Thursday, 31 October 2019


It was September that time, I clearly remember. I was seventeen, last year of my school and still a kid. I had never been in love. I had no idea what it felt like. True, I had crushes, many of them infact. But they were all...well, what do I say...unapproachable? Yeah, that probably is the word. I liked one of my teachers. He taught me science and maths. Two subjects I loathed. But the teacher's big eyes and deep dig dimples...he so reminded me of my favorite actor (who of course, was another crush of mine) but anyhow, I still didn't know what love was like. And very honestly, I didn't even want to know. My life was kinda complete...and having boyfriends was just not me...not at that time...I thought I was too young...

And then one day when summers were bidding a bye and winters had yet not made their way, I was back from my evening classes making my way up my home when I saw him. I was not beautiful. Well, people did say that I was, I did receive many a compliment as well, but I had not felt it ever before. Ever before that moment when I saw him looking at me. His eyes fixed right onto mine. He was probably eighteen-ish. And god, he was handsome. Infact, I always used to believe that even the most handsome guys on earth looked pathetic in teenage with all the acne or stupid hair cuts. But he proved me wrong. His eyes were blue. I could see it from the distance. And his eyes were deep. I know it coz they were bore into mine. I don't know what made me stand and look into his eyes for minutes before he smiled and blinked. I was out of my reverie. I tried to smile back too. He nodded his head in acknowledgement and started moving. I don't know why but I felt he was moving towards me. And my feet stopped to obey my mind. And my mind stopped to listen to my heart. And my eyes refused to look away. And my heart started to beat erratically. Confusion confusion confusion. I held my breath as he came nearer and I just hoped he went away. I didn't want to look at him. I could not trust my lips now. What if they too started to move on their own accord and demand to taste his!?! He smiled again, nodded again, and winked too this time, before moving away and crossing the road. I sighed as I saw him retreating. I wanted him to turn back and look at me again. I wanted him to notice me again. But before I could check if he did that, I myself turned back towards him and tried to rush home as soon as possible. I did not want to give my childish mind any wrong ideas about my young heart!

I tried not to think about him that night. I thought I was never going to see him again. But I still wanted to, if at all it was possible, I wanted to see him again. Even if it was just for a few minutes. Just like the previous day...oh it'd be perfect, I thought. And this time, I won't mind my lips doing anything they wanted to!

I got ready half an hour earlier for the classes next day. I hoped I could see him while going there...but he wasn't there. I waited for about twenty a minute on the road, only if I could catch a glimpse...but alas. I was still hopeful though, if the previous day I had seen him on my way back, I would find him then again. I attended the class with full zest for I believed this would help the class pass on soon so I could return home...but he was not there even then. stupid. But then, I thought, maybe he didn't even notice me that much. And anyways he looked so handsome...he must be having a hundred girlfriends...a wink menat nothing for these kind of boys. Yeah, I tried to believe that he too was one of those kind of' boys... I won't look at him the next time,if I ever,I see him again. I decided.

I could not look away the next time I saw him. It was three days after our previous meeting.  Wait a sec, can I call it a meeting'? chalo eyelock'...anyhow, So I was standing at my balcony doing my favorite job, gazing at the stars, when I looked down on the road. There he was. In a white crisp shirt and blue jeans. He was probably waiting for someone or something like that. He had rested his back on a bike and his eyes were gazing at the end of the road. Why couldn't the idiot have been present when I had come from the same direction some minutes ago. Oh shit wait, was he looking for me? It was possible...I too came from that direction only, it was possible that he was just a few minutes late today. I waited for sometime to see if he was actually waiting for me only. And when nobody came to meet him, I became sure I was the one he was looking for. I was the lucky one. But how do tell him now? How do I tell him that I was up here standing in my balcony! Jumping off the balcony seemed feasible but  I wasn't fond of death. Shouting down and calling him was an option too but I didn't know his name. what do I do!

I was still thinking about the previous day when I couldn't stop him standing at the balcony and I had seen his disappointed face as he made his way back. I was deliberately late for home today for I thought this would help match our timings, and this time I had carefully planned that I would be the first one to leave so he could see me enter my building and next time would not be so troublesome. Smart me? Yeah, I know.

But the jerk was not there. Why couldn't he be punctual! Didn't he know my class timings? Oh yeah, he didn't. but still...oh shit. What if he had decided not to come back ever? He had not found me yesterday, what if it led him to never return? I gathered myself thinking that. I did not care even if I didn't see of him ever again in my lifetime. Not even a week, and he was trying to demand my thoughts! Not possible sir!

Without waiting, I made my way to my building when I heard an hey basket' from behind. It was him. His voice. His voice and those blue eyes. I was dead. I could wait a lifetime to see him. cancel all that I had said above.

"yes?" I turned around and asked...

" it your basket ball? I mean, this key basket ball shaped key chain..It fell off..."

"oh yeah..thanks" I thanked god I was able to say that. Varna what his touch was doing to my hand, is unexplainable.

"uhm...I am armaan..."

"thanks armaan" I smiled. I could smile. So that meants my brain was still in control and I hadn't lost my mind...


"my name is riddhima.." I smiled yet again..

"you're really beautiful, riddhima.." he said politely and I whispered a small thank you' before rushing up to my home and losing myself in his thoughts...

Oh yeah, did I tell that key chain was not mine? He was a real smart man! And well, I was smart too :P

Now as I look back at that time, I can't believ ei was so in love with him right from our first meeting...and it was all so...different.. like literally, mujhe mera pyar raaho me milla :P

Our silent love went on for around a year, we were friends, and we gradually progressed in our relationship. We dated for about six years before deciding to tie the knot...

And now that I look at him sleeping beside me, I feel like the most blessed girl. My love story has been perfect. Armaan riddhima, dill mill gayye.


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