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part 24 & 25 : The Suprise (ARff)

part 24 

She knew something fishy was going around her as everyone was giggling. Preparations for Anjali's n Atul's wedding were on the high. And jus a half n week away from the wedding, it had been decided tht Rahul n Muskaan's wedding would also take place d same day. It sent a wave of frenzy in the Gupta mansion. Every1 got busy wid the preparations and she too got time off her thoughts.

Rahul's parents had asked for Muskaan's hand n neither Shashank nor Atul opposed it anyway. It was like a pair meant to be. She felt happy tht atleast Muskaan's love was going to get a true fairy tale ending. But during all the preparations Armaan was never seen anywhere. She once casually asked Rahul about him to which he carefully replied tht he was out on a bussiness trip n thn excused himself. She got the clue tht he din want to discuss it further n never asked again.

But today, from the time she woke up her cousins n frndz arnd in d house helping wid the preparations were giggling at her. As she was about to confront them padma told her tht Shashank wanted to speak to her n lead her to his room.

Her dad sat on the chair deep in thought. He smiled as she entered d room n padma followed her carefully closing d door bhind.

"Sit beta..i wanted to talk to u" he said n pointed her to sit on the bed.

She did so quietly knowing very well sumthng was gonna hit her very soon.

"Riddhima...u know tht u Anjali and Muskaan r equal for me. Anjali and Muskaan have chosen thr partners. But i was thinkng abt u."

O o ...she shd have have known this was coming.

"Riddhima is there anyone u like?"

His question left her speechless. She thought of telling him but what was the use now.

"No papa." She replied finally.

"Beta...a friend of mine...a very old friend...has asked for ur hand in marriage for his son. Hez a very good guy. I have met him personally. N beta i am sorry. Without ur consent i agreed to the proposal."

Her feet left the ground. So this was it. thts y every1 was bhavng lik tht. Padma quietly sat as Shashank continued.

" But beta if u have any objections we r ready to cancel it. We respect ur decision anyway. What do u think??"

Think?? Was she even in a state to do tht?? What would she do now? Her brain stopped working but she managed to reply.

"Papa would it be fine if i replied u by tonight?" she asked her head still down.


Tonight. It was midnight. but she cdn't undstd wat to tell her dad. How was she to put thngz in wordz? How was she to explain everythng? Or shd she accept thr decision?

She thought over n over again. Her father had already given his word. How cld she break it?

She pulled open her drawer to take out a hanky when she saw the diary. She recollected his wordz.

'This is life'

Yes this is life. She thought again. She had made her decision.

He stood at his window watchng the moon. He knew sumthng was special about the night. But good or bad was sumthng he cdn't tell. His ringing cell brought him out of his thoughts. He pickd it seeing an unknown number.

"Hi Armaan' she said

'Riddhima??' was all he cld manage , d shock evident in his voice.

'Thank god atleast u recognized my voice..i had lost hope on tht..'

'how did u get d number?' he asked ignoring her cmment.

'Managd to get it from Rahul...anway..i calld to say sumthng...' she cntinued when she got silence from his side.' dun worry nthng u wld b embarresed abt.'

He noted d sarcasm in her voice n half smiled.

'As u know, Rahul n Muski r gettng married a week from now...n so r Di n Atul....N so am I...'

'What?", he asked, soundng shockd.

' i jus called to invite you for my wedding too...since we r wld b unfair to not invite plz do come....bye'..she disconnected as she cld no longer hold d tearz now.

Yes she was gettng married. Not to her dream man. But to her dads choice. As she realised the implication of d wordz she saw all the promises d had made shatter in front of her. His words echoed in her ears as she cried n heard d phone ringng.

He still stood thr thnkng. Why was he doing all this when she wasn't happy? Though she hadn't cried on d phone he cld feel the constrictin in her voice n knew she was pouring out her tearz. no, he had to talk to her. If she wasn't happpy thn he wld do nothing.

He picked up d phone n called back on d number. She picked in a very contolled voice.

'Riddhima please listen to me once...i need to tell u sumthng.'

'Thrz nthng left Armaan...plz...'

'Jus gimme a chance 2 explain..plz'

'No armaan...plz...i have moved on..thrz nthng 2 talk...i am very happy now...really...ok i have to go...sum work has to b done..bye'

He sighed as the line went dead. He knew she wld nt listen a word now. He slumped on d bed watchng the moon again. So this was special about the night. He closed his eyez n slowly drifted into his sleep still decideng whether d speciality was a good or bad one.

