Friday, 13 September 2019

Part 13: The Surprise (AR ff)

She woke up to the smell of roses surrounding her. Eyes still closed she stretched herself on the bed n dug deeper into the pillow. Then again realizing the smell she opened her eyes to sumthing tht did not look like her cabin at all.

Covered with red roses all over it looked just as beautiful as it possibly could. She smiled broadly when she read the big wordings on the opposite wall.

"Happy Birthday My Lady Love"
"I Love You.."

On the table below there was a package and a card over it with a rose on top. Beside it thr was a huge teddy bear holding out a heart tht said "I Love You".

She closed her eyez for a moment wishing tht it wasn't a dream. She moved out of the bed n soon as she placed her feet on the floor there was a blast. She was shocked and closed her eyes tightly. She opened them when she felt something near her legs and let out a gasp.

The whole floor was covered with red ballons. To her it looked more like a valentines day. She moved to the table with a smile on her lips. She picked the rose n caressed it n then picked the card. She opened it n read.

"For me you are everything
Special in you is something

Love you from the bottom of my heart
Of my life your a precious part

Today all I wish is to say
I love you more with every passing day."

She felt her heart beating wilder at his love. She continued to read.

" Good Morning Princess. I know it was a bad attempt but that was all i could manage with the rhyming. But i mean every word of it. Actually i dun mean the second and the fourth line at all. Coz everything in you is special n ur not a part of my life. Your my life. My every breath is for you. And today as your safely locked in my heart i dun want anything more in life........I guess i am getting too filmy now.........nwaz i am waiting for you at the end of the staircase............plz come soon.......dieing to meet you......

"Happy Birthday."

P.S. do open the gift before coming down......

She closed the card smiling too widely. She felt she was the luckiest person on earth to have Armaan in her life. She tried placing the card back in the envelope but something came its way. She looked into it and found a small red heart inside. She pulled it out n saw tht thr was a smaller heart popping out of the bigger one n making it like a card. The small one read..."The golden rule of love is............." She turned it to see what the bigger one read......"To love and Be loved.

She picked up the teddy bear n started dancing with it all around the room as if it was Armaan in her arms. She hummed some random tune she herself din recognise. Finally she stopped when she was out of breath. Panting she fell down on the bed with the teddy n spoke to it,

" I love you too Armaan. I love yu very very much"

She hugged the teddy tightly n sat like tht for sometime smiling all to herself. She wanted to declare her love to the world. She wanted to scream it out n she did.

"Riddhima Gupta loves Armaan Mallik.
I love Armaan."

She started dancing again limitless when she remembered tht he was waiting for her. She took the package n opened having a hunch of what it may have. And as to her expectations, there was a red off shouldered evening gown it with all the other matching accessories. She smiled again imagining herself in it. She quickly took a shower n dressed herself in it. She took a look in the mirror n realised tht she din need her dee's help at all this time. She looked perfect she thought.

"Obviously ridzi, its Armaan's gift. u look gorgeous in it", she complimented herself.

"Hmmmm.....Armaan is going to go flat today"..........she blushed at her own comment.

Finally taking some pity for Armaan she gave herself one glance in the mirror again n moved to the door to go n meet him.

The scene outside was much different from inside. Every second person gave her a rose n wished her. Every two steps she looked around she found the words "Happy birthday" staring back at her. Partly amused n partly surprised, she realised how special she was feeling today. She really had never imagined all this n never thought of such a surprise from anyone. Not even her father. But Armaan had changed everything for her.

She moved Gracefuuly towardz the staircase n found him standing at the end of it deep in conversation with Rahul, his back facing her.She started descending the stairz when he turned around.

Deep in conversation with Rahul about something, he noticed Rahul loose track of his wordz n staring at someone over his shoulder. Quite irritated he turned around to see what it was n his eyes fell on her.

