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Chapter 7 : Dangerous Desire (AR)


Reaching his door, she knocked on it.  She waited for about a minute and was surprised.

"Kamaal hain.  Mujhe bula kar khud kidhar gayab ho gaya?  Men, I swear.  Zaroor mujhe tang karne ke liye hi bulaaya hoga.  Kaam ke buhaane mujhse coffee waali bata ka badla lene aaya hoga.  By Gdo!  Lekin woh sweet, sweet coffee peene ke baad jo haalat huyi thi, main ussko kabhi nahin bhulungi.  Never.  Mujhe apna camera laana chahiye tha.  Usski ek mast photo le leti.  Kitna maza aata na?  Haha!" Giggled to herself, she knocked on the door a little harder this time.  She got no response from him and got angry.  She kicked the door with all her might and the next thing she knew was she hadn't kicked the door-she had kicked Armaan on his legs!

"Aahh!" He yelped in pain.  Riddhima covered her mouth shock, but soon recovered and quickly went to him.

"I-I'm really sorry Armaan!  A-are you alright?"

"Are you out of your God damn mind!  What the hell do you think you were doing?  Kicking me for no reason!"

"I'm sorry Armaan!  Tum darvaaza nahin khol rahe the toh mujhe bohat gussa aaye and I meant to kick the door, but... tumne darvaaza khol diya."

"Forget it!" After a while, he stood up and moved to the other side of the room.  Just then, Riddhima looked around the room and fulled noticed it.

The room was big.  The wall behind his bed was painted a really classy shade of black, while the others were deep red.  He had his picture on the wall, blown up into a bigger one.  Looking at it, anyone would go crazy.  His bed was a perfect blend of silky black and ravishing red.  The room had a devilish, yet sexy touch to it.  A black leather sofa was placed at a distance from the bed and a glass table in front of it.

"File laayi ho?" She came back to the present on his question.


"Dikhaao." She handed him Mr. Verma's file and he sat down on the sofa.

"Hmm.  Ab kaam shuru karte hain." She sat down beside him and took out a her sketchbook.

"Ab kya karna hain?"

"Karna kya hain?  Kaam par lago."

"Aur tum?"

"Main yahaan baeth kar dekhoonga." Riddhima cocked up an eyebrow.

"No you're not!"

"Chill.  Mazaak tha.  Agar mujhe sirf tumhe hi kaam karvaana hota toh main tumhe yahaan nahin bulaate."

"Well, agar yeh ek mazaak tha, toh bohat bura tha." Armaan rolled his eyes and stood up.

"Ab chalo.  We don't have time to spend on such petty things." Riddhima nodded.

"Ok.  So yahaan par garden hoga jisski measurements at least..." She started to sketch the design while Armaan helped her out with some parts of the design.

Armaan's eyes suddenly fell on her.  She was completely engrossed in her work and he could tell as her expressions changed every passing second.  A light smile, to confusion, to a deep frown as she tried to make the lines straight and correct.  He noticed her curls softly caressing her rosy cheeks as the night breeze flirted with her.  His eyes started to roam around her body, observing every feature of her.

Big eyes, sharp nose, rosy petals, long neck, medium sized breasts, flat tummy, long legs.

Hmm... not bad.  She's alright.  If only she would wear her hair down and wear modern clothes instead of these, she may become my type.

Riddhima felt a pair of eyes scanning her.  She looked up and saw Armaan looking at her.  She felt really awkward seeing him looking her her like that and snapped her fingers in front of his eyes.

"Oye!  Aise kya dekh rahe ho?"

"Kuch nahin.  Bas dekh raha tha ke kaam karte waqt tum kitne weird faces banaati ho.  Pata hain kitni daravni dikhti ho?"

"Hawww!  Main tumhe daravni lagti hoon!"

"I think maine yeh hi kaha hain."

"Khud ki shakal dekhi hain?"

"Haan.  Roz dekhta hoon.  Tum se toh better hi lagta hoon."

"Yea right.  Ek dum bandar lagte ho!"

"Aur tum bandariya." Riddhima jaws dropped to her knees and eyes widened.

"Main bandariya hoon?!"


"Main tumhe bandariya lagti hoon?"


"Toh tum... tum... tum... tum gadhe!"

"Jungli Billi!"


"Behri ho?  Maine kaha jungli billi."

