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Chapter 26 A : Dangerous Desire (AR)

Day 1: Celebrations

Riddhima slowly opened her eyes feeling the sun shining upon on her.  She rubbed her eyes and sat up on the bed.  Her eyes flickered over to Muskaan's bed on an impulse.  For a moment she freaked out seeing the bed empty, but then remembered she had gone for a meeting along with Rahul.  She got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Coming out of the warm shower, she wore her mid-thigh length shorts and black spagetthi straps.  She really didn't feel like wearing any of her dresses.  She pulled her hair up into a messed up bun and walked to the kitchen, ready to make breakfast for herself.

She turned the toaster to warm it up and then started to look around for the stack of bread.  To her dismay, she couldn't find it anywhere.

"Arre.  Yeh bread kahaan gaya?  Mtch.  Yeh Muski bhi na.  Pata nahin kaunsi cheez kahaan rakhti hain.  Ab kahaan dhundoon?" Her eyes fell on the top of the fridge.  She smiled widely seeing the stack of bread there and tried reaching it but couldn't.

"Muski na.  Kitna upar rakha hain.  Tch.  Yeh stool kidhar gaya?" She looked around and saw a stool in a corner.  She took it and set it in front of the fridge.

She stood on it and reached up to get the bread, but it was just out of her reach.  Suddenly she she lost her balance and shut her eyes in fear.

She waited for for her body to hit the ground and her bones to shatter into pieces, but that, fortunately, never happened, leaving her surprised.  She felt someone's hands around her tiny waist.  The touch was familiar.  Very familiar.  She could feel her heart thudding wilding against her chest.  As she breathed in, she took in the masculine scent and knew who it was, but still refused to open her eyes.

"Open your eyes Riddhima." Her eyes opened and she found herself drowning into those electrifying, yet magical blue eyes.  She blinked softly, making sure this was not a dream.

"Armaan." She whispered softly, feeling herself losing control over herself once again.

His eyes bore into her green ones, empowering all her senses.  She wanted to look away but his eyes held hers.  It felt as if he was controlling her.  Her heart fluttered at their closeness.  He was so close to her, so near.  She felt herself going breathless in his arms.  She clutched his vest in her small fist and lowered her eyes shyly.

Armaan kept gazing her intently.  Even in that messy state of hers, she looked beautiful. He felt the desire running in his veins.  Only he knew how hard it was, not to just smack his lips on hers and explore her till he doesn't satisfy himself.  He made her stand up and tightened his grip around her, pulling her closer.

He slowly backed her against the fridge and moved closer to her.  She gasped feeling her softness being pressed against his stone chest.  They never broke their eye contact.  Their hearts raced wildly.  He moved more closer to her, if it was possible.  Their bodies were completely pressed against each other.

She moved her hands around his neck due to the lack of space and caressed his hair, satisfying her hidden desires.  He brushed his nose against hers, making her close her eyes in pure pleasure.  He slid his nose down her cheeks and against her jaw bone.  She threw her head back and breathed heavily.  Her bossoms moved against his chest arousing him even more.  He started placing feather kisses on her throat driving her completely insane.  She clutched his hair and pulled him closer, wanting for more.

Armaan just lost all the self control he had.  The passion was starting to increase rapidly as the kisses became fiercer. Her fragrance was driving him to the edge.  He craved for more.  He had wanted to do this for so long.  Whenever he looked at her, he would find himself thinking about what it would be like to feel her so close to him and kiss her.  Yeah, he had kissed her that day, but he wasn't even in his senses that day.  When he came yesterday, he had been constantly worried whether he would be able stop himself but he knew he couldn't stay away from her anymore and nor was he going to fight that fact.  He felt bolts of electricity passing through his body as he moved up to her ear and nibbled on it.

