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Chapter 33 : Dangerous Desire (AR)

And the Countdown Begins

Very soon everyone had left to go to the mall.  Riddhima had been very worried whether Armaan would be there, but to her relief he wasn't.  One of their clients had suddenly shown up and wanted to haave a very important conference with Armaan so he coudlnt' make it.  Others were definitely disappointed at they wanted to tease the couple, but their plans had failed.  But they decided to keep their sadness to the side and enoy the wedding shopping.

The boys had just separated themselves from the girls and were shopping for themselves. Obviously it didn't take them 'that' long to shop since they didn't have that many things to buy, so they just hung out after shopping, whereas the girls were ready to empty the boys' pockets.  They were getting the most expensive and beautiful clothes from the stores and exquisite jewelries. When Riddhima tried protesting, Nikki and Muskaan quietened her.  They told her Armaan had ordered them to buy the best for Riddhima and that's what they were doing.  Poor Riddhima didn't have another option other than to listen to them.  Soon they were finished with the Engagement and Sangeet shopping and they dropped Riddhima and Muskaan off at their house.


Riddhima layed on her bed, facing the moon.  It was close to midnight, but sleep was miles away from touching her.  All she could think about was the sudden turn her life was taking.  It was dazing how fast her life changing.

About a month back, she hated this person so much, she couldn't stand his sight.  A few weeks back she thought this guy wasn't that bad as she had thought.  Exactly seven days back, she started to abhor the same man and now?  After seven days she was shopping for her wedding with who?  That same man.

She wanted to laugh.  Her brain was mocking her, laughing at her plight.  Even she, like other girls, had woven so dreams.  Even she had so many desires and hopes in her heart for her life partner.  He would be nice, caring, handsome, but above all that, he should love her.  Stand by her forever and be by her when she needed someone.  Make her feel special and loved and what not?  But the guy she was going to get married to was barely either of those.

He didn't love her.  Not even a little.  He hated her.  That's why he was marrying her.  To make her life a living hell.  To give her so much pain she couldn't take it any more and just break down. She just shivered at the thought of spending her life with a man like him.  How could she be in a relationship where there was no love?  If there was anything, then it was revenge.  Hatred.  Lust. She wondered how he would treat her once they were married.  Obviously, she didn't hope for him to treat her like a princess.  No way in hell was that happening.  But still.  How worse was it going to get?  Would he force himself on her?  Hit her?  Abuse her?  She didn't know.  A part of her told her he wouldn't do any of it.  But another part screamed at her.  Told her he was cruel. She groaned inwardly, not wanting to have another argument between her mind and heart.  It was better to put the questions aside and get a good sleep.  Tomorrow was her engagement and she knew better than to waste her precious sleep.  She closed her eyes and faced darkness.

Suddenly, a flash came before her eyes.  It was of that guy.  The one she had met that day in M.E. The one that saved her from falling.  Then she saw a familiar pair of blue eyes.  Her eyes flew open and she sat up with a jerk, breathing heavily.  Why?  Why does that moment keep coming to her mind?  Why do those eyes keep haunting her?  She sees them every single night. They come in her dreams and stare back at her, torturing her.

Who are you?  Who does those eyes belong to?  Who were you, that saved me that day?  Why do you keep hautning me every night?  Those eyes... they're so familar to me.  I've seen them, I know it.  But... I still can't figure out who they belong to!

"Stop coming into my thoguhts.  Just stop.  Please." She whispered quietly to herself, trying to calm her erratic heartbeat.

"Ridzi?  Who are you talking to?  Go to sleep!  It's way past midnight!" She heard Muskaan's sleepy, annoyed voice and nodded.  She layed down on her sides and closed her eyes again, hoping to get a dreamless sleep for the remainder of the night.


"Ridz!  Uth!"

Riddhima heard a faint voice calling her.  What is Muskaan?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  As of now, she just wanted to sleep.  The rest of the world could go do whatever they want for all she cared. Ignoring her voice, she turned to the other side and kept sleeping.

"Riddhima Shashank Gupta!  Wake up before I throw ice water on you!" She heard Muskaan shout at her and frowned.

"Shut up Muskaan!  Let me sleep!" She replied sleepily and went back to 'trying' to sleep, but was Muskaan going to back off?  Nope!

"FYI Ms. Riddhima, it's past 9 now!  Get your lazy a*s up!" She spoke loudly, making Riddhima even more annoyed.

"I don't give a damn woman!  Get lost!"

"Riddhima!  How can you still be sleeping woman!  Today's your engagement!  Get up!"

Riddhima opened her eyes slowly as she absorbed her words.  Then it all came back to her.  Her engagement was  today!  She slowly sat up on the bed and looked at Muskaan, towering over her.

"Couldn't you wake me up before?"

"As if you would listen!" Riddhima just rolled her eyes and stood up.


"Now come on!  Mamma's calling you!"


"Will you stop your questions for once!"

"Ugh!  Forget you!" Riddhima stormed into the bathrrom and shut it.


Riddhima walked down the stairs of her house wearing a simple white churidaar.  She couldn't wear jeans and all that when her Dad was home so she thought it was better to wear her normal clothes.  As she walked down, she was mesmerized seeing the decorations of the house. Colorful lights and garlands were wired around the stair handles and pillars of the house.  There were colorful curtains around with silver danglings in front of them.  For a second she thought she was in a wrong house.

"Riddhu.  Yahaan aao." She turned around and saw her mamma sitting with her friends and her aunties and the most favorite person in the world.  A big smile formed on her lips as she saw her.

"NAANI!" She screamed with joy and ran up to her to hug her.  She hugged her tight and jumped up and down with happiness.  "Naani!  Aap-aap yahaan!  Kab?  Kaise?  Aapki tabiyat toh theek hain na?  Aapko koi problem toh nahin hain na?  Aap-" Riddhima started her questionares and kept rambling which made Naani smile.

"Arre, arre, arre!  Aate hi savaalon ki barsaat kar rahi hain?  Ek ek kar ke savaal pooch taaki mujhe bhi samajh aaye." Riddhima bit her tongue realizing she had been constantly rambling and looked at her Naani.

