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Part 7: The Surprise (ARff)

He was still staring at her and her eyez were closed.

He had burst into her cabin to pull her to the party after one hourz of constant waiting outside her cabin. And when he saw her his heart stopped beating...or to be honest started beating so badly that he could feel it thumping.

She was standing before him, her eyez closed not wanting to see his reaction. She felt she was very bad at dressing up and it was alwayz her dee who did it for her...She thought of taking Muskaan's help but knew as it was her party she would be too busy. She got ready herself.

To him she looked like an angel standing in front of him. Dressed in a light pink evening gown and a small chain with a simple diamond locket she looked far more than beautifull.For him....his dream girl...Her eyez were still closed and he din no why.......Good...atleast she coudn't see my reaction....He thought....

"Riddhima???", he said lightly.

She opened her eyez and saw him still staring at her.

"Armaan i know i am looking too bad..Actually i never get ready myself. My sister helps me out. This is the first time.... i think i should change and wear something else...just wait five mins more pleee..."

By now he had move towardz her and kept his finger on her lips to quiten her.

"Ssshhhhh........You look beautifull Riddhima" He whispered in a tone that could have melted her.

"And anywayz ...five more mins means one more hour and by that time the party will be over....shall we get going then..."

She was still lost in him...He was looking way too handsome in his black outfit. She felt the tinges in her stomach.

He smiled.



"You are really looking very beautifull", he said speaking the last very deliberately.

"Are you sure Armaan?"...she was still doubtfull about it

He smiled again.

"Do you want me to prove my sureness Miss Gupta??"

He asked her with a wink.She understood what he meant.

"No Mr. Mallik...thanks for the offer....Aren't we getting late...God!!!men are never on time" She exclaimed and moved towardz the door.

"What????" ...he asked in astonishment. But she had already moved to the door and was waiting for him with a triumphant smile on her face.

He went to her and held out his hand. They both moved to the party corner arm in arm...just like a couple........Infact ...."A Beautifull Couple."


All eyez were set on them when they entered the hall....They were both enjoying being with each other but never said so to each other....They kept saying it was just a matter of entering the party......

But the "Wicked Couple" had some other plans on mind......When they saw them entering the party hand in hand...which was again a rule, they had smiled broadly at the success of their plan....The rules of their party had sounded some what silly to themselves...but they were adamant on getting Armaan Riddhima they thought they knew they were in love..

They were happy to see them enter the party together....something at which they were beggining to loose hope....they hugged each other out of sheer happiness and parted quickly....Muskaan shying away...Rahul smiled to himself ...

"Armaan...people are staring at us..."

"Let them Riddhima....i can feel their jealousy towardz me ....and beleve me i love it today.."

She blushed very hard that he could see the colour of her cheeks change...

"Oye hoye"...

She turned red.

They moved towardz Rahul and Muskaan and wished them.

"Gosh!!!!Ridzi you look awsome...and your partner too is quite hot.....where did u find him????"


"So managed it somehow buddy??"

Rahul asked Armaan seprately and he winked back in answer...

"Good....Good...Lets party then...."

The party started and they enjoyed it to the fullest dancing, chit chatting, teasing, playing and eating.

They thought it was almost over when the lights went dim and the spotlight went on Rahul and Muskaan.....

"Hey everyone....ok as you know this party is to celebrate our love"...he said looking at Muskaan..."I want to make it special for my love"

Armaan and Riddhima were watching from the side......Armaan knew what Rahul was upto but Riddhima
was eager as to how he was gonna make it special...

"What do you think he will do??" He questioned her amused by her curiosity.

"I dunnu....maybe he has a planned a surprise for her...."

He smiled.

"Lord!!! you really do love surprises ha??"

She frowned.

"Yeah i do.....i told you right....what do you think hez gonna do?" She said looking at him.

"Armaan Mallik doesn't need to think you know."

"Ya ya ya....i know....only people with brains need to think..."

"I dun have brains??", He asked raising his eyebrows.

She took his question as a statement.

"Good you realised it. You should alwaz accept ur shortcomings u know?"...she said making an obvious kind of face.

