Monday, 16 September 2019

part 16 : The Suprise (ARff)

The dreamz never left him the whole night. Dreamz of Mrs. Armaan Mallik. the wordz kept echoing in his ears n head as though they had been enjoying playing with him. He still coudn;t beleve tht was what she asked for. He smiled as he remembered her whispering it in his ear n then running away giving him just a brush on his lips. God!!! she alwaz left him craving for more.

Ofcourse he would fullfill his promise. He would be beyond happy to do tht. And so would be his parents who had been pestering him for getting married since a year..It all seemed perfect. He had already started planning everything. He would first go talk to his mum n dad abt it. After every1z consent at home his mom dad would go to her mom dad and talk abt it. N they definately would agree. Why wouldn't they???

It was all simple easy and beautifull. Quietly in her cabin she lay there smiling to herself collecting memories of yesterday which was the most beautifull birthday she had though she did miss her family. She knew he would keep his promise. She imagined her life with him. She imagined their wedding, all the teasing ceremonies n then blushed hard as her imaginations led way to her first night. She smiled even more thinking of living each day with him in his house, in his room...n most important of his life.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Muskaan entered the cabin too quitely for her nature. There was glum look on her face as she seemed lost. She came and sat on Riddhima's bed at the edge lost in thoughts. something was definately wrong with her.

"Muski ?? Are you ok?? Is everything all right???"

"Yes"...was all she replied.

"Muski what happened ?? Did u fight with Rahul??"

The mention of his name brought the tearz she was trying to hold back. She shocked Riddhima by just turning around and hugging her crying hysterically n not speaking a word.

"Muski???What happened??? Tell me???"...she din get any reponse. She was getting scared now. Muskaan never cried. Never. Her life had made her a strong girl and her sad past was alwaz hidden beneath her chirpy smile and constant blabber. She hardly shared herself n it used to take Riddhima days to get something out of her. But tht Muski was now crying on her shoulder so hysterically..

"Muski...plz tell me honey what happened???"..She pleaded again.

"Ridzy....Rahul..he...he"...She tried to speak thru her tearz finding it difficult to get her voice out.

"What happened to Rahul Muski?? is he fine.??"

She nodded her head.

"Them what is the problem?

"Ridzy...he..he cheated me...he cheated me ridzy...Rahul cheated me...." Saying so she cried even more n hugged riddhima shaking badly.

Riddhima understud what tht meant. Muskaan had come to know abt Rahul. To everyone it seemed foolish tht she should have such problems with rich people but Riddhima knew Muskaan's fearz. She just prayed silently tht Muskaan understud the fact tht not every1 were like tht . Especially not Rahul who loved her like anything.

About five minutes later she found tht Muskaan had dozed off. She made her comfortable on the bed n covered her with the comforter as she seemed to be shivering. She took her shower n got dressed and went out to find Rahul. Something had to be done before it was late.
The room was a total mess with broken furniture lieing all around. It was one of the usual nights of the big house where shouting and screaming was a trend and silence was infact considered golden as it was hardly to be found. A little girl of ten yearz sat in the corner hall as she heard her parents screaming at each other for reasons unknown to her. She had never bothered with it though coz it was a every night scenario for her. The daytime was peacefull when she would be alone with both her parents out for thr own reasons and she was left to her herself. She din like solitude but preferred it 100 times more to her parents company. She sat quietely waiting for the screams to get over. But today she felt a dread. The same dread what she had felt a year back and knew something would soon be changed. And it was. Her brother had been taken away from her. She din know where her parents had send him. They never told her. But from one of their fights she had learned that they had sold him . Sold him for money. She had clutched her brother tightly when he was leaving without knowing why. She had felt she would never see him again and he too had been unaware of tht fact. They both had been each otherz only comfort for their parents never had time for them from thr bickering.

She looked towardz the door of their room the dread not leaving her. Where they going to send her also?? If yes..then where??? How would tht place be??Worse than this??She had to fing out. She slowly moved towardz the door without making a noise. She heard what she was dreading.

"Why can't I?"

" din U sell him off when u needed money?? So today wen i am doing the same y do u object?"

"You can't do it. Thts it..."

The girl felt releived tht atleast her dad din want her to be sold"

"Why??? its not like you love her....though they r our own flesh n blood...wwe both know how unwanted they are.....we got rid of one....y not the other when she can be such a great help."

"You don't understand... What will the world say??Tht we sold our kidz..?? We have to maintain our standardz too....""

The relief drained out from her body hearing his wordz. Standards??

"Thts hardly anything to worry abt....majority doesnt know tht she exists....i can handle it...anywaz i am not asking u....i am doing it...i told you...."

"Fine....Do what u like...i dun give a damn..."

The girl moved into the shadows as she heard her fathers thundering feet and the next second he stormed out of the room to get himself drunk which was a everyday scene again.

She knew she had to do something. She dreaded going anywhere..the world could be worse than this. She went to her room n sat on the bed thinking what to do. She finally picked up the phone and dialled a number and told everything to the person on the other hand. When she kept the phone she knew she would be safe now. She din no wat brought tht feeling to her bt also knew her feelings where never wrong. She waited patiently for the course of events to take place.

"Thats how her life was Rahul. The very next day of when she called up, dad went to her house. Dad was shocked when Muskaan told me over the phone that they were going to sell her....he had been furious...he literally snatched away the ten year old muskaan from her father's hands and dared him to make a move to stop him. Neither uncle nor Aunty made a move. They knew it was best to let go. Not that they wanted her anyway. And since then she has been brought up in our house like mine n dee's sister. and she is one. A blood relation is not important always."

Rahul and Armaan listened quietly as Riddhima gave them the reasons of Muskaan's dislikes towardz the rich.

"She hates money and people who have it. She beleves in earning only what is neded to sustain. you can't blame her for anything Rahul."

Rahul sat at the table pensively while Riddhima rested her head on Armaan's shoulder. Remembering someonez painful past was like experiencing it. She just hoped silently things would work out fine.

Rahul's mind was racing. This is what he had dreaded. When she had told him she din like rich people thr was pain in her eyez. But he had ignored it thinking maybe she came to tht conclusion coz of some arrogant n spoiled rich college mates. But he was so wrong. He had understud tht when in the morning he disclosed the truth not liking the fact tht he was lieing to her. And the expression on her face n her reaction had plainly told him tht his assumption were wrong.

She had seen so much pain in life. He felt anger rise in towardz her parents. But he calmed down himself. He had to make her trust him. And he would. at no cost was he gonna let the love of his life go. Especiaaly not at the cost of money. He loved her and she loved him n he was going to get her. No matter what.

Would he succeed.??


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