"Sorry Naani.  Woh aapko dekh kar na, mujhse raaha nahin gaya.  Iss liye itne saare savaal poochhne lagi.  Aap baethiye na!" They sat down and Riddhima's eyes fell on the dresses in front of her.

"Wow!  Itni saari dresses!  They're soo beautiful!  Kisske liye hain Mamma?"

"Tere liye hain!  Yeh sab teri shaadi ki dresses hain." Padma replied sweetly.  Riddhima remembered all this was for her marriage, but she wasn't sad.  She had decided not to be sad about this at all.  In fact, she was going to enjoy these moments to the fullest and make the most of it.  As far as Armaan was concerned, she would handle him her own way.  He, or any of his antics will not affect her.  She smiled widely and started to look at the dresses.

"Ab Ridzi.  Tum hi batao.  Tumhe kaunsa waala sabse zyaada pasand hain?" Nikki asked her with a tinge of tease, which Riddhima didn't notice.  Riddhima looked at all the dresses.  There was one in maroon color, one in magenta, one in light pink, and one in deep red.  Without any confusion or hesitation, she immediately made her choice.

"Wow!  Yeh toh bohat khoobsurat hain!" She said holding the deep red one with a big smile.  "Yeh kitna sundar hain!  Isska design, border, sab kuch kitna sundar hain!  Mujhe toh yeh hi pasand hain!" Everyone exchanged glances and then burst into peels of laughter.  Riddhima frowned. Why were they laughing like lunatics?

"Aap sab itna kyun has rahe ho?  Maine koi joke maara hain kya?" She asked like an innocent child, but the others didn't stop laughing.  "Mtch.  Bolo na!  Aap sab itna kyun has rahe ho?" Everyone's laugh finally came to a stop and Anjali spoke up.

"Riddhima.  Tumhari aur Armaan ki choice kitni milti julti hain." Riddhima was confused again.

"Armaan?  Hum toh meri shaadi ki dress ki baat kar rahe the na?  Armaan kahaan se aa gaya?"

"Arre bevakoofon ki maharani!  Humaara matlab yeh hain, ki Armaan ne bhi tere liye yeh hi dress select ki thi!" said Muskaan.

"Kya matlab?!"

"Sun.  Hua yeh, ki..."

"Armaan!  Armaan!" Nikki, Muskaan and Anjali walked into Armaan's house shouting his name. Mallik Mansion was getting fully decorated one of the best wedding planners of India, so the house was looking very lively.  Armaan, who was working on his laptop, got up and walked down to see why the trio were there.  Along with Armaan, Rahul, Atul and Abhi also walked to see why they were there.

"Oye Nikki.  Aise gala phaad phaad kar kyun chila rahi hain?" asked Abhi.  Nikki glared at him for asking her the question in that manner, making him smirk.

"Mujhe Armaan se kaam hain.  Tum se nahin.  Pelvaan." Abhi rolled his eyes hearing 'pelvaan'. It wasn't the first time she was calling him that.

"Mujhse?  Kya?" Nikki slapped her head seeing the casual behavior of Armaan.

"Haayo Rabba, mujhe hi aise namune kyun milte hain?  Issko dekh ke lagta hain isski shaadi hone waali hain?"

"Kya matlab?"

"Dude.  Usually jab logon ki shaadi hone waali hoti hain na, toh unke chehre par ek achhi si smile hoti hain.  Haathon mein laptop nahin hota!" Nikki blasted on Armaan.  She couldnt't believe Armaan was actually working on his laptop!

"Chhod na Nikki.  Yeh pehle se hi aisa hain.  Isska kuch nahin ho sakta." said Anjali.

"Ab jiss kaam ke liye aaye hain, woh kaam toh khatam kar lein." Muskaan reminded them and they nodded.

"Kaunsa kaam?" asked Rahul.  The girls went and sat down on the cushy sofa and placed the bags on the table in the center.  They signalled the boys to sit down too and they did.  They watched with great interest as the girls took out the material from the bags.  Seeing the wedding dresses, they were confused.

"Yeh sab, yahaan kyun?" asked Abhi.

"Yeh sab humne Riddhima ke liye liya hain." Said Anjali.

"Toh usse jaa kar do.  Yahaan kyun laayi ho?" Atul questioned her while she rolled her eyes.

"Arre duffer!  Hum yeh iss liye le kar aaye hain taaki Armaan iss mein se dekh kar hume bata sake ki usse kaunsa pasand hain?" Muskaan answered him and turned to Armaan.  "Mere pyaare jeeju.  Jaldi bato.  Ridzi ke upar kaunsa waala zyaada achha lagega?" Muskaan questioned in a teasing tone.

Armaan looked at all the dresses which were layed out in front of him.  He looked at them all with no special interest, but suddenly a deep red dress caught his eyes.  He examined it carefully and found it very beautiful.  His mind automatically started to imagine Riddhima wearing the dress, but was pulled out of his thoughts hearing Muskaan's voice.

"Oye Jeeju.  Kya hua?  Kahaan kho gaye?"

"Iss mein poochhne ki kya baat hain Muski.  Obviously Bhai, Riddhima Bhabhi ke khayaalon mein khoye hue honge." Said Abhi.  Everyone 'Ooh'ed and 'Aah'ed seeing Armaan's flushed face.

"Shut up guys!" He shouted making everyone go silent.

"Bolo na Jeeju!  Ridzi par kaunsa achha lagega?" He looked at the red one and answered.

"Yeh... red waala."

"Ooohhh!" Everyone said together.

"Red color, haan?  The color of love!"

"Armaan tu kitna badal gaya hain!  Dead black se seedha pyaar ka rang?  Very nice!" They all laughed again.

"Shut up guys! Kya ho gaya hain tum sab ko?"

"Oye jeeju!  Ab toh muskura diya karo yaar!  Shaadi hone waali hain!"


"Toh yeh hua tha." Muskaan finished off with a smile whereas Riddhima fell in a deep thought.

There was this spark of happiness bubbling inside her heart.  Armaan had chosen this for her?  The thought made her so happy.  It was difficult to describe in words how she felt.  Happiness, excitement... so many things all at once.  For others this may be a very petty thing, but for some reason, it held great importance for her.  It mattered to her what he thought.  But why?

