Saturday, 26 October 2019

AR OS: Over The Years

"Dr. Armaan Mallik, I don't have time for your stupid pranks. I, unlike you, actually come here for working. Now, if you'll excuse me," Riddhima said and walked past Armaan but had to stop as she felt someone holding her dupatta."

"Dr. Basket Gupta, if you would actually let me talk to you, maybe it wouldn't be so time consuming. I did not put salt in your coffee. I repeat, I. Did. Not. Put. Salt. In. Your. Coffee." Armaan told her walked away from there, glaring at her. She glared right back and went to the Children's Ward.


"Urgh, Riddhima Gupta, get out of my head. I do not want to see you everywhere I go. This is so irritating. Maybe I should ask Atul about this?" Armaan spoke to himself. "Great, now I'm talking to myself."

"Atul mere bhai, my friends needs some help. She's seeing one jerk of a guy everywhere and it's irritating her a lot so she wanted to know how to get rid of this," Armaan asked him, hoping Atul wouldn't guess that he was asking it for himself.

"Armaan, tell her that she's fallen in love and give her my example. I can see Anjali and Rosie and Pinky and everyone else everywhere and it's because I love them. Today, I saw..." he continued and Armaan muttered a quick bye and cut the call.

"I love Riddhima?" he asked himself.


"Armaan, Armaan, Armaan, subah se pareshaan kar raha hai. When I say something, he has a problem. When I don't say something, he has a problem. Sometimes he's so sweet, bringing me coffee and food and sometimes he's so rude like today. God, why did you have to create such a complicated creature! Anyway, why am I thinking about him?" she was talking to herself in the locker room.

"You're thinking about him because you love him Ridzi." Anjali said, hearing the whole of Riddhima's rant and seeing her changed behavior towards Armaan.

"Please Di. Mein aur Armaan se pyaar? Not possible Di. He's so irresponsible and he's always playing pranks on me and whenever I get irritated, he has that stupid smirk on his face for five seconds and then starts laughing, he's always flirting with the nurses with that silly but cute smile of..." Riddhima stopped when she realized what she had just done.

"I'm in love with him aren't I?" Ridzi said, not really asking anyone and Anjali nodded at her.


"Come on Raoool, I can't do this. She'll probably slap me and call the police saying I'm harassing her. I'm not going to take this risk Raoool." Armaan told him, petrified of what would happen if he confessed.

Rahul and Muskaan looked at each other and then counted to three, pushing Armaan onto the terrace and locking the door behind him.

"Muski, Raoool, open the door. If I got to jail or if I die, my ghost will come to haunt the two of you. Muski? Raoool? Yoohoo. Anybody home?" Armaan called out to receive silence in response.

Someone suddenly tapped his shoulder which made him jump and react instinctively by twisting the person's arm. Noticing that it was Riddhima, he quickly let go of her hand and mumbled a sorry.

"Basket, I mean, Riddhima, what are you doing here?" he stuttered.

"Sissy kahika, jo bolna hai, voh toh bol nahi raha," she muttered to herself but plastering a smile on her face, she said, "Di told me that you wanted to tell me something so she sent me up here."

"Voh, actually, Riddhima, mein voh..." Armaan began. Suddenly someone shouted from behind the door, "Ridz, Armaan wants to say he loves you. We can't sit here for 9274975 years for him to say it. Our legs hurt already."

"Yeah, so he said it. Bye." Armaan said and began to walk away when she caught him by the hand and asked him, "You don't want to know the answer?"

Armaan turned slowly confused with what was happening here.

"I love you Armaan," she said and looked into his eyes, smiling.

"You...Love me?" Armaan stuttered and when Riddhima nodded slowly, he pulled her into his arms for a tight hug.


"Armaan, this is so not happening. You always do this to me," Riddhima said as Armaan cancelled on a date for the 5th time in the month giving the excuse of work coming up in the hospital.

Feeling irritated listening to his pleas; Riddhima cut the call and went out to catch an auto. She walked a little along the road when someone suddenly pulled her into a white Innova and closed the door as soon as she was seated.

