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part 15 : The Suprise (ARff)

They danced throughout the party this time rather cheerfully as they were more comfortable with each other. He kept teasing her n she kept passing him angry looks but he alwaz managed to make her smile with his naughty ways and sometimes even naughtier comments.

"No Armaan....i do want sweet...but i am in no mood of this dessert...."

"Oh!!!...u should have told me before honey...i would have given u better one..."he whispered moving closer to her.

"Shut up Armaan....i meant i want icecream"

"Oh...thts such a bad choice in place of what i as offering.." He said moving back n giving her a disappointed look.

The party for a change was thrown from Rahul n Muskaan's side and not Armaan's. Muskaan had refused Armaan bluntly saying tht riddhima was her frien...n since he had already given her enough surprises for the day.....she was going to be the one to throw the party. Armaan never argued coz he knew it was useless.and anywaz he did have better plans...din he??

The party went on for some more time and finally every1 gathered for the cake cutting cermony. Riddhima was delighted on seing her favourite rich chocolate cake. She hugged Muskaan out of happiness. Muskaan handed her the knife. She cut the cake amid all the clapping, cheers, ballons and falling glitters and as she was picking the first piece she was stuck in a dilemna.

Armaan or Muskaan??? Who should i give the first bite?? They are both so important......Oh god....both will feel bad if i give the other. She frowned and looked at Armaan.

The moment she slowed the process of picking the piece he understud what was going on in her. He waited patiently to see what she decided. He saw her think for sometime n frown. He had the urge to laugh out. How could any1 worry abt such small things??But she could. Wasn't she different?? and wasn't that why he had fallen for her??He saw her looking up at him the frown still there. He smiled and nodded his head.

When she looked up she saw him smiling and then nod his head indicating to go ahead wid Muskaan. She was pleased but surprised. How did he understand it so easily? She felt proud that wordz were never a barrier in between them. Their love said everything. She gave Muskaan the fist bite n before she could turn to him to give him one Muskaan spread the cake on her face giving her a foundation of chocolate cream.

"Many Many happy returns of the day Ridzy"....she screamed and ran away as riddhima ran behind her to get her revenge.

By the time it was ten she was hell tired. Every1 had already left and the four of them were sitting and chit chatting when finally Muskaan decided to get to bed. Though it was just ten...they were all hell tired n agreed with her.They all got up n moved to their cabins.

Riddhima was almost at the door when someone out of nowhere pulled her n covered her mouth so tht she din scream. She got hell scared. She wanted to scream but couldn't. She bit the hand covering her mouth.

"SSShhhhhh....its me....ouch .....u bite so hard."

She relaxed hearing his voice and inhaling his perfume n making sure it was inded him. He let go off her mouth confident she wouldn't scream now n rubbed the place she bit her.

"God Riddhima.....r u a women??? how could you bite me like that???r these manners??"

"Wow Mr. u consider it mannerz to scare a girl like that......what exactly were u doing??"

" oh....sorry abt tht..."he said dissmissing the topic."Anywayz come with me"

"WHERE??"...she literally screamed.

"Why are you screaming??"

"ok sorry....where ?"..she whisspered too low.

"Now even that low is not needed.....i wana show u something....come"...he grabbed her hand n pulled her with him..

The cruise was almost deserted except for a few here n there. He took her on the deck.

"ok..before we go further...i want you to close ur eyez"

She frowned but did so. He placed his hands on her eyes to make sure she wasn't cheating. He then made her walk a short distance n moved his hands.

"Open"...he said.

She opened her eyes wondering what else he could do for her after the whole surprised filled day.

She found herself looking at a three medium sized tables candles burning all around their edges. The first one had a pot filled with water, rose petals and candles tht read " I love you Princess"

" I love you too" she whispered smiling at it n forgetting tht he was standing right behind her. He hugged her from the back and she remembered his presence. She placeed her hands on his interlocking their fingers as they both moved to the second table.

She was more of shocked on seeing what it had. Covered in roses the centre was placed a photo frame which had snap of them standing on the deck's railing there hands outstreched, both of them having a heavenly smile on their lips.It was their confession snap.

"Armaan??? how did u get this?? when?? how??" She was extremely confused. Had sum1 clicked their photos like tht.

"Did you like it?"...he asked kissing her shoulder n making her shiver.

She spoke after a moment.

"Yes i did...but how??"

"Riddhima...we have security cameras all over the cruise except for peoples cabins. So the frist thing i did the next morning was get tht tape from the security room so tht our special moment remains special only to us"

"I din know are allowed to do that?"

"Riddhima!! i am the manager here..."

"Yeah...but how could you get a security tape like that?"

"Riddhima...i n Rahul have full control of the cruise....but forget tht...its not important.....u liked it?"..he asked again.

She picked up the frame n slided her fingerz on the snap.

"I love it...its beautifull"....she whispered. It indeed was. There couldn't be a perfect snap than tht n thr couldn't be a perfect couple than them. There coudn't be a perfect smile except for those and there coudn't be perfect moments than those they had. She smiled whole heartedly as she remebered it all again.

"I love your smile honey..." he whispered in her ear his warm breath cressing her neck.

They moved to the third one. The smile wasn't leaving her face n she din know what would be next. She found a tiny chocolate cake....almost the size of a read Happy Birthday n a card was placed beside it.She picked it up as he rested his head again on her shoulders his arms still around her waist.

It was a simple but beautiful card n had a very short mesage..." I will love you till my last breath."
Her eyes got moist as she suddenly turned around in his arms and hugged him tight taking him by surprise. She kissed him lightly on the chest as he momentarily closed his eyes feeling the bliss.

He sat down on the chair making her sit on his lap. She kept gazing at him without speaking a word

"Shall we cut the cake before it strikes 12??" he asked reluctant on breaking the pleasant silence.

She nodded and smiled. He bent a liltle pulling the table towrdz them and not getting up. They picked the knife together n cut the cake. He picked the piece n made her eat it. She took a bite and then forwarded his hand towardz his mouth when he refused shacking his head.

"Why??"...she asked.

"Ermmmm...actually i dun eat chocolate cake." he replied.

"Oh...then u won't have even a bite?"...she asked rather disappointed.

"I will" he said as he pulled her head down and sucked out the cream tht was coating her lips. She blushed badly and made a move to get up from his lap when he tightened his grip around her waist.

"What's the hurry honey??? you still din tell me what you want as a present."

"Armaan you already gave me so much...thr isn't anything i can ask for"

"Thats not fair said you will tell me at the end of the day....."...He frowned make a baby face.

"OK lemme think.....ummmmm"...she thought for sometime n suddenly her face enlightened.

"Ok i want a promise."

"What promise?"

"No first you promise you will do it thn i will tell u what it is?"

"But how can i promise when u din tell me"

She frowned and turned her head away in mock anger. He turned it towardz himself and gave her kiss on her cheek.

"Ok...i Promise.....anything u say or ask for"

Her frown turned into a smile as tht of child on being fulfilled its wish.

" The first thing you will do after this trip is over is that............................."

"Is that??"

"Talk to mom dad"...she completed.

"About what??" he asked rather confused not getting her point.

She frowned at him n he frowned back. She broke into a smile and his frown deepened. She bent forward and whispered in his ear.

" I want to become Mrs. Armaan Mallik"

Would she get her present??? Or did God have some other plans???Mrs. Riddhima _______???


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