Shut up Riddhima!  Tu yeh kya soch rahi hain!  Armaan Mallik tera dushman hain!  He's your bloody enemy!  Don't forget this!  Yeh sab sirf ek naatak hain.  Don't forget it!  Woh yeh sab jaan mujh kar kar raha hain.  Don't you dare let all this affect you!  Samjhi!

Riddhima divertered her mind back to their talks and soon found herself lost in all the preparations of the Engagement ceremony.


Clad in a silver colored silk sherwani, Armaan stood in front of his mirror, styling his long, black hair. He smirked seeing his reflection.  He was sure any girl would go weak in their knees seeing him, including Riddhima.  All this while he had been thinking of ways to torture her.  There was this hatred towards Riddhima which was increasing day by day.  Whenever he thought about those harsh words she said to him, anger always filled his vein.

He didn't know why, but her words had hurt him a lot.  Yes, he knew he was wrong, but why couldn't Riddhima understand him?  He had apologized to her so many times and tried to make her understand, but she wouldn't.  Plus she had the audacity to challenge him.  There was no way he was going to let her go.  Not only because he wanted to take revenge from her but there was also another reason.  The thought of her going away from him stirred something inside him.  He didn't really like the sound of her going away from him. 

That's the reason he had gone to Chandigarh to meet her parents and made up this false story about their 'love'.  Surprisingly, her parents had believed this very easily which was a relief and now they were here.  He knew Riddhima wasn't the ones who'd get blackmailed or scared so easily.  It had been quite a task to think about a way to keep her under his control.  He had realized her parents were very dear to her and she wouldn't let anything happen to them.  That's where he had thought about this and the same thing happened that he had expected.  Riddhima agreed to marry him and today was their engagement.  Everything was going perfect.  Just the way he wanted it. 

Riddhima Gupta... let's see.  Ab tum kya karti ho. 

He thought with a smirk.  The door clicked open and he saw his brothers walking in with a smile.

"Hey Bhai!" Armaan smiled at Atul and greeted him.

"Hey Atul." They came and hugged him.

"Wow Bhai!  Aap toh bohat dashing lag rahe ho!"

"Woh toh main hamesha hi lagta hoon." They chuckled at Armaan's reply. 

A lot had changed ever since Riddhima had entered their lives.  They had started seeing a glimpse of the old Armaan.  He no longer ignored them or kept himself away from them.  He smiled, talked to them about things other than work and they even shared some good brotherly moments.  Even though he was still a bit reserved, he had changed a lot and they were happy.

"Iss mein toh main bhi argue nahin kar sakta."

"Aaj toh saari ladkiyaan Bhai par fida ho jaayengi." Said Abhi.

"Doosri ladkiyon ka toh mujhe nahin pata, lekin humari pyaar Bhabhi zaroori inn par lattoo ho jaayengi.  Kyun Bhai?  Sahi kaha na?" Atul teased Armaan whereas he just smiled seeing their excitement.

"Oye hoye!  Kya baat hain?  Armaan, tu sharma raha hain?" Rahul teased him too while Armaan rolled his eyes.

"Whatever guys!  Ab chalo, late ho raha hain!" Armaan started walking out but was held back by the boys.

"Ahem ahem ahem!  Guys... koi apni hone-waali fianc ko dekhne ke liye bohat bechain ho raha hain!" said Rahul, making the others giggle.  Armaan turned around and glared at them, making them shut up.

"Tum log chal rahe ho ya main akele jaaun?"

"Arre arre arre!  Itni bhi kya jaldi hain Bhai?  Chill!  Hum aa rahe hain.  Kyun bhaiyon?"

"Haan, haan!"  They all laughed again, but walked outside. 


Riddhima was standing with her friends at one side talking to them animatedly. 

"Wow Ridzi.  You're looking very beautiful!"

"Thanks Anjie.  Tum bhi bohat achhi lag rahi ho." Riddhima said with a smile. 

"By the way, yeh boys kahaan reh gaye?" asked Muskaan.

"Pata nahin.  Inhe ab tak toh aa jaana chahiye tha." said Anjali.

"Yeh boys na.  Humesha late aate hain.  Time ki koi kadar hi nahin hain." Nikki complained. 

"Nikki bilkul sahi keh rahi hain.  They're never punctual yaar!"

"I know!"

"Inn boys ko toh na, zor zor se maarna chahiye.  Unn par toh jooton ki barsaat karni chahiye." Said Muskaan.

"Bilkul sahi kaha!" They laughed at Muskaan, knowing she was talking about Rahul.

Riddhima suddenly felt a gush of wind pass through her.  She knew he was here.  Armaan was here.  She slowly turned towards the door and saw him enter along with the others.  He looked around, trying to find something, or rather someone.  He wore a silver sherwani with maroon patiala.  Handsome would be an understatement.  He was looking like a Greek God.  Handsome, dashing, attractive.  She wondered if he was real or just a figment of her imagination.  She preferred to think the latter.  He was looking too good to be real. 

Armaan's eyes fell on Riddhima, the one he was looking for.  He was mesmerized seeing Riddhima in a red georgette lehenga choli.  Its choli was small so her stomach was visible.  She was looking ethereal in her dress with her curls flowing in the air.  She looked innocent, beautiful, attractive, and what not.  How he wished he could walk up to her and crush those petals with his mouth and love her like no one had. 

Both were held captivated by their gaze.  They became indifferent to rest of the world.  The blue oceans bore into the green ones.  She blinked softly wanting to capture the sight in her memory for eternity.  Her trance broke hearing Nikki's voice.

"Yeh dekho!  Boys aa gaye!" She blinked once again and looked away, breaking the eye lock.  Armaan kept staring at her, until he heard Abhi's voice.

"Bhai.  Riddhima Bhabhi ko ghurna band karo.  Woh kahin bhaagi nahin jaa rahi.  I know woh abhi bohat hot aur sexy lag rahi hain, but control yaar." Armaan immediately looked away making the boys laugh.  Armaan turned slightly red with embarassment.

"Guys.  Get a life!" He said annoyingly making the others laugh even more.