"Tumhari himmat kaise hui mujhe jungli billi bulaane ki!"

"Bilkul waise jaise tumhari himmat hui thi mujhe gadha bulaane ki."

"Tum na!  Khud ko bohat smart samajhte ho?"

"Samajhta nahin, hoon."

"Smart my foot!  Tum toh iss duniya ke sabse bade bevakoof ho!"

"Toh tum kya kahin ki maha rani ho?  Tum bhi kuch kam nahin ho."

"Tum bevakoof ho!"









Both turned away huffing and puffing.  Both crossed their arms across their chests as their nose flared in anger.  After about five minutes of pure silence, they both realized that they were fighting for no reason.

Main Armaan ke saath lad kyun rahi hoon?

Main Riddhima ke saath lad kyun raha hoon?

Realizing that they were fighting for no reason, they decided to make truce.  Taking a deep breath, they turned around at the same time.

"I'm sorry." Both said together.


"I'm so..." Both took a deep breath and spoke at the same time.

"You go first."

"Tum jaao." said Armaan.

"Nahin, tum."

"Tum jaao."

"Ab iss mein bhi ladaayi karni hain kya?" She bit her lower lip and shook her head.  "Toh ab kaam par lagein?" She nodded.

Both sat down and got back to working on the project.


Rahul, Muskaan and Atul were in the living room watching Golmaal and were laughing their heads off.  Tushaar Kapoor was standing against Vrajesh Hirjee and he was making those random sounds, while Vrajesh was doing his little snake dance.  The scene was making Atul roll on the floor.

"Oh my God!  I can't believe this!  Tushaar is soo funny!"

"I know yaar!"

"Mera toh Shah Rukh ke baad yeh hi sabse favorite hain!"

"Let me guess.  Tum bhi DDLG ki bohat badi fan ho.  Right?"

"Tumhe kaise pata?"

"I, just took a wild guess."


"Guys, main popcorn le kar aata hoon."

"Ok!" Muskaan went back to watching the movie really closely, unaware of Rahul's eyes on her.

She was so cute!  He loved how she would twirl her curly hair around her delicate finger every time she's thinking something.  She smile on her face would brighten up anyone's day.  Whenever he looked deeply into her hazel eyes, he would feel like forgetting everything around him and just remember her.  The sound her anklets make would send an unknown feeling of excitement and happiness.  He could gaze at her all day if he was allowed to.

Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain?  Muskaan ko dekhte hi main sab kuch bhul jaata hoon.  Main apne hosh mein nahin rehta.  Jee karta hain ki har waqt usse hi dekhta rahoon.  Kabhi usse khud se door na jaane doon.  Usse din bhar nihaarta rahoon.  Why?

Just then, Muskaan's eyes fell on the floor and they widened.  There was a cockroach on the floor!

"AAAHHH!" She screamed over the top of her lungs and immediately hugged Rahul.  He was taken aback by her sudden scream.  "Bacchaao!  Bacchaao!"

"K-kya hua?  Tum chila kyun rahi ho?" Muskaan slightly parted from him and looked at him with fear in her eyes.

"N-neeche co-cock-roach hain." Rahul looked down and started to laugh the next second while Muskaan was confused.

"Tum has kyun rahe ho?"

"Oh my God Muskaan!  Tumhe cockroaches se darr lagta hain?  What are you, a little kid?" He said in between his laughs and started to laugh again, which infuriated Muskaan.

"Bohat maza aa raha hain na?  Abhi dikhaati hoon!" She started to hit and punch him which made him laugh even more.

"Oww... aah... Muskaan!  Stop it!" She kept hitting him.  Tired of this, Rahul twisted her hands behind her back and pinned her beneath him on the sofa.

Muskaan gasped seeing him so close to her.  The bluish green eyes bored into the hazel ones.  Their faces were just inches apart, their hot breaths hitting each others face.  Rahul dropped his gaze down to her parted lips.  They were so tempting.  He looked back into her eyes.  He could tell she was lost into the moment as much as he was.  He moved his hand up to her cheeks and started to caress them.  She closed her eyes feeling his touch on her skin.

"Hey guys!  Maine kuch miss toh nahin kiya na?" Atul came into the room.  They opened their eyes and sat up with a start.  What on earth were they doing!  The intimacy was making it harder for them to breathe.

