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Chapter 21 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

She's Back In My Life

A shiny black car stopped in front of Mallik Empires. The drvier came out and opened the back door. A girl in about her mid-20's came out with a smile on her face. She pushed her sunglasses up to her head, revealing her hazel eyes. She walked inside the office and went to the reception.

"Excuse me. Where's Armaan Mallik?" She asked very sweetly and Julie looked up. She immediately straightened her posture.

"Ma'am? Aap... yahaan?"

"Yes Julie, I'm here. And where's Armaan?"

"He's in his cabin."

"'K. Thanks." She winked at Jule and took a lift up to the top floor.


Armaan was walking back and forth in his cabin with a file in his hand when suddenly, he felt a pair of hands covering his eyes.

"Who is it?" he spoke angrily.

"Pehchaano mujhe." A female voice whispered in his ears. Armaan had enough of this. He pulled her hands off his eyes and turned around swiftly, only to get the shock of his life. His heart started to beat faster. He felt blood drain out of his body as he saw the smile on her lips and the mischief in her eyes. Reality had hit him hard now.

"Tum?" He whispered in an inaudible voice. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

(Yeah guys, I'm an Anushka fan. LOL)

"Haan Armaan. Main. Tumhari Anushka." She moved her nose against his and hugged him. Armaan just stood there like a statue, still trying to grasp what was happening. Anushka was here. Anushka... his fiance.

Anushka Sharma. The top most business woman of US. About two years back, she had come to India for a business deal with the Malliks and she had fallen for Armaan. Anushka had proposed him for marriage as she loved him, but Armaan said yes simply because he thought it'll be better for his business. They had gotten engaged and Anushka had left right after that because of work.

After that, they never talked to each other and Armaan eventually started to forget her. Then Riddhima came into his life and he totally forgot about her. Now that Anushka was back, everything came back to him and reality struck him hard. For some reason, he now regretted getting engaged to Anushka. He felt like that was the biggest mistake of his life. He felt as if everything was over, gone.

Anushka broke apart from him.

"Baby tumhe pata hain? Maine tumhe bohat, bohat, bohat, bohat, bohat miss kiya. Aur yeh kya? You didn't even call me once. I'm very angry with you."

"H-haan. Woh... actually jab bhi main tumhe call karne jaata, koi na koi kaam beech mein aa jaata tha. Aur phir mere dimaag se nikal jaata tha."

"It's okay. I understand. Lekin Mr. Mallik. Mere alaava kisi aur ladki ke upar dore toh nahin daale na?" Armaan was scared. He didn't know what to say. How could he tell her that he had completely forgotten her and there was just one girl on his mind all the time- Riddhima.


"Mtch. Armaan. It's okay. I know what you do. But as long as it doesn't affect our relationship, I don't care. Okay? Now come on. Give me a kiss."


"What 'what?' I said give me a kiss."

Armaan didn't say anything so Anushka just shook her head and kissed him. Armaan didn't respond to her at first. He kept thinking about Riddhima. But as soon as that video recording came in his mind, he circled his arms around Anushka and kissed her fiercely. They pulled out of the kiss as the need of air took over them. Anushka smiled.

"I was missing this." She said breathlessly. They heard a knock on the door and moved away from each other and fixed their appearences.

"Come in." As soon as he said 'come in', Rahul, Atul and Abhi barged in and started talking without noticing Anushka.

"Armaan. Hume tumse bohat zaroori baat karni hain. Woh Anushka aa rahi hain aur-" Rahul stopped talking as he saw Anushka standing right there.


"Yes Atul?"

"Tu-tum kab aayi?"

"Bas paanch minute pehle." He chuckled and hugged Atul.

"Oh God guys! I missed you all soo much!" They forced a smile on their faces.

"Yeah. So did we."

"So tell me. Mere absense mein yahaan kya kya hua?" They looked at Armaan, who looked away.

"Nothing much Anushka. Woh hi roz ka office ka kaam and all that."

"OMG! Are you serious? Tum apna workaholic attitude nahin chhodoge na? Ab bas. Main aa gayi hoon, so no more work. Okay?"

"Lekin Anushka agar main kaam nahin karunga toh yeh company band ho jaayegi." Anushka walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Toh achha hi hain na? Hum dono ko ek doosre ke saath zyaada time milega." She whispered. Abhi faked a cough to get their attention and Anushka moved away from him.