"Armaan beta!" He heard Shashank call him and turned to look at him.  They hugged each other with a smile.

"Kaise ho tum?" Shashank asked lovingly.

"Main bilkul theek hoon Uncle." Shashank frowned at his words.

"Uncle?  Uncle nahin, Papa.  Tumhare mun se Papa zyaada achha lagta hain." Armaan smiled slightly.  He was really touched by Shashank's gesture.  Never had he thought he'll get so much love from someone.


"That's much better!" Armaan smiled and all of them walked to the girls. 

"Hello beautiful ladies!" Abhi greeted them.

"Oye.  Abhi ke bacche.  Line maarna band kar."  Muskaan scolded him.

"Oye Punjaban!  Tu toh chup hi reh!"

"Oye teri toh-" Muskaan walked forward to hit Abhi, but Nikki and Anjali held her back.

"Muskaan." Rahul called her, turning heads to him.  "Tu bohat achhi lag rahi hain." Muskaan blushed and lowered her gaze.  Everyone else 'Oohed' and 'Aaahed' seeing Rahul compliment Muskaan so openly.  Muskaan looked at Rahul and he winked at her, making her turn beet red. 

"Kya baat hain Rahul?  Aaj meri behen ki bohat taarif kar rahe ho?  Maanjra kya hain?" Riddhima wiggled her brows teasingly, but Rahul was far from getting annoyed.

"Of course!  Meri girlfriend hain.  Taarif toh karunga hi na!"

"Oohhh!" Muskaan got embarrassed due to their teasings and scolded Rahul.

"Oye pitte!  Kya bol raha hain?  Kuch toh sharam kar!  Warna maar khaayega!"

"Tere haath ki toh maar bhi meethi lagti hain jaan e man." Everyone giggled at Rahul's open flirting and Muskaan glared at him.

"Wah!  Kya baat hain Rahul!  Tu bohat sahi jaa raha hain!" said Atul.  He saw Anjali glaring at him and knew what she wanted.  Staying out of everyone's gaze, he gestured her, telling her she was looking beautiful. 

"Waise guys.  Jin do logon ki engagement hain, woh toh kuch bol hi nahin rahe." Said Nikki.

"Jeeju.  Kuch toh sharam karo.  Apni hone waali biwi ko compliment toh do!" Muskaan scolded Armaan.

"Haan, yeh baat toh hain!"

"Nikki, Bhai ko compliment deni ki kya zaroorat hain?"

"Tum kehna kya chahte ho Abhi?"

"Mera matlab yeh hain, ki jab hum yahaan aaye the, toh Bhai ki nazaar Bhabhi par se hatt hi nahin rahi thi.  Kyun Bhai?  Sahi bola na?" Riddhima glared at Abhi for picking this out and also at Armaan.  Armaan smiled and walked to Riddhima.  Riddhima stiffened seeing him come to her and became alert.  Why was he walking towards her? He stood beside her and put his arm around her pulling her closer to him.  Riddhima looked at him in shock.  What the hell did he think he was doing?

"Nikki.  Mujhe Riddhima ko compliment dene ki zaroorat hi nahin hain.  Yeh pehle se hi itni khoobsurat hain, ki mujhe kuch kehne ki zaroorat hain hi nahin.  Kyun darling?  Sahi kaha na maine?" He spoke with sugar coated smile, thinking Riddhima will get annoyed, but Riddhima never failed to surprise him, did she?  She put on a fake smile and pulled his cheeks. 

"Awww... chhooo chweet Armaan.  Tum kitne cute ho baby." She pulled his cheeks really hard, while Armaan still had his forced smile on his face.  She left his cheeks and turned to others. "See guys.  Issi liye main Armaan se bohat pyaar karti hoon.  Yeh mera kitna khayaal rakhta hain.  Right honey?" She asked with a sugar coated smile and looked at Armaan.  He was still surprised seeing this, but smiled fakely. 

"Of course sweetie." Both smiled at the others, who were in shock seeing them talk like a couple.

"Armaan.  Yeh tum hi ho na?" asked Nikki.

"Haan Nikki.  Yeh main hi hoon.  Woh kya hain na?  Jabse Riddhima, meri jaan meri zindagi mein aayi hain, main bilkul badal gaya hoon.  And I love Riddhima for this.  Right Riddhima?"

"Of course jaanu." She pulled his cheeks again and made sure it hurt him even more, which it did.  Just then, they heard Shashank.

"Attention everyone!" They turned to Shashank and saw him standing in the middle. "Sabse pehle toh main aap sab ka shukriyaada karna chahta hoon, meri beti aur hone waale daamaad ki sagaai mein aane ke liye.  Thank you very much for that.  Aur ab.  Jiss ghadi ka aap sab ko intezaar tha, woh finally aa gayi hain.  May I please call Armaan and Riddhima to come forward for the ring ceremony!"

Everyone clapped and their friends escorted Armaan and Riddhima to the center.  They sat down on the sofa placed in the middle and Rahul and Muskaan brought their rings forwards.  Armaan took the ring from Rahul and Riddhima her's from Muskaan.  As per Padma's instruction, Armaan slid the diamond studded ring in Riddhima's finger with a triumphant smirk, telling her he had won this time.  Riddhima just glared at him.

"Chalo Riddhima beta.  Armaan ko bhi usski anghoothi pehnaao." She forced a smile on her face and slid the ring a little too roughly in his finger, making him smile smugly.  Everyone present there clapped for the couple while the two were least affected.  Very soon, everyone was lost in their conversations.

"Wow jeeju.  Tumne toh Ridzi ko kitni badiya ring di hain!  Kyun Nikki?" said Muskaan.  Riddhima glanced at Armaan and saw him smirking at her.  She just rolled her eyes. 

"Haan, woh toh hain.  Lekin humari Riddhima bhi kuch kam nahin hain.  Ussne bhi Armaan ko kitni mast ring di hain!" Riddhima smirked at Armaan.

"Yeah, woh toh hain." Said Rahul.

"Oye Rahul.  Tum meri behen ko kab propose karoge?" Riddhima questioned Rahul playfully.

