Sunday, 8 September 2019

Part 8: The Surprise (AR ff)

His head was resting on her shoulder as they both were sitting on the couch in his cabin. He had dozed off tht way and she din want to disturb his sleep. She just sat there thinking.

The Armaan she had seen 2 hourz ago was not the one she had known over the two weeks. She had seen hell in his eyes. He had been beyond furious. The moment he had heard the man teasing Riddhima his body had gone stiff with rage. She could feel it as she had been so close to him. He gently moved her away and went towardz the guy who had dared to raise eyez on Riddhima. "His Riddhima", thts what he had said when he had thundered towardz him.

Rahul being more sensible had tried to stop him. But he only gave Rahul a look and he understood. He took hold of Muskaan's and Riddhima's hand and led them out of the party.They had been at the exit when she heard a yell and turned around to find the guy on the floor with blood gushing out of his mouth and Armaan ready for another blow.

She had screamed and ran towardz him holding his arm. He looked at her Furiously But when she just said please he quitened and let her take him from the party holding his hand , leaving the guy in pain.

She took him to his cabin and made him sit on the couch sitting beside him holding his hand. She din dare speak a word and nor did he. After sometime he had just dozed off on her shoulder.Rahul had refused to come with her saying that since Armaan hadn't removed his full anger on the guy, he would be the innocent target if he came in front of him when he was still fuming.

He had never known his anger could go to such limits. He never had such a short temper. But he had lost sense when he had heard that. He had stormed towardz the guy questioning him at how he had even dared to raise an eye on His Riddhima? Had she not come in between n stopped him he would have been dead. But he knew he anwaz wasn't going to leave him later. Now just lying on her shoulder n keeping his eyez closed gave him all the calm he wanted. She was his princess, he thought.

She sat there and smiled thinking what a filmy scene it had been. Truly a movie shot. But then when she remembered again she shivered. He felt her shiver and understood what she was thinking.

"Armaan??" She slowly called out his name after sometime.


"Are you ok now??"

He just squeezed her hand in answer.

"Armaan...i never saw u angry like this."

He was still resting his head on her shoulder n din move it to look up at her.

"I never got angry like this in my life Riddhima."

"Then why today Armaan?"...her tone was extremely gentle.

He din wanto answer that. He put an arm around her waist and pulled her close cuddling her into him. She felt a shiver run thru her spine as she felt his arm around her waist. She was still in her party dress and owing to the fact that it had a slit near the stomach she felt his fingers on her stomach and closed her eyez. He was lost in the smoothness and fragrence of her skin and din know what he was doing. he pulled her even more close. For some reason she din know why she wasn't protesting. She wanted to be close to him and melt in his armz. He had pulled her so close that she was almost sitting on top of him with her back jammed in his chest.he was nuzzlig his nose in her hair.She slowly turned her face towardz him still sitting on top of him.

There eyez met each otherz and they both saw what they wanted to. There was love for each other and the passion of dieing for this moment. He coudn't take it anymore. He moved her head towardz her n kissed her eyes. He kissed her cheeks as he felt her shivering on his body.

She was melting on his touch her desire not making her stop him. His hands still around her waist, she made no attempt to move away from him. She closed her eyez tenderly when he kissed them and each touch of his was giving her shiver.. She was totally lost in him.

He was getting crazy over her. He cdn't move away from her beautifull face. He moved towardz her lips. But she suddenly backed away. She stood up straight and the next second ran out of the room.

He came back to his senses. He hadn't meant to hurt her. He just cdn't hide it any longer. He sat thr tensed thinking what she might be thinking abt him. He was scared tht she might think wrong abt him. He stood up n left. He knew he had to talk to her.

He knocked atleast ten times but she din reply. He got even more scared. What if she din even want to see his face? He opened the door of her cabin and moved in.

She was not there.


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