"So it's decided. Hum zyaada nahin, lekin kam se kam teen din ki chhooti toh le hi sakte hain na? So agle teen din tak, no one's coming to office. And by the way. I've come here to spend some time with you all. Not to see you guys work all the day. So in these 3 days, we're gonna have lots of fun! Okay?" They didn't have another option so they just nodded.

"Okay. Fine."

"Yess! Main tum sab se baad mein milti hoon. Sabse pehle toh mujhe ghar jaa ke apna saamaan rakhna hain. So I'll catch you guys later. Bye guys. Love you Armaan." She pecked Armaan's cheeks and then left the office.


"Armaan. Ab toh Anushka bhi yahaan aa gayi hain. Ab kya karoge tum?" said Rahul.

"Karna kya hain? Ab kuch mahinon mein Anushka ke saath meri shaadi aur humari companies merge ho jaayegi. Mallik Empires ke liye isse achha kya ho sakta hain?" Armaan said as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

"Armaan tum pagal ho gaye ho kya?"

Bhai tum Anushka ke se shaadi karna chahte ho? Anushka? Jisse tum pyaar bhi nahin karte!

Jisko tum bhul gaye the! Why are you doing this?" said Atul?

"Uss ladki ki zindagi kyun kharaab kar rahe ho? Woh tumse shaadi iss liye karna chahti hain because she loves you. Lekin jab usse pata chalega ki tum toh usse pyaar hi nahin karte, toh kya beetegi uss par? Yeh kabhi socha hain?"

"Guys please! Mujhe kuch sochna ya samajhna nahin hain. Jo hoga woh aage dekha jaayega. Ab please jao yahaan se. I have lots of work to do." Armaan sat down on his seat and the boys just sighed and left. They knew nothing could be normal now. Everything was ruined... once again.


Anushka ran to her car, trying her best to stop her tears from falling.

"What happened ma'am? Are you alright?" The driver asked.

"Yes I'm fine. You go. I wanna drive myself."

"Okay ma'am." The driver left and she got in the car. As she closed the door, the tears started to roll down her cheeks. She had heard Armaan's conversation with his brothers. It wasn't like it was any new to her. She had known this from a long time.

Armaan. Mujhe pata hain tum mujhse pyaar nahin karte. I know this marriage is just a deal for you. I know you didn't miss me even once in these 2 years. Mujhe sab pata hain. Lekin main phir bhi yeh aas lagaaye baethi hoon ke... ke kabhi na kabhi tum bhi mujhse pyaar karne lagoge. Aur main uss din ka wait karungi.


In about two hours, Anushka came back to the office and they were sitting in Armaan's cabin, talking about random things.

"So Rahul. Did you find 'The' girl for you yet?" Rahul blushed slightly and looked away.

"Anushka. Yeh kaise savaal hain? Obviously usse 'The' girl mill gayi hain."

"Kya? Sachi?"


"Kaun hain woh?"

"Isski secretary. Muskaan Chaddha."

"OMG! Dude! Mujhe usse milna hain! Bulaao na usse!"

"Nahin, nahin! Usse bulaane ki kya zaroorat hain?" Rahul spoke quickly and Anushka smiled teasingly.

"Ab toh main usse pakka bulaungi! Come on Abhi call him!"

"Right away." He winked at Rahul who gave him a hard glare in return and quickly dialled Muskaan's number and put it on speaker.

"Hello? Armaan Sir?"

"Armaan nahin. Abhi."

"Abhi? Tumne abhi kyun phone kiya?"

"Kyun? Apne Rahul ke vichaaron mein kho gayi thi kya?" Muskaan blushed, but quickly recovered.

"Oye! Mere paas uss kaan khajure ko yaad karne ka time nahin hain.

Pehle se hi uss kamine ne itna kaam de diya hain. Mera bas chale toh main usske chhote, chhote, chhote tukre kar ke kutton ko daal doon. Ek baar bhi phone nahin kiya. Kamina. Idiot. Stupid. Bevakoof. Gadha." Listening to Muskaan, everyone in the room broke out into fits of laughter while Rahul was embarrassed.

"Muskaan yeh tum kya bol rahi ho? Din mein kam se kam hazaar baar toh phone karta hoon tumhe."