Their eyes met n nothing else seemed important to them other than each other. To him she was something wordz couldn't describe. It looked like a fairy tale come true as she descended the stairs n he began ascending it towardz her. They met in the centre eyes still locked with each other as Muskaan joined Rahul at the bottom and was cheerfully smiling at the duo.

"Rahul.....u better remember my bday when it comes.....n yeah i am not gonna be happy with just a party....."

"Really sweetheart??? Then what exactly do u expect from me??" he asked her naughtily sliding his arm around her waist n pulling her close.

"Rahuuuul....i din mean like shd be something special thts it..." she said blushing badly.

"Dun worry will be very special.." he said passionately giving her a light kiss on her cheek n making it go redder."You know what Muskaan??? When i am with u u dun need a blush at all..."


"Muskaaaaaan..."....she smiled at him n he smiled back resting his head on her shoulder n letting out a sigh.

"I love you sweetheart"

"I love you too"

If love was blossoming here two people at the centre of the staircase were in a world of their own.

Armaan n Riddhima were still staring at each other unaware of people glancing at them.

He coudn't get his eyes off the angel standing in front of him. "His Angel". His heart skipped a beat thinking that. They were standing very close to each other n he could feel her breath around him the fragrance engulfing him. He moved closer to her n took her hands in his kissing them forgetting totally about his surroundings.

She stood thr staring at him. He looked handsome in a denim black jeans with a red shirt n a black coat over it. His masculine perfume smelling heavenly was making her go weak in the knees. Her heart skipped many beats as he moved closer to her n kissed her hands.

They were so lost in each other tht they din see Rahul n Muskaan approaching them. Rahul was aware tht the duo had lost the world n found it necessary to intervene to avoid the staring now.

" You look......." he started unable to fing wordz.

"Ahem...guys i think we should move now. You know tht centre of the staircase in not particularly a good spot to have an eye lock."..he grinned cheekily as Muskaan did the same at his side.

Thye broke the eye lock looking away.

"Happy Birthday ridzy.....u grew a year older." She said hugging her

"Thanks muski...u make it sound like i have reachd old age already."

"Never mind tht Riddhima.....anwaz Happy Birthday.. .am I suppose to wish u for a golden jubilee??"

"Rahuuulll even u???"..she made a puppy face..

"Ah just kidding" he said giving her a side hug.

"By the way Ridzi ....You look gorgeous...Armaan seems to have bowled out today."....Muskaan quipped pointing towardz Armaan who hadn't spoken a word n was jus looking at her. He immediately diverted his gaze at Muskaan's comment while Riddhima blushed.

"Acha forget that....where did u get this dress from? I never saw it in ur luggage since i was the one who did ur packing....n u din buy it since we came here..."...She asked trying to hide the naughtiness in her voice as she was well aware of the facts..

Luckily Rahul came to her rescue tht second bt the very next out her into a more bad one.

"Oh forget that Muskaan.....its not important.....well Riddhima...since u came Armaan din speak a word....did he not wish u so far at all..??"

Armaan shot his head towardz them n her eyez met his as they both remembered the dance n the short moment they had after tht. Riddhima looked down going redder by the second.

"Yeah Ridzy....Armaan was with u yesterday when it struck 12...tell me how did he wish you??"

"Errr ....Muskaan.....actually....."she tried finding words.

"I still din wish her guyz owing to the fact tht ur bak - bak has been going on n u both din gve me a chance at all to speak to her". ..he thought he had saved the moment but Rahul n Muskaan were in for something else.

"Ohoooo....Mr. Romeo is restless to wish his Juliet Rahul........Should we do the courtesy of sparing him some moments with her so tht he can personally wish her in the way he was about to when we disturbed their eye lock."

Rahul chuckled badly n Armaan went red wid embarresment as Riddhima kept her head bowed.

Has Muskaan resolved to burn me wid embarresment today?

Rahul got over his chuckling n said..."Oh no Muskaan....we r Riddhima's friends.....she owes us sometime too.....Mr. Romeo can wish d Juliet later personally. Right now i think we need a bash ....dun we??

