Thursday, 5 September 2019

Part 5: The Surprise (ARff)

He was half lying on the bed with his back resting on the pillow and her head resting on his lap, her hand tightly clutching his. She was still unconcious or rather in a deep slumber as she kept smiling in her unconcious state too. and he........he was simply sitting there watching her and admiring how beautifull she was his other hand unknowingly caressing her face.

He had been shocked when he had turned and found her on the floor unconcious. He quickly picked her up in his armz and ignoring all the tinglings that came with her being so close rushed her to his cabin. He had then immediately called the on board doctor, restless as to what may have happened to her.

The doctor came and checked her up. He had found nothing wrong with her. She had fever and as she had neglected it and not taken any medications...the dizziness increased resulting in her fainting.

He had then heaved a sigh of relief. He had been extremely scared. He din want anything to happen to her. He din want the tiniest of pain to come her way. He wanted to protect her. Keep her safe.

After the doctor had departed he had made his way bak towardz the bed and sat beside her. He smiled at her innocent and beautifull face. He understood that he was in love with her. He wasn't bad at analysing his own feelings....But he was scared that she might not feel the same....He wanted to give her time.

To rest his quieries he had confirmed with Muskaan in an indirect way that she din have a boyfriend and never liked any1 in particular. So he knew their was hope but wanted to wait for her to realise the same.

Unknowingly he had held her hand and had been caressing it when she turned in her slumbe and held on to his hand tightly. he had tried freeing it but couldn;t do so without disturbing her.

So now he was there...sitting and watching her sweetness and changing expressions and she totally unaware of it all. It felt good to him to have her close to him. He had a sense of belonging for if she was the one he was made if she was his responsibility.

Deep lost in the beauty of her face he closed his eyez n dozed off not knowing when..

The moment she was fainting she was scared what would happen to her. But when she had clung to him for a second before she fell off, she knew she was safe.....she knew he would take care of her...and she had then lost it.

She felt the closeness when he had picked her but din know that he had picked her. All she felt was a warmth, a secureness. Though her mind had spiined and fainted...her heart had never lost it...especially not to his feelings.

She still felt him somewhere very close by and kept smiling about it.She tried to adjust her pillow to some comfort but it was quite hard. Wouldn't move.

She slowly opened her eyez and looked around to find where she was. She gasped.

"Was i so serious that i had to be flown out of the ship??" She thought.

She looked at the glass window and saw the sea. She was still on the ship. But where?

She looked around again. It felt like she was in a studio apartment. There was a counter kitchen....and all the other necessary stuff. It was a luxurious cabin. Whose cabin?

She tried moving her pillow again. It din't. She looked around to find the cause and saw his face, his eyez closed, in a slumber.

"Goodness gracious...Hell !!!! I am sleeping in his lap???"

She slowly sat up as she din want to disturb his sleep.She looked at him.

"Doesn't he look cuuuuuuute"...she thought smiling to herself.She bent forward caressing his face and noticed his eyez clutching even tighter at her touch. She smiled again. She bent forward and kissed his cheek lightly.

She knew she loved him But knew she would never be able to confess her feelings in front of him. She couldn't remember what had happened when she had fainted. But since he was around she knew she was safe.

She moved away from him sitting beside him. She felt thirsty and looked around for a glass of water. She found it on the bedside table on his other side.

She bent over him carefully not to disturb his sleep and stretched her hand for the glass when she felt his hand join herz......

He had dozed off but not so deep that he couldn't feel her stirr. He decided to keep his eyez closed to catch her reaction. She had stared around his cabin and he knew what she was thinking. Then she had looked at him so sweetly that it was difficult for him to keep his eyez closed. He was watching all this thru slits in his eyez.

Then she had caressed his face and he couldn't bare it. He had shut his eyez tighter at that. And then when she kissed his cheek...he was going into a blissfull state.... He had clutched the bedsheets so as to not react to her action.

He was still lost in her closeness when she bent over him a second time. this time he opened his eyez and saw her reaching out for the glass. He too moved his hand towardz it and instead of picking the glass joined it with herz.

His touch made her loose her balance and she fell over him. They were both feeling the same things.They faces din hve a distance of even an inch. Together they picked the glass.

Their faces still close and eyez still locked with each othrz. He moved his head up towardz her and their lips touched.

The crash brought them back. They had both lost hold of the glass when they got so close.. The feeling was something neither of them could let go away.

She immediately moved away and he sat up straight.

" I ....i am sorry"....they both mumbled at the same time and again got lost in each otherz eyes....

"What are you both doing here?"...came Muskaan's angry voice.

God!!!! Was Muskaan born to interfere at the wrong time?????



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