"Achha ji! Toh tum bhi vahaan ho. Ruko tum. Abhi maine tumhara kachumber nahin bana diya toh mera naam bhi Muskaan Chaddha nahin! Ruko tum!" She quickly hung up and left for Armaan's cabin.

On the other hand, the others were still laughing holding their stomachs whereas Armaan just smiled.

"Oh God! Rahul! Yeh tumhari girlfriend hain? Sach kehti hoon. Shaadi ke baad tum toh usske gulaam hi bann jaoge!"

"Shaadi ki baat kahaan se aa gayi?

Abhi toh we just started dating!"

"Achha ji? Toh tum Muskaan se shaadi nahin karna chahte?"

"Aisa kisne kaha? Shaadi toh karunga. Lekin sahi waqt aane par."

"Ohhh... like that huh?"


"Lekin sachi. Tumhari girlfriend bohat funny hain." They laughed again remembering her curses. Just then Muskaan barged into the the cabin and started yelling at Rahul without taking notice of anyone.

"Oye kamine! Tum khud ko samajhte kya ho? Iss tarah Abhi se kyun phone karvaaya? Khud ki himmat nahin ho rahi kya?"

"Muskaan tum-"

"Kya Muskaan Muskaan kar rahe ho? Pichhle do din se ek baar bhi phone nahin kiya. Pata hain main kitna wait karti tumhare ek call ke liye? Lekin nahin. Janaab ko toh humesha koi na koi kaam aa jaata hain! Huh!"

"Muskaan aisa nahin hain. Mujhe sach mein bohat kaam tha."

"Tumhe aisa kyun lagta hain main tumhari baat ka vishwaas karungi?" Before the argument could go on any longer, Anushka decided to end it there.

"Bas, bas guys. Tum dono kitna ladte ho!

Itna ladoge toh phir khud pachtaoge. Okay?" Muskaan then noticed that everyone was there, but was kinda confused seeing the new face there.

"I'm sorry. Who are you?"

"Oh. I'm Anushka. Armaan's fiance." Muskaan was shocked knowing this.

"Ar-Armaan's fiance?"

"Yeah. Actually... I was in USA for 2 years. Just came back today. And... we're gonna get married very soon." Muskaan looked at Armaan in shock who started working on his laptop.

"Oh, okay. Nice to meet you Anushka." She held her hand out and Anushka shook hands with her. They talked for a while and Armaan just zoned out. He kept working on his laptop. After a while, he realized he needed a file.

"Riddhima zara woh Joshi's ki file do." At this, everyone stopped talking and looked at Armaan. Armaan frowned when he didn't hear any response from Riddhima. He looked up and realized Riddhima wasn't here anymore. He felt weird and immediately left the cabin. He went to the men's restroom and splashed cold water on his face. He looked up in the mirror.

"Damn it Riddhima. Tum mere khayaalon se jaati kyun nahin? Why can't you just leave me alone? Just go away!"


On the other hand, Anushka was confused. Who was this Riddhima?

"Guys. Yeh Riddhima kaun hain? Who's she?" They just exchanged looks, not knowing what to say. "Guys? Who is she?"

"Woh... Riddhima Armaan ki secretary thi."

"Thi matlab?"

"Woh... actually hua yeh ki..." Abhi told her what happened and Anushka was surprised.

Riddhima... agar Riddhima sirf Armaan ki secretary thi, toh phir aaj bhi woh Armaan ke zehen mein kyun hain? Are they just boss and secretary or...


Everyone sat together during lunch and there was complete silence, which Muskaan decided to break.

"Rahul. What's all this? Anushka is Armaan's fiance? If they are going to get married, then what was all that love thing about?"

"Muskaan... how do you want me to explain this to you?"

"Muski, I'll tell you." Said Niki. "Actually, Armaan doesn't love Anushka. This marriage is just a deal for him. Nothing more, nothing less. In fact he even forgot he had a fiance."

"What?" Niki nodded. "I don't believe this! How can he do this?"

"Who did what?" They saw Anushka enter the canteen and quickly dismissed the conversation.

"Kya baat hain? Mere aate hi sab chup kyun ho gaye?"

"Woh... kuch nahin. Hum bas apne ek friend ki baat kar rahe the."