"N-nahin Atul." She said nervously.  She gave Rahul a sideway glance.  "M-mujhe washroom jaana hain.  I'll be back."

"Ok." She rushed to the washroom and held the basin, trying hard to control herself.  She splashed icy cold water on her face and looked up in the mirror.

Yeh main kya kar rahi thi?  How could I lose control like that?  Rahul kya soch raha hoga mere baare mein?  Oh God!  Yeh nahin hona chahiye tha.  This shouldn't have happened.

On the other side, Rahul was thinking along the same lines.

Yeh kya ho gaya?  What the hell was I thinking?  I was caressing her cheeks!?  I've officially lost it!  Yes, I am attracted towards her, but... but that's not an excuse!  Pata nahin Muskaan kya soch rahi hogi mere baare mein?  Rahul.  You're messed up!

In about five minutes, Muskaan came out of the washroom and came down.  She sat next to Atul and glanced at Rahul for a second before going back to the movie.  The movie was over in about 30 minutes.

"Wow yaar!  Bohat maza aaya!"

"Yea.  I know!  Tushaar Kapoor aur Ajay Devgan ki kya mast jodi hain!"

"Haan!  Ab chalo.  Main sone jaata hoon.  Agar kal daer se utha na, toh Bhai mujhe maar daalega.  Good night!"

"Good night!" Atul went to his bedroom and Rahul went up to Muskaan.

"Muskaan." She turned around and looked at him.  "Woh... I'm really sorry about what happened.  Pata nahin.  Mera khud par control hi nahin raha.  I'm really sorry." Muskaan smiled.

"It's alright Rahul.  Galti meri bhi thi.  I should have stopped you.  Lekin tum maafi matt maango." Rahul exhaled and smiled in relief.

"Thank God Muskaan!  Mujhe toh bohat tension ho rahi thi."

"Mujhe bhi."

"Ab chalo.  Hum so jaate hain.  Bohat daer ho gayi hain na?"

"Lekin Rahul.  Main kahaan..."

"Tum usski fikar matt karo.  Yahaan par ek guest room hain.  Tum vahin par so jaana."


Rahul took her to the guest room and both soon fell in deep slumber.


Armaan and Riddhima were still working on the project.  They had finished most of the sketching and were now just giving it final touches.  Suddenly, the wind started to blow very harshly and the papers flew in the air.

"Oh no!"

Both tried their best to get all the papers together, but the wind was making it really hard for them.  While she was collecting the papers, her dupatta flew out in the air and she gasped.  Putting the papers under the sketch book, she ran to catch the dupatta.  She didn't notice Armaan in front of her and collided with him.  They both landed on the bed with Armaan on top of her and just then, the dupatta fell on top of them.

Both gazed into each other's eyes, exploring new emotions in them.  His eyes dropped  to her neck.  It was fully exposed to him as the kurti had a deep neck.  He wanted to leave a bite there and claim her to be his.  He fisted the bed sheet in his hands to calm the demons inside him, but it was of no use.  He looked back into her eyes and saw fear in them.  Fear of being so close to him.  Fear of the desire she saw in his eyes.  He kept staring into her emerald green eyes.

"Ar-Armaan..." She whispered and he ignored her.  He looked at her lips.  He wanted to crush those petals with his lips and chew on them until he wasn't satisfied.  Wanting to quench his thirst right away, he moved his face closer to hers.  Their lips were just inches apart.  Her lips started to quiver.  She was scared.  She wanted to stop this now and she had to do something right away.  Gathering her courage, she pushed him away from her and got up.  She took her dupatta and covered her neck entirely.  She didn't meet his eyes and kept looking down at the floor.  All she wanted right now, was to run away from him.

"Main... coffee bana kar laati hoon." She left the room in hurry and went to the kitchen, leaving a confused Armaan behind.

What transpired between them just a few seconds ago, came rushing back into his memory.  He still couldn't believe that Riddhima had pushed him away when he was about to kiss her.  Normally, girls would die to share a kiss with him, but here, this girl literally ran away from him.  He still couldn't accept this fact.  Trying get away from the thoughts he closed his eyes and her eyes flashed in front of him, making him open his eyes on an instant.

What was that?  Those eyes... I've seen them somewhere.  I know it.  But where?  Where have I seen them?  Why do they look so familiar?


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