Thursday, 19 September 2019

part 20 : The Suprise (ARff)

They had made the best of those five hourz. They enjoyed themselves to the fullest by fooling around the place, shopping insensibly, trying out a wierd lunch, n thn finally dancing to a hip hop crazy number. By the time they returned to the cruise, they were hell tired. Muskaan n Rahul had never turned up from the airport n Rahul had jus messaged tht they would join them at the cruise. Hell tired they wasted no time in lazing around anymore n the moment they boarded the ship back hit thr beds to relief the exhaustion.

Next morning was a beautiful one. A new beggining. Muskaan was all the more cheerful. Atul had given his consent regarding Rahul by jus whispering in her when he huuged her before leaving to patch up with him as hez a good guy. It brought tearz again in her eyes to think of how her brother understud her inspite of no wordz spoken. She coudn't wait to see him back once the trip was over.

Armaan in his naughty self troubled n teased Riddhima thruout the day inspite of her giving him deadly warnings. They all enjoyed the day unaware of any troubles tht may ever cross their lives.

The news came at around ten at night when Riddhima decided to check her mail n have some peace from his naughtiness. She returned back literally jumping around out of happiness.

"What happened Ridzi?? Whats the matter?"...Muskaan asked rather worried.

"Oh muski you won't beleve it....u jus won't beleve it"....she caught hold of Muskaan's hands and twirled her around.

The guyz watched rather confused n puzzled.

"What won't i beleve...tell me...what is it..."

"Muski i am soo happy....i am so so so happy......Its about Dee and Atul..."

"What about Bhai n Anji...will u tell me now.."

"Ok ok..." she stopped twirling and panted for a minute.. " Dee n Atul are getting married next month. I just now got thr mail. Can u beleve tht."

"Oh my god!! really....but Bhai was here jus yesterday...y din he tell me??"

"Oh got decided jus today....Atul told me to tell u n apologise on his bhalf for not conveying it himself....oh my god...i still dun beleve it..."

The girlz started with discussing thr plans rather forgetting the presence of Armaan N Rahul, who watched their kiddish loves rove about all wedding plannings. The excitement kept them awake till almost one when Rahul n Muskaan went off to get some sleep.

Armaan n Riddhima stood at the deck hand in hand watching the waves hit the ship. It was a peaceful sight.

"You know Armaan....i love the sea..its so calm out thr.."


"I am so happy Armaan.....u know Anjali dee getting married is not a joke....she is a very different person...she never supported marriage until she met Atul...i am so happy for her....."

"N i am happy for you....."He turned towardz her n cupped her face in his hands..."alwaz be happy like this my love....u look beautiful with a smile on ur lips."

She smiled wider n hugged him.

"We too will get married na Armaan ??"

"Ofcourse we will.....dun worry"


"Promise....maybe right after Anjali its our turn"

"Armaan ??" she called him rather lost.


"Will u ever break the promises u made to me today n before.?"

"Never Princess....Armaan Mallik never breaks his promises....."

"I love you Armaan"

"I love you too...n i alwaz matter what."

They spent couple of days simply enjoying themselves n making plans for the wedding. Armaan n Rahul were eventually invited, if not from the brides side thn from the Grooms side.

Armaan enjoyed watching Riddhima's excitement over the marriage. Her childish behavioiur, her stubborness, her making faces. Each second they fell more in love with each other. Each second they sealed unspoken promises, planned a happy future n thought about thr marriage thruout it.

Armaan had decided to speak to his parents once they returned home. He wanted Riddhima in his life, as his wife. He knew thr would be no objections from his side. His parents had alwaz accepted his choice n knew they would be way too happy with Riddhima as a daughter in law. He would make their marriage special for her. He would give her every happiness he was capable of. While he made these silent promises to himself a whole different scenario was on the go in a different part of the world.


Excitement was a permanent resident of Gupta household since the declaration of Atul and Anjali's wedding. Shashank was busy with all the necessary arrangements to be made. And Padma n Anjali in thr shopping spree. But today was special. They were gona have Shashank's childhood friend for dinner. It had been long since they met and preparations to welcome him were on the high.

" everythng ready?? i mean the food n all..."

"Dun worry Shashank...its all ready...i can see how exciited u r to meet ur frnd."

"Ofcourse I am.....its been like 20 yearz...."

Just then the door bell rang and Shashank opened it. The families greeted each other and settled down in the living room having a nice warm chat recollecting old memories. They had a sumptous dinner and as the ladies got busy in their gossip so did the men.

Finally it was his friend who put up the question.

"Shashank....Anjali got fixed bfore we even got a chance to talk anythng....but as our old day promises...i would like to ask ur second daughterz hand in marriage for my son. What do u say??"

"Well what would i say other than a pleasant yes....we spoke about in our very own college days....its a sealed relation.....isn't it.?"

The ladies din object to the newly formed relationship. Except for Anjali., who spoke to Shashank after the guest had left.

"But dad shoudn't we ask Ridzi once?"

"I know Riddhima Anjali....she won't object. I am sure about it...anyway i dun want u to talk to her about this...once shez back i will myself do it...."

Anjali agreed rather reluctantly and called up Atul to discuss her worries. And as usual..once she spoke to him, her worries were lighter and she drifted off to sleep praying the best for all of them.

What eventually would turn out the best???


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