He realized how much he wanted her.  He wanted her all for himself.  With her, he just couldn't keep himself in control.  He craved for her like he never did for anyone.  Her thoughts would haunt him at night.  He would even find himself thinking about how she would look when he would be making love to her.  This was making him insane.  SHE was making him insane!  Now he didn't even care about the others.  All he knew was that he wanted her at any cost.

She twitched feeling him licking her ear.  She opened her eyes with a jolt feeling him bite her ear.  She just stopped responding back and left his hair.  This was wrong.  Terribly wrong.  He was freakin engaged to Anushka!  How could she give in like that!  She placed her hands on his  chest and pushed him away from her with all might.  He stumbled back and she turned her back to him, cursing herself.  Armaan was confused at first but realized she was angry because of this and probably even regretted it, but he didn't.

Riddhima closed her eyes, trying to think all this was a nightmare, but it wasn't.  This had actually happened.  She regretted it, but still loved.  She didn't want it, but inside she was craving for more.

What's going on with me?  I should be regretting this, but instead I... I liked it.  I should run away from him but... but I'm craving for more.  Why?  No Riddhima.  You can't think this way.  Armaan is engaged.  This is very wrong.  Stay away from him.

Then she remembered why Armaan was here.  She turned around and looked at him.

"Tum ab tak yahaan se gaye nahin?" She changed the topic in an instant and Armaan smiled inwardly.

"What do you think?"

"Armaan.  Maine tumse pehle bhi kaha tha na ki main company wapas join nahin kar rahi.  Toh phir kyun mere peechhe pade ho?" She put her hands on her hips and spoke angrily.  Whatever that just happened was now at the back of her mind.

"Maine bhi tumse kaha tha ki main yahaan se tab tak nahin jaunga jab tak tum wapas aane ke liye maan nahin jaati.  So deal with it."

"Toh phir toh tumhe saari zindagi yahin par rehna padega.  Kyunki main wapas nahin aa rahi.  Likh ke doon kya?"

"Nahin.  Usski zaroorat nahin hain.  Because I know you'll come back." He looked at her intently and moved closer to her while she backed up.  She hit the counter and he towered down on her.  He moved closer to her and held the counter.  "I'll make sure you do." Riddhima just stared at him, not knowing what to say.  He winked at her and left the kitchen whereas she was left wondering to herself.


Back at the office, the others were having their lunch in the canteen.

"Abhi!  Apni plate se khana khao na!"

"Kya yaar Niki!  Khud toh kuch kha nahin rahi aur doosron ko kuch khane nahin deti!"

"Oye!  At least main tumhare jaise saand ki tarah nahin khaati!"

"Oye saand kisko boli!" The others thought to stop the fight before they would turn the canteen into a battlefield.

"Arre arre arre!  Yeh tum dono bacchon ki tarah kyun lad rahe ho?  Abhi.  Stop eating from her plate!"

"Oye!  Why are you telling me!  She called me a bloody saand!" Atul turned to Niki and glared at her.


"Stop glaring at me Atul!  We don't need another Armaan here." They chuckled at this statement of hers.  If definitely seemed like Armaan was sitting there glaring at them.

"Waise.  Yeh Armaan hain kahaan?"

"Woh Ridz ke ghar par hain." Said Abhi.  They looked at him in confusion.

"Ridz ke ghar par?  But why?"

"Ussko wapas laane."

"Is she not joining back?"

"We asked her but she just refused.  So Armaan's decided to stay over at her house till she agrees to come back."

"What!" They all shouted in shock.

"Armaan mere ghar par rahega!  Usski itni himmat!  Abhi jaa ke usse bahaar phenkti hoon!" Muskaan got up to leave but stopped hearing Rahul.

"Please Muskaan.  Don't you want her back here with us?  Armaan vahaan sirf Riddhima ko lene gaya hain.  And I'm sure woh usse mana kar aayega.  Please." Muskaan couldn't help but sit back down.  She trusted Rahul and knew he meant that.

"I still can't believe this is our Armaan.  I mean... the guy that threw people out of work just because of one tiny mistake and would never look back at them is staying over at a girl's house just to get her back." Said Anjali.