"Well, yeh toh tumhari behen par depend karta hain.  Ussi se poochh lo."

"Main toh kab ki ready hoon.  Lekin Rahul hain, ki mujhe propose hi nahin karta."

"Arre.  Kehna zaroori hain kya?"

"Of course!  Aur waise bhi, agar dekha jaaye, toh sirf kissi ko pyaar karna kaafi nahin hota.  Shaadi bhi toh zaroori hain." Said Nikki.

"Yeh kisne kaha?" asked Abhi.


"Achha theek hain.  Hum toh tum ladkiyon ko propose kar denge.  Lekin kya tum ladkiyaan haan karogi?" asked Abhi.  The girls exchanged looks and then spoke together in unison.

"NAHIN!" They spoke and walked away together while giggling to each other.  The boys exchanged glances and then looked at the girls with a smirk.  The girls stopped hearing music.


Oh ladke deewaane
Kahaan se aaya tu
Dulhan ko le jaane
Kahaan se aaya tu

Oh ladke deewaane
Kahaan se aaya tu
Dulhan ko le jaane
Kahaan se aaya tu

The girls turned around and saw the boys standing in the middle with girls dancing behind them.  The boys looked at them with a smirk while they gave them a 'really' look.  The boys started to sing for the girls and so did they.

Chal pyaar karegi

Haan jee haan jee

Oh mere saath chalegi

Naa jee naa jee

Ho chal pyaar karegi

Haan jee haan jee

Oh mere saath chalegi

Naa jee naa jee

Arre tu haan kar ya naa kar
Teri marzi soniye
Hum tujhko utharkar le jaayenge
Doli mein bithaakar le jaayenge

Abhi sang, trying to compete with Nikki which she really liked.  Even she decided to play along with him and sang.

Hum ghar mein kahin chhup jaayenge
Sang tere nahin hum aayenge

He came close to her and sang, pretending to be some hero and so did Nikki.

Oh chal pyaar karegi

Haan jee haan jee

The other boys made Padma and Naani dance while the girls gathered around Shashank.  Riddhima laughed seeing her parents dancing like that, unaware of Armaan's stealthy glances.  Armaan and Riddhima were pulled in the center and even they danced.  Suddenly, Atul started to sing for Anjali.

Oh gore gore mukhre waali
Oh kaale kaale nainon waali

Anjali just slapped him playfully and tried running away, but Atul caught her arm and brought her back.

Maan mera ehsaan ke maine haan kar di
Tu warna kunvaari reh jaati
Yeh shaadi humari reh jaati
Tu warna kunvaari reh jaati
Yeh shaadi humari reh jaati

Anjali twisted her nose and looked at him with attitude.

Oh chal pyaar karegi

He asked her romantically, but she was least affected by it.

Haan jee haan jee

Anjali replied, pretending to be equally romantic.

Oh mere saath chalegi

He caught her arm and brought her closer, while she narrowed her eyes.

Naa jee naa jee

She jerked her arm out of his and walked away with lots of attitude, making him smile.

The girls and boys gathered on one side, dancing against each other.  Armaan suddenly pulled Riddhima towards him and she started to sing whatever that was in her mind.

Jaa main nahin karti shaadi vaadi
Mujhko pyaari hain yeh aazaadi
Main toh apne baabul ki baahon ki bulbul hoon
Bas tujhse mujhe yeh kehna hain
Pinjre mein mujhe nahin rehna hain

She jerked her hand out of Armaan's and walked around him, daring him to speak against her.  She ran towards Shashank and hugged them, glaring at Armaan and then danced her way towards him.

Bas tujhse mujhe yeh kehna hain
Pinjre mein mujhe nahin rehna hain

Chal pyaar karegi

Haan jee haan jee

Mere saath chalegi

Naa jee naa jee

Everyone danced together happily and merrily enjoying every moment.  Just then, Rahul grabbed Muskaan's arm and brought her close and sang to her.

Aankhon se kaajal le jaayenge
Zulfon ke badal le jaayenge
Arre hum aaye hain door se itne waapas na jaayenge
Hum apni sajaniyaan le jaayenge
Arre hum apni dulhaniyaan le jaayenge
Hum apni sajaniyaan le jaayenge
Arre hum apni dulhaniyaan le jaayenge

Rahul sang for Muskaan while she just blushed.

Chal pyaar karegi

Haan jee haan jee

Mere saath chalegi

Naa jee naa jee

Arre tu haan kar ya na kar teri marzi soniye

Rahul held her close and then took her away. 

Hum tujhko uthaakar le jaayenge
Arre doli mein bithaakar le jaayenge

Armaan caught Riddhima's wrist and brought her close to him slowly and then picked her up suddenly, making her a little angry, but she couldn't say anything since everyone was there.  They all kept dancing and had lots of fun.

After a while, they all were requested to come and have a little romantic dance on the floor.  Obviously, Riddhima was least interested in doing any kind of dance with Armaan, but she couldn't even refuse.  It wouldn't look nice if she refused him in front of everyone so she went ahead with it.  The lights dimmed as all the couples came in the center and a slow romantic number started in the background.  Riddhima placed her hands on his shoulders while he placed his on her bare waist.  She felt a tingling sensation in her body as his fingers brushed her but just looked away, showing he didn't affect her, but who was she kidding?  Armaan knew the effect he had on her.  He had seen it so many times!  He just smirked seeing her 'not-interested' expression and spoke up.

"You never fail to surprise me." Riddhima looked into his eyes hearing his statement.  Seeing her all confused, Armaan clarified himself.  "Itna confused kyun ho?  Mujhe toh laga tha ki tum bilkul gussa hogi, tantrums phenkogi, or even worse.  Lekin tum toh yeh sab enjoy kar rahi ho.  Sab ka saath naach rahi ho... quite surprising isn't it?  Maine yeh bilkul bhi expect nahin kiya tha." Riddhima smiled at this.

"Expect the unexpected Mr. Mallik.  Tum yeh kaise bhul rahe ho ki main Riddhima hoon?  Koi aisi-waisi ladki nahin.  It's very sad na Armaan?  Tum mujhse shaadi karne waale ho, lekin ab tak mujhe nahin jaan paaye.  Very sad, very sad." Riddhima made a mocking sad face and shook her head. 