"What were you thinking Riddhima?" Rahul asked her when she was seated properly.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU RAHUL?" she screamed at him, "You scared me you idiot." She kept hitting him with Rahul defending himself. Suddenly the car came to a stop and Riddhima shot a look at Rahul. He told her to get down and got down from the other door of the car.

He led her to the room and locked the door, leaving Riddhima alone in the room.

After calling out for help, she swore to kill Rahul once she got out of that place but for now, she resorted to finding a way to get out of the place.

Asmaani Rang Ho' someone began in a soft voice. Momentarily, Riddhima forgot about what she was doing here and started listening closely. Once she snapped out, she looked around to see who was singing and couldn't see anyone.

Pyaar Ki Boondh Ho. Roshni Ho, Dhoop Hoo," he continued singing.

Hearing the voice from behind her, Riddhima turned around to see a guy in a white shirt entering from another door. She couldn't see his face since his head was bent. His body looked familiar and it looked like "Armaaan, tum? Idhar? Kaise? You had work..." Riddhima began but he shut her mouth with his hand and continued singing.

When he was done, Riddhima opened her mouth to ask him something when he shut her mouth, placing his lips on hers and softly kissing her. He pulled out of the kiss and laughed at Riddhima's expressions. She was just about to hit him when he started running with Riddhima chasing him.


"Are you kidding me Armaan? You were flirting with that girl like there's no one around," Riddhima scolded Armaan.

"But Riddhima, at least listen to me once," Armaan pleaded cursing himself for even talking to his patient so sweetly.

"Nahi Armaan, I don't want to hear another word," she said and strode off with Armaan following her and apologizing to her.


"Tum tayyar ho Basket?" Armaan mumbled into Riddhima's hair, his arms enveloped around her waist.

"Armaan, someone will see us." Riddhima said, trying to get his hands off her waist, "I still have to get ready for the engagement Armaan, I can't come down like this. You have to get ready too so now leave."

"Kya Basket, at least now don't stop the romance. We're going to get engaged," he protested like a little kid.

"Exactly Armaan, we're getting engaged, not married. Now leave me and go get ready." Riddhima said, removing his hands and pushing him out of the room, locking it behind her.

Her eyes suddenly fell on a platinum band in her hand which wasn't there a few minutes back. "Armaan..." she said to herself and started getting ready.


"Armaan, do you think this is a good idea? You really want to kidnap Riddhima one day before your marriage?" Atul asked him, scared that Anjali will scold them.

"Atul, do you want to meet Anjali?" Armaan asked him to which Atul frantically nodded.

The boys slowly crept up the pipes and entered the room through the balcony. They treaded inside and covered Riddhima's mouth with a cloth. Armaan picked her up and walked out to the balcony and got down first. Rahul slowly handed her down and Armaan caught her. All this was done so silently that none of the girls realized what was happening.

Taking her to the terrace, Armaan slightly shook her and woke her up and immediately closed his ears knowing what was coming.

After the muffled noises were over, he removed his fingers and hugged her saying sweet nothings in her ear about how he couldn't wait to get married.

The frown on Riddhima's face turned slowly into a smile.


"Kuch nahi hoga Basket. You trust me, right? I promise, you'll have tons of fun," Armaan tried convincing her to go Bungee Jumping with him.

"Armaan, unlike you, I don't want to die on my honeymoon." Riddhima told him, determined to not get on to the bungee.









"See Basket, the trick almost always works. Since you've agreed, let's go," he said in a cheerful way and held her by the wrist, pulling her to the ticket counter.

After they bought the tickets, they stood in the queue to go bungee jumping. After waiting for about half an hour, Riddhima said, "Armaan, see, the line is so long. Let's go do something else." "No can dosville Baby doll. We're staying right here.

Finally, their turn came and went. The air was knocked right out of Armaan while Riddhima wanted to go again. After a lot of persuading, Riddhima agreed on another ride but with the promise that Armaan wouldn't force her to get onto any of them.


