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CS & Chapter 1 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

 Armaan Mallik

A dashing, blue-eyed guy that girls die to get in bed with.  His one look makes girls go weak in the knee.  His smile is a killer itself.  He has long, shaggy hair with really cute dimples.  He's 25 years old, but is known as the best business man of India and runs Mallik Empire.  But that's not it.  Armaan is a short-tempered guy who gets angry at the smallest of small things.  He holds absolutely no feelings for anyone, except for his brothers.  He just uses women to satisfy his needs and then throws them away.  He gets what he desires by hook or crook and if necessary, he'll cross the limit of limits.

Riddhima Gupta

A beautiful, 21 year old girl who is the apple of everyone's eyes.  Everyone loves and adores her because of her sweet, bubbly, and fun-loving nature.  She mixes in with everyone easily and wins
everyone's hearts in a matter of a second, but if someone messes with her, she'll make them fall to her feet and apologize.  She gets angry super easily and won't think twice before cursing the heck out of people, but calms down even more quickly and apologizes in such a way that the other person just has to forgive her.  She wears traditional 'Churidaar' in front of everyone and has extremely curly hair.  But again, that's just in front of everyone.  She's going to join Mallik Empires as the secretary of Armaan Mallik soon, where her dad, Shashank Gupta, works as the Manager.  She desires to meet the man of her dreams very soon.

Atul Mallik

A sweet and caring, 24 year old boy that loves his life the way it is.  He works with Armaan in Mallik Empire and loves Anjali, but is afraid to tell her.  He's Armaan's younger brother and wants someone to come and change him for good.

Anjali Sharma

A bold, 24 year old going girl that loves adventure.  She works in Mallik Empire as Atul's secretary and loves Atul, but is scared that he doesn't feel the same about her.

Rahul Garewal

A handsome, 24 year old, hard working boy that takes his work very seriously, but is fun to be around at the same time.  He's Armaan's cousin and stays with the Malliks, but Armaan considers him as his own brother.

Muskaan Chaddha

A 22 year old, bubbly girl that just knows how to live her life to the fullest.  She loves partying and has a very distinctive laughter.  She has very curly hair and is proud of it.  She's Riddhima's best friend-cum-soul sister.  Both share everything with each other and lives with Riddhima.

Abhimanyu Mallik

A 23 year old, careless guy, that only knows how to party.  He is the youngest of the Mallik brothers and is gone by the name Abhi.  He doesn't care about anyone and remains drunk and out of the house most of the times.

Nikita Malhotra

A sweet, 22 year old, beautiful girl that manages to win everyone's hearts.  She loves Abhi a lot, but thinks that he doesn't love her and is really good friends with the Mallik brothers.

Chapter 1:  The Prediction

A group of kids were running around the lawn, throwing colors at each other.  Yes.  It was Holi- The Festival of Colors and happiness.  Everyone was really happy and were fully enjoying themselves.  At a little distance from the crowd were a group of friends, who were chatting with each other.

"Yaar Ritu, woh kahaan hain?  Aaj Holi hain, uar usska toh koi naam aur nishaan nahin hain?" Rohit asked Ritu.

"Pata nahin.  Aati hi hogi."

"Yaar Rohit, lagta hain Sunshine darr gayi hain.  Issi liye toh woh aayi nahin." Said Chirag.

"Matlab?" asked Ritu.

"Arre yaar.  Humaari woh bet yaad hain na?  Dance waali?  Lagta hain ussne haar maan li hain.  Tum ladkiyaan na, hoti hi ho.  Phittoos."

"Excuse me?  Hum ladkiyaan phittoos nahin hain, alright."

"Really?  Toh woh kahaan hain?"

Just then, the music started and they turned around.

Oh, oh, ohhh
Oh, oh, ohhh

They saw the crowd moving away and a girl in white churidaar coming out, while tying her dupatta over her shoulder.

"Riddhima!" Ritu exclaimed in joy and Riddhima passed a smile to her.

Jalli toh, bujhi na,
Kasam se koyla ho gayi ha.
Lagi hain, tujhe na,
Kasam se tauba ho gayi ha.

Jalli toh, bujhi na,
Kasam se koyla ho gayi ha.
Lagi hain, tujhe na,
Kasam se tauba ho gayi ha.

The boys just gawked at her as she effortlessly made her way through the crowd.  Her curly hair was pinned back neatly with a clip and she had a wide smile on her face.

