Monday, 21 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me ( Last part )

He made her lie on their bed and covered her with the blanket and went out to get some medicines for her. When he went out Riddhima opened her eyes and saw that she was in their house. She got up immediately and knew that Armaan had seen her and brought her here. She frantically got up and was about to leave when she found her big size photo on the head side wall of the bed. She just stared at it and it was then she noticed everything and all the things were just the same as she had left it, but it was clean and tidy and neatly organized. Then she looked at the whole house and was surprised to see it clean and clear and was overwhelmed with it. She went into the kitchen and saw all the things kept clean but some vessels were burnt very bad. Then she understood that Armaan might be cooking at home and she chuckled at it and then returned to the main hall when she heard a car entering the driveway. She was startled and didn't know what to do so went in to the room again and lied in the same way as she was before.

He entered the room and saw her still sleeping. He kept the bag on the table and went to her side and kneeled in front of her and saw her face, he wanted to touch her, feel her, kiss her, embrace her, and most importantly not let her leave him again. Then he turned towards the baby and touched her belly as soft as possible as he did not wanted to disturb her. He started talking to the baby, "hey baby, how r u? I am ur dad. I know u would be thinking how come all of a sudden some person comes and tell u that he is ur dad. Yeah I know, but I did not know u r coming to this world. I am not a bad person, pls tell momma to come back to me. Hmmm, I think she is very upset with me, that is why she did not tell me such a big news knowing how much I love kids. Anyways, I think this would be the only way and only day that I would be talking to you as I think she will not let me see u or talk to u. She thinks that I am a bad person. Then his eyes got moist and started talking to Riddhima looking at her face in a low tone "baby pls come back I really love u a lot. I want u back jaan, I cannot live without u. Without u life is hell shona, I really wont bug u anymore, pls sweety come back to ur love honey, pls. Main kabhi tumhe tang nahi karunga, kabhi nahi sataunga. Apna kaam main khud karunga aur tumhara aur hamara baby ka bhi karunga. Ghar hamesha saaf rakhunga pls na jaan pls vapas ajao. Tumhare siva mera is duniya mein aur koyi nahi hai jo mein apna keh sakun. Mujhe sirf tumhara pyar mila hai is duniya mai, bas vo kafi hai mere liye. Mujhe us din aisa nahi kehna chahiyetha. I am sorry. Pls ajao. He started crying closing his eyes and keeping his head on her bulge. That is when he could sense something moving beneath his hand and could feel baby responding to his touch.

By this time, even Riddhima had started shed silent tears listening to what ever Armaan said to her. When Armaan was looking at the belly and feeling the movement, he had a satisfied smile on his lips. Even Riddhima was feeling her baby's movements and it was for the first time. She was happy that their love was showing her the signs of its presence in their life and feeling bad about what she had done and how much she had made Armaan suffer in the last 5 months.

Armaan could not hold his tears anymore and got up to leave from there when he felt some pull on his wrist. He turned back to see Riddhima holding his hand and started crying which made him worry and sat back next to her and asked what happened, whether she had any pain or was feeling discomfort. She immediately hugged him and kept her head on his chest and started crying hysterically. "pls mujhe apne aap se alag mat karo Armaan. Phir kabhi mujhse mat rootho. Mein nahi reh paungi tumhare bina, tum kuch bhi karo, par pls mujhse juda mat hona. Mujhe maaf kardo, Armaan, I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. I am sorry. She kept on saying sorry. He felt very bad for her and he tried to apart her from the hug, but she kept on clinging to him thinking it is a dream and if she let him go then the dream would be over. He let her stay like that for sometime and tears started running down his cheeks.

After sometime when both wept to their hearts content and let out all their grief then they came out of the hug and looked at each other. She could not hold herself any more and kissed him on his lips lightly first and as and when the time passed she deepened the kiss by kissing him more passionately as she was waiting to feel his touch all over her body. Armaan was first surprised to see her making the first move as he was the one always would take the initiative to make romance and love with her all the time. This was unexpected but he loved it and equally participated in the kiss. He hold her face in his both the hands and parted her lips and entered his tongue inside her mouth and started tasting and wandered his tongue all over her mouth as if feeling her for the first time. As soon as their tongues came in contact she let out a loud gasp and pulled his hair which she was massaging with one hand and with the other hand touching his abs and feeling him. He started losing his control. When both were out of breath, they came out of their kiss, but stayed in the same position, with their head and nose touched. They both had a satisfied look, but Armaan was wondering as to what had happened to her as she was enjoying his love and romance, then he thought may be due to the mood swings and hormonal changes.

Armaan did not speak anything about their fight, he did not want to remember anything about the past 5 months which was a hell without Riddhima, but Riddhima insisted to tell him what he had done as she told him everything about herself even when he kept quite and was listening silently and felt her pain in her words. Then while having dinner, he told her that he did nothing much but only went to hospital, came back home and cleaned everything and tried cooking which was worst and had sometimes burnt his hand also and he showed her the places where he had burnt. Her eyes became moist and kissed all the places and by the kisses she aroused his desires and passion and he was looking at her with intense love, desire, passion and even the lust as she had put on a little bit of weight due to her pregnancy and her body was glowing bright. When she looked at him, she could feel goose bumps raise in her body and spine due to his gaze and she blushed and got up and went to their room.

He was left confused as to what to do because if he does not control himself now then he would end up making love to her like no other day as he had missed her very badly for the past 5 months which would be a danger to the baby but he did not have control on his mind and heart and neither his body. He just got up and went to their room and closed the door behind him and looked for her. He saw her coming out of the bathroom in a very short night gown with a thin noodle strap. After seeing her like that he had no control on him and just went behind her and hugged her from back and whispered in her ears in a husky voice, "I feel like making love to u now, but I am scared that I would hurt u and the baby as I don't have control on my wishes today." Hearing it even she lost control and kissed him hard on his lips. Without breaking the kiss he lifted her in his arms and took her to the bed, one side he is just proceeding with his love making steps and on the other side he is worried as to what she wants and so on.
Armaan - "honey, do u think its safe to make love."
Riddhima - "Yes it is."

Hearing which he could not take it anymore and made love to her like never before and the after that they never stopped loving and their love grew more and more by every passing day. He looked after her very well and now it was the other way round where Riddhima was the one making dirty all over the places and Armaan cleaning it after her. She enjoyed each and every minute with him to the core. Their life was much more beautiful than before.

Sometimes Riddhima thought like the life inside her made her realize that she wanted Armaan in her life and she was incomplete without him and when this thought came to her mind she started loving her unborn baby much more and was eagerly waiting to hold her baby in her arms with Armaan beside her.


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