Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Part 3 : The Surprise (ARff)

"Tht's not fair Armaaaan."

"Everything is fair in love and war Riddhima.....and we are definately in luuuuuuuuu.....i mean at war....Aren't we?"

She blushed at the comment.

The four of them were playing basketball in the sports corner. Rahul and Riddhima were one team and Armaan and Muskaan the other.The teams were so formed as Muskaan and Rahul had insisted playing against each other to prove their skills and it had to be a girl boy team to maintain the balance.So far the baskets were levelled with two each but now Armaan had resorted to cheating by distracting Riddhima's mind.

They had met the next day officially....that was being introduced to each other by Rahul and Muskaan. Both of them never disclosed to their friendz tht they had actually met the previous night. After hanging around each other for almost two days now , they had gotten over the problem of just staring at each other whenever they met.

But still there were those never ending eye locks that ended only on Rahul's whistle or Muskaan's hoot. When their best friends had questioned them seprately about it, they both brushed it away saying silly. But deep inside their hearts had already left them searching for the other ones.

"Now thats a basket...."....came Rahuls voice.

They both who were again having an eyelock looked around. Rahul had scored and Muskaan was frowning. Riddhima smiled and went towardz Rahul. They had a hi five and hugged. Then she hugged Muskaan. She turned to Armaan smiled and left.

"Why din you hug me?" he asked her as they were having lunch and Muskaan n Rahul had gone to order for icecreams.

She wasn't expecting tht question. She started fiddling wid her spoon. He alwayz loved the confused expression on her face.

"Errr....just like that.....i was a bit tired so was in a hurry to leave."

"Are you sure about it Miss Gupta?"

Oh god!!!! why did he keep asking that question.

She just couldnt think of hugging him.....actually it was all she could think of and thts y she hadn't hugged him. She knew she would melt in his armz.

Over the two dayz she had found him a nice guy and nothing at fault. He was someone you couldn't find faults with.

He had discovered that her nature was as sweet as she herself was.

"Or was beautfull the more appropriate word". She was someone you wouldn't want to find faults in.

They both thought "Someone perfect,"

Rahul and Muskaan came back with the icecreams. The four of them had developed a close bond and usually hung out together. They were all four the jealous candies on the ship. Riddhima and Muskaan were envied by the girlz for the company they had and Rahul and Armaan for the same by the guyz.They usually spend their time together except the after lunch hourz when Rahul And Armaan were both buzy with some work. They called it the general stuff when they were asked about it.

For some reason unknown to the girlz. ....both the guyz seemed to be important on the ship. They were never questioned for anthing they did....be it adding limitless salt in the restaurants food or breaking a whole set of 24 champaign glasses just coz of a dare that Muskaan had given Rahul when they were playing the game. The girlz were shocked.

But the waiter had just come, smiled at Armaan and Rahul, cleared the mess and left.

When Muskaan asked Rahul about it he just shrugged his shoulderz saying tht maybe he got scared of Armaan's arms, a comment at which Riddhima had blushed for no reason. Armaan just smiled and winked at Rahul. The two of them had understood what the other two hadn't.

Riddhima and Muskaan spend the rest of the day hanging around and chitchatting. Riddhima had called up her family. Muskaan din have a family so basically Riddhima's family was her family.

Rahul joined them around 8 in the evening followed by Armaan in some time. After an hour of chit chat Armaan asked Riddhima if she was hungry? She had raised her eyebrows in question.

Was he asking her for a date?

Armaan pointed wid his eyez towardz Rahul n Muskaan. She understood. they needed to give them time alone.So she moved off wid him.

They had fun talking and eating together and knowing about each other. it was almost 12 when he came till her cabin to drop her off.

"So...good night Armaan...it was fun to spend time with you"

"Same here, right then....good night.....sweet dreamz"

She turned around to open thr door when she felt him very close to her. She could almost feel his breath on her neck. She din dare turn back. He came closer, his lips almost touching her ear.

"And only n only my dreamz," he whispered in her ear so passionately that had she been facing him she would have surely kissed him.

"Kissed him????? Oh my god!!!what am i thinking?"

She felt him move away. she turned back and he was already halfway thru the passage walking backwardz facing her.

He winked at her and smiled and then dissappeared at the bend.

She stood their for sometime thinking.......

"Was he proposing me???? naaah...he was just being sweet n funny......why am i thinking all this???

She shook her head and went in to sleep. tonights sleep was surely gonna be more beautifull than yesterdayz..


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