Milla na koi aisa,
Mere sapno ke jaisa.
Milla na koi aisa,
Mere sapno ke jaisa.

She walked amongst the people and sang making a face as if she was thinking about something.

Chhaan ke mohalla saara dekh liya

The girls there joined her as she swayed her hips from side to side.

Jawaani chadti jaaye

Karega kaun upaaye,
Jawaani chadti jaaye
Karega kaun upaaye

Chhaan ke mohalla saara dekh liya

Jalli toh, bujhi na,
Kasam se koyla ho gayi ha.
Lagi hain, tujhe na,
Kasam se tauba ho gayi ha.

Suddenly, her friends threw water on her and her hands went up to protect herself on an impulse.  She moved with her friends and then taking the plate full of color, she poured it on Rohit.  It suddenly started to rain and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling.

Dor se katti patangi main satrangi aaj hui hoon,
Kyun bhala bas na mera apne pe hi chale.
Ram yeh kaisi maaya gori gaaya aaj hui hain
Kyun bhala tan yeh mera paani mein bhi jale.

She moved her hands around each other, slowly bringing it down.  She started to move her hands back up her body and smiled.

Ramji rog mitta do dard ka pata bata do
Ramji rog mitta do dard ka pata bata do
Chhaan ke mohalla saara dekh liya

Jawaani chadti jaaye
Karega kaun upaaye
Chhaan ke mohalla saara dekh liya

Jalli toh, bujhi na,
Kasam se koyla ho gayi ha.
Lagi hain, tujhe na,
Kasam se tauba ho gayi ha.

Just then, Chirag came and started to do his Locking-&-Popping moves, while the girls just rolled their eyes.  The girls moved closer to the boys, making them go back.

Pyaar ki hera pheri karke meri saans chura le,
Ya meri dill ki basti nainon se loot le.
Dekh ke woh albela mujhe akela apna bana le,
Ho gayi neendein sasti nainon se loot le.

Riddhima walked aimlessly in the crowd.  She placed her hand on her heart and closed her eyes, breathing in.  She placed an invisible strand of hair behind her ear and blushed as she thought about her dream man.  She looked up as she felt Ritu's hand on her shoulder.  She cocked her eyebrows and she shook her head.

Hain aisa kaun bata de jo man ki pyaas bujha de
Hain aisa kaun bata de jo man ki pyaas bujha de
Chhaan ke mohalla saara dekh liya

Jalli toh, bujhi na,
Kasam se koyla ho gayi ha.
Lagi hain, tujhe na,
Kasam se tauba ho gayi ha.

Jalli toh, bujhi na,
Kasam se koyla ho gayi ha.
Lagi hain, tujhe na,
Kasam se tauba ho gayi ha.

They all danced crazily, coloring each other completely.  Riddhima looked for someone really special and frowned when she didn't see them.  She went inside and ran to her room.  Barging inside, she saw her sleeping with a smile on her face, making it obvious that she was dreaming.  Shaking her head, she went and shook her, trying to wake her up from her beauty sleep.

"Oye!  Uth na!" She shook her vigorously, but she was too engrossed in her dream.  She pulled the cover over her head, but Riddhima pulled it off of her.

"Arre yaar, kya bhau kya rahi hain?  Uth na!  Dekh, sab bahar Holi khel rahe hain, aur tu hain ki yahaan Kumbhkaran ki tarah so rahi hain.  Chal uth!" Riddhima literally yelled at her, but she didn't budge.  She thought for a while and her eyes twinkled as she got an idea.  She smirked and walked outside.

Getting a bucket of cold, colored water, she walked back inside her room.  Slowly pulling the cover away from her, she picked up the bucket and emptied it on her.  She burst into fits of laughter seeing the shock and anger on her face as she stood up on the bed, completely drenched.

"Riddhima Gupta!  Teri himmat kaise hui Muskaan Chadda par paanki phenkne ki!" Muskaan shouted over the top of her voice, which made Riddhima laugh even more.

"Badi hassi aa rahi hain na?  Ab dekh main tera kya hashra karti hoon!" Muskaan got off the bed and ran after Riddhima.

"Ruk!  Ridz ki bacchi!  Aaj main tera bharta banna dungi!" She yelled.

"Pehle pakkad ket oh dikha!  Jhalli!" She retorted back, making Muskaan even more angry and she ran even faster.  They stopped outside and Riddhima hid behind Padma.

"Mama, Mama, Mama!  Bacchao!  Yeh jhalli mujhe maar daalegi!"