"Yeah your right......come on riddhima..."...She grabbed Riddhima's hand n started moving away taking her wid her.

Riddhima turned back n saw Armaan having a helpless look on his face. She smiled at him as he still stood thr almost shocked.

He came out of it n ran to catch up wid them.

"Hang on guyz...."

They stopped n he grabbed Riddhima's other hand.

" I know she owes you time but i need to talk to her first....personally..."He added the last word in a low tone..

" Oh come on Armaan.....You can do that later...."...Muskaan said.

"Rahooooool....dun u think i should talk to Riddhima first before u ppl start a bash??"....he gave Rahul a revengeous "try me" look..The latter took the que n undstud tht they had pulled him enough for the day.

"Errrr....yeah Muskaan....i think we should give them some time......n sometime means just sometime Armaan.."....he added trying to sound brave.

Riddhima had the urge to laugh out at this but thn decided to b silent. She really felt special today.

Muskaan gave up her cheekiness n moved away with Rahul. Armaan pulled Riddhima away from the crowd and took her in a room tht had nothing other than a LCD screen in it.He took hold of her hands again n kissed them very gently.

"Happy Birthday Princess...,,Did you like the surprise???"

"Thank you Armaan......I loved it.......I never thought you would do so much for me"

"I can give my life for you honey.....this is nothing"

"Ssssshhhhh"....she placed a finger on his mouth moving closer and he took a deep breath." My life is nothing without yours, so dun ever say that again"

They both smiled at each other looking into each otherz eyes.

" you loved the surprise more or the person who gave it to you???"

"Umm...i will have to think about that you know....tuff competiton...."...She added wid a naughty grin.

"Really???...If you want i can prove myself right away that i am way much better".....He pulled her close and then turned her around her back facing his chest n wrapped his hands aroun her stomach, resting his head on her shoulder.

She almost gasped when he wrapped his hands around her but relaxed the next second feeling his warmth n scent enveloping her.

"Is it???How can u do that???"

"I can....." he breathed on her neck making her close her eyes...." do anything for you".....he kissed her neck gently as she curved it giving him space. " Anything that ".....he lingered his lips throughout her neck line as her nails dug into his hands he pulled her closer. "makes you happy....Anything"...He finished whispering it in her ear...."By the way honey, I was wondering what present you wanted from me since u din make it clear at all las night.."He had naughty glint in his eyes.

She blushed thinking what she had done when he had previously asked her the question. She din know why she had done that. She just felt for it. She was still aware of his closeness and never wanted to get away from his armz. She wanted to live evry second of her life by him, alwaz in his love. He had made her mad about him and he knew it very well. She sighed deeply as she felt his warm breath again on her neck.

"Nothing Armaan....i think we should go....Rahul n Muskaan r waiting for us."

She tried getting free from his hold but he only tightened it.

"Nah....i first wanto know what u want?"

She turned back in his arms now facing him n immediately looking away the moment he caught her eye. There were so many things they spoke that she felt she would drown in them.She looked up again n somehow managed to hold his gaze.

"Will you give me anything I want?"

"Yes honey anything....even my life"

She frowned.

"Ok sorry...anything except my life...." he added cheekily.

"Anything? Promise?

"Yeah promise."

"Ok then i will think and tell you at the end of the day what i want"

He raised his eye brows and she laughed out aloud.

"Dun worry Armaan...."

She could speak no further as she felt a gentle touch on her lips n felt him kiising her so gently that she was craving for more. She moved her hands around his hair puling him closer and kissing him back even more gently.

He never felt anything more bliisfull than this moment in his whole life. and when she kissed him back he felt he was in heaven n under god's bliss. He tightened his grip around her and making her crush in his chest as they both felt the desire for each other. After the short gentle moment they moved apart and he rested his head on her forehead .

"I love you Riddhima"...he whispered very lightly.

"I love you too Armaan..."She hugged him tightly digging her head in his chest.

She stayed like that for sometime and when she looked up their were tearz in her eyez.


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