"Armaan, I swear to god, if you don't get me toothpaste right at this very instant, I will personally strangle you and will put the whole blame on how you tortured me throughout." Riddhima scolded Armaan. "Par Basket, toothpaste?" he asked her, still not able to believe her cravings.

"Arma..." She began screaming. "Call the ambulance, now. I think the baby's coming. Call them quickly. As soon as this baby's out, I'll beat you up Armaan Mallik. Call them fast Armaan. It hurts a lot," Riddhima bellowed at him.

"Yes yes, they're coming Basket. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Breathe in and breathe out," Armaan said, trying to pacify her.

"Armaan, there is no way in hell that I'm having a baby after this one. Like, seriously, no way." Riddhima said, screeching in between due to the pain.

The ambulance arrived and she was rushed to the hospital. The nurses inside had to save themselves from her curses and Armaan? He was being tortured like he was the one going to give birth.

When she was taken in and told to push, Armaan's hands had gone numb. Her long nails which she had grown over the maternal leave were digging into his palms, giving him marks on there.

After 3 hours of pushing, Riddhima finally gave birth to fraternal twins, their daughter with her father's blue eyes and their son's eyes mirroring Riddhima's.


"Rehaan, Amira, come down for dinner. You've been holed up in your room for ages now. I don't understand your generation at all," she called out from the dining hall.

The twins came down the hall talking about something in a very excited manner, their hands making weird gestures. Riddhima silently signaled to Armaan indicating what it was all about to which he said, "Tum nahi samjhogi Basket, only young people like us can understand, and you're already old.

"Armaan, how dare you call me old? Tum, tum hoge old. I'm still young okay." Riddhima huffed.

"Mom, Runjhun and Yashu are coming over, could you please not fight like us?" Amira pleaded.

"Rahul and Muskan are coming over and I know of this now? Why exactly Basket? I don't have time now to remove the PS3 for us to play. Urghh Riddhima, couldn't you have told me before?" Armaan rambled.

"Exactly Mr. Mallik, I didn't want you to play with the PS3 with Rahul and get into a fight about it, hence the surprise. Now please go and wear a shirt Armaan and while you're at it, take a shower. You're stinking." Riddhima said. Teasing her, he came closer to her but Riddhima pushed him away and showed him the door to the bathroom.

Both the children started laughing and Riddhima glared at them asking "What?" to which they nodded negatively.

They knew Mom without Dad is a jwalamukhi which could overflow at any second so they preferred remaining silent.


"Riddhima, he's 20. Just let it be. He can have a girlfriend now," Armaan tried convincing Riddhima. "Armaan, she's 20. Just let it be. She can have a boyfriend now," Riddhima mimicked Armaan.

Both of them had been disagreeing about this for over a week now when Rehaan had gotten home his girlfriend. Riddhima had instantly started firing questions whereas Armaan tried making her feel comfortable.

The prospect of Amira having a boyfriend could not even be considered because Armaan had strictly said no' to her and that she cannot have a boyfriend until she's old enough, preferably never.

"Riddhima, she's my baby girl, how can she have a boyfriend?" Armaan asked her. "Don't be a hypocrite Armaan, she's the elder one of the two. If she's your baby girl, then he's my baby boy," she retorted.

"Riddhima, you don't know boys of their age. They only look for one thing Basket." Armaan tried telling her. "These boys' include our son. I dated you didn't I? And you were no saint in college Armaan. Don't even try to deny it. Armaan, come on, they're growing up; they can take their own choices and can make their own decisions. That is what I'm trying to make you understand. We ourselves did all that stuff when we were their age, so why can't they do the same?" she asked him in a soft voice.

"We can do it even now Riddhima," he said pulling her on top of him and kissing her. His hands were in her hair and she gripped his hair tight as the kiss deepened. He slowly lowered his face to her neck and started placing soft kisses.

Just then, the door opened and Amira and Rehaan exclaimed, "Mom, Dad, stop. Our innocent eyes are getting harmed."

Both of them blushed and got up to hit their children for interrupting them. It's not everyday things get so hot in a minute.


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