toh tum kyun nahin le jaate?"

"Well sweetheart. Rocky aur Nivi ke liye toh tu Armaan ki wife hain. Ab agar Armaan ko hum le kar jaayenge, toh phir unhe shak nahin hoga kya?" Riddhima knew Muskaan was right.

"Haan. Yeh toh hain. Lekin main-"

"Oye lekin vekin kuch nahin! Tere ko jaana padega. Samjhi?"

"Theek hain theek hain. Jaati hoon. Lekin main isse le kaise jaungi? Gaadi toh hain nahin."

"Armaan ki le jaa na."

"Wait. Tumhe gaadi toh chalaani aati hain na?"

"Haan aati hain. Ab lao chaabi do." Atul gave her the keys and then the boys took Armaan to the car and tucked him in.

"Gaadi theek se chalaana."

"Haan Atul, don't worry. Main Armaan ko baraabar pohancha dungi. Ok?"

"Ok." The boys left and Riddhima wore the seat belt.

"Jai Shree Krishna." She started the car and drove.

The signal turned red and she stopped. She took a glance at Armaan who was sleeping. He had adorable frown on his face. She examined his features closely for the first time.

A cute frown was on his broad forehead. She so wanted to caress his forehead. She looked at his messed up shaggy hair and felt a sudden urge to run her hand through them. She wanted to poke those adorable dimples that adorned his beautiful face. Her gaze fell down to his lips. They were just... perfect. Oh did she want to feel them with hers so bad! His perfectly shaped, masculine jaw bone... he was just... perfect? No. 'Perfect' would be an underestimate to what he was.

A sudden sound of the car honk brought her out of her thoughts. She saw the signal had turned green and started to drive. She was bewildered at her own thoughts. She was checking him out! What was wrong with her!

What the hell! Yeh main kya soch rahi thi? I wanted to run my hand through his hair? Poke his dimples? Feel his lips with mine?! What the f***! Riddhu. Tu pagal ho gayi hain. You've lost it! Usske baare mein sochna band kar! Focus Riddhima. Focus.

She drove looking straight at the road. They soon arrived at his house and she looked at Armaan.

"Aah!" A scream escaped her throat without her permission. Armaan was staring back at her with a goofy smile plastered on his face. She put her hand on her heart to control her erratic heartbeat.

"Tumne toh mujhe dara hi diya." He didn't say anything but just giggled at her.

"Ab chalo. Andar chalo." She stepped out and tried to take him out of the car, but he instead started to giggle like a 5 year old.

"Kya hua?"

"Tickly ho lahi hain." He said in a babyish voice. Riddhima was surprised at this. She had never seen Armaan act like this. A laughed a little at this.

"Armaan. Baahaar aao. Andar bhi toh jaana hain na." She said in a loving voice. He gave her a dreamy smile and then slowly came out of the car. He was about to fall but Riddhima held him.

"Armaan!" She looked into his eyes, but looked away before she would lose herself again. She put his arm around her shoulder and took him inside the house and up to his room.

The entire way, he had been moving and singing and trying to dance, which made it very difficult for Riddhima. As soon as they reached his room, she literally threw him on the couch and sat down on the bed, while he kept singing.

"Baara mahine mein

Baara tareeke se

Tujhko pyaar jataaunga re...

Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika

Eh eh eh eh

Eh eh eh eh..."

"Haayo Rabba! Yeh kya syaapa hain? Maine kis ghadi mein kaha tha ki main isse chhod dungi? Pahalvaan! Body builder! I swear! Yeh toh mere ko maar hi daalega!" Armaan giggled at this.

"Tumhe itni hassi kyun aa rahi hain?"

"Riddhima. Ek baat kahun?"


"Tum... tum pehle yahaan aao." He gestured her to come to him.

"Nahin aana mujhe." She crossed her arms and looked away.

"Pleashhh!" He pouted in such a way that her heart simply melted.

"Theek hain." She smiled and walked up to him. He gave her a dreamy smile and patted the chair, telling her to sit beside him and she did.

"Ab bolo. Kya hua?" He stared at her and didn't say anything. He slowly raised his hand and moved her hair behind her ear, making her gasp.

"Riddhima..." he whispered. Not wanting to lose her senses again, she tried to speak.

"Armaan main-"

"Shhh..." He placed his finger over her lips. "Kuch matt kaho. Tum aaj... bohat achhi lag rahi ho." He leaned in and her eyes rolled back to her head, letting out a shaky breath. "You're looking gorgeous." His lips moved against her ear, sending electric volts down her spine. He placed a soft kiss on her ear. He moved her hair to the other side and placed a kiss under her ear. She opened her eyes and pushed him away from her and stood up, trying to run away.

He caught her wrist and pulled her down on the sofa, pinning her beneath him. Riddhima gasped feeling his heavy, muscular body crushing her delicate one. Her head started to spin as she inhaled his masculine cologne. His eyes held the desire for her. The desire to hold her tight in his arms and never let her go... the desire to shower her with his love and kisses like there is no tomorrow... the desire to make love to her the way no one in the world ever has. The passion was making it hard for her to breath, yet she tried.

His gaze fell to her luscious, glossy lips. Oh, how bad did he want to wipe the gloss off her lips with his! Unknowingly he slightly licked his lower lip. He parted her lips with his finger increasing her already fast heartbeats. Their hot breaths fused together. He could feel her heart pounding against her ribs, threatening to come out any moment. He couldn't hold himself back any longer and started to place soft kisses everywhere on her face. She felt her eyes getting heavy and her eyes rolled back to her head.

"Armaan." She exhaled softly. He kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, ears, chin, not leaving any part untouched. He looked at her quivering lips and bent down. His breath kissed her lips and she parted her petals. Those petals badly needed his warmth. As if listening to her heart, he placed his lips over hers.

Riddhima's brain went numb feeling his lips on hers. He kissed her softly, barely pressing his lips on hers. He savored her taste, wanting more of her. His hand cupped her cheek. Equally lost in the moment, her hands went into his hair. She ruffled them, fulfulling her desires. She moaned, craving for more. He bit her upper lip, making her part her lips. She back to her senses and froze at her spot. Horrified at what just transpired between them, she pushed him away and sat up. She ran her hand through her hair and shook her head. She got up and ran away.

"Riddhima!" He tried to stop her, but she had already left the room. The drink overpowered all his senses and he fell into a deep slumber.



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