"Kya matlab?"

"Armaan.  Come on yaar.  Yeh meri shaadi hain.  I mean, yeh toh kitni khushi ki baat hain na?  After all, kissi ki shaadi baar baar thodi na hoti hain?  Usually, ek insaan ki shaadi ek hi baar hoti hain na.  Right?  Toh... iss mauke ko toh enjoy karna chahiye.  We should celebrate it!  Aur main woh hi toh kar rahi hoon." Her smile slowly turned into a devilish smirk. 

"Tumhe kya lagta hain Armaan Mallik?  Main unn typical ladkiyon ki tarah hoon jo shaadi ke baad saara din kitchen mein baeth kar apne pyaare pati dev ke liye khana banaati rahungi?  Ya phir ek kone mein baeth kar apni phooti kismat par roti rahungi?  Well you're wrong.  Main tumhare har ek vaar ka javaab dungi.  Apne tareeke se.  Chhe mahine Armaan.  Only... 6 months.  Inn chhe mahinon mein main tumhe itna tang karungi, itna pareshaan karungi, ke tum khud mujhse tang aakar mujhe chhod doge.  Agar maine bhi tumhari khushiyon ko gam mein na badal diya, toh mera naam bhi Riddhima Gupta- oops!  Riddhima... Mallik nahin." Both smirked devilishly as their eyes bore into each others.  Both knew this game was going to be really interesting and they were ready for the challenge.


Many days passed by since Armaan and Riddhima's engagement and the Sangeet was tonight.  The main thing was that the Sangeet was a 'Ladies Sangeet' so the boys weren't allowed.  This really made the boys mad, especially Armaan.  Ever since that challenge Riddhima gave him, he had become even more excited.  This was turning out to be very interesting.  There was also another reason he wanted to see Riddhima, other than to harass her, but he couldn't exactly pin-point why.

"What the hell dude!  This isn't right!" Armaan was brought out of his thoughts with Abhi's whining voice.  The boys were gathered in Abhi's whining voice.  The boys were gathered in Abhi's room to discuss what they should do for the Sangeet.  We should also be able to go to the Sangeet!"

"I know yaar!  This isn't done!  Main ab meri Muskaan ko bhi nahin dekh paunga!" rahul whined making the boys roll their eyes.  There he goes with the 'I-Miss-My-Muskaan' rant.

"Aur main meri Anjali ko." Atul said in a low voice, but it was loud enough for the others to hear it.  They all turned to look at Atul with a shocked face.

"Tumhari Anjali?" asked Rahul.  Atul became aware of what he said and bit his tongue.  He gulped and slowly looked up to see everyone staring at him and smiled sheepishly.  No one knew about his love for Anjali!

"Umm... guys... woh... main..." He started a bit hesitantly.

"Speak up Bhai." Said Abhi.

"Guys... main aur Anjali... ek doosre se... pyaar karte hain."

"What?" Everyone except Armaan shouted.  After all, he knew about his love.

"Haan... and... we are... you know... together now." He quickly said the last bit and closed his eyes shut, knowing the explosion that was about to take place in Mallik Mansion.

"WHAT!" Everyone, including Armaan shouted this time.  When on Earth did this happen?

"Yeh kab hua!" asked Armaan.

"Kuch din pehle."

"Aur tum hume ab bata rahe ho?" said Rahul.

"Iss baare mein aur kisse pata hain?" asked Abhi.

"Riddhima." Her name caught his attention and he listened to him with great interest. "In fact, ussi ne meri help ki thi.  She helped me propose Anjali.  Sacchi Bhai.  Riddhima bohat achhi hain.  Agar woh nahin hoti toh aaj meri Anjali mere paas nahin hoti.  You're very lucky Bhai.   Really.  Not everyone is so lucky."

"Sacchi Bhai!  You're hell lucky!" said Abhi.  A slight smile formed on his lips hearing so many things about Riddhima.  He really did feel lucky now.  It felt so nice to know she actually helped his brother get the love of his life.  He was very happy to see his brother happy, but he was even more happy to know Riddhima played the cupid there.

"Wah... wah... wah.  Armaan ke chehre ki smile toh dekho!" said Rahul.  Armaan looked up and saw everyone grinning at him.

"Kya baat hain Bhai?  Bada muskura rahe ho?" Abhi asked teasingly.

"Kyun nahin honge? Aakhir Riddhima Bhabhi ki jo taarif ho rahi hain." Said Rahul, emphasizing more on Bhabhi. Armaan smiled and looked down.

"Bilkul sahi kaha. Aur smile kyun na karun? Meri fiancee ki taarif kar rahe ho tum sab. Smile toh karunga hi na." Armaan played back with them, not falling into their 'tease' trap anymore, surprising the trio. They were taken aback by the ease with which Armaan was talking to them. He wasn't hesitant or reserved or anything. It seemed as if they were talking to the old Armaan. The one that knew how to live life and always messed around with people. They mentally thanked Riddhima for bringing this change within Armaan. They wondered if the mere mention of Riddhima's name brought his smile back, what would their marriage do? They couldn't wait until the real Armaan came back.

"Oye! Kahaan kho gaye tum sab?" asked Armaan. Their trail of thoughts broke hearing Armaan's voice and looked at him.

"No where. I was thinking about the Sangeet. How are we supposed to get in?" asked Rahul. They all went quiet as they thought about a way to get into the Sangeet. An idea came into Armaan's mind as his lips curved up into a wicked smile.

"I have a plan."

"What is it?"

"We can do this. Lets..." Armaan told them the plan in his mind while the others listened to him carefully. "Wow Bhai! That's an amazing plan!"

"Yeah! Bhai! You're the best!"

"Let's see how the girls stop us from going to the Sangeet."

"Yeah!" They hi-fived in excitement and started to formulate a perfect, fool-proof plan to go to the Sangeet ceremony.


Once again, the Gupta House was bleaming with joy and happiness.  The house was glowing with red, orange, and yellow lights shining in the dark blue night sky.  Inside, there were ladies and girls of all ages raoming around, laughing and giggling around.  Many were admiring the beautiful rangolis and the beautiful designs around.

