Monday, 2 September 2019

Part 2 : The Surprise (ARff)

It was almost 3 in the morning and she still cudn't sleep. How could some insane freakingly handsome guy take away her peace. She wasn't sure if he had been real. Shaking all these thoughts out of her head she had tried again closing her eyez but to no avail. Finally she had left her cabin and peeped into Muskaan's. The lovebird was fast asleep with a smile on her face.

"Dreaming about Rahul" , she thought. So she had finally decided to take a tour of the cruise. Even that had turned out to be a bad idea. The crew of the cruise raised their eyebrows on her wandering so late. She frowned to herself.

So now she was here on the deck watching the sea and feeling at ease. the sea was her best comforter. She alwayz loved the beach. She loved Muskaan for bringing her on this trip. She loved her family for allowing her and her dee for making her dad agree. she loved her life.

But what had happened 4 hourz ago? Who was he? why had she stared at him? Why had he smiled at her?

Smiled..........she smiled..........his smile had been mesmerizing........his dimples could have killed her....he was someone out of the blue....but she din know who he was?

So lost was she in his thoughts that she din hear any1 approaching her.

He had been staring at her for almost past 15 mins. He had lost the world when he had first seen her. She had been some1 who held his gaze.Something that never happened bfore. they had been staring at each other when he noticed her friend calling her and she was lost in his eyes. He had smiled at that. Her friend, whom he recognized as Muskaan had to finally shake her to get her back from him. Then he had moved away looking for Rahul and to avoid embarresment on either side. he had noticed her searching for him and the confusion on her face. She was so beautifull that wordz could not describe, he thought.

He had then got busy with Rahul in his work and realized it was almost 2. He asked Rahul to carry on and he finished the rest. He was moving towardz his cabin when he spotted her on the deck. He again just kept looking at her for reasons unknown. Finally he decided to meet her.

"Not feeling sleepy?"

The question gave such a shock to her that she turned like lightning. she hadn't expected any1 around. And when she turned he was there smilimg at her.

"God!! why does he smile?"

Real....Imagination...real started again.

She closed her eyez................. Opened.

He was not there. She heaved a sigh of relief. She turned to her side and HE WAS THERE.....leaning on the railing....still smiling.

She moved towardz him. Held out her hand. pinched him. Extremely hard.

"Ouch!!! Excuse me miss, is that how you introduce yourself?"

Oooopsssss!!! He was real.

For ten seconds she was silent. then realizing what she had done she apologized.

"I am really sorry....actually i wasn't expecting any1 here.......i was kinda shocked ...i am really sorry ...errr...Mr....??

"Armaan. Armaan Mallik."....He gave forward his hand for a shake.

Was God playing around wid her? Armaan?? A name as desirable as he himself was. Wasn't he?

"Riddhima. Riddhima Gupta.....i am really sorry Mr. Armaan."

"That's k Riddhima. and you can call me Armaan...plz no Mr."

God!!! Din her name sound beautifull on his lips?

His hand was still stretched forward. She shook it.

The touch again lost the world to him. First thunderbolt had struck when she had turned like lightning and then closed her eyez. And now just shaking her soft hand was getting on his nerves in different wayz.He pulled back quickly.

She was still lost in him when he pulled back his hand.

"Mr. were wrong...Miss heart were right"...she told herself.

"So, as i asked before, not feeling sleepy?"

"Nah. I had a nap in the just coudn't hit the bed.", she lied to him.

"Are you sure Miss Gupta?"He questioned again with a look beyond naughtiness in his eyez.

She stared back at him shocked.

"Yeah i am...well...errr...i will get going now....see you ...bye." For the first time she smiled at him.

Her smile at him had stuck his "Bye" in his throat.

"Lord!!!!what are you doing to me. I dun even know her except for her name. Riddhima......Wasn't it a beautifull name....he smiled at his own thought."


His senses came back.

"Errr..yeah bye....hope to see u tomorrow....or rather today i would say."

She smiled again and he too did.She turned and walked away. He thought of doing the "PALAT" sequence but decided the better of it. It was too early to expect that. He told himself.

He went to his cabin and lied on the bed closing his eyez. Her face flashed and he happily slept off.

She reached her cabin. She had thought of turning around and waving him bye....but ....

"But what if he was doing the "PALAT" would have been too early to give him any signal" She had told herself.

She tried sleeping and this time it came rather peacefully wid his thoughts.

"God I hope ur not playing with me" She prayed before she fell off in his dreamz.

What did she know that God did play games.......Did she?



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