He looked at her for sometime and then they both laughed. There relationship had grown into a very close bond. they were alwaz at ease with each other. Except the moments they were close and lost the world around.

They had everything in their relationship......friendship, trust, fun, enjoyment, entertainment and above all Love. They had understood that they loved each other but were waiting for the other one to confess.

Only God knew how long they would keep waiting.

It had almost been two and a half weeks on the cruise now and more than them Rahul and Muskaan had understood that the two were in love. Initially they thought they would realise it n confess. But when matters din proceed they took it all in their hands.

Rahul bent down on his knees facing Muskaan. With the mike in one hand ..he streched out his second hand towardz her....

"Muskaan....Will you marry me?"

There was silence in the hall. Now was the quetion...wasn't it. Everyone in the hall except Armaan n Riddhima wondered whether Muskaan had been serious about their relationship or was it just an affair to have fun on the trip.

But Armaan n Riddhima knew how serious their friendz had been about each other. Riddhima knew Muskaan's answer but was worried about her reaction on discovering Rahul's secret of being rich.

Armaan read her mind.

"Let it rest Riddhima.....I am sure Rahul will find a proper way of disclosing it to her and she will understand. Trust me..

She smiled.

"He understands me so well." She thought. Her worry dissappeared when he said trust me. She did n knew evrythng would be fine.

"Yes Rahul.... I will" Muskaan replied giving her hand in Rahul's as the applause follows.

He got up and hugged her tightly.

"That calls for a dance people.....And as our party is will be the dance here.....Won't it Armaan??" He winked at the two cruelly.

Armaan give him a look with his eyes almost slits. Riddhima had not understood anthing and when she realised what he meant she gasped....

"Rahuuuuuuul.....have you planned paper dance......No way......i am not doing it..." She told him straight.

Armaan just smiled. He knew Rahul would get his way and din mind it. He would love to dance with her.

But Rahul had something else in store....

"Oh come on Riddhima......paper dance is old stuff.....its out dated....our dance is different...."

"Thank god....fine then ... i dun mind..."

"So if its not paper dance then you promise you will dance with Armaan?"

She raised her eye brows to him.

"What could be worse than paper dance??nothing..."...she thought.

"Yeah i will....promise."

But something definately could be worse.Rahul smiled cunningly and Armaan sweetly. He knew Rahul was up with something. He was simply enjoying the changes in her expression...she looked beautifull....

"Right then ...our party its called "The Two Foot Dance"......"

"Now what is that?" She asked him.

Muskaan was quietly enjoying the conversation waiting to catch her friendz reaction on discovering what a two foot dance was. Armaan too was doing the same.

"Oh Riddhima...u dun even know that...fine i will explain....look when two people many feet are there?"

"Rahul ...i am not a kid...obviously four...."

"Right...but we will make it two"

She frowned. how was that possible. She had never learned one foot dancing.

Rahul smiled and so did Armaan and Muskaan.

"Oh Riddhima....see since you will be dancing with have to place your feet on his and it will be he who will dance. Your legs will just move as he does....Got it now"...He completed unable to hide his cunning smile.

But she was way too away to notive that.....The explaination of the two foot dance had taken 10 seconds to sink in her. When it did she looked at Armaan in horror....

Armaan who had enjoyed eveything to the fullest controlled his naughty grin and gave her a look of innocence which really wasn't innocent.

She had no choice. She had promised. And she never broke her promises.

He held out his hand and after thinking for a minute she gave herz. They moved towardz the dance floor.

She was blushing red when she placed her feet on his and was almost jammed in his chest. They could both fell the proximity of their closeness. She kept her gaze down unable to look in his eyez.

Her shyness was making him mad. He wanted to hug her tightly in his arms but thought the better of it. His eyez were gazing at her. She looked up at him for microsecond and immediately looked away unable to hold on to his eyez.

He moved slowly with the music.....taking her with him and dieing each second at her beauty.

They were both lost in each other when they heard a voice.

"Try a step or two with us also honey...wdnn't cost much will it???."

They turned around and she saw the same guy who had been giving her dirty looks the other day.

Oooopssss. Wasn't he going to be dead now??



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