"Oh, ok. Waise Abhi. I'm very glad you've joined Mallik Empires. And Niki, I'm even more glad you're his secretary." Abhi and Niki smiled at this.

"Waise Rahul. Tumhari choice ki daad deni padegi. Your girlfriend is very beautiful. You two look perfect with each other. You know? A jodi made in heaven." Muskaan blushed and looked at Rahul.

"Ohh hoo! Dekho kaise ek doosre ki aankhon mein aankhein daal kar dekh rahe hain." They blushed even more and continued with their lunch.


It was around 6 in the evening and Rahul was fixing to leave the office. He had to go a wedding of his very important friend. He took the gift he bought for his friend and went to Muskaan's cabin to tell her it was time to go.

"Muskaan chalo. It's time to leave."

"Ok, chalo. Main ready hoon." She turned around and saw Rahul looking at her with a dazed look. She wore a red anarkali suit, which made her look gorgeous. She lowered her gaze.

"Rahul... aise kya dekh rahe ho?" He didn't say anything and kept staring at her.

"Rahul! Ab mujhe aise ghurte rahoge kya?" She said loudly and he came back to his senses.

"Huh... I-I'm sorry. Woh... you're looking beautiful."

"Thanks. Ab chalo. Late nahin ho raha?"

"Haan. Chalo." They left her cabin and walked down to the car park.

He opened the door and was about to sit in when suddenly his phone rang.


"Sir! Aap jaldi office ke andar a jaaye. Armaan sir ko kuch ho gaya hain!"

"What?! Main abhi aata hoon!" He quickly hung up and turned to Muskaan.

"Kya hua?"

"Armaan ko kuch ho gaya hain. Jaldi chalo!" They quickly ran out and as soon as they reachced the entrance, they heard a loud sound of a blast and turned around. They saw their car blowing up into pieces and fire burning the car into ashes.

"Rahul!" Muskaan screamed in shock and hugged him. In a matter of no time, the entire office gathered at the entrance, shocked of what was happening. The others quickly ran to Rahul and Muskaan and hugged them. They were finding it hard to believe that if they stood their for another second, they would've died.

"Armaan? Tu-tum theekh ho?"Armaan was confused.

"Haan... main theekh hoon. Kyun?"

"Armaan... blast hone ke kuch daer pehle mujhe kisi ka phone aaya tha. Ussne kaha ke tumhe kuch ho gaya hain. Iss liye hum vahaan se bhaag gaye."

"Lekin mujhe toh kuch nahin hua. I'm completely fine."

"Toh phir mujhe phone karke aisa kyun kaha?" Armaan thought for a while.

"Show me your phone." Rahul gave him his phone and Armaan flickered through his calls directory. He called the number that he received the last call from and waited for the person to pick the phone up. He was shocked when he heard the number didn't exist.

Yeh sab kya ho raha hain? Kuch din pehle mujhe bhi ek unknown call aaya aur ab woh number existence mein hi nahin aur iss phone mein bhi... What's going on? I'm gonna have to do something about this. Ab toh baat mere bhaiyon par aa gayi hain. I'm not gonna keep quiet.

Armaan went to a vacant corner and made a phone call.


"Armaan? Kya hua? Aaj itne dinon ke baad phone kaise kiya?"

"Ek problem ho gayi hain."

"Problem? Kaisi problem?" Armaan told him about the recent happenings.

"Oh, ok. I guess I know what I have to do."

"Yes. And this better be done quickly. I don't want to take any risks."

"Yes Sir." With this Armaan hung up with a determined look.


"YEH SAB KYA HO RAHA HAIN! WOH DONO BACH KAISE GAYE!" A man shouted at a guy standing behind him.

"Pata nahin. Humne toh woh bomb sahi tarah se lagaaya tha. Lekin jab woh dono car mein baethne waala the toh achaanak woh Rahul ko kisi ka phone aaya aur dono bhaag gaye. Aur tab hi blast hua."

"Kiska phone tha?"

"Pata nahin."

"Do baar. Do baar humara plan flop ho gaya hain! Kissi na kissi vajaah se! Pata karo. Kya ho raha hain."

"Yes boss." As soon as they left, the guy slammed his fist on the table.

"Armaan Mallik... main tumhari zindagi khatam kar dunga. I promise you."


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