Thursday, 12 September 2019

Part 12 : The Surprise (AR ff)

He smiled to himself as the fragrance filled his cabin. But he din open his eyes and just inhaled even more .....though the smell was of his own smelled very different when it came from her.

It had been very difficult to send her in for a shower.She had refused as she din have her clothes...but he insisted tht she could wear his as he was not going to sit with a ghost till Rahul n Muskaan retuned, n who seemed to have gone on an adventure trip n forgotten tht they had locked thm up.She finally agreed n moved into washrum. He had settled on the bed n almost dozed off when the fragrance filled the room.

She came out feeling very awkward wearing his clothes. But she had no choice. She saw him smiling in his sleep n realised again how handsome he was. She blushed lightly n whispered to herself......" I love you madly Armaan."

She saw him inhaling deeply n for second thought he had heard her.........She then moved ahead drying her hair.

He smiled even more feeling the droplets of water splash on his face but did not open his eyes. More drops came n he just kept smiling....blushing brightly at the thought of her drying her hair every morning in his room.

"Well Armaan.....honestly if your thinking someone is drying her hair n its the water from her hair thts falling on you....then ur absolutely wrong.....i am using a glass n my fingers to sprinkle water on u n if u dun get up right away then i dun mind giving u a shower right now?"

His smile curled into a frown n he opened his eyes expecting Riddhima with the glass.....but to his shock it was Muskaan.

"Muskaan????"..he asked rather confused.

"Unfortunately ur dear Riddhima din find it sweet enough to wake u up from such a peacefull sleep in whch i am sure she thought u were dreaming abt her...."

" I was...." he said to himself but Muskaan caught hold of it.

"Oh how sweet Armaan..."...she said in sugar sweet tone n thn changed it to sarcastic."but in case u dun realize ur dreamz rn't going to fill our stomachs tonight...anywaz u both din manage anything edible enough for us......which was least we expected............can we move for dinner now...plz.."

"Yeah...sure" he said glancing around.He had actually fallen asleep. Rahul was leaning at the door his armz folded n a lovely smile on his lips obviously for Muskaan. He saw Riddhima sitting on the couch blushing badly.

She had carefully dried her hair so as not to wake him up n then settled herself beside him giving him a gentle massage on his head n running her fingerz thru his hair. She was still doing that when she heard the door click n immediately moved n sat on the couch. When Muskaan eneterd she looked Riddhima top to bottom draped in Armaan's clothes. before Muskaan could even question Riddhima narrated the whole thing n was rather embarresed when she saw Rahul smiling at her from the door....She requested Muskaan not to wake him up but she bluntly refused.

He din nu what was making her blush.....Whether it was Muskaan's senseless banter or the fact tht she was sitting in front of him in his clothes. She looked rather cute though. His muscular body oversized her gentle frame n she was almost drowned in those clothes. Her hair still wet from the shower were dripping droplets on her neck n rolling down and he suddenly felt thirsty. And that moment she looked up n blushed even more seeing the look in his eyes.

"Rahul ....i am hungry.....when they finish their eyelock i am sure they will join us.....n Riddhima u better change before u make a public appearance."....saying so Muskaan moved out wid Rahul closing the door behind her. a gentle smile on her lips as she realised how madly the two were in love.

But her wordz fell on deaf ears. Armaan realized tht Rahul n Muskaan had left. He got up n moved towardz her as she was again looking down at nothing. He stood in front of her n bent down, took hold of her hands in his and made her stand. She quietly stood up still looking down as she knew she woudn't stop herself if she looked up. She felt his hands slipping out of hers.

He pulled out his hands from hers, kneeled down on one knee. n streched his right hand towardz her......

"May i have a dance with my Princess?"

She finally looked at him and smiled. She slipped her hand in his n nodded in agreement. He stood up pulled her close and slipped his arm aorund her waist as she closed her eyes and felt his warm breath at the same time placing her hand on his chest n realizing how wildly his heart was beating.

They moved around slowly....looking in each otherz eyes n making unworded promises tht sealed their love. He swirled her around making her fall back in his arms. They danced without any music. but their was music. The music of love. Pure love. Never ending love.

She hugged him tightly as she swirled back into him n he hugged her back. She kissed his chest which was exposed owing to his habbit of wearing his shirts top two buttons unbuttoned. He closed his eyes n kissed her hair.

"I love you Riddhima, your my world....never leave me alone...never"...he whispered tightning his grip aroun her.

" I won't Armaan...never"


"Promise....i love you Armaan....."

He smiled n made her look up . He kissed her on the forehead as she closed her eyez n whispered..

"I love you too my princess.....i alwayz will"

The clock struck 12.

"Happy Birthday Sweetheart."

She smiled.

"You rememberd?"

" could i miss a chance of winning over my father- in- law in wishing u first?"...he winked at her. She hit him lightly on the shoulder n snuggled into him.

"Ok tell me.....what does the bithday girl wish for as a present?"

This time she looked into his eyez n he saw a glint of brightness in them. she stood on tip toe n before he realised what she was upto she brushed her lips against his kissing him just for a microsecond n the next second was gone out of the cabin....leaving him confused n craving.



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