In the middle was a little arena set up where all the ladies were seated.  They were playing the dholkis and many other forms of music and in the middle was Riddhima, surrounded by all her friends, Padma and all the other aunties.  She was dressed in a beautiful purple and off white lehenga choli.  Her elegant lehenga was embellished with multi colored stones, sequins and fancy thread work and she wore a matching tube purple blouse, revealing her stomach.  Her long, beautiful dupatta was placed so perfectly around her neck, making her look gorgeous.  A beautiful smile was adorning her rosy lips as she watched the ladies dance to the music being played.

"Wow Aunty!  Yeh Sangeet ka function toh kitna mazedaar hain!  I'm loving this!" said Nikki.

"Of crouse yeh mazedaar hoga Nikki!  Meri Maa ne isska arrangement kiya hain, toh achha hi hoga na?" said Muskaan.

"Muski, iss mein toh koi doubt hi nahin hain." The girls let out a giggle, making Padma embarrassed.  On the other hand, the boys were standing in front of Riddhima's house, trying to think of a way to get inside.

"Guys, we've reached here, but how are we gonna go inside?" asked Rahul.

"I have no idea.  We can't go inside through the door.  The girls will murder us!" hissed Abhi.  They turned to Armaan to seek help, but found him staring at the house, his gaze careful and analytic.

"Bhai.  What are you thinking?" asked Atul.  Armaan pressed his lips together and replied.

"The window." He replied calmly, confusing the others.

"Say what?" They asked in unison, making Armaan look at them.

"Yeah.  We can go in through the window." He spoke casually, while the others looked at him as if he was insane.

"Dude.  Have you lost it?  Even if we go in through the windows, there are possibilities of the girls catching us." Said Rahul.

"Not when you have long curtains covering you." Armaan gave him a wink and walked forward, expecting the others to follow him.  When he didn't hear other footsteps, he turned around with his hands on his hips, only to see their mouths hanging open.

"What?" He asked a little strictly, making them come back to life.  They shook their heads and followed him.

They reached the big top-to-bottom window and Armaan scanned it.

"What now?" asked Abhi.  Armaan didn't reply.  Instead, he reached his hand out and turned a little switch, unlocking the window.

"Wow!  Bhai!  You're great!"

"I know.  Now shut up and lets get inside." Armaan opened the window carefully, and jumped inside carefully, wanting to make as little movement as possible.  The others jumped in too and moved closer towards the two ends of the curtain very slowly.  Soon it was Armaan and Rahul behind one curtain and Atul and Abhi on the other one.  They moved the curtain slightly, and looked around.

 Armaan tried to find Riddhima and his eyes fell on the center, where Riddhima was.  He blinked softly as a soft, cool breeze brushed him.  She looked so gorgeous in that elegant purple lehenga.  That beautiful smile which played on her lips added to her beauty.  Was she a human or an angel? 

Everything else was on the back of his mind as he gazed intently at her.  He watched her moves closely and with great detail.  She clapped slowly as the ladies danced.  Some of them asked her to go and dance with them, but she shook her head, making an adorable face.

Riddhima, who was thoroughly enjoying herself, suddenly felt someone's presense.  She felt someone's strong gaze on her and looked around, trying to find something, or rather someone.  Her eyes searched every single person in the room, but failed to find the person her eyes were craving to see.

Armaan, who had been observing every play of emotion on Riddhima's face, was unable to tear his gaze off her beautiful, expressive face.  She slowly turned her face towards him and he was captivated by those enchanting emeralds while she drowned willingly into those hypnotizing oceans.  No words were exchanged, yet they knew what the other thought.  Their eyes did all the talking.  His eyes slowly scanned her curvy body as she lowered her eyes.  Color rose to her cheeks as her body burned under his hungry, desire-filled eyes.

"Attention everyone!" They were pulled out of their thoughts hearing Muskaan's voice.  Armaan quickly hid behind the curtain and Riddhima diverted her attention to Muskaan. "Enough of the songs and dancing.  Now it's time to have some fun.  We've decided to play a game.  A very simple, but interesting game.  We're going to randomly select a child and send him or her somewhere to hide.  Then we'll call on someone and ask them where the child is.  If you are correct, you'll get whatever you want!  But if you're wrong, obviously, you'll be out of the game. So are you all ready?" Muskaan spoke excitedly and asked everyone.

"Yesss!" Everyone spoke together, widening Muskaan's smile.  She called Minni and whispered something in her ear.  She giggled and ran away.  Muskaan then turned to face everyone and thought for a second.

"Hmm... let's see... Mamma.  Aap bolo.  Aapko kya lagta hain?  Minni kahaan gayi hogi?" Padma thought and answered.

"Umm... bedroom mein?" Muskaan made a sad face.

"Nahin.  You're wrong Mamma.  Mtch... Riddhima.  Tu bata?  Minni kahaan hogi?"

"Kitchen mein?"

"Kya Riddhu.  Even you're wrong!  Anji.  Tu hi bata.  Minni kahaan hogi?" Anjali smirked and replied.

"Vahaan." She signalled towards the curtains through her eyes and Muskaan smirked.  She slowly and carefully walked towards the curtains, making no noise while the boys remained unaware of the danger that was approaching them.  With a sudden pull, both the curtains were removed and every lady present there, gasped seeing the boys there.  The boys just stood there with their mouths shaped in a big 'O', trying to digest what just happened.  The next second, the boys were being dragged by Anjali, Muskaan and Nikki to the center and were pushed to the ground.

"Armaan, Atul, Rahul, Abhi... tum sab yahaan kya kar rahe ho?" Padma asked, shocked seeing the boys there.

"Arre yeh kya javaab denge Aunty?  Main bataati hoon.  Armaan ji apni pyaari hone-waali patni ko dekhne ke liye marre jaa rahe the.  Iss liye inn ladkon ki gang yahaan aa tapki." Nikki spoke, glaring at the boys.

"Tum boys ko zara bhi sharam nahin aati kya?  Yeh Ladies Sangeet hain.  Don't you boys know the meaning of it?" said Anjali.

