Saturday, 5 October 2019

AR os : Embraced Moments

"Madam, your coffee is getting cold" said the waitress exasperatedly, interrupting her usual thought process.

Ridhima was broken out of her trance as she slowly turned to look at the waitress. She had been sitting on a table which was right next to the large glass pane, as usual. The same thoughts plaguing her mind.

"I'm sorry...I.." She fumbled for words as she got to leave, simultaneously gathering her stuff, "I need to go.." She threw some money on a table and said, "Keep the change". And with that, she walked out of the cafe.

Ridhima Gupta was an internally hollow woman. She had ceased to feel almost all emotions, except one - Hope.  She hoped that he might come back someday, hoped that she might be able to see his face again, hoped that he still loved her.

Tune jo na kaha, mein woh sunta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha
( I know that's it has been sung by a male, but it suits ridhima's situation, so try imagining her lol )

Precisely 2 years ago, she had met the most amazing person of her life - Armaan Mallik. They had clicked instantly, after being introduced to each other in a friend's party. Like all cliched stories, followed by their first meeting, they became friends. Then best friends. They would talk to each other on the phone for endless hours, they met each other almost everyday, and ofcourse, the online chat system came in handy.

Neither of them realized when love happened. After 1 year, they were closer to each other than ever before. She felt that she may have been the luckiest person on Earth to love and be loved by someone like Armaan. He was everything a woman could want - fun-loving, caring, intelligent, kind and above all, honest. One of the many things that makes a relationship work. Honesty.

But one day, Ridhima, as usual, went to his flat to meet him. She knocked on his door once. twice. thrice. No answer. An uneasy feeling surfaced within her, Why isn't he opening the door ?, she had thought. A sense of foreboding swirling within her, she gathered her courage and turned the door knob. The door swung open instantly.

She entered his house, the uneasy feeling now replaced by a curious one, 'Armaan ?' she enquired in a small voice. She called out for him numerous times, but no avail. Now panicking, she started looking around the house, trying to find a trace of him. She tried to call him on his mobile, but it was switched off, 'Damn it Armaan ! Where are you ?' she spoke aloud as she entered his room.

She looked around for anything that he might have left - a letter, a number, an address, anything. Her heart had started pumping faster, she felt as if her only love was slipping out of her hands like sand. Unable to find anything, she started to walk towards the door. Her eyes caught something.

There was a letter attached to the handle of his wardrobe. Tied in a red ribbon, it hung loosely from the right handle. Ridhima slowly walked towards it and with quivering hands, unwrapped the ribbon around it.


By the time you read this letter, I would already have left the city. I know this will come as a shock to you, but Ridhima, an emergency has come up. I cannot disclose the reason now, because it is a long story and I do not have the time. But I need you to know that I trust you - I trust you with everything I have. And I know that you trust me too.

I cannot say when I will be back, but I know for sure that I will come back - for you, for us. I also want you to know that when I come back, I will love you regardless of whether you waited for me or moved on.

Love you,

The letter slipped out of Ridhima's hands, tears stinged her eyes as she felt the earth around her spin. She felt as if the only thing that she cherished, the only person she valued ever in her life had been snatched forcefully from her. She felt empty and drained. Tears rolled down her cheeks and she didn't even realize that her legs had given away and she was on the floor.

It has been 7 months since he was gone, and 7 months since she had smiled. She was still waiting, and she hated herself for it.

Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Is shehar mein na apna thikana raha
Door chahat se mein apni chalta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

Her friends kept telling her to move on, to free herself from this misery, to start living her life again. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't let go of Armaan to catch up with her life. She was stuck, and stuck terribly, at the same place. Even though she had stopped shedding tears, she couldn't stop crying from within. She couldn't stop yearning for him from within.

And as she waited, she visited the coffee shop where they often met. She went there atleast once a week, ordered coffee, but never drank it. She ordered it so the management people wouldn't throw her out, her actual reason for visiting the cafe was to re-live all those memories again.

Dard pehle se hai zyaada, khud se phir yeh kiya wada
Khamosh nazrein rahe bezuban..

Abb Na pehli si baatein hai
Bolo to Lab thartharatein hai
Raaz yeh dil ka na ho baiyan
Hoga na ab asar humpe nahin
Hum safar mein to hai Humsafar hai nahi

Door jaata raha Paas aata raha
Khamakha bewajah Khwaab Bunta raha

She walked slowly down the street leading her to her house. Unaware of her surroundings and the people in it. She was alone, inspite of being surrounded by her friends almost everyday. She liked to immerse herself in work on weekdays. Weekends were the problem.

She involuntarily stopped, realizing that she had reached her flat. She sighed and took out the keys from her jacket pocket. She walked inside her flat with a solemn expression on her face. The lights were switched off, exactly the way she liked it. As she took more steps ahead, she realized she was standing on rose petals. A feeling of curosity mixed with excitement arose in her as she slowly lifted her head up. The lights flickered on. She saw him.

Aaya woh phir Nazar aise
Baat chidne lagi phir se
Aankhon mein chubhta kal ka dhuan

Haal tera na humsa hai
Is khushi mein kyon gumsa hai
Basne laga kyon phir woh jahan

He was standing there, He was actually standing there. She couldn't believe her eyes until he smiled. He gave her the same genuine, the one that reached his eyes, warm smile that melted her heart on any day. His name escaped her lips as the most natural thing..Armaan...

Tears stinged her eyes once again, and she knew they were tears of happiness. Inspite of her vision being blurred by her tears, she could look into his eyes clearly. It was that moment that she knew that he had returned to her forever.


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