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Part 1 : The Surprise (ARff)

"Isn't he cute and the best among all he...he is right?"

Muskaan asked the same question for the third time and Riddhima rolled her eyes. She glanced at the guy in question. He was handsome and eye catching, especially the eyes..they were perfect.He was definately the most handsome among the men they were journeying with.

Journeying....the word brought back the memory of how she had to plead with her parents to allow for this trip..

"Mom pleazzz...atleast try once...maybe he will agree. even dee has gone on such trips..right?"

"yes she has Riddhima...but anjali is much more matured than you."

Finally she had gathered the courage and asked him herself..he had finally agreed after two hrz of continous persistence by her and her dee..

And now she was here with Muskaan..whoz idea it was of going on this cruise trip.They had been sitting in the club and disscussing who was the most handsome among all the guys on the ship. And then they had spotted this Macho man who was being stared at by many. And his name as they learned from the side table giggling girlz was Rahul.

Muskaan repeated the question and Riddhima came back to the world. Much to her amusement she decided to answer Muskaan.She glanced again at Rahul.

"Yes Muski., he is.He is the perfect guy every girl would look for."

On personal grounds she din beleve that. Yes Rahul was beyond good, but not the kind of guy she would fall for.

Muskaan seemed to be obssesed by him. She wasnt the kind of girl who would for any guy. But she was charmed by rahul.
Riddhima now wondered that if Rahul and Muskaan got along, she wdnt have company. She shivered but wished the best for her friend.

Rahul was indeed the most handsome guy on the ship.

What did she know that she would soon be proved wrong. did she?

Two days later Rahul was still the most handsome guy around. He had exchanged introductions with Muskaan and Riddhima and was quite friendly and well mannered."The perfect guy" in muskaans opinion.

Rahul had been amused by Muskaan's sometimes vibrant and sometimes shy ways. He had found Riddhima sweet.

Riddhima was now sure that she wasn't going to have company. Muskaan and Rahul were showing signs of that.The three of thm were sitting on the deck having a general chit chat when Rahuls cell beeped. He picked it up.

"Hey! how is it going.....all packed?......yeah we will be anchoring in an hour....i suppose the ship needs filling up.....right then .... i will see u soon."

He ended the call.

"My best friend will be joining us in about an hour. You should meet HER...nice person"

He used the wrong gender on purpose to see Muskaans reaction. he got what he wanted.

Muskaans face drained colour. he had a girl friend???? The depression got mixed with jealousy and her overall expression was worth cathing. she came back to senses on Riddhimas nudge.

"Oh i see" is all what she said. Rahul smiled. He knew she was the perfect girl. They continued chit chatting for sometime, Muskaan rather glumly.Riddhima decided to freshen up and took leave. Muskaan was about follow when Rahul stopped them to accompany him to receive his friend. Muskaan accepted reluctantly. Riddhima continued on her way as she had spilled coffee on herself and it was necessary for her to change.

Half an hour later Muskaan burst into her cabin. she was bursting with happiness. on being questioned she replied that Rahuls friend wasnt a girl. It was a boy. She had been so happy that she din even bother his name. She left for her cabin to change as she was going to have dinner with Rahul.

She decided to ring up her family as she hadn't spoken to them since she boarded the cruise. She picked her cell. It wasn't catching network. She decided to ask for an alternative at the counter. On her way to the counter, she found some new faces. They had probably joined at the previous port.

She reached the reception hall and was approaching counter when she glanced around and her eyes stopped. She codn't move.

He was handsome, cute, adorable.Everything else. And he knew it all. The best part, he wasnt proud or arrogant about it. he felt it as a gift from god and thanked him for that. the moment he had joined them he had been the cause of people stopping on tracks and lost girls spilling drinks in their absent mindedness. Rahul had received him on board with a hug... cheerfull enough than usual.

"Not fair man. So far i was the eye candy and now you stole it dude. Nainsafi hai."

He smiled.

" Its not easy you know. Gets difficult at times. You know i dun enjoy it much. Wanna try being in my shoes?" he had asked back.

"Nah" , came the reply. "I have found someone for my whole life. So basically i won't need your shoes at any point of time." he pointed towardz Muskaan standing at distance smiling at them vibrantly.

"good luck buddy". he was happy for his friend.

And now he was sitting here in acorner alone as Rahul was with Muskaan for dinner with all plans of proposing her.
He had chosen the corner to avoid the eye catching which was now disturbing.he glanced around looking if Rahul had returned and found something green staring at him.

The wind started to blow. The music started to play. their eyes met and the world was lost to the birds. there was no one around. Just the two of them lost into each other.

Many people had stared at him with no reponse from his side. But something in her eyez caught hold of him and he cdn't move. he was lost deep in them. Never had he felt what he was feeling now. Never meant Never. He wanted to look away but coudn't. He smild at her.

She had found them intruiging. His blue eyes deep as the sea. She din know why she held her gaze at him but she coudnt look away. She had never stared at any guy like that and din know y she was doing it with him. But for some reason she coudn't look away. She was lost in the wind , the music and in the eyez- his blue eyez.


Muskaan's shake brought her back from him. She looked around. There was no wind, no music and their was everyone. She side looked at his table. HE WAS NOT THERE.

What the hell was up with her? Was she imagining things?

" What happened Ridzi?"

"Nothing" she replied. But everything had happened.

They made their way to the counter Riddhima lost in thoughts. She heard Muskaan talking to her in a distance. She caught wordz. etc. She got the message and was happy for her. But deep inside a war of heart and mind was on the run.

Heart said real. Mind said imagination.

Real....imagination.real.imagination.real imagination......

"Stop", she scolded her heart and mind. "Imagination. Yes pure imagination."

The heart was disappointed and the mind celebrated victory. She concluded that he was imagination. No one could ne so breath taking. And she had never felt for any guy that way. So how now?

"Yes..he was imagination. thats it" She explained her heart which wasnt ready to beleve. She shook her head and followed Muskaan.

"HE WAS IMAGINATION", she told herself again.

What did she know that she woulld soon be proved wrong. AGAIN.

Rahul was indeed NOT the most handsome guy on the ship.


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