But certain things r better left to God to decide upon...Rnt they??

part 25

The preparatioms for the triple wedding were on the high with hardly any1 free in the household. A whole wave of excitement prevailed the gupta house as the three brides were dressed up for their mehendi.

Their were the emotional outbursts too wid padma n shashank sad abt the fact tht thr three daughters would leave the house bt also happy tht they had found thr life partners.

Though Shashank had insisted on Riddhhima meeting d guy, she had clearly refused saying tht she trusted her dads choice. Anjali and Muskaan had teased her wid d guyz photo n she got just a glimpse of it for a second. He was a guy wid brown gelled hair. That was all she was able to catch in tht second. Not tht she was interested in any way.

She had got over her crying and accepted life. Infact now thr was hardly any time to sit n think anythng. She never found herself alone even for a minute to think anythng peacefully. The only thing tht really hurt her now was tht Muskaan never questioned her abt her decision or breakup wid Armaan. But thn she undrstud tht she was herself too excited abt her own wedding.

The mehendi ceremony started wid a lot of dance n music. Everyone enjoyed before they started applying the mehendi. Some special women were called for applying the brides mehendi. As the three brides got their hands decorated, thr was a lot of teasing as to whoz wld be d darkest.

The evening passed out wid the celebrations and at night when padma n shashank went off to sleep, the three brides sat chit chatting. Finally Anjali fell asleep n thts wen Muskaan spoke up.

'Ridzi...plz dun thnk anythng mean abt me...i din bring it up coz i din want u to be distrbed.'

'I undstd Musk...its k..'

'Ridzi....dun me ...u will be very happy...the guy uncle has chosen is very nice n decent....he will alwaz keep u happy...'

Riddhima smiled weakly at her n she smiled bak in assurance.then she continued.

"You will be very happy Ridzy...i can assure you tht.....n trust me....the colour of ur mehendi is gonna be the darkest.'...saying so she too pulled up her covers n slept off leavng riddhima in her chain of thoughts.

But she cdnt go deep into her thoughts as her cell buzzed n she receivd a message. It was from an unknown number. She opened it n it read,

'Hi...u looked very pretty today.'

She frowned at her mobile. Who was it? Armaan was her first thought bt she discarded it havng no hopes from him. He hadnt reactd at all wen she had told him she was gettng married. He had made no move to stop the marriage. If he din care thn , thn y wld he now.

So who cld it be?

'May i know who is it complimenting me?" she replied bak on d number n waited patiently. She had almost fallen asleep when she got an answer bak.

'Oopsss....did i not introduce myself?? sorry abt it...shd i now?? or wld u like me to remain d mystery man?"

She frowned deeper this time. Mystery man? Who cld it be? Not armaan. Then who.Before she cld reply bak she got another mesg. A long one.

'Ok..i suppose u got a bit irritated....well ..the best introduction wld be tht we r getting married day after u see...i thought it wld be good if i spoke to my wld be wife atleast once..i hope i am nt distrbng ur sleep...actually our parents fixed the marriage so i jus wanted to ask if ur happy or not...i am very happy....n i had a hell life today trying to get a glimpse of u from outside the window........i srsly hope ur happy wid dis marriage...if not thn plz do tell me...i wdn't mind sleep well..n sweetdreamz..good night...'

She closed her eyes thnkng. Her wld be husband. Tht sounded so very odd to her. But it was also ture. Was she happy? Yes. She was happy tht her parents, friendz n sister was happy. So how could she not be happy?

She thought again of her would be husband. Someone wid brown hair. But what was his name?? She realised for the first time tht she din even know her would be husbands name. She slightly nudged Anjali.

"What ridzy?" she asked sleepily.

"Dee...what is his name?"

"Whoz name Ridzi?" Anjali turned her bak to her.

"The grooms name dee.."

"Ridziiiiii....Its Atul.."

"Deeee..i mean mine"

"oh yourz....." she paused a second. "Vivek. Vivek Oberoi"

And she slept off. Riddhima thought for sometime again.

She then replied to the mesg shortly.

'Yes i am happy too Vivek....good night.'

How true were those wordz??


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