Wednesday, 18 September 2019

part 19 : The Suprise (ARff)

They both entered Crowne Plaza...Riddhima worried and Muskaan uninterested, both lost in their thoughts.

She had tried every possible remedy to butter him up. He had plans of the whole day for them both spendng the day together n she had ruined everythng by agreeing to Rahul n bringng Muskaan.

Muskaan. She sighed as she thought wat a pain it had been to bring her out of the cruise. But she had managed n now they were here. At the crowne plaza n she scanned the tables waiting for the surprise to explode.

She spotted Armaan n Rahul at the far end waving at her. Muskaan frowned at her disapprovingly. She just smiled cheekily n pulled her towardz thm. they settled on the table wid Muskaan looking away from each of them.

They spoke generally n thn Riddhima excused herself to go to the washroom. After a couple of mins Armaan too went n Muskaan was all the more furious thnkng it was thr plan to make her talk to Rahul. She was abt to leave when to her shock Rahul too excused himself for some lame reason.

She took the menu card n flipped thru it when a voice asked?

"is this table no. 5...i was asked to sit here."

Without looking up she replied,

"Ur mistaken.....its all reserved"

"But i am sure i was told to ask of this table..."

She got irritated..

"When i told you its..." she lost her wordz as she saw the person standing in front of her.

She cdn't mistake it. It was him. Yes the same eyes, the same face, the same voice she realised.

"Bhai....." ..the word came out as a wisper.

Atul stared at her for long time cnsidering if destiny could do this. It was Muskaan. His lil Muskaan with the same curly hair n big eyez. They stared at each other for long as three pair of eyes watched them from the corner.

"Bhai is it u??"


The next second they were in each otherz armz, She crying hysterically n Atul holding back his emotions with difficulty.

"I dun beleve ths muski...its frnt of me...oh god!!"

She kept crying clinging to him...scared he might disappear again.

"Shh..its ok Muski..sit "

He made her sit as she tried controlling her tearz.

" cum ur here?"

"I dunu...Anjali jus told me to take a flight to Singapore....go to Crowne Plaza..n ask for table 5"


"Yeah Anjali gupta...err..ur would be Bhabhi??"

"Anjali Gupta!!!!..My bhabhi??

"Yeah....u know her?"

"Ofcourse i do..i have been brought up in thr wnt i know her?"

"Her house??"

"Yeah..." she narrated to him the whole incident.....n he filled her on his he made life on his own after escaping from his fostered parents. They both uncovered each otherz cruel pasts.....thr lives....

"So you were the Atul Anjali spoke never clicked me tht it could be u..."

"Nor did it click me when she spoke abt u n riddhima to me....but i am so happy i found u..."

"Me too bhai...i still can't beleve my eyes....gosh..who do i thank for this miracle??"

"How about Rahul??"..came Armaan's voice.

Muskaan n Atul looked up to Riddhima, Armaan n Rahul.

"Armaan?? Rahul??? you both??"Atul looked rather shocked.

They both smiled at him n hugged him.

"Long time buddy...but how come you too here..???."

"We are here with ur sister"..replied Muskaan uncertainly avoided Rahul's gaze.

"How come?? n ridzy u this is gettng confusing...i demand an explaination."

"How about some breakfast side by side..i am hungry....."..Rahul said finally giving up looking at Muskaan.

They ordered breakfast....while Armaan filled in the details.

When Riddhima told him about Muskaan, he was reminded of Atul. His n Rahul's high school buddy who had once told them about losing his sister in sumwat the same way. And later when he had read Anjali's mail on Riddhima's account, The name Atul Joshi confirmed his doubts tht it was same man as anjali had said he din have a family. And so all was then set up as a surprise for him and Muskaan when they would dock at Singapore. Anjali had supported thm totally n Atul beamed with happiness but Muskaan remained quite. Armaan very carefully replaced all his parts with Rahul's name making it appear as though Rahul had solved the whole issue. It made Muskaan feel guilty but she cdn't say anythng right now.

Armaan finished his narration rather distractedly as Riddhima, sitting right beside him kept tikling him from under the table. She kept curling her fingerz wid his as he kept trying to free thm. He was enjoying her attention and showing her a lil attitude. After all she had spoiled his plans. He glanced at Rahul who passed him a thanks with his eyes.

"Now...all i can say is thaanks guyz....thanks Rahul...u dunu wat it means for me....Muskaan is way too special for me" Atul said gratefully.

"Same for me"..Rahul mumbled but Muskaan heard him n smiled secretly.

"But i dun thnk i will b able to give u guyz much time....i have to catch a flight back home in two hourz....had i known wat i was to expect here...i would have cancelled my appointments...Muski will u cum wid me back home?"

Muskaan n Rahul both looked up at Atul n Atul did notice tht. But he waited for Muskaan's answer whch never came.Instead Riddhima spoke up.

"No Atul....the cruise is jus a week n half more...we will be back thn...no1z gonna take her from u thn...i am sure u can spare her 2 weeks more...cant u?"

"Atul looked uncertainly at Muskaan but found her in an eyelock wid Rahul.

"I suppose i would...and i have to thank Anjali too"he replied finally

"Hmmm...Dee will be hapy for u....Give her my love."

"I will..ok guyz i gotta go thn"..he stood up but only Armaan n Riddhima stood wid him as Rahul n Muskaan were still busy in thr eye lock.

Armaan stamped Rahuls foot from under the table.

"Ouch......Oh..sorry...why r u all standing ?wat happnd??"

He too stood up n so did Muskaan both blushing badly.

"Ah i was jus leavng u see Rahul.." Atul replied wid a grin.

"Oh....we will see u back home then..."

"Yeah....n would u mind dropping me off to the airport?"

"Ofcourse me n Armaan would....ou.....i mean i would surely drop u off."..he changed his sentence midway as Armaan gave him another stamp under the table.

"Thts great...coz sum1 will have to accompany Muskaan back after she sees me off at the airport"...Atul said good byes to Armaan n Riddhima who stayed back with the reason of shopping.

"Now Armaan...will u smile?"..she asked after the three left.

"Why does it matter to u??"

" Ofcourse it does...."

" does not."

She got up from her chair, moved in front of him, n sat down opposite him with an agry face.

"Now what??.."

"You called me a liar..."



"OK fine mistake..."

"No Armaan.." she relaxed her pose n spoke. " i know u had plans for us...but even this was necessary na??"

"Yeah i know...we cant be selfish....."

"Exactly...but now we have time...we have 5 more hrz n i am sure we can enjoy them cant we?"

"Hmmm.....yes we can...n we will.."

They hugged each other realising how strong thr bond was. Everything was now settled. Nothing could now go wrong. Nothing.



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