"Yeah.  It's like he's completely changed.  You can't even call him an angry young man now.  I mean, yeah.  He is short-tempered.  But you can see the new guy in him." Muskaan stated in agreement.

"And all this is happening because of Riddhima.  She's changing him for good."

"Yeah.  I guess our decision of Armaan and Riddhima as a couple was perfectly right.  She's turning out to be an angel for Armaan."

"But how in hell are we gonna unite them?  They may like each other but they're not going to accept that." Said Niki.  They pondered over this.  They knew Niki was right about this.  Armaan likes Riddhima, but being the stubborn dumbledore he was, he wasn't gonna accept it and Riddhima would prefer to die than think about him and her together.  What were they suppose to do?

"We should give them their own time.  They'll figure it out eventually."

"But they are slow!  They'll take forever to figure out what they feel."

"So?  It'll probably confuse them even more!"

"Haan.  Yeh toh hain.  I just hope yeh do idiots apni feelings jaldi realize kar lein." They all nodded and silently prayed to God about this.


"Chalo baccha party!  Jaldi karo!  Hume saari tayaari aaj hi karni hain!" Riddhima walked into the society grounds and called the kids out to start preparing for today's celebrations.  After all.  It was Independence Day.  As soon as she said that, the boys came running out of their houses with a big smile and hugged Riddhima tightly.

"Yayy!  Riddhima Didi!  Aaj toh bohat maza aayega!"

"Haan!  Humne aap ko bohat bohat bohat bohat bohat miss kiya!"

"Achha ji?  Bohat miss kiya?" She asked teasingly and they nodded innocently.

"Aww... maine bhi tum sab ko bohat miss kiya.  Ab chalo.  Hume apni saari tayaari aaj ek baje se pehle karni hain aur baaki saari shaam chhe baje se pehle.  Ok?"


"Ab chalo!"

And they all got to work.  They had two hours left till it was 1 and they wanted to make everything special.  They wanted to celebrate the day of their freedom with all the happiness and excitement.  They went to the society park and started to do their work there.  They were actually enjoying doing all this.  Soon it was 1:00 and they were finished with all their work.  They stood at a distance and looked at their work with a big smile on their face.

A big closed flag stood on the little stage they had set up with orange, white and green colored balloons surrounding it.  They were quite impressed with their work!

"Yes.  Baccha party.  Preparations toh ho gayi.  Ab jaldi se kapde badal ke aao.  Sab kuch daer mein aane lage ge.  Okay?"

"Okay Didi!"  The kids jumped in excitement and ran to their house to dress up.


Riddhima ran up to her house with a smile and was about to go to her room to change but Armaan's voice stopped her.

"Riddhima?" She turned around and faced him.

"Why are you so happy?"

"Armaan.  Just reach the garden in the 15 minutes.  And yeah.  Make sure your shirt is green.  Okay?"

"But why?"

"Dude!  Aaj Independence Day hain!"


"Arre dhakan!  Hum flag host karne waale hain.  Now don't ask anything else and hurry up." Saying this, she quickly ran up to her room.


In about 15 minutes, all the society members were in the garden, waiting for Riddhima to come down.

Armaan stood in one corner, looking around to find some known face, but didn't find anyone there.  He suddenly felt a tug on his hand and looked down to see Mini standing there.


"Tum kaun ho?  Phele toh kabhi yahaan nahin dekha.  Chori karni aaye ho kya?  Aur neeche baetho.  Tum itne lambe ho, ke tumhari chehra dekhne ke liye itna upar dekhna padta hain.  Aur main itni daer tak upar nahin dekh sakti.  Tum mein manners naam ki koi cheez hain ya nahin?" Armaan found this conversation very amuzing.

Mini Riddhima.

He chuckled inwardly at the thought and sat down on his knees.