"Anji.  Yeh boys na, kutte ki doom ki tarah hote hain.  Hamesha tedhe ke tedhe hi rehte hain!" Muskaan spoke angrily.

"Lekin tum sab ko inn boys ki maujudgi (presense) ke baare mein kaise pata chala?" asked Padma.

"Jab Armaan aur Riddhima ek doosre ki aankhon mein kho gaye." Armaan and Riddhima glanced at each other, but then looked away.

"Ohhh!" The other ladies hummed together, embarrassing them.

"Hmmm... ab jab tum boys ne yahaan aane ki jururat ki hain, toh ab tum sab ko saza bhi milegi!" said Nikki.

"Oye!  Kya karegi tu?" asked Abhi.

"Tum boys ko hum girls ke liye dance karna padega." Said Muskaan.

"WHATT!" The boys shouted together.

"Muskaan tu pagal hain kya!" said Rahul.

"Oye pitte!  Main unn C-Grade movies ki ghatiya actresses ki tarah dance karne ko nahin bol rah hoon."

"Toh phir?" Atul asked worriedly.  The girls exchanged glances and looked at the boys.  Riddhima, who was over the hesitation, spoke this time.

"Tum boys ko dance karte hue hum ladkiyon ko pataana padega.  Agar tum log kaamyaab hue, toh theek.  Warna..."

"Warna kya?" Armaan asked with his eyes narrowed and hands on his hips.

"Warna tum boys ko hum ladkiyon ke liye khana banaana padega aur saath mein ghar ki safaayi bhi karni hogi." The boys' eyes widened with horror.  No way on Earth was that gonna happen!  But what were they gonna do?  They weren't going to cook for the girls, no ways.  But how were they going to 'pataao' the girls?!  This was going to be hard... but again.  Nothing's impossible.


The girls giggled and walked away, knowing the boys couldn't do anything. The boys just shook their heads, knowing their victory was on its way.  The girls suddenly stopped hearing music coming from behind them.  They turned around and saw Armaan playing a guitar while the others just smirked.  They walked towards the girls while the girls moved back.  The girls tried moving away, but the boys were quick.  They quickly moved to them and pulled them close.

Haan kab tak jawaani chhupaaogi rani

The boys danced while the girls stood there, shocked seeing the boys dancing like that.

Arre kab tak jawaani chhupaaogi rani
Kavaaron ko kitna sataaogi rani
Kabhi toh kissi ki dulhaniyaan banogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

Abhi and Rahul sang for Nikki and Muskaan, while they just stood there shocked.

Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

The girls shook their head and moved away from the boys.  Next, Armaan and Atul pulled Riddhima and Anjali and sang for them.

Arre kab tak jawaani chhupaaogi rani
Kavaaron ko kitna sataaogi rani
Kabhi toh kissi ki dulhaniyaan bangogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

The girls shook her head vigorously and ran away after jerking their hands out of theirs.

Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karegi

The boys got together and danced.  The girls just stared at them in shock . Were they actually dancing and singing for them?!  They really hadn't expected this!  But whatever it was, even they weren't going to give up.  They gave them a 'really' look and rolled their eyes.
Seeing the boys coming towards them, they tried moving away but the boys grabbed their wrists and twirled them closer and danced with them.  The girls danced gracefully with them, making the dance look beautiful.  The girls moved gracefully out of their hold and danced.  The boys went to them and danced along with them.  Seeing the boys were so engrossed in dancing, the girls thought to move away, but they were wrong.  The boys caught their arms and spinned them back

Jhumka dilaaunga
Kangana bhi laaunga
Sab kuch main laaunga teri kasam

Armaan sang for Riddhima and danced with her, forgetting about his little 'revenge' plan.

Chanda churaaunga
Taare bhi laaunga
Suraj jhukaaunga teri kasam

Atul just stood in one corner, romancing with his sweet Anjali, who blushed a little.

Tabhi toh meri jaan deewaani banogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

The girls moved away and danced to themselves.  They did a little belly dance in the beginning  but then danced with all their energy.  (NOT THE ONE IN THE VIDEO! LOL  Use your imaginative minds people! LOL)

Main jab baaunga
Wapas na jaunga
Doli uthaaunga teri kasam

Rahul moved around Muskaan and then picked her up, making her blush.

Sab ko dikhaaunga
Tujhko churaaunga
Dulhan banaaunga teri kasam

Abhi pulled Nikki and looked at her with a strange and different look in his eyes, confusing Nikki.

Arre kab tak meri jaan yun mujhse darogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

Arre kab tak jawaani chhupaaogi rani
Kavaaron ko kitna sataaogi rani
Kabhi toh kissi ki dulhaniyaan banogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi
Mujhse shaadi karogi

The girls moved forward and looked at each other.  They thought they should forgive the boys and not torture them anymore.  They turned around and sang.

Tujhse shaadi karungi
Haan tujhse shaadi karungi
Tujhse shaadi karungi
Haan tujhse shaadi 

Everyone became happy as the girls sang, meaning they forgave the boys.  Everyone came up and danced merrily.

While dancing, Riddhima bumped into Armaan, but saved herself and moved away after giving him a look but was pulled back as her hair got stuck in his shirt's button.  The green oceans met the blue ones and sparks flew in the air.  Both were just lost in each others eyes, not knowing what was happening around and neither did they care.  Time just seemed to stop for them.  There was no revenge, no hatred, no vengeance.  If there was anything, then it was just this magical feeling which took them into another completely different world.  They had no idea how long they just stood there, gazing in each other's eyes until they heard a few giggles.  Riddhima blinked and looked away, making him come out of the trance as well.

"Hmmm... dekho dekho.  Dono kaise ek doosre ki aankhon mein kho gaye the!" One of the girls spoke up, making two embarrassed.  Both bent their heads to look at her hair at the same time, which caused them to bump their heads together and they immediately looked up, rubbing their heads a little.  Armaan quickly removed her hair from his shirt's button and she moved away, not wanting to be more embarrassed.

What are you doing Riddhima?  Have you lost it?  Control yourself Riddhima.  You can't let him affect you like that.  You can't let him win for God sake!  But this is turning out to be difficult.  I hate this... but maybe somewhere I like this... 



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