Sunday, 20 October 2019

AR os : Life Inside Me ( part 2 )

Tears started flowing from Riddhima's eyes as she remembered about their moments and her life with him which was for a short period but full of colour. Riddhima just looked at herself in the mirror and touched her sindoor and left a single tear. She started crying hysterically as she had started missing him very badly. After sometime she got up and thought that she had to see him and packed her things and though that she would see him and would return back to her life as she thought he would not accept her again.

She came to Mumbai and reached Sanjeevani hospital and prayed god that he should be there as she did not want to go to their home because once she goes inside all her memories attached with that house would reflect in front of her eyes, the way they had entered the house, how they had arranged everything, their nameplate stating Riddhima Armaan's nest, how they had made love in each and every place of the house, and how they had chased each other like teenagers and so on.

When she entered the hospital, it was around 7 in the evening and she went in search of Armaan. She could not find any one who could recognize her and it was good for her also. When she passed in front of the general ward, her heart started beating fast and she knew he was there and when she looked to her right she saw him standing there checking a patient with a small smile on his lips as the patient was a 4 yr old girl and was talking to him in her own baby language which made him smile. She saw him and her eyes started to get moist as he has a little stumble on his face like he had not shaved for 2 days and had lost weight and she could say for sure that there was no glow on his face. She just stared at him for 5 minutes and came out of the trance and moved from there as he turned a little to get some medicine which was kept on the table.

When Armaan turned a little he saw a lady a little bulge on her abdomen moving away from there. He could feel his heart beating rapidly looking at that lady, but he could not see her face and he saw from the back. He just left a little sigh and a word escaped from his lips "Riddhima" and he noticed her hair which was just like hers and he could no longer hold the curiosity and ran behind her but could not find her and sat down on the bench in the corridor. He wanted to see her. As he was thinking, who could that be he heard some noise coming from the end of the corridor and he went there to see what was it. He saw some 4 to 5 people standing there and talking to themselves and trying to help someone to lift her up. He went in the front and looked at her lying on the floor sideways with all her hair scattered on her face. He just asked the wardboy to get a stretcher and cleared all of them and sat beside her to check her pulse. He felt a current passing through his body as soon as he touched her hand. When he pulled her hair aside he could see her face and he gasped seeing Riddhima there. He turned her straight and took her in his arms and his eyes became moist looking at her in that stage when suddenly his eyes went on the small bulge he was surprised and placed his hand on her abdomen. His hands were shivering when he touched it and he felt a small kick and his happiness knew no bounds as he could feel a part of his life in her womb. He immediately lifted her in his arms and took her to emergency ward and treated her. When he thought she was ok he took her home as he did not want her to stay in the hospital and also he wanted to talk to her and the best place for them was their home.


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