"Mera naam Armaan hain.  Main yahaan sirf do baar aaya hoon.  Aur nahin.  Main yahaan chori karne nahin aaya hoon.  Main Riddhima ka boss hoon."

"Oh!  Toh tum ho Riddhima didi ke boss!  Baba Armaan!" Armaan was confused.

"Baba Armaan?" He voiced his thoughts.

"Haan.  Riddhima didi tumhe yeh hi bulaati hain."


"Kyunki tum humesha lectures dete rehte ho.  Aur humesha bossy behave karte ho.  Didi toh aapko kitna kuch bolti hain.  Lekin main nahin bolne waali." He was surprised at this.

"Aur kya kehti hain woh?"

"Kaha na nahin bolungi."


"Kyunki phir tum meri didi ko daatoge."

"Main usse nahin daatunga.  Ab toh bolo."



"Theek hain.  Didi keh rahi thi aap bohat sadu, akhdu, aur kanjoos ho."

"Sadu, akhdu, aur kanjoos?"

"Haan.  Tum humesha gussa karte rehte ho, iss liye sadu aur akhdu.  Aur hasne mein kanjoosikarte ho iss liye kanjoos."

"Oh no she didn't say that?"

"Oh yes she did say that." They chuckled at this.

"You know what?  I like you.  Tum bohat handsome ho, good looking bhi ho, aur kaafi smart bhi lagte ho.  Tum mere boyfriend banoge?" Armaan laughed a little at this.

"Tumhe pata hain main tumse umar mein kaafi bada hoon."

"Toh?" He smiled at this girl's innocence and ruffled her hair.

"You're soo cute." Mini made a face at that.

"Baalon ko matt chhuo!"

"Okay okay.  Sorry.  Umm... theek hain aaj se main tumhara boyfriend aur tum meri girlfriend.  Lekin yeh baat kissi ko pata nahin chalni chahiye.  Okay?"

"Okay!" She smiled widely and hugged him.  Armaan was taken aback a little.  He had never been the one that would talk to kids or play with them.  This was a little awkward, but he felt a special attachment with Mini.  He hugged her back when he heard her shout.

"Riddhima Didi!" He turned around and felt his breath getting stuck in his throat.  She entered the garden wearing a simple churidaar.  It had a green dupatta, white kurti pants, perfect for the occasion.  Her hair had been left loose.  He saw a few bangles on her hands which made calming sounds as she moved.  She was looking simple, yet beautiful.  That gorgeous smile never left her face as she walked up to the stage.

"Hello everyone.  Aaj pandra August hain.  Humari aazaadi ka din.  Mujhe pata hain.  Yeh din, hum sab ki zindagi mein bohat mayine rakhta hain.  Aur aaj.  Hum apni, aur apne desh ki aazaadi ki khushi mein, ek event rakh rahe hain.  Lekin sabse pehle, main iss society ke sabse bade, Suhaas chacha ko bulaana chahti hoon.  Aap please yahaan aaye, aur iss jhande ko host karein." They all clapped for him and he went up to the stage.

"Beta iss sab ki kya zaroorat hain?"

"Chacha.  Aap iss society ke sabse bade hain.  Aur aapne bhi toh iss desh ke liye bohat kuch kiya hain.  Toh agar aap aaj iss flag ko host karenge, toh yeh toh humare liye garv ki baat hogi." He smiled and walked to the flag.  He slowly pulled the string.  The flag came flying out and everyone salutated.

Jana Gana Mana Adhinaayaka Jaya Hain
Bharata Bhagya Vidhaata

Punjaba Sindhu Gujarata Maratha
Drivida Utkala Banga
Bindhya Himachala Yamuna Ganga
Ucchala Jaladhi Taranga

Taba Subha Name Jage
Taba Subha Ashisha Mage
Gahe Taba Jaya Gatha

Jan Gana Mangala Dayaka Jaya Hain
Bharata Bhagya Vidhaata

Jaya He
Jaya He
Jaya He
Jaya Jaya Jaya He...


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