Saturday, 21 September 2019

part 23 : The Suprise (ARff)

She woke up the next day quite late. It had been late by the time she had actually fallen asleep. Her head still felt heavy due to d constant thnking. she heard d friendly chatter from d living room n thought abt her family.

Yes. that was it. She had a reason to be happy. She had ppl arnd her to be happy. n she would b happy for them. She was going to forget everythng. Yes. Everythng. But if it wasn't possible she would atleast burry it off as some pages of her past tht she wdn't cross again. But deep down she knew tht it wasn't hard. It was impossible. It was her love she wanted 2 forget. How could she?

No. she cdn't. and she would not. Why should she do the same he did . It was his choice to not love her anymore. But he cdn't make her choices. She would love him. Yes she would. It din matter whether he reciprocated it or not. Nthng matterd now. Nothng.

Her chain of thoughts were broken when Padma entred her room.

" G' morning beta...Muskaan said u slept late thts y v din disturb u"

"Yeah mom...was jus a lil tired."

"Hmm....ok now tht ur up...freshen up..n cum for breakfast. n I am sending clothes to laundry in abt an hour. If u have any to be send jus sort it out n give me soon."

"Yeah mom..i do have quite a few dresses to get done...i will gve it 2 u in abt 15 mins."

Padma left n letting out a huge sigh she got up n strolled to her bag whch she yet hadn't unpacked. She opened sorting out the dresses n piling up the ones tht had 2 be send. As she pulled out a dress somethng rolled out of it n landed on the floor. At first she cdnt undstd wat it was thn she realised wat it was as she picked it up.

His personal diary. For a moment she thought how it happened to b wid her n thn remembered how she had been unable to read it thn as he had steeped out of the washrum. And how she had hidden it in her clothes to read it later bt forgot in all the brthday excitement n stuff.

She thought for sometime whether to read it or not. She din feel she had the right to it now. But the curiosity got the better of her as she opened it n started reading it.

It wasn't an everyday diary. Jus a record of special moments. The first few were filled with special moments wid his parents, his birthdays, his college days, his first few hopeless crushes, his graduation day and countless other incidents common to everyones life.

She reached the last entries he had made in it.

It was the day he had boarded the cruise.

Dear diary, as i had said was going to be special as me n Rahul started our first project as individuals. But what i did not know was tht it was going to b this special. Actually its difficult for me to put it in wordz.

Can u beleve it?? I met her. Yes her. My dreamgirl. I alwayz told u d day i see her i know its her. But i never thought it would be today. never.

Shez beautiful. Or is tht word short? if i could invent new onez, i would write a book in her praise. But she is everythng i thought abt. Those green eyes, those long straight hair, that perfect face, perfect eyes, perfect lips, n perfect smile. She everythng i dreamed of. My dream girl in the true sense.

n now tht i have found her, i will never let her go by. I will give her all the love. I just hope she realises my love. She will. won't she??

Oh god i still can't beleve i found her. n by the way her name is Riddhima. Riddhima gupta. But I like calling her Ms. Gupta. Because one day i will soon make her Mrs. Mallik. yes. i am so excited.

N ya i have a bad news for u too. Now tht i have found her, I won't b havng any special moments. Every moment of my life is gonna b special wid her. So u c i can't write it all today i wish u farewell..hope u dun mind...u have been my frnd for long, but u see this is life.

So wish me luck!!


Her tearz rolled but she was smiling. He was so kiddish. Talking lik tht to a diary. But soon her smile left her. He had loved her so much. It had taken her sometime to realise tht she loved him. But he was sure in thr very first meet tht she was his dream girl. He had decided everythng right thn.

Then why was he doing tht. Why? Maybe he was right. This is life. You have to move ahead leavng thngz bhnd. but it was so painful at times. She clunged to the diary as though it was him. She was gonna keep it as a treasure. A soveriegn of her love. Their Love.

She heard Padma calling out for her. She cleared her tearz, placed it in her drawer n went off to gve her mom the clothes. She was gonna start afresh.

But what if destiny din want u to start afresh??
He lay on his bed thinking as Rahul sat on the couch doing the same. They had received all praises for thr work and were proved eligible n responsble enough to carry on the family bussiness.

But tht was far from thr minds.

"Armaan..if ur so distressed abt it thn jus give it up. U know we can handle thngz."

"Nope buddy...i have made my mind. She will be happy. Trust me"

" I do...n i hope the best" he replied lost in thoughts of his own love.

They both silently prayed for the best.

But what actually was the best?



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