"Aunty ji.  Dekhiye na aap apni laadli ko."

"Muskaan!  Yeh kya haal banna kar rakha hain?"

"Yeh aap Ridz se poochho na!  Main so rahi thi, aur issne thanda, thanda, rang bhara paani mere upar daal diya!  Aur phir mujhe jhalli bhi kaha." She whined.

"Jhalli ko jhalli nahin, toh kya maha rani bulaaongi?  Aur Mama.  Aaj Holi hain.  Sab yahaan khel
rahe hain, aur Muski Kumbhkaran ki tarah ghode bench kar so rahi thi.  Toh main uss par paani na phenkoon, toh aur kya karun?" She came out from behind and defended herself.

"Haan, lekin aise paani phenkna boori baat hain Riddhu.  Ab chalo, maafi maango." Riddhima turned to Muskaan, who turned away.  She went and stood in front of her, but she didn't look at her.  Riddhiam held her ears and looked down.

"Sholly.  Aage se aisa ni karungi.  Pleashe maaf kar do na Muski." She said in a babish voice, which made her heart melt.

"Chal koi gal nahin.  Yeh sab toh chalta rehta hain.  Aur madam.  Ab tujhe Holi nahin khelni?  Chal!" Riddhima smiled widely and nodded and they left.

They threw color at each and everyone.  They were having a very good time.  Riddhima was running away from Chirag, when she crashed into someone, but Chirag stopped her from falling.  Riddhima looked at the person she had crashed into.  It was a lady in her late 40s.  She was staring at her, intently.

"I'm sorry.  Main dekh rah nahin chal rahi thi.  Aapko kahin lagi toh-" She was interrupted by the stranger.

"Woh aane waala hain.  Bohat jald aane waala hain." She said it as if she was in a trance.

"Kaun?  Kaun aane waala hain?" Riddhima asked in confusion.  She looked up and pointed at her.

"Woh hi.  Jo teri zindagi badal ke rakh dega.  Woh ek toofan bann kar teri zindagi mein aayega, aur teri duniya palat ke rakh dega.  Woh tujhe, tujhi se choora lega.  Tujhe apna bana lega.  Tu lakh koshish karegi usse door jaane ki, lekin nahin jaa paayegi.  Tu jitna usse door jaane ki koshish karegi, woh tujhe utna hi apni aur kheech lega.  Woh aayega.  Bohat jald aayega!" She said in a grave tone and left chanting the same thing, unaware of what effect her words had on Riddhima.

She had started to shiver.  Not because of the icy rain, but because of that lady's words.  She had completely shooken her up.

"Ridz.  Tum usski baat par dhyaan matt do.  Woh pakka koi dhongi hogi." Muskaan explained and Riddhima nodded.  They left and Riddhima thought to herself.

Kya ussne jo kaha... woh sach hain?  Kya sach mein koi aane waala hain?

In another corner of the city, a guy was making out with his almost naked secretary in a small room
that was attatched to his cabin.  He was kissing her passionately as his hands wandered around her body.  His phone suddenly rang and he left her.

"Hello?" He answered in his deep voice.

"Hurry up.  Meeting ka time ho gaya hain." Another male voice spoke up.

"Hmm.  I'm coming." He hung up and quickly dressed up, while the girl looked at him in confusion.

"Tum kahaan jaa rahe ho?"

"Meeting ke liye." He replied in a cold voice.  The girl wrapped the sheet around her and walked up to him.

"Armaan.  I was thinking... about us.  Let's get married.  I'll talk to my dad.  I'm sure he'll agree for our marriage." She wrapped her arms around him.  He immediately came out of her arms and she looked at him shocked.

"What the hell made you think that I'll get married to you?"

"W... what?"

"I never said I'll get married to you, did I?" She just stared at him in shock.

"But Armaan... I thought you loved me..." Armaan gave a sarcastic laugh to this.

"Again, that's just what you think.  And you know what?  I guess it's time for you to leave.  You'll get your termination letter after the meeting's over."

"You b******!  I can't believe you did this to me!  I HATE YOU ARMAAN MALLIK!"  He looked up.  His ocean blue eyes looked at her.

"The door's this way.  If you have forgotten, ask anyone in the office.  They'll show you the way." With that, he left his cabin, leaving the girl in tears.

As he was walking to the conference room, he saw 2 guys walking towards him.  They were Atul, his younger brother, and Rahul, his cousin.

"Saari files le li hain na?" He asked.

"Haan." They kept walking when Atul and Rahul stopped.

"Armaan." He stopped and turned around.  He knew what was coming up, but he didn't care anymore.

"Agar tum log mujhe uss baat ko le kar phirse lecture dena chahte ho, toh please forget it.  This meeting is very important and I don't want to spoil my mood because of you two's stupid lectures." He said harshly and went inside the room.  Atul and Rahul sighed and looked at each other and then went inside for the meeting.

After 3, long hours of meeting, they had finally gotten the contract and were extremely happy about
it.  They threw a party for the staff and were really looking forward in enjoying it.
At night, the party was moving in full swing.  Everyone were moving their bodies to the disco beats.
Away from the noise, Armaan was sitting in a solitude area, kissing a girl who was on his lap.

*cough cough*

He left the girl at the sound and looked up to see Atul and Rahul standing there.  The girl got up and left.  Atul and Rahul sat down beside Armaan and Atul started to fill up glasses.

"Drinks?" Armaan and Rahul nodded.  He gave the glases to them and they took a sip out of it.

"Band karo yeh sab Armaan." said Atul.

"Kya?  What are you talking about?"

"Don't act so innocent Bhai.  Tum achhe se jaante ho ki main kya keh raha hoon.  Tum hamesha gussa rehte ho, ladkiyon ko use karte ho apne needs poori karne ke liye.  Why?" Atul finally lost his cool and asked him.

Armaan just stared at Atul.  Atul was a year yonger than him and no one knew him better than him and Rahul.  They were brothers-cum-best buddies.  They would share everything with each other.  The world sees Armaan as an angry and arrogant person, but Atul and Rahul know him way better than the others.

"Main kuch galat nahin kar raha hoon." He gulped down the drink in his hands and closed his eyes.

"Bhai!  You sleep with girls and leave them after you're done with them.  Yeh galat HAIN." Armaan just scoffed.

"You know what guys?  Saari ladkiyaan ek jaisi hoti hain.  Bloody selfish.  Jahaan paise dekhe, wahaan chali jaati hain.  Kissi ki koi parva nahin hoti unhe.  Unhe sirf do cheezein chaahiye.  Money and a body.  That's it!" He filled up another glass and drank it down.  No one spoke for a while.
"Forget it.  Waise, Anji ke saath baat aage badi?" He asked looking at Anjali who as at the dance floor, talking to her friends.  Anjali was his best friend and he knew how much Atul loved her.

"Nope.  Kehna toh chaahta hoon, lekin himmat hi nahin ho rahi."

"Aur hogi bhi nahin." said Rahul.  They let out a small chuckle.

"Aur Rahul.  Tujhe koi milli ya nahin?"


"Isska kuch nahin hone waala.  Tu hamesha akela hi rehne waala hain." said Armaan.  He hi-fived Atul.

"Oye!  Yaar demoralize toh matt karo!  Mujhe poora yakeen hain ki mujhe jaisi ladki chaahiye, waisi zaroor milegi."

"All the best!"

"By the way, yeh Abhi kahaan hain?"

"Udhar dekh." Armaan looked at the dance floor and saw Abhi dancing with numerous girls.

Abhi, Abhimaniyu Mallik, is Armaan's youngest brother.  He is completely careless about life and never takes anything seriously.  Partying and getting drunk is life him.  Though her barely spends any time hone, he's very close to Armaan, Atul, and Rahul.  The 4 of them are really close to each other.

"Yeh nahin sudharne waala.  Yeh andha hain kya?  Issko kya dikhta nahin ki Niki usse kitna
pyaar karti hain?" Rahul said looking at Niki, who was staring at Abhi with hurt and pain in her eyes.  Niki, short for Nikita, was another good friend of the Mallik brothers.  She loved Abhi a lot, and the trio knew it, but never told Abhi about it as she had refused.

"Aaj nahin toh kal, he'll realize his and her's love."

Just then, Armaan's phone rang and he went out.  Atul and Rahul sighed.

"Pata nahin Bhai ka nazariya kab badlega.  Pata nahin woh yeh kab maanega ki saari ladkiyaan ek si nahin hoti.  I really wish, ki koi angel usski life mein aaye, aur usse khushiyon se bhar de." said Atul.

"Pata nahin Atul, lekin mera dill kehta hain.  Armaan ki angel, bohat jald aane waali hain." Rahul said looking at Armaan, who was kissing some random girl.

What will happen when these poles apart people will meet?  